Going For Gold [Au]: Wise Nations’ Leaders See Beyond The Horizon

Russia, is predicted to lead China in mining of Gold, in future years, per Fitch Corporation. In its analysis of Gold Mining Operations, Fitch thinks that the prodigious production rates of Gold mining will increase even further than present rates of production, in Russia.

China has taken a cautious view of Gold mining processes. Cyanide is used extensively in the conversion process. Mining raw ore; crushing and grinding; heap leaching with Cyanide; Carbon processing, to Dore; to smeltered purity is the methodology. Since Chinese populations are near present-day mining operations, a retardation of Au activities, in China, is the result.

China presently, has expanded its Au production desires to South America, where substantial Au mineralizations are located. In a large commercial transaction, the Chinese have wisely accumulated ownership interest in Argentina. Venezuela, with large Gold deposits, are of interest, and one can easily envision others locations of their possible future intentions: Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, and Peru immediately come to mind by we, who consider such assets.

Russia has a enviable Au environment in which its mining companies deal: that is, large deposits of Gold, many being relatively distant from large populations. Since the cost effectiveness of Gold mining is certainly scalar, going from ‘Shaft’ Mining’ to “Open Pit’ Mining’ will lead to significant cost savings. ‘Up Front’ costs are much greater in the latter; for example, Excavators, Graders, Haulers, Shovels, and the like must be utilized. However, in ‘Shaft Mining’, with its ‘descent’ followed by ‘branching’, followed by ‘descent’, and then again, ‘branching’, is not very efficient. In shaft mining, ore grade quality is of extreme importance; one ‘follows the vein’ Typically, quantities are far less recoverable than in ‘Open Pit’ operations. . Open Pit’ mining, if Au deposits are of significant size, and ‘good’ ore grade quality, wins the scalar-efficiency race.

In Mining, beyond the day-to-day costs, risks and rewards, is the fundamental economic truth: Since the dawn of civilizations, Gold has been revered as of lasting value; ‘Ink printed on paper’ “Fiat Currency” has not. It will not endure as a steadfast measure of value. Even its composition is ‘weak’ compared to Gold. The alleged, 6,000 tons of Gold, said to be held by the U.S. Government, verifies that America also agrees with China and Russia about the inherent worth of Gold.

Reality: Metallic Gold, which came to Earth from outer space, is a ‘Heaven Sent’ enduring-value commodity; It makes ‘Fiat Currencies’ “fodder for fleecing the financial foolish”.

Reference: https://russiabusinesstoday.com/economy/fitch-russia-will-overtake-china-in-gold-production-within-decade/

Good News For Airlines Is Terrible News For Commercial Composite Aircraft Marketing Departments

News Analysis: The ‘Fantasy’ Projections of $200.00 for barrels of petroleum, in the world market,  touted by some Airframe Executives are rapidly becoming non-sensical to Alert International Businessmen. That which is good news for airlines is terrible news for composite commercial aircraft marketing departments.

Lower oil price directions make effete their arguments for spending hundreds of millions of dollars to purchase lighter aircraft to save some aviation fuel (as the fuel gets consistently less expensive). To exacerbate the possible threat to airline financial health, the “$200.00 Per Barrel Of Oil Myth” was created and distributed by the Airframes’ Minions, the Mass Media.

The aforementioned lower price direction gains credibility as American Oil, Brazilian Oil, Egyptian Oil, Gulf States, Iranian Oil, Iraq Oil, Levant Oil, Libyan Oil, Saudi Arabia, Siberian Oil, Venezuelan Oil, and others become available in the world market.  The greater abundance of petroleum will allow refiners of Aviation Fuels to offer lower prices to the airlines. Ergo, why buy  “Lightweight Commercial Composite Aircraft” for hundreds of billions of dollars? Additionally, Aircraft Engine makers are striving to make their products more fuel efficient.

As new Commercial Aircraft become available from manufacturers in China, India, and Russia, their engineers will have had the good fortune to utilize the best elements of other aircraft manufacturers’ designs to incorporate; and, to forgo questionable elements such as all composite construction.  All Metal Aircraft, as proven through many decades in Aviation endures. They will be employing, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Titanium, so the flying public will have the ultimate in safety in the skies. The lower fuel prices might even make their Airlines Tickets less expensive as an added benefit!

The Wisdom of the Saudis is to be commended, for they can see the direction  Petroleum Technology is headed towards extracting more oil throughout the world.


Reference: http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/10/13/us-oil-saudi-policy-idUSKCN0I201Y20141013

Chinese Corporation Buys World’s Largest Copper Mine In Peru

News Analysis: Averaging an estimated 90,000 Tons of Copper Concentrate a year, a mine located at south Peru’s Apurimac region, the Las Bambas Project, will help support China’s Cuprous (Cu) needs.

This $5.5 Billion Dollar Acquisition needs pertinent approvals by all relevant parties.

A ‘Cu’ Mine sale of this size will benefit the acquirer for many years. One might expect the value of this property to increase mightily in future years.


Reference: http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/china/2014-04/14/c_133261332.htm

☆ Chilean Civilians Enjoy The Many Uses Of Chinese Drones

News Analysis: Chilean Civilians Enjoy The Many Uses Of Chinese Drones for Commercial Purposes as well as for Personal Pleasure. These $4,500.00 Drones are sent to Chile and undergo final assembly and inspection before being released to customers. Each customer may undergo instruction in proper fly procedures as well as understand Chilean Legalities of use in the airspace; THESE “EVO” DRONES ARE NOT TOYS. 

Typical Chilean uses for such small aircraft may be: Bridge Inspections; Concert Viewing; Crop Analysis; Forest Fire Detection; Mineral Locating; News Events; Traffic Congestion Monitoring; Trespasser Identification; and, Vehicle Locating; to name a few.

Presently, in the World, Chile is Number 5, for Internet Contact with the Manufacturer, in the use of this particular aircraft.

Various cameras and optional equipment can give the Operator the information flow he or she needs when flying the craft. The aircraft weighs less than 4.5Kg. (10 Lbs.) without the cameras of various capabilities being offered. 

Due to the very Low Price and the Capabilities of the small Aircraft, we can see: Australians checking their Sheep Herds; Canadian Gold Mining Operators looking for ‘Sight-Seers’;

Growers in Kalamata, Greece inspecting their Olive Trees; Ranchers throughout the American West or Argentina or Brazil watching their Cattle Herds; Vintners in the Napa-Sonoma-Mendocino area of California using this equipment to inspect their Grape Crops.

Almost anywhere Security must be “Tight” such as the aforementioned Gold Operations, this Aircraft is essential. In large “New Construction” Projects, both trespassers can be thwarted and equipment and/or materials readily located.

The possibilities of assistance by using this Aircraft are only limited by one’s imagination.


Reference: http://santiagotimes.cl/drones-descend-santiago/

☆ Air China Commences Beijing Flights To Vladivostok, Siberia

News Analysis: Air China Commences Beijing Flights To Vladivostok, Siberia, since that is where future growth will occur for Russia (as a Natural Resource Supplier to Industrialist China, its Good Friend). 

Vladivostok is the Eastern Terminus of the Vaunted Trans-Siberian Railroad. This location allows for Rail Travel through many parts of Russia as is traverses the country.

The 590,000+ Residents of Vladivostok will benefit by Air China as will the Businessmen located therein. A total of 1,328 Cities in 195 Countries can be routed through Beijing or Moscow for those residing in or visiting Vladivostok by using Air China or its Affiliate Airlines.


Reference: http://tinyurl.com/mgejuwn

Fiji Bank Adds Chinese Renminbi Currency To Its Tradeable Portfolio For Its Customers

News Analysis: Fiji Bank Adds Chinese Renminbi Currency To Its Tradable Portfolio for its Customers (joining Countries and Banks World-Wide which understand the Commercial Wisdom in doing so). Fiji Exporters can sell more products to China by using the Renminbi as the proper currency. Importers can now engage in trade without conversion costs to trade for U.S. Dollars. Everyone wins with this Currency.

We think the Renminbi, Distribution-Wise, will quickly surpass the Euro and equal the U.S. Dollar in future years. As America has fewer of its products being sold as “Unique and Unavailable Elsewhere” people will purchase everything else as equivalents or improvements from other countries. Since China is the greater exporter of such goods, trading in Renminbi, not U.S. Dollars, makes sense.

China can quickly accelerate Renminbi Distribution as the ‘Currency of Choice’ by offering Foreigners Renminbi Loans for even purchases of Non-Chinese Products. ‘Jumbo’ Aircraft, Luxury Cruise Ships, and the like, which China does not presently fabricate, would be good candidates for large loans.

The Fiji Bank Adds Chinese Renminbi Currency to its Tradable Portfolio for Customers was astute thinking by smart Bank Management. In such a Commercial Environment, everyone prospers: the Bank, the Countries involved, the Exporters, and the Importers.

The ONLY Good Deal is one in which ALL Participants Benefit; not just a few.


Reference: http://www.fijisun.com.fj/2014/03/29/bred-bank-adds-renminbi-currency/

Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) Receives First Of New Aircraft

News Analysis: Nepal Airlines Corporation Receives First Of New Aircraft and can now grow throughout Nepal. Flying from Kathmandu to a 30+Million population throughout the country spread out over 147,000+ Km2 (56,757 Mi2) will be requiring capable Aircraft as ‘NAC’ has acquired. Elevations range from Kanchan Kalan at 70m (230 ft.) to Mount Everest rising to 8,848m (29,0296 ft.) in the Mahalangur Section of the Himalayas.

‘NAC’ has purchased six aircraft. The first, a 58 Seat Modern Ark 60 will arrive 28 April and the others later this year. Two of the Aircraft will be  Harbin Y12E’s (a 19 Passenger model).

We wish ‘NAC’ the Best of Success as it grows throughout Nepal with its soon-to-be-delivered Capable Aircraft.


Reference: http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/china/2014-03/25/c_133212667.htm

Piraeus, Greece To Become Chinese Electronic Center Serving Southeastern Europe

News Analysis: Piraeus, Greece To Become Chinese Electronic Center Serving Southeastern Europe as China continues its Wise Investments in Greece. Greece has at least one Asset not many other countries offer: Strategic Location. For China to step in as it has already done relative to Ship Container Operations in Piraeus,  evidences wonderful Foresight; something many other Nations apparently lost.

Now the Chinese can develop their Electronic Assembly/Repair capability in Greece when the Country asks for Citizen’s Employment Opportunities.

Southeastern European Countries to be beneficiaries of this Electronics Investment are: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Spain. 

Astute Entrepreneurs and Investors should consider utilizing China’s Concept and Fund Projects in Greece. Prime Minister Antonis Samaras of Greece will surely be receptive to Projects which employ his Citizenry.


Reference: http://www.ekathimerini.com/4dcgi/_w_articles_wsite2_1_19/03/2014_538321

☆ China Opens Civilian Aircraft Market; New Zealand Steps In

News Analysis: China Opens Civilian Aircraft Market; New Zealand Steps In with a Joint Venture for production of Single Engine Turbo Prop Aircraft. This size of aircraft, with its proven Operational Reliability for less refined geographic terrains, is essential for the growth of Chinese Public Aviation; a Good Aircraft Type Choice.

Production is expected to rise from 12 to 200 Aircraft Per Year. With available funding sources, Individuals will surely learn to fly and do so in these Worthy Aircraft.


Reference: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/trade/news/article.cfm?c_id=96&objectid=11221989

☆ South African 50 Billion Rand ($4.64 Billion Dollars) Locomotive Purchases Make Both Domestic And International Suppliers Winners

News Analysis: South African 50 Billion Rand ($4.64 Billion Dollars) Locomotive Purchases Make Both Domestic And International Suppliers Winners this by making Competition convert to Cooperation.

China, the biggest Supplier with 359 Electric and 232 Diesel Locomotives beat out the other Locomotive Builders, who also came out handsomely with large orders in this 1,064 Total Order Tender.

Domestic Companies in South Africa will build portions of the Locomotives so they can eventually become Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). With the ‘OEM’ Designation attached to their Company Names they can bid on Locomotive Fabrication Contracts anywhere. The Foreign Builders now, will become Partners with the South African Fabricators as the ‘Newbies’ seek contracts on the Continent as well as other places; a Win-Win Environment.

The Republic of South Africa is to be commended for wisely turning Competitors into Cooperators so it as well as everybody else become WINNERS.


Reference: http://www.bdlive.co.za/business/transport/2014/03/18/china-wins-lions-share-of-transnets-r50bn-train-tender