International Businessman Credo

International Businessman Credo An International Businessman understands that: Perseverance, Preparation, and Professionalism, Produce Profits and Progress.   The Road to acquiring the aforementioned Assets takes Dedication, Desire, and Discipline. This, not for just “Making a Buck”, but for enjoying the Challenges, Honing one’s Abilities, Leaping the Hurdles, and Humbly Succeeding without sophomoric Mass Media Adulation. One … Read more

★ Carbon/Carbon Composite (CCC) Cremations Could Create Customer Chaos

Premium News Analysis: Carbon/Carbon Composite (CCC) Cremations Could Create Customer Chaos by its Inherent Fire Capacity. Carbon is Flammable as are the Petrochemical Adhesives used to bind the Carbon/Carbon (CC) Textiles together. Automobiles, such as the Incinerated Porsche Carrera GT widely discussed in the Los Angeles County, California is one example. The tragedy of the  Actor’s alleged “Cremation” from a fire … Read more

Japan’s Territory Might Expand Naturally

News Analysis: Japan’s Territory Might Expand Naturally through the growth of  a Volcanic Islet. If Lava Output exceeds Ocean-caused Erosion, a Japanese Island will be created. Extending Japan’s Sovereignty out to such an Anticipated Island, would give the country thousands of square kilometers of Territory. The territorial increase would bode well for Japanese Fisheries and the … Read more

Cook Islands Seeks Inter-Continental Jet Service for Its Economic Growth

News Analysis:  Cook Islands Seeks Inter-Continental Jet Service For Its Economic Growth through an Airline Tender. Since it is located Half-Way between the Hawaiian Islands and New Zealand, travel by Jet Aircraft is most expedient. A Government Subsidy for travel to Los Angeles, California, is a present reality. An Airline wanting to expand itself into … Read more

Germany Communicates Its Extreme Displeasure of Electronic Privacy Invasions by Foreigners

News Analysis: Germany Communicates Its Extreme Displeasure of Electronic Privacy Invasions By Foreigners.  Substantial Cost to the Cell Phone Manufacturer, which is Accused of being a Co-Conspirator, may result. The Economic And Good Will Loss  to the American Cell Phone Manufacturer can be sizable. Its short term Economic Gain by purportedly cooperating in the Cabal may bring it long term Public Distrust. Public … Read more

America’s National Security Agency (NSA) Costs the Country More Than Just Its Budget

News Analysis: America’s National Security Agency [NSA] Costs the Country More Than Just Its Budget. It also Costs Losing International Customers [who deplore Invasions of Privacy by Foreigners in particular]. Since 7.141+ Billion People on Earth do not understand how the ‘NSA’ can be above America’s Law, they Choose to Stop Doing Business with U.S. … Read more

Chinese Yuan Quickly Becoming an International Currency

News Analysis: Chinese Yuan Quickly Becoming An International Currency bodes well for other Nations of the World: It gives those Countries an additional Financial Choice. As Small Examples: a Government can engage in Arbitrage of its own currency against the U.S. Dollar or the European Euro. In  doing so, the value of its Currency Reserves … Read more

Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a Stealth Approach in Submarine-Style Plotting

News Analysis:  Trans Pacific Partnership [TPP] Is A Stealth Approach In Submarine-Style Plotting by a Few Countries. Absolutely fearing the “Light Of Day” with Public Disclosure of Discussions, Cabal Members remain silent. Like Cockroaches, they fear Exposure.  The designed omission of China from the Plotters Scheme reverberates loudly to all who are aware of the … Read more

English is the Global Language of Commerce

News Analysis:  English Is The Global Language Of Commerce and its Influence Is Omnipresent. Since success in Aviation, Business, International Relations, Sciences, Technologies, and the like are dependent upon Fluent Communication, learning this “Tongue” is mandatory. The ability to influence, and thereby coordinate the activities of others, revolves around their understanding of the communications and … Read more

Emirates Airline Shows Good Foresight with Its Increased Airbus A380 Purchases

News Analysis:  Emirates Airlines Shows Good Foresight With Its Increased Airbus A380 Purchases since there is no ‘Equal Capacity’ Aircraft available in the world.  The A380 commenced as a “Clean Slate” Design [CSD] which gave it ‘Systemic Legitimacy’ that Manufacturers seek. To wit, the Fuselage, Wings, Engines, Electronics, Etc. were all designed in consort with … Read more