When Seeing Canada, Visitors All Have Travel Companions: The Canadian Government

News Analysis: It is alleged that Canadian Intelligence Agents are monitoring Visitors to their Beautiful Country as the sight-seers travel about. Perhaps the Canadian Government is of the opinion that all “Visitors Are Potential Terrorists”?  Maybe the Visitors want to spy on Maple Syrup Processing? It may suspect a Terrorist Behind Every Tree; who knows.

Travelers may want to avoid visiting Canada until it Ceases Abusing the Privacy Expectations of People. Visitors spend Millions of Dollars a year on Vacations and such each year in the that Country. Why give them ANY money while they treat the visitor with blatant disrespect by surreptitiously monitoring he or she? There are too many other Countries that will respect Visitors for being Visitors, and Not of Being Terrorists.

Obviously Deviant Thought (to the point of being a Mass Mental Paranoia) is evidenced by the Canadian Government’s Approval of such Intrusive Actions upon Visitors.

We can only suggest to our Many Readers who might consider visiting Beautiful Canada: “Stay Away, It Is Okay”.


Reference: http://www.scmp.com/news/world/article/1417987/canada-captured-data-airport-travellers-wi-fi

Visitors Pay Good Money To Get The “Cold Treatment” In Iqaliut, Nunavut Territory, Canada

News Analysis: City Fathers of Iqaliut  have taken Pro-Active steps towards the World Aerospace Community to display their City (of 6,700+/- population) as being well situated for Cold Weather Testing of Aircraft. The immediate relatively flat terrain along the 2.7 km (1.67 mi) runway, an American Air Force Creation of 1942,  adds to the values Airframes consider for such testing. Additionally, ‘Creature Comforts” are well-developed in the City.

To Iqaliut’s credit it got its finances situated so it could present its assets around the globe.

These Creative Canadians are an Asset to their Wonderful Country.

The World Belongs To The Aggressive.


Reference: http://arcticjournal.com/business/now-taking-arctic-aerospace-indusry

America Lead Nations in Remittances to Other Countries with $123,300,000,000.00 Transferred Out in 2012

News Analysis:  America Lead Nations In Remittances to Other Countries With $123,300,000,000,000.00 Transferred Out In 2012; which some say is a wonderful Re-Distribution of Wealth. This vast amount of money went mainly [75+%] to Latin America. About half of the amount sent to Latin America went to Mexico.

Saudi Arabia provided Remittances of $27,600,000,000.00 followed by Canada with $23,900,000,000.00.

Investing in Companies handling the Prodigious Amount of Legitimate Funds Transfers should bring ample returns to he or she.


Reference: http://america.aljazeera.com/articles/2013/11/16/remittances-to-latinamericarecoverbutnottomexico.html

Canadian Government’s Successful Budget Concept Should be Studied by Other Nations

News Analysis: Canadian Government’s successful Budget Concept was actualized by a Steadfast Discipline. This occurred through increasing Private Business Momentum [thereby increasing tax receipts] as well as containing Irrelevant Spending. Now, the country’s Deficit has been greatly reduced. It now offers Survivability if another Global Turndown were to occur.

All too often, Economic Downturns are ‘attacked’ by Governments through Profligate Spending. What is not understood by the Country Leaders is the fact: The amount spent may be less important than to which that money is allocated.

A Country sometimes panders to its  leader’s desire to attain “Celestial Standing” in the nation’s history. If it has Weak Legislators, they act as his Minions and create an ill-conceived law. So, a Program is  Ordered TO HIS Citizens;  ‘Named’ in his honor, it feeds his ego but does nothing but Delay Economic Recovery. It is a definite Economic  Impediment if it is poorly designed and executed. The timing cannot be worse:  Continued unemployment and low earnings of the citizenry are compounded by additional Personal Expenditures Mandated by the Program.

Fortunately, for Canadians, their Government is far more Prescient than that of some Nearby Nations.

Reference: http://tinyurl.com/k5nzzzu

The Epistemology of Evolving Mega-Business Relationships Amongst Countries

Today, there are economic forces at work which are forcing governments  to re-think their past business relationships amongst other countries so that they prosper in tomorrow’s markets.

For example. the potential for economic gain due to newly discovered economic quantities of natural gas and oil, located from Cyprus to the Levant, brings Israel closer to its Mediterranean neighbor Cyprus. With the potential to drill for and recover oil and gas and have it processed on a to-be-built refinery of Cyprus, adds value to the asset side of the ledger of both countries. This economic relationship did not exist in the year 2,000.

The expansion of the relationship between Russia and China in oil and gas recovery in Siberia also allows both countries to prosper. The added-value to Russia, by recovering earthbound assets and turning them in to products for sale, is gigantic. Here, the good will historically embraced by both Giants is further enhanced with economic cooperation.

Another example of a future enhancement to manufacturing production will be the meteorite enhanced super-strong diamonds of Siberia. Machine tool makers in Germany and Sweden will surely want to add value to their aerospace grade cutting tools by acquiring these diamonds to add to their fabrications. The tools will then easily slice through Titanium and other alloys use in aircraft production. As this relationship further develops, Germany, Sweden, and Russia benefit.

In Canada, oil shale is being produced which, when proper transportation can be secured, will aid China and Canada in their mutual growth.

Advanced in horticulture, by European laboratories, will allow Chilean roses to be shipped to America in even fresher form than they are presently. This assists American/Chilean relationships as well as European governments.

Mining of rare earths in Mountain Pass, California, due to increased investment by entrepreneurs, will help electronics manufacturers in Brazil and Malaysia to be more profitable. This helps the governments of the three countries to have good dialogue. Commercial prosperity can triumph over political guffaws.

The governments which allow for their citizens to engage in international commerce today,  will benefit superbly in tomorrow’s reality of increased profitability through a higher Gross Product.