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Some background information about us and our experiences internationally will allow our readers to better understand our mandate: “Be beholden to NO ONE; Fear NO ONE; Be honest to your peers and yourself; Do not let Avarice control you; Be steadfast in your research for the truth; and, Trust, but Verify.” These simple precepts are that which guide us in our daily lives.

jspplogo-trademarkOur background goes directly back to King Priamos of Greece. As we have moved to the present moment, one cannot help but see man’s foibles as well as his successes [repeated again and again]. Repeatedly, while there are those who are trying to enlighten the world through technological advances, there are others who cannot resist the thought: “What is yours will be mine.” The charades played by those in the world of finance are evidence of this. The sorry state of affairs in the World Economy did not commence in 2008. Instead, its roots were buried in the thoughts of some men from the 1960’s. The folly of governments which print money, with little or nothing to support their currencies, are also part of the scam. Individuals who work for international conglomerates and embezzle from them are daily news. Governments with militaries which cannot resist the use of the bayonet on others are also part of the problem.

It is our purpose to discuss these matters as well as: aircraft technologies, finance, global warming issues, international commerce, maritime activities, scientific developments, as well as other important areas of human interaction. These areas, when the “dots are connected”, give the viewer a phenomenal opportunity to both financially prosper beyond their current performance as well as not to be beguiled by charlatans wearing white hats.

We shall discus the aforementioned subjects directly, giving our unbiased opinions [since we are beholden to NO ONE] as well as present information from around the world with our pertinent comments about reality.

Additionally, we perform Technical Consultations on the subjects mentioned for those who want to prosper in those fields. If interested, we will be happy to discuss with you your concerns and quote you accordingly for the correct answers to those issues. You will find our prices to be affordable, especially relative to a great value of information given to you. We want you to win; this, by providing you quality answers, effectively shown, and delivered to you in a timely manner.  Your satisfaction will be our satisfaction.

Please enjoy the process enumerated and let us know your thoughts.

Best regards.

James S. Priamos Productions, Inc.

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