Greetings To Each of You For 2015

James S. Priamos Productions, Inc. States to Our Global News & Analysis World-Wide Readers: Greetings To Each Of You For 2015 

We want to thank all of you for the keen interest you have evidenced in 2014 in reading our many Articles about Business, International Commerce, International Relations, Scientific Matters, and Success Attributes (which have been proven over time). The Citizens in well over 100 Countries scrutinized what we said, so, our ‘Roadmap’ Is Clear: Continue to tell it, as we judge it, Reality is the Truth.

2015, is a Year we predict, will be of much International Economic Upheaval (to a degree not witnessed in many decades). As such, we wish to offer the following ‘Real World’ suggestions for evading Business and Economic “Mine Fields”:

  1. Governments have ‘ Associations’ with other Governments”. These are not necessarily ‘permanent’ relationships. They can change as their Political Leaders find ‘greater offerings’ elsewhere. Witness; Russia’s historical assistance, financial and otherwise, with  Ukraine. ‘Greater offerings’ [but not delivered] enticed the ‘Current usurped Leadership’ into the arms of the “West”. Presently, the current Ukraine Government Leaders, one would suspect, would be wondering how Western Promises turned out to be mere holograms.
  2. The Walls Have Ears” (so do ALL Electronic Methods of Communication). The vaunted abilities of the U.S. National Security Agency are unparalleled in its ability to eavesdrop on 210+/- Countries’ Citizens in the World. As such, if you want to keep something secret, communicate physically face-to-face with others, in a discrete location away from others’ ability to hear or see.
  3.  “Keep your ear to the ground if you want to hear the approach of a herd of Buffalo”, the old Indian Adage, is also appropriate today. Listen carefully to what is being broadcast in the Mass Media, and you will hear which way the financial masses are moving. Make your moves accordingly.
  4. Trust, But Verify” all that is important for you. This, as well as all those people who have access to assets, information, monies, and relationships with whom you deal.
  5. To Receive Loyalty, You Must First Give Loyalty” is a premise we have maintained from ‘Day One’. People are untrusting, which is basically sound. As such, they need to learn that they will benefit from associating with you. The quickest way to commence the process is to be loyal to them in the beginning. If they are of good Character, they will respond in kind. If not, who needs them?
  6. Sleep With One Eye Open” is what Principals must do if they want to survive for the long term. Always, assume that others want what assets you have. Due to the fact that they will try to get them one way or another; STAY ALERT [“Even While Sleeping”].
  7. Be Intrepid In What You Do”. Adversities can destroy one or make one stronger. “Play out the hands” dealt to you as best you can; but stay determined in achieving your end goal. If you stick with it long enough and wise enough, Fate, will deal you “Four Aces” in your hand. This we have witnessed time and again.
  8. Fly Straight” with ALL of those with whom you deal. DOUBLE-CROSS NO ONE, EVER! Let others be Fools, not you.
  9.  “A Country Is As Good As It Citizens, Not As Good As Its Leaders.” To have suspicions about possible “Hidden Agendas” of a Political Leader is Wise; especially when his or her “Credentials” are not open to public scrutiny.  Does he or she really represent the voters, or of his or her “Handlers”?
  10. Watch The Money” because most relationships are evidenced through monetary movements. If, for example, an important Nation’s Leader immediately spends billions of dollars the first thirty days in office, consider that person to be owned by those receiving the funds or those above the recipients.
  11. A Mosaic Is Made Up Of Many Small Tiles”. Think and analyze to ‘Connect the dots’ of: Corporations, Individuals, and Nations inter-relationships. If you have done so correctly, a beautiful picture emerges which explains cabals, plots, schemes, or subterfuges [take your pick].   As you gain experience and success in this ‘Art’ you will find it priceless. Many people will pay you handsomely for this skill developed over time.

We hope that the aforementioned eleven suggestions assist you to become more successful in 2015.

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We are the ‘Affordable Alternative’ for you to ‘Get It Correct’. We Tell It, As We See It.

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Best regards.