The ‘Vessel’ “United Nations” Maintains Its Lethargic Crew, As It Sails In A Storm; Will The Alert From ‘The Island’, Al Jazeera, Of Doha, Qatar, Awaken Any Members, To The Dire Plights Of Able Seafarers Around The World?

A compendium of negative events, the most pronounced being: The lack of capital for seafarers, their sustenance, and of ships’ maintenance, by some devious Vessel Owners, appear to have fallen on deaf United Nations members’ ears.

We, for many decades, have closely participated in various ways, and watched World Maritime Shipping with great interest. Today, some Ship Owners have ignored International Maritime Organization requirements for both safe crews and ships. The Coronavirus CV19 Pandemic has exacerbated a dearth of funding for the aforementioned. Essentially ‘Involuntary Servitude’ of prior centuries has been reformatted into ‘Slavery on Ships’ today.

Crews cannot leave their vessels since nations are concerned they may transmit the CV19 virus to their citizens. Chandlers must also be very cautious. Some Ship Owners have ‘skated away’ from providing funds for the crews and their ships’ maintenance.

We find it remarkable that while ship engine pollution and rules of such are written about profusely by the “Germalists”, we had mentioned in other articles, few say anything about the Seafarers current plight. The GARGANTUAN level of reporting about the Suez Canal weather-caused stoppage recently, was heard around the world! Yet, this current dastard situation is not discussed; not by Main Stream Media, nor world politicians. Why is that?

The “Logistics” subject, occurred during the ‘Suez Event’ and it ‘made the news’; World Seafarers, through communications negligence, Main Stream Media effectively caused to ‘abuse’.

Again, as International Businessmen, we commend “Al Jazeera”, and the Government of Qatar, for giving this terrible problem, the ‘Light of Day’ in a somewhat ‘Stormy World’.

It is our hope, the very few actual ‘World Leaders’ that exist, take the helm and steer the United Nations into actions which aid the plight of Able Seamen.

Reality: It is good to be on the bridge of the ship as it sails; it is best to be awake as it does. There may be a large iceberg ahead.


Effective “Leaders” Lead Their Nations In Innovative Ways, To Increase International Commerce

As we had listed a number of Decisive Leaders of 2020, two this year (2021), we want to mention in particular. One is of a geographic smaller area [176,215 sq. km.], the other of a vast geographic expanse [17,098,242]: Uruguay and Russia. We have watched both countries over the many decades and have seen improvements in economic, political, and social growth FROM OUR PERSPECTIVES. We wholeheartedly endorse: “Capitalism With A Conscience” [CWAC] as a operational paradigm for good governing in seeking economic prosperity; this, for a nation’s long-term sustainability and satisfaction of its citizenry.

In Uruguay, Mr. Luis Alberto Lacalle Pou is establishing a new “Free Trade Zone” which should help his wonderful country, the noted ‘Switzerland of South America’, to be even more prosperous. Since his election, Mr. Pou has consistently shown a determination to increase trade, through Mercosur, as well as desiring free-trade ability for members of that group; a ‘Innovator’ he is. He has moved his country away from the ‘Socialist Agenda’ of his political predecessors.

We think it behooves investors to consider Uruguay as a good place to engage in International Commerce. It has: Intelligent educated citizenry (with good work ethics); Great location; Enjoyable year around weather; Moderate Taxes, Ocean port accessibility; and a Wise Government. Investing Dollars, Euros, Pesos, Renminbi, Yen, et al in Uruguay would be smart. It offers many agricultural opportunities and for ‘Industries’: Chemicals, Electrical Machinery, Petroleum Products, Textiles, and Transportation Equipment exist.

To Uruguay’s North, Northeast direction across the Atlantic ocean is the geographic behemoth Russia: the “Land of Plenty” (as to Minerals, Timber, et al). Its President, Mr. Vladimir Putin, has very capably led his country, from the earlier collapse of his predecessors’ inefficient economic system, we think, to a CWAC realism for his people. Time and again the Russian public polls demonstrate a high esteem for their Leader, a Man who truly Leads his Nation. Now, Mr. Putin has initiated a railway project to the Arctic [Sabetta, Yamal Peninsula] that will supplement portions of the North Sea Route from Europe to Asia, with the flow of goods and materials needed for the gargantuan undertaking. By sailing through this route, shippers will save seven to ten days versus going through the Suez Canal from Asia to Europe. He Has also expanded his Nuclear Ice Breaker Fleet to facilitate shipping. One of the many aspects of his leadership we extol, his financial acumen in keeping his Nation’s expenditures in check and NOT engaging in FOOLISH ‘hyper-expensive’ hegemonic forays around the world [as evidenced by another nation’s recent history].

As we have maintained for decades, many Intelligence Agents make good executives. They have: a wealth of experience in dealing with others; are good thinking ‘on the move’; are resourceful; keep a calm demeanor, and can make proper-timed ‘Chess’ moves. In this regard, we think Mr. Putin is a “Chess Master”, no current political leader anywhere is his equal.

“Jealous others” from afar, [the ‘Germalists’ [writers] in foreign nations’ Mainstream Media] if they try to disparage Mr. Putin’s actions, the more they will demonstrate the effete results of their ‘Handlers’ above them; this, and hostile government leaders in those nations with hidden agendas. Their acrimony is understood, by the intellect of many others, to be merely ‘Sour Grapes’, nothing more valid.

We wish the very best for both President Pou and President Putin as they both facilitate CWAC in their countries.

Reality: Small physical country or large, Great Leaders always demonstrate Integrity and Wisdom, that is why the ‘Man Upstairs’ retains them in the positions.


Coronavirus “CV19”: A Product Of Mother Nature, Or A Product Of A Laboratory [But Who’s?]

It is always fascinating for us, in International Business, to witness the vast number of people who wear ‘blinders’ in their reviews of events of major importance to the world. Perhaps, we think that part of the problem is the M.D.’s and Ph.D.’s, as they increase their education specialties: “Know more and more about less and less”[KMAMALAL]. This focus, eliminates virtually any ‘out of the box thinking’ [OOTBT] by them. Any such ideations are mere “Conspiracy Theories”, not worth a scintilla of Salt [NaCl to them]. A good example, as we have written before, was the causal relationship of bacteria to Stomach Ulcers. The OOBT of the Scientists, who made the discovery, were derided by the Medical Professionals for years. Today, the reality of the causation is accepted.

Now, Virologists are stating that the CV19 Genome ‘CGG-CGG’ Sequencing ‘Software Instructions’ are not to be found in Nature; but are “Laboratory created by Man”. Evidently, the ‘Directions’ are too rare a combination to be a credible sequence of natural iteration occurring over time. Additionally, as we had written before, the four Lysine molecules [positively charged] are conjoined to the CV19 ‘Spikes’; this makes their attraction to the negative charge of the cell body overwhelming, we understand. The fact of the aforementioned do not occur in Nature, is not to be castigated by the “Experts”.

As we have written before: “Why is it not possible that monies for laboratory equipment, facilities, and personnel, paid for by a ‘Billionaire[s]’ or ‘Centi-Billionaire[s]’ could not have created Coronavirus CV19? If ‘Government Laboratories’ in nations can create it, are ‘Private Laboratories’ (NGO’s) “immune” from such performance considerations? If a group of people had a certain ‘Social/Political’ agenda they wanted to emphasize, why not use a ‘weapon’ which offers plausible deniability in its inherent matrix: “The Flu” [Historically, not unusual for humanity to endure again].

We submit for thought: If coincidentally, a National Laboratory was working on viral ‘Gain of function’, and others elsewhere, were aware of such research [and/or were funding such with that laboratory], what better timing would there be for the ‘Billionaire[s] to ‘release his/their “Viral Concoction of Coronavirus CV19” so the national laboratory would be blamed! A further step might be, other competitive nations to the National Laboratory might decide to gain from the negative publicity their Mainstream Media might propagate against the ‘economically successful country’. There are no long term secrets.

The above scenarios, the KMAMALAL’s would not understand such ‘Anti-Social Attack’ to a ancient culture even being possible. After all, they know what their professors taught them in Medical Schools: “Ulcers are caused by stress”.

Reality: There is much more to the intricacies of ‘Life’, than the information found in a mere text-book. The “Key” is to “Think”.


America: Steal Dollars, Go To Prison; Steal Votes, Go To The White House

Remarkably, we in International Business, think that the current Rasmussen Poll, evidences a ‘Awakening of the Sheep Herds across America’ [to the earlier plunder, of legitimate votes in November, 2020’s Presidential election, by Bleating Wolves]. The ‘efficacy’ of the “Silent Coup d’Etat'” which took place, while predicted by some of us, from earlier ‘seisms’; those being emanated, in a variety of ways by the multitude of culprits involved, was rather obvious. We thought beforehand, all of the ‘Alphabet’ Agencies and Departments would participate in the sham [from ‘top to bottom’]. The more interesting aspect was the collusion at the ‘States’ levels in the ‘Coronavirus [CV19] Calamity, Chaos, and Collaboration’ superficial ‘Sells Job’ to the Sheep as to ‘Mail-In’ Voting procedures. This being done, without ‘States’ Legislative approvals [by and large] evidences, we think obvious effete leaderships in the ‘States’ Executive and Legislative branches, at best. The fact of mere un-elected bureaucrats conjoining up with the aforementioned characters, evidences the ‘Sheep’ not hearing, or not discerning, the ‘facsimile’ bleats of both ‘Canis Lupus’ and especially, ‘Canis Rufus’.

The speed of the transition to a 180 degree vector change from the previous administration, evidences a tremendous amount of pre-election planning by the cabalists. In talking to many of our friends and business associates ‘here, there, and everywhere’, the odor of a even earlier administration merely being recycled, has been detected.

The immediacy of America becoming the ONLY nation in the world to be seeking alien CV19 personages, en masse, without testing them for virions, is remarkable. The immigrants recruiting level emanating from the President of the United States, while jeopardizing all Americans, evidences: Either a disdain for the citizenry of America; a lack of mental comprehension of what the ‘Devil’ has wrought; and/or complicity with hostile nations who will benefit by a U.S. medical paroxysm of the greatest magnitude. Perhaps this behavior is evidence of nihilism at its connotative worst.

All of the U.S. Government Agencies, Departments, many members of the House of Representatives, Senate, and Supreme Court Justices exhibited the “Greatest Crescendo Of Silence About A Coup d’Etat’ Taking Place”, in world history, many people think. It is our opinions that the perpetrators and their acolytes will eventually go down in history as “Benedict Arnolds” nothing more.

The ‘bottom line’ of all the efforts which took place, and obviously cost several billion dollars to ‘Scam the election’, is what a Greek shipping magnate stated about politicians and the Puppet Masters’ Masters that run them: “They are: Crustier than mollusks on my ships’ hulls; Dirtier than bilge water; Make more noise than my ships’ engine rooms; Stink more than sulfured fuels my ships burn. America is the biggest and crookedest card game, with the most money in the world. Politicians know it is worth billions to ‘Own America’ for four or more years. What do you expect? Saints?”.

Reality: The Silence of the Lambs is often less revealing than the Silence of some particular Wolves, who typically bleat. Wise Shepherds, in addition to watching their flocks, listen for sounds, then look to see which way the winds start to blow.


America’s “Fourth Estate” [And I.T. Sites] Have Morphed Into Mere Propaganda Tools For Certain U.S. ‘Premium Citizen’ Cabalists To Use Against The Sheep

The recent SHAM Presidential Election of November, 2020, in America was quite easy to foresee. Those who have previously watched such: “‘Shenanigans’ in voting, played out by other countries” [as American politicians are so quick to point out] laugh at the level of blatant obviousness of the cabal. Several months PRIOR TO the election, many of us were of the professional opinions, “Here they will go again, but this time in America.”

A tell-tale sign, of which there are many in this U.S. plot, was the fervency of the “Germalists” who scribe for the major news outlets in the country. Added to this group, were the VERY OBVIOUS actions is curtailing positive news about the then-American President. Both the “Fourth Estate” and many I.T. ‘Social Communication’ Sites, embellished negatively on every possible aspect of his administration which might be worthy of even a mere scintilla of attack.

All of the opposition candidate’s: Fallacious Auto-Biographic Career ‘Facts’; Females Fondled, Fervently Favoring Foreign Hegemonic Forays; Foreign Financial ‘Flings’; Forgetting Data; Frailties Physically; and, Forgoing America’s National Sovereignty give him, a ‘F’ grade. This ‘F’, as in ‘Failure’, in NOT being a consistent, capable, clear-minded leader of the country. This, many International Businessmen have determined [while in our visits with them during business conversations]. Many are anticipating a “XXV Amendment” action soon. We shall see, what we shall see.

The “Fourth Estate” also gets awarded the first letter of its first name: ‘F’. We are of the opinion that America’s largest Main Stream Media and Information Technology ‘Social Interaction Companies’ can be agglomerated as “One Big”Rag-Sheet'” owned by one Political Party; Lock, Stock, and Barrel.

It is refreshing to see a member of America’s Federal Judiciary, Judge Laurence Silberman, not fleeing like other members of the Court have. He has stated the facts, of what has been evolving in the U.S. for decades.

Many International Businessmen firmly think: The American ‘Coup d-Etat’, which occurred in November, 2020, which is steadfastly denied by the Puppet Masters’ Masters, their acolytes and mere minions, only evidences their cabal complicity in the deed.

They may have won the battle, but will lose the war. The obviousness of the ‘Sham Election’ by the ‘Bleating Wolves’ is becoming obvious even to the flocks of American Sheep.

Americans’ Constitution is not to be trampled on. It is , we think, the country’s ‘Bible’.

Reality: Even Fools, can become aware, even if it is in hindsight.


Will The Globalists Go From ‘CV19’ Vaccination Certificates To Eventually Demand “Henderson Island, ‘Plasticitis’-Free, Health Registrations” For International Travellers?

It is evidentiary: Some people seek every opportunity to separate themselves from the hoi polloi; this by delineating themselves as ‘Superior’ to most others in the world. In International Business, we have seen it time and again: Puppet Masters’ Masters [PMM’s] have countries’ leaders announce proposed “Methodologies of Mass Control” of the ‘Sheep’ in their jurisdictions. ANY ‘Ruse’ that works is excellent for the PMM’s.

Presently, many leaders in the European Union are mandating CV19 Vaccine Certificates for country-to-country travel. Taken a little further, this paperwork may be a useful device for in-country travel; perhaps in-city travel too [pub to pub?]. Why not also, have a “Sexual Herpes Free” Certificate for the populations? The virus is certainly transmissible. What about ‘Common Colds Certificate’ [which might lead communicably, in some with preexisting health conditions, to Pneumonia (it could be fatal)]. One can entertain the prospect of Globalists seeking even a “Henderson Island, Plasticitis-Free, Health Registration” for international travelers? This ridiculousness we would adamantly oppose, as we presently do the CV19 Vaccination Certificates proposed by some alleged Nations’ ‘leaders’. ‘Sheep’ must learn: “Control, Control, Control” is the mandate of the PMM’s.

International Business, and its attendant financial rewards to populations, mandates: Openness for travel; Capabilities to freely communicate face-to-face; Freedom from ill-advised commerce restraints; and perhaps most of all “Leaders who can lead”; not merely seeking shallow answers to perhaps enigmatic maladies. International Businessmen will AVOID investing money and time in countries where sophomoric thought and dictates are imposed on citizens and visitors.

We ask “Who really benefits by such ‘Passport Paperwork’: the Audience, the Puppet Masters, or the PMM’s? We suspect the latter. The Globalists seek control; we as Internationalists seek Freedom for Open Commerce.

Reality: Many times, Inaction, properly timed, and followed by careful examination, brings about much better results, than immediate misguided Action, quickly applauded by those at best, who are befuddled.


At Times, “Green” Energy Becomes Effete, Inert, And “Snow White”

For decades, as a manufacturer of “Mega-Temp™ Aircraft Insulation“, we have seen the obvious frailties of 1930’s designed and manufactured insulation systems offered around the world. The fact that those aged products DO NOT INSULATE in extremes of climate variations of icy weather, or very hot weather seems to be disregarded. This, by “Building Departments” at Local, Provincial [State], and/or Federal Government levels around the globe. The yearly costs to all levels of governments are profound. Energy requirements to cool or heat airports, commercial or government buildings, homes, schools, shopping centers, warehouse, et al is money being spent needlessly. If the aforementioned structures are PROPERLY insulated, id est: Attics, Ceilings, Ducting, Elevator Shafts, Floors, Piping, Stairwells, and Walls, then “Cocoons of Protection” are in place; ergo, minimal energy is required to achieve enjoyable temperatures therein [thus, saving money]. This is “Basic Thermal Control” [and Good Economics], not “Rocket Science”.

Presently, in America’s State of Texas, FROZEN WINDMILL FARMS, due to Icy Weather, have essentially ‘castrated’ power production of their widely-extolled “Green Energy” mileau. As this would NOT HAPPEN with Coal, Hydro-Electric, or Oil Generated Systems, many people are suffering while a Covid 19 pandemic ensues. Perhaps some, living elsewhere, will merely dismiss the discomfort of Texans as being ‘transitory’ [ a ‘minor inconvenience’]; their expecting the weather to improve in a few days for the Texans?

As we have seen, as International Businessmen, there are a few ‘Real Leaders’ who find transitional, unreliable, energy solutions UNACCEPTABLE for their populations [Aircraft and Ship Crews and Passengers, Workers, and Citizens]. A available cost-effective ‘Acoustic and Thermal Technology’, as “Mega-Temp Insulation” may be quickly installed on a permanent basis. This should activate “Leaders with Integrity” to reduce energy consumption needs in their jurisdictions as well as for the comfort and safety of others.

There are no present substitutes for RELIABLE ENERGY PRODUCTION. We think that to blame the current “Climate Change” [formerly marketed as ‘Global Warming’ (until that term became less fashionable)] massively on anthropogenic causes is foolhardy. The planet Earth is not a ‘Singularity In A Impenetrable Bubble’. It is a scintilla of matter in a great universe of “Rotational Energy”. The weather is dynamic, change in it [great cold and great heat] will keep occurring long after man is gone. Radiative loads from many cosmic sources had, have, and will affect weather on ‘Gaia’. “Isolated Physical Masses”, unaffected by anything in the Cosmos, are mere holograms to be entertained by Sheep.

Reality: If one wants to create a product that works, even a ‘Windmill’, he or she had better understand all causations that may affect the design and its performance; this, to overcome those negativities, prior to mass production.


Non-Governmental Organizations’ [NGOs] Technocrats Try To Control World Communications; They Are Attempting To Stop Various Discussions By Billions Of People: A Strong World Leader Objects

The elaborately designed “Sham Election of 2020” in America, as people in about 200 countries witnessed, evidenced the power available to cabalists connected with the Internet Communications Industry. The Puppet Masters’ Masters [PMMs], of which we have frequently written, this time, over-reached in their flagrant abuse in “Electioneering”. To wit: the PMMs got their ‘stooges’ (the Front-Men [Puppet Masters]) to control the ebb and flow of voters’ discussions and ideologies on the Internet [and were observed].

The over-reach was poorly crafted, and as such, came to the obvious attention of a number of world Political Leaders. These Leaders, of high integrity, could foresee the future of the Internet NGOs cutting off communications in their own various nations. As such, ‘Democracy’ would not exist; a ‘Technocracy’ managed by the Puppet Masters of the Internet, would be directed by the PMMs in other countries: TERRIBLE!

A Very Strong Leader, President Vladimir Putin of Russia, used his great analytical ability, along with years of ‘Trade-Craft’ experience, to denounce such shenanigans for what they are: “Blatant Communicative and Intellectual Slavery”.

We, as International Businessmen, detest ANY attempts, as to “Communications”, to put both ‘Blinders’ and ‘Muzzles’ on the men and women of the entire world. It is our view, any such attempts are insidiously injurious to Free Societies. The NGO perpetrators (Puppet Masters and PMMs) should be deemed ‘Society Deviants’ and the equivalent of “Devil Worshippers”; they seek World Domination. We think NO PUNISHMENT is too severe for such ‘Anti-Society’ and ‘Nations Control’ behaviors by these megalomanics, who are minutiae, numerically. No one voted for any of them.

It is our analyses that following the Wisdom of Mr. Putin, as to these ill-conceived, ill-executed ‘Cancers Against Society’; other nations’ Leaders should loudly voice their animosities to such Internet tactics, as the world witnessed in America several weeks ago. Strong laws should be passed to stop the “NGOs Muting, by Communications Castrations, Of Free Societies”.

Reality: A world-wide pandemic only needs to start with one initial victim; if successful, many more will fall.


If American Technologists Can “Delete” The U.S. Constitution, Perhaps Recommended U.S. Hegemonic Actions Against Other Countries, Will Be Their Next Play?

As we had analyzed in our earlier writings about “Wolves bleating, as though they were Sheep”, our conclusions about the SHAM 2020 AMERICAN ELECTION are proving true. Our perspectives, from many different countries we inhabit, is: Puppet Masters’ Masters [PMMs] determined to ouster the American President, through en mass vote corruption. The scale of coordination at the Local, State, and Federal levels was gargantuan. As the Republican Party debated the issues, the countering Democratic Party merely sought voters of no particular party agenda, to vote with ‘Promises of Abundance’. For example, the American Candidate kept repeating: “Vote for me and we will send you $2,000.00 when I get elected!” [a nice inducement to the ‘unemployed’ due to Coronavirus situations]. Furthermore, “Silicon Valley”, California Internet Technologists ‘loaded the deck before the shuffle’. Pro-President Internet statements were thwarted; the Democrat candidate had embellishment by Mainstream Media.

As, we hear daily from our many foreign associates and friends: “If the rampant obvious discard of the Americans’ Constitution can be ignored, what does this bode for us? Who will the U.S. Intelligence Agencies and the Americans’ Pentagon be told to focus on for overthrow? What diatribe will they next create to justify attack? More “Weapons Of Mass Destruction (Slam Dunks)”? What about more Censures and Restrictions against foreign business leaders? Why not more ‘frivolous’ “Novichok” accusations being added in? Rabidity against others, never ceases to some, we opine.

It appears to many of us, in our various countries, that the Coronavirus Pandemic, with its resultant push to sell vaccines for billions of dollars, will advance Silicon Valley Technologists to besmirch vaccines ‘Not Created here (U.S.)’. We have followed the incipient virus to its present status, for a number of years; this, as it transited various countries before attaining its ‘desired-by-others’ ‘target location’. Anticipation by us: PMMs directive is “Following the ‘Swearing-In Ceremony’ in Washington, D.C., there will commence a ‘stated’ diminution of ‘new Coronavirus cases’ reported by the Internet Technologists and Mainstream Media”. This will “ROUGHLY” correspond with the distribution and injections of vaccines on the U.S. population. The more “Effective’ they can maintain their vaccines are, the more billions of dollars they will make. Sell the ‘Sizzle’ to the Sheep.

We have mentioned before, in earlier writings: “Next to NOTHING has been mentioned about strengthening the public’s immune systems with Herbs, Minerals, and Vitamins, along with exercise, and proper rest.” Why is this the case in all of our countries, by ‘Medical Professionals”? Do they all think that one cannot strengthen one’s immunity to a mere Influenza Virus? Perhaps many will prosper giving vaccinations to their patients?

We ask: “If Coronavirus has been used, IN EFFECT, as a “Bio-Weapon”, as some people recognize, what will Information Technologists suggest to ‘Hegemonic Interests’ in their country? “Why buy something when one can easily steal it through: Sham Accusations, Aggression Pretenses against others, Communication Controls, and Currencies Curtailments? If another country objects, “Send in The U.S. Marines”? [We understand the “Governatorship” Plan is being ‘dusted off’ for reactivation.]

As we have stated in previous writings: “They may have won the ‘2020 American Election’ Battle, but they will have lost the War”.

There are NO long term secrets. That is the ‘Achilles Heel’ of Cabalists.

Reality: Wise Leaders of countries use their capabilities to detect future problems; they know to look beyond the horizon to see the dark clouds which approach.


Evaluating 193 Countries to Year 2035: The Centre for Economics and Business Research’s “WORLD ECONOMIC LEAGUE TABLE 2021 [WELT2021]” Calls It As It Sees It

Economic Analysis has to incorporate, amongst other elements: Financial, Political, Scientific, and Social aspects into a ‘Going-Forward’ estimation. As to matters with which we personally engage daily, “Countries’ Interfaces” are of great importance. We constantly search for tools to bring more precision to our analyses for clients and ourselves. Such a tool is WELT2021.

We are impressed by what we ascertain are logical developments to be developed in the future, which are sourced in activities of today; as is reported in WELT2021. It is not easy to review 193 countries accurately, especially as to possible advances and shortcomings due to countries’ leaderships. As the adage goes: “The Fish Rots From The Head First.”, it is applicable to both government leaders and well as business ‘Nabobs’ decisions; those which affect their underlings and their public in general.

WELT2021 has added value as it quantifies growth or shrinkage in outputs for a number of years out to 2035; this is excellent! As aforementioned, decisions, good or bad, will eventually show up ‘downstream’ in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) results for all to see. In countries where political advocacy triumphs over judicious business assessment, for example, downturns are assured. As an example, if in America, a regime change shortly does occur, with a Washington, D.C. politician, ‘with a liberal history’, replaces a well-established conservative Businessman, one can reasonably expect economic seisms to occur. The current $27,000,000,000,000.00 in country debt, we expect should see inordinate increases. Since the politician has consistently, over many years, advocated hegemonic behavior around the world, military spending, for continuing warfare should increase, we expect. Also, if this occurs, expect a reduction in U.S. Sovereignty to be evidenced internally. Ergo, as the WELT2021 Analysis shows, in the future ‘Numero Uno’ will become ‘Numero Dos’ [a reasonable expectation].

Overall, it is well worth reading and understanding the implications of high, low, or no-growths of various countries to 2035. In the excellent WELT2021, we, in International Business, applaud “CEBR” for exemplary work.

Reality: As in ancient times, the user of the Abacus as his ‘tool’, to the present time, with a written ‘tool’, the wise operator, using such ‘devices’ stays ahead of the mere Sheep.