World Electronic Communications, Ranked By Nation, Demonstrates: Where Lies The Gain, And Where Is The Pain

Over the many years we, as a large group of International Businessmen, have been amused and at times perplexed by attitudes of Businessmen, Political Leaders and the Public; this as to the “Electronic Communications Internet”. Because, where our interests are engaged in daily is so widespread, covering 147,000,000 square kilometers (57,000,000 square miles) from behemoth Russia at 17 million+ square kilometers (6,600,000+ square miles) to the Chile’s Hornos Island at 25.1 square kilometers (9.7 square miles), we need to communicate speedily.

A recently published work covering 110 Countries is : “2021 Digital Quality of Life Index” by ‘SURFSHARK’, is outstanding, we think, as to: Clarity of presentation; Insight of Review; Number of Nations examined; and Scope of Elements. The ‘SURFSHARK’ Company is to be commended for its Essential Work.

Although we either engage in, or closely follow the business activities, potentialities, and political realities of more than 110 countries, that are listed, we can utilize the report’s information with enthusiasm. Information is the key to success; let it come from any source, let it be assessed in tests. Sometimes, thinking ‘Outside the box’ gives one clarity in determining the validity of the data proffered. Only the ‘Man Upstairs’ knows the Truth, we Humans must ‘dig’ to determine what the ‘Truth’ is.

We congratulate: Denmark; South Korea; Finland; Israel; U.S.; Singapore; France; Switzerland; Germany; and United Kingdom for jobs well done in Internet Communications.

It is our hope that Business and Political leaders in all of the other countries activate resources to upgrade their Internet Systems for the benefit of their customers and/or citizens. Simply put: “Increases in communication can provide increases in commerce; Increases in commerce can provide increases in tax collections, so countries can operate.”

As one example of which we write: ‘Electronic Remittances’ to Nations by their employed citizens living elsewhere, was approximately $15 billion in 2020 and in five years going forward should reach $35 billion. The 200 million foreign workers certainly need to know their monies are ending up with their desired recipients. Improving the quality of the Internet in the 110 countries listed in the aforementioned report, can facilitate monetary communications and proper transfers. Monetary flow of remittances can help countries’ Treasuries grow with tax in-flows.

Electronic Infrastructure improvement benefits Businessmen, Citizens, and Governments, in many ways. Knowing what happened, what is happening, and what may happen, can provide the knowledge holder with the keys to success. Knowing the aforementioned quickly, is the ‘Frosting on the Cake’.

Reality: A ‘speedy’ reliable Internet is to the ‘Smoke Signals’ of long ago, as the versatile Hummingbird is to the Pigeon; while each performs, one does it with verve.


Without Admitting Their Having A Conundrum Within A Enigma, Wrapped In A Puzzle [CV19], They Keep Saying: “Do As We All Say, Not As We All Do.”

After about one and one-half years, the Medical Professionals, who we have written about on various occasions, are still searching for CV19 answers. They are apparently still confused: As to the genesis of this virus; iterations of the ‘original’ CV19 virus; its atypical systemic attacks compared to other influenzas; vaccine symptomology in some patients; effectiveness of masking; propensities towards immunity of the various vaccines; and public rejection of vaccines by Medical Professionals [as well as by many OTHER Medical Professionals too].

What we find most interesting in talking to Physicians, Surgeons, et al is that NO ONE we have engaged in conversation, nor ANY documentation we have seen, discusses at length [beyond taking Vitamin C, getting Vitamin D through Sun exposure and taking Zinc] “Strengthening One’s Immune System So It Is Impervious To Coronavirus (CV19) Attack”. Why is this the case? As “practical” International Businessmen, we think this approach is like a piece of ‘Swiss Cheese’ (with holes) compared to “Greek Feta Cheese (solid). Perhaps, viewing nutrition needs at the body’s Molecular Level one can realize the ’20 Septillion [2 X 10(25)] ESTIMATED molecules in a adult human, need ‘sustenance’.

If one were to evaluate the CV19 virus attack on the body with the virions [particles] being merely 125 nanometers in size, the ‘Spike Protein’ methodology used to enter a cell must be thwarted. It seems to us, as mere laymen, that molecules of CERTAIN herbs, minerals, and vitamins, would provide a more profuse approach to CV19 battle. The mere massive number of people, who partake of a “Normal Recommended Diet” and have died thereafter, from CV19, should give Medical Professionals something to think about: How to build immunity in the population. Perhaps existing diets are ‘Swiss Cheese’ with profuse holes to the ‘wee’ CV19 virions [AT THE MOLECULAR LEVEL]. One using ‘Macro Thought’ may be effete as to thwarting a enemy employing a ‘Micro Attack’.

We suggest, humbly, that the World Nutrition Recommendations need to be evaluated substantially. Perhaps the decades old paradigm of ‘Proper Nutrition for Sustainability’ is “full of holes”. We might even offer: Perhaps bio-chemists understanding this ‘Macro-flaw’ took advantage of it by employing ‘Molecular Agents’ in their Coronavirus [CV19] construction. For one element towards this thesis is the enigma of “Four Lysine Molecules incorporated into the CV19 attack. Where in Nature would such a numerical expansion be anticipated?

Since, there are no long term secrets, eventually the: “When, Where, Who, and Why” will be answered. For now, we wish Norwegian Medical professionals the best in their quest to understand the vaccines’ foibles. We applaud them as they employ valid Scientific Analyses in their quest for Technical truths.

Think ‘Outside The Box’; so one may surpass collective mediocrity.

Realty: Sometimes to achieve ‘Macro’ success, one must think ‘Micro’.


Plant Trees, Create Forests = Increase Rain, In Areas Of Drought

A simple examination of the contribution of trees to man’s existence demonstrates profound benefits. The “Tree/Forest/Rain” cycle for one, can alter desert environs into water availability areas for agricultural production. We, in International Business, can envisage the long-term benefits to investors who buy ‘cheap’ unproductive land and eventually gain fertile acreage [ profitable assets]. As an example of the transformation, of which we speak, China is a splendid example of the transformation of desert acreage manipulated into forested areas. The wise Chinese leaders, former President Hu and current President Xi, have emphasized such positive projects. This process can be copied over to other areas of the globe.

In Brazil, the moisture off the Atlantic ocean, moves into the existing forests and transpiration from the trees adds to the cloud formations and rain. Trees planted in dry areas to the south of the Amazon basis add to this water production cycle. The hydrologic cycle is maintained with forests.

The added benefit of tree planting are at least twofold: Trees convert Carbon Dioxide into Oxygen which helps man. Per the Arbor Day Foundation: “In one year a mature tree will absorb more than 48 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen in exchange”. Secondly, trees provide shade which helps cool inhabited areas. This is very important in assisting the lesser use of electricity to cool residences thereabout. As we have written before, Israeli scientists have shown: “Palm Trees use up to 1,000 liters [265 gallons] of water a day, yet provide no shade.” We think precious water is far more important that ‘fashionable foliage’, even to the unthinking, ‘Progressive’ business owners and homeowners. Eventually, as climate change increases droughts in certain areas, Palm Trees must be removed and replaced with shade trees of less thirst; A ‘Green Action of proven value’.

In cities, a lesser, but still important assist provided by trees is: sound reduction offered by their trunks, branches, and leaves. Acoustic energy created by automobiles, noisy motorcycles, and trucks have their transmission flows diminished in contact with the aforementioned tree components. This transfer from kinetic to potential energy, although not profound, does aid residential areas in being quieter.

We think investors may want to consider acquisition of, or investment in, tree growing companies, which are located throughout the world. As people become more aware of the aforementioned benefits of trees, and their lands become barren, they will want to plant trees for the many benefits provided. For a long-term investment, trees planted makes a sound financial choice as it adds to rainfall production in drought areas. What is that worth to land investors?

In areas such as Russia’s Siberia, with its splendid forests, tree planting is not required. In ‘Oil Rich’ countries such as ‘Saudi Arabia’, tree planting could transform much of the country into a lower temperature area, so its citizens would enjoy comfort in the Summer; this King Salman might want to consider. Any added rainfall would certainly be welcomed by the flora of Saudi Arabia.

Drought reduction, through tree planting, is we think, a very inexpensive, ‘Green’, Oxygen-producing methodology. Some people say: “It is often over-looked since it is not ‘exotic’ [no ‘sizzle’ (no ‘bells and whistles’)]. This may be true. However, we who are ‘older’ realize: “Quiet efficiency outshines a noisy treadmill [which demands exertion but goes nowhere].”

Reality: The “Man Upstairs” produced so many trees, He just allows Men who appreciate his Wisdom, to plant some more.


“The Pot Calling The Kettle ‘Black'”: America Should Look At Its Own Indian History

Presently, American Main Stream Media [MSM], is excoriating other countries for the treatment of legal citizens and occupants therein. The fact that Washington, D.C. politicians ‘pour gasoline on the embers’ make we, in International Business, wonder: “Are these mere commercial tactics to gain some economic advantages, rather than ‘pursuing moral ‘high grounds’? Are they ‘conditions precedent’ for possible military excursions [Blow the bugle and rile the troops]?” All too often, especially where hegemonic interests lie, with some politicians, their pontifications against other nations are mere shams, to the knowing. Time and again, over the decades we have seen “Pots calling kettles ‘Black’ [PCKB]”. After a while, the tactic becomes tedious.

One example of PCKB, of near-time duration was America’s absolutely ‘contrived’ rationale against the sovereign peoples of Iraq by the U.S. President and his lackeys. “Weapons Of Mass Destruction” were in Iraq and would be used against the U.S., was the fallacy given to the public by MSM and the administration in Washington. Unfortunately, this grievous LIE, caused the deaths of as many as 1,200,000 Iraqis, 4,200+ American Soldiers, and thousands of injured. Could this horrible tragedy be deemed: “Genocide by America against Iraqis”? Where is the world clamor about such behavior, based on a lie?

Before ‘America’ was a mere grammatical construct, the Indians living in the area of what is now the ‘United States’, resided in their territory of 2,379,964,800 acres [963,137,583 hectares]. Upon the arrival of Europeans, the areas taken by force, guile, and or negotiation reduced in size to a tribal 130,000,000 acres [52,609,133 hectares]. In 1758, the first Indian Reservation was established in New Jersey. In 1933, a further reduction brought the area down to 49,000,000 acres [19,829,596 hectares]. Congress, finally seeing, ‘thievery’ which had been occurring against the Indians, started a re-acquisition program. Today, approximately 56,200,000 acres [[22,743,333 hectares] “belong” to the Indians.

“Soil Gainers”:The European ancestried U.S. ‘land-baron’ inheritors of today, might even be accused of being unprincipled ‘Land Sharks’ descendants, nothing more. Of those billionaires who are currently amassing great land holdings, we laugh. The old Miner’s adage applies: “The more land you own, the more it owns you. Even if you are eventually ‘planted’ therein, your precious ownership and ‘Deed of Purchase’, will merely be Sand in the Wind.”

A further, ‘blackening of the pot’ has been the estimated $156,000,000,000.00 in lost income and other monies by mismanagement of the U.S. Government over Indian financial accounts. While the Indians finally settled for a mere $4,500,000,000.00, for their unseemly losses over the many decades, even the initial trial Judge, the Honorable Royce Lambeth, could not tolerate the misdeeds and obfuscations by the U.S. Government. One should read his statements during the trial.

We sincerely hope the land buy-backs occurring, by the U.S. Government, and perhaps purchases accelerating in the near future, benefit these Indian victims and descendants of Indian victims of earlier Europeans avarice, belligerence, and lethality. The complicity of earlier U.S. Administrations to see and disregard the felonious theft is appalling. Now, we ask: “Who are those in the District of Columbia to denigrate other Nations, of their treatment of occupants in their territories, when America’s behavioral history, has, at times, been the lowest of the low?” Does their avarice overcome any shame? They criticize other great Nations? Even today, some Americans treatment of minorities is appalling.

If the International Court of Justice, with its 15 Justices, and other International legal bodies, had both the Jurisdiction along with the Will, we think, there are many American leaders and lesser politicians who would be looking out for their representations on INTERPOL WARRANTS. They all might be conjoined with some other cabal nations who decry others, and yet participate with ‘Uncle Sam’.

America, just 240+ years old, can learn from ancient civilizations. In age, there is Wisdom.

Reality: The ‘Devil’ and his Acolytes do not always wear capes. Many times, they are fashionable in fine tailored suits.


Dubrovnik, Croatia To Sofia, Bulgaria: 400 Miles Apart Geographically, Yet Vastly Different In Crime Rates [As To The Other Nations Also]

It is interesting to comprehend how people can be so close to each other, yet so varied as to some of their behaviors. The excellent “Eurostat’s: ‘Crime, Violence, Or Vandalism In The Local Area” Report illustrates this reality. The reported crime in Croatia is listed at ‘2.7% of total population in 2019’ and in Bulgaria [Europe’s highest rated reporting percentage] is ‘20.2%’ which is almost ‘ten times’ as great [generally speaking].

We, in International Business, have engaged citizens of the aforementioned countries, as well as all members of the European Union [E.U.]. The ‘World View’ we have developed, over many years, is no different for our European friends. That is to say: “It is not the people of a country that may be problematic in business, it may be just the behaviors of a few that we question. Even then, those same people may be totally acceptable to engage ‘on a different day’?”

The wide disparity in reported crime levels: for example of Greece [16.9%] to neighboring Italy [9.4%] is easier to comprehend than some of the other nations’ rates. Italy has manufacturing in Aircraft, Automobiles, Ships [all of international renown]; Greece has none. The able Greeks, having had leaders of non-remarkable abilities, since World War II, and are now mired in National Economic debt of an estimated $400,000,000,000.00+/-. We think, this has been due to: Extremely poor choices in spending [especially in Military Hardware procurement]; Lack of direction to gain manufacturing prowess for greater employment of its citizenry; A public ethos of ‘Tax Evasion Is Our Salvation’ [at all levels of society].

Greece has: “location, location, location”, second-to-none of its European neighbors, [as the wise Chinese realize and are availing themselves for commerce]; exploitable mineral resources; great weather, Superb ‘Kalamata’ Olives; a very intelligent citizenry. These all bode well for it. Perhaps, the present Greeks Leaders, will show “business acumen” ‘by the bootstraps’, and thus, make Greece a ‘Commercial Manufacturing Entity’, as Italy has been, since the exact same time-frame. And most importantly of all: WITHOUT EXCUSES BY GREEK LEADERS, AS TO WHY THIS IS NOT BEING DONE FOR THEIR CITIZENS! Greek Leadership needs, ‘unowned’ impartial advisors for significant results.

We hope that the tie-up for electrical power transmission from Israel to Europe, through Greece, may have a benefit to the Greeks. The Israelis understand International Commerce and are well-respected for market products, as such. Maybe, Greeks can learn from the Israelis what to do, in that regard? Also, Greece’s tie-up with a strong leader, as is Abdel Fatah el-Sisi, of Egypt, to Gas and Oil projects, will gain it additional revenue.

Coronavirus [CV19] should have demonstrated to the Greeks, that their 20%+/- of national income being derived from tourism, is a ‘weak brother’ to have to rely on. Small virions can destroy the ‘Hospitality Industry’ forthwith.

We think the leaderships of Hungary [5.3%] and Poland [4.4%] evidence what can be done to minimize miscreant actors behavior and keep crime rates low. In both countries, strong leadership, decried by some weak leaders elsewhere, provides a ethos for their citizens of “RESPECT”. Both Leaders, are what we would deem to be “Internationalists”, not ‘Globalists’; this attitude we praise. These Gentlemen want the very best for their citizens [an admirable trait]. The European Union Leaders should think about Belgium [13.3%], (where the E.U. is headquartered) when they decide to deride Hungary’s and Poland’s leadership.

Reality: “Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions” come about in nations with ‘Strong Leadership’ guiding a ‘Principled Public’.


Will The Globalists Go From ‘CV19’ Vaccination Certificates To Eventually Demand “Henderson Island, ‘Plasticitis’-Free, Health Registrations” For International Travellers?

It is evidentiary: Some people seek every opportunity to separate themselves from the hoi polloi; this by delineating themselves as ‘Superior’ to most others in the world. In International Business, we have seen it time and again: Puppet Masters’ Masters [PMM’s] have countries’ leaders announce proposed “Methodologies of Mass Control” of the ‘Sheep’ in their jurisdictions. ANY ‘Ruse’ that works is excellent for the PMM’s.

Presently, many leaders in the European Union are mandating CV19 Vaccine Certificates for country-to-country travel. Taken a little further, this paperwork may be a useful device for in-country travel; perhaps in-city travel too [pub to pub?]. Why not also, have a “Sexual Herpes Free” Certificate for the populations? The virus is certainly transmissible. What about ‘Common Colds Certificate’ [which might lead communicably, in some with preexisting health conditions, to Pneumonia (it could be fatal)]. One can entertain the prospect of Globalists seeking even a “Henderson Island, Plasticitis-Free, Health Registration” for international travelers? This ridiculousness we would adamantly oppose, as we presently do the CV19 Vaccination Certificates proposed by some alleged Nations’ ‘leaders’. ‘Sheep’ must learn: “Control, Control, Control” is the mandate of the PMM’s.

International Business, and its attendant financial rewards to populations, mandates: Openness for travel; Capabilities to freely communicate face-to-face; Freedom from ill-advised commerce restraints; and perhaps most of all “Leaders who can lead”; not merely seeking shallow answers to perhaps enigmatic maladies. International Businessmen will AVOID investing money and time in countries where sophomoric thought and dictates are imposed on citizens and visitors.

We ask “Who really benefits by such ‘Passport Paperwork’: the Audience, the Puppet Masters, or the PMM’s? We suspect the latter. The Globalists seek control; we as Internationalists seek Freedom for Open Commerce.

Reality: Many times, Inaction, properly timed, and followed by careful examination, brings about much better results, than immediate misguided Action, quickly applauded by those at best, who are befuddled.


Possible Hegemonic Internet Actions Ordered By Recent ‘Sham-Elected’ Officials, In One Country, Can Cause Other Countries’ Leaders To Use Their Own ‘IT’ Developed Capabilities

As we had mentioned in earlier writings, sagacious Leaders of other countries are well aware of the recent ‘Cartoon’ election in America [November, 2020]. The multitude of clues left by the farcical election would not even make for a ‘B’ Grade movie. The Puppet Masters’ Masters (PMMs), as we had written before, were ‘sloppy’ and were supported by their Mainstream Media acolytes [bought and paid for], we think.

We, as International Businessmen, from many countries, have been, are, and will continue to be of the thought: “That which does not destroys you, makes you stronger”. Additionally, it is our consensuses: “A attack by one’s enemy, subtle or severe, makes the ‘wise target’ smarter [if he or she prepares for a even greater attempted onslaught ‘down the road’] Complacency, as ‘misread’ from cordial subtleties, by ‘Wolves bleating like Sheep’, is a Fool’s Paradise.” “Wise Nations’ Leaders, look beyond the horizon, for any storm clouds which might approach. If they see clear skies, they still make sure their umbrellas are functioning and nearby.”

Attorney, by education, Dmitry Medvedev, former President and Prime Minister, of Russia, has discussed hegemonic Internet potentialities; these, which might develop across the Atlantic Ocean, by the Americans. Russia has established its own ‘Server-Based’ Internet system, independent from the “World-Wide Web”; this is wise, we are of the opinion. In view of the fact that the aforementioned ‘Sham-Election of November, 2020’ brought to the fore, a career politician of whom both Mr. Medvedev, as well as President Putin, know very well, they are concerned. It is a historical fact, the new leader has voted for both wars and military escapades for decades in his career; that he would change his attitude, is a Mainstream Media theatrics [to be proposed]? It will be offered if the PMMs deem it necessary, for the Sheep.

As we, in International Business, talk to our many associates, clients, and friends, far and wide, we think the “Bear’s” actions are laudable and wise. It it our conviction, that other Nations’ Leaders should consider setting up similar capabilities, to protect their citizens and economies. Do Wolves have to bite one before he or she realizes their nefarious aspirations and capabilities? After all, one may consider the present ‘Mount Everest’ of Country-debt, primarily through endless wars, ‘loved’ by some people living in Washington, D.C.. Tactics can be employed to bring in additional wealth from wherever it may be; this, to satisfy the America’s economic hunger. Historically, innocent Poland comes to mind, relative to its hegemonic neighbor, of the 1930s.

Reality: Better than ‘High Income’, is ‘High Insight’, for those who want longevity.


Hungary’s Viktor Orban: A Decisive Leader Is, As A Decisive Leader Does

During the past few years, we as International Businessmen, have been pleasantly pleased, but not surprised, at the consistently valid analyses, arguments, and actions, as that of Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban. This gentleman, when looking into the miasma of international politics, can readily decipher and identify: Puppets; Puppet Masters; and, Puppet Masters’ Masters[PMM’s]; this is excellent! All too often, other politicians display their personal avarice by their exhibiting expedience in ascribing to certain policies and procedures [which benefit OTHERS, not their citizens]. An example of this: American Politicians who sign bills having only given cursory review by Representatives’ and Senators’ staffs, not en persona. Evidence of the end result of such poor inept practices, is a result of U.S. Debt being presently over $27,000,000,000,000.00; such a shame! As an example, we ask: “Which U.S. Citizens benefitted by the costly hegemonic U.S. military activities, over the past decades?”; certainly not the Hoi Polloi.

It appears that Prime Minister Orban, is much more judicious, than many of the aforementioned American ‘leaders’; this, in allowing for expenditures by his government’s Hungarian Forint [HUF] to be spent for direct aid to his Hungarian citizenry; this, as an offset to its current Coronavirus CV19 situation. This is superb!

Additional to this financing program, as referenced, is Prime Minister Orban’s adverse opinion to “Others Elsewhere” commands. They are attempting to pressure him to allow for political fashionability be reinforced by the withholding of European Union funds to Hungary and/or elsewhere, if he, and others, do not agree to their scheme [as to Coronavirus relief]. Mr. Orban “Calls them as he sees them” [to the chagrin of PMMs]. Again: “Bravo!”

As we had mentioned in our list of “Leaders of Nations in 2020”: “Strong leaders make the tough calls, but only after careful analysis of the facts”. They refuse to be ‘Sheep’ for PMM’s; they are patriots for their countries. We think the current “Brexit” discussions will evidence ‘Leaders” vs. mere ‘leaders’; all shall soon see who are the: Puppets or Puppet Masters [PMM’s will try to remain in seclusion (however futile that is.)] How many will become “Viktor Orbans”, by displaying both courage and good judgement?

Prime Minister Viktor Orban, in our opinion: “Means Well and Does Well.” To lesser politicians elsewhere, we agree with the adage: “You can try and fool the the other; the other can try and fool you; however, you both cannot fool the ‘Man Upstairs’.”

Reality: Weakness of Insight, Integrity, and Intellect are evidence of a person who, while appearing impressive like a iceberg, will decompose over time, with a just a mere scintilla of heat.


A Polyhistor Has Recently Passed; His Wisdom Remains

Over the many years, we have personally met some individuals with great Wisdom and have read about a few more. The infrequency of such events says much about society-at-large, and even more about countries’ ‘Leaders”, as we have written. “Leaders” who really are “Leaders” and not mere ‘Job Position Occupants’ are rare birds. Functionally, “Leaders” effects are can be felt far and wide. As to a subject such as the current Influenza Coronavirus [CV 19], many of these people are judicious with mandating restrictions towards slowing its spread. They understand the mental toil of the masses in ‘locking down’ their countries. Also, they can mentally grasp the economic disasters which come with such Draconian measures.

Dr. Walter E. Williams, a Economist of high repute, understood, before his passing, of the high cost of fighting ‘holograms of chaos’; like those artificially attached to Influenzas. He was aware of the foolishness perpetrated by vested interests in making recurring human health events cataclysmic in stature. To wit: More than 50,000 scientists and doctors, as well as more than 682,000 ordinary people, have signed the Great Barrington Declaration denouncing ‘lock-downs’. Yet, to many of the world’s politicians, ‘lock-downs’ are the answer. When one considers the assaults, batteries, homicides, rapes, and suicides along with illegal drug consumption increases, caused by such regulations, CV 19 is expensive to countries. When the added cost of lost countries’ revenues are added in, the expense is exorbitant.

Lock-downs DO NOT PROVIDE NATURAL IMMUNIZATION to a country’s citizenry. It does prolong their possible susceptibility to CV19 when they go out into the world. Until a effective vaccine, which produces ‘long-term immunization’ to a country’s masses, is injected into all, and pertinent antibodies mature, every non-naturally immunized citizen is at risk. Those citizens eventually coming out of their ‘caves’ being particularly so. Since CV19 virions are everywhere in the atmosphere, ‘cave departers’ will eventually come into contact with them; a ‘V-shaped curve’ being morphed into a ‘U-shaped curve’ [pandemic prolongation].

Reality: Politicians short-term solutions might have sizzle; but down-stream there may also be the stench.


Strong Nations’ Leaders Can Identify “Duplicitous Intermeddlers” For What They Are; To Weak leaders, The Same Persons Are “Munificent Benefactors”

Over the many years we have been observing business and political machinations dressed up as ‘balms’ and ‘salves’ to heal wounds [economic and/or social]; a “Bromelain” for the injuries. The simplistic offerings to ‘benefit all’ always require, sooner or later, leaders to give up their decision-making to others. Much as ‘Hedge-Funds’ buy into corporations, using other people’s money, install their members on the Board of Directors, have corporate officers do their bidding, pull as much money out [through asset, or debenture sales], then dump the company; similarities apply to Nations.

Countries with weak leaders, will join ‘Blocs’ to allegedly: “Improve the lives of their citizens”. In the process, they will cede some ‘Financial Authority’ to the ‘Blocs’ Leaders [BL’s]. In doing so, the nefarious motivations of the BL’s can be realized. The monetary control, is the bludgeon used against any member(s) who does [do] not accede to the economic, political, or social desires of those BL’s. And, as we have written before, the BL’s who: “Are Puppet Masters [PM’s] directed by extraneous Puppet Masters’ Masters [PMM’s]”. One can be certain, we think, that a “Globalist” [not “Internationalist”] Agenda, for ‘Multi-Bloc Control’, by the few, are the intentions of the PMM’s. Countries’ Sovereignties Be Damned; We Will Rule the World” is the ultimate desire. Over the many years we have seen when the apparent PMM, became public, he was really a PM, and we looked for, and found, his Master; usually in another country and/or continent.

Very similar today, as aforementioned, are the active machinations of some “Silicon Valley” [SV’s] (San Jose, California) Internet Technology Organizations. Two, in particular, were funded by an antithetical Nation to America; This, while the U.S. Government authorities apparently were ‘asleep’ or were ‘renumerated’ (one might assume). In any event, both SV’s today have embarked aggressively on “World Internet Communication Control”; this is a reality. As some U.S. politicians are starting to recognize the dilemma of the SV’s ‘Control Scale’ to date, we ask: “Where have all of you, and your un-elected bureaucratic ‘geniuses’ been over the past many years; this, while, a foreign power ‘Cancer’ grew in front of your faces? Your Intelligence Agencies did not discover these cabals? If we, as International Businessmen, were aware of the deceit occurring in commerce, where were all of you? Typical ‘Bureaucratic Inefficiency’ or complicity, perhaps? For the foreign power involved, in these two World-Level Programs, we ask: “Do you not realize: There are NO long-term secrets?”. “What happens to your ‘Internet Communication Constructions’ when your “Front-Men, Multi-Billionaire ‘Brains’” get interrogated by American authorities?”; they are weak and will talk, one can assume. Then, the U.S. Government rightly, takes over all of the assets. So be it.

Again, when taking an overview of the ‘largesse’ and ‘best wishes for good governance’ of businesses or nations, as expressed by “Multi-Millionaires” and “Multi-Billionaires”, ask: “Did they make their monies through their benevolence to others? Are they really seeking to benefit your people, or to control them as ‘Sheep’?

Reality: While the “Sizzle’ of a ‘Sell’” might sound enticing, wait a ’bit’, one’s nostrils may detect an Odor.