If People Do Not Want To Go Around The Mountain, They Can Call On The Chinese, Or Other Experts, To Go Through It

It is always of great interest to see Infrastructure Experts drill tunnels, build expansive bridges, hydro-electric plants, and such. A group of “Masters” of such events are the Chinese, for example [as they have shown again in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) tunnel project].

The Hajar Mountains has been a obstacle to travel in the UAE for centuries. The Chinese were contracted to design, construct, and implement a 1.7 kilometer (1.05 statute mile) train tunnel, of 14 meters (46 feet) in diameter through the mountain. The China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation, in conjunction with Etihad Rail commenced construction in 2020 and should complete the entire project later this year.

There are many such Infrastructure projects, around the world, of even greater size than the aforementioned, completed by other Engineering Companies. We, in International Business, applaud them all. The skill sets required of each: To comprehend the complexities of the projects; Design and Perform to those needs; and do so, within budgets is laudable. The fact that so many nations are proceeding with such projects, as to Infrastructure needs of their citizens, is very good.

We have noticed, as a contrary, the politicians in Washington, D.C., in conjunction with their military advisors, have been so consumed in entering military forays, around the world, since World War II, that Infrastructure of the U.S. has been a consistent ‘also-ran’. Today, the Nation’s, $29+Trillion of ‘Direct Debt’ limits PRUDENT expenditures to support Infrastructure construction needs.

The unfortunate level of America’s debt will only get worse with ‘Trillion of Dollars’ thrown into the deep ‘money pit’ which exists. Fanciful Infrastructure projects emanating, will be certain, we think, to benefit families, friends, and other associates of the current politicians [who are proposing such construction activities]. Since they have all been ‘asleep at the wheel’, for so many decades as to the subject of Infrastructure, we are skeptical of their motives. Many of them are about ready to retire; perhaps they want additional funds beyond what they have already gained over the years? Career politicians, most are. They were of moderate means commencing “Service to their Country”, and many will leave as multi-millionaires. Voila!

We recommend, to the younger generation that it consider Civil Engineering careers as excellent ways to help oneself, as one ACTUALLY helps one’s country. Ethnocentric considerations can provide the impetus to succeed, while studying, Chemistry, Engineering, Geology, Physics, and other science subjects. Ancient cultures prove this is the case: Look at the Great Wall of China, a miraculous engineering feat, by those who understood the aforementioned science subjects.

Reality: While Tunnels help people to get from Point ‘A’ to Point ‘B’ quickly, Strong Walls make for Good Neighbors; Both require Civil Engineering.

Reference: https://www.thenationalnews.com/uae/2021/08/06/mighty-mole-bores-through-hajar-mountains-to-make-way-for-etihad-rail/

The ‘Vessel’ “United Nations” Maintains Its Lethargic Crew, As It Sails In A Storm; Will The Alert From ‘The Island’, Al Jazeera, Of Doha, Qatar, Awaken Any Members, To The Dire Plights Of Able Seafarers Around The World?

A compendium of negative events, the most pronounced being: The lack of capital for seafarers, their sustenance, and of ships’ maintenance, by some devious Vessel Owners, appear to have fallen on deaf United Nations members’ ears.

We, for many decades, have closely participated in various ways, and watched World Maritime Shipping with great interest. Today, some Ship Owners have ignored International Maritime Organization requirements for both safe crews and ships. The Coronavirus CV19 Pandemic has exacerbated a dearth of funding for the aforementioned. Essentially ‘Involuntary Servitude’ of prior centuries has been reformatted into ‘Slavery on Ships’ today.

Crews cannot leave their vessels since nations are concerned they may transmit the CV19 virus to their citizens. Chandlers must also be very cautious. Some Ship Owners have ‘skated away’ from providing funds for the crews and their ships’ maintenance.

We find it remarkable that while ship engine pollution and rules of such are written about profusely by the “Germalists”, we had mentioned in other articles, few say anything about the Seafarers current plight. The GARGANTUAN level of reporting about the Suez Canal weather-caused stoppage recently, was heard around the world! Yet, this current dastard situation is not discussed; not by Main Stream Media, nor world politicians. Why is that?

The “Logistics” subject, occurred during the ‘Suez Event’ and it ‘made the news’; World Seafarers, through communications negligence, Main Stream Media effectively caused to ‘abuse’.

Again, as International Businessmen, we commend “Al Jazeera”, and the Government of Qatar, for giving this terrible problem, the ‘Light of Day’ in a somewhat ‘Stormy World’.

It is our hope, the very few actual ‘World Leaders’ that exist, take the helm and steer the United Nations into actions which aid the plight of Able Seamen.

Reality: It is good to be on the bridge of the ship as it sails; it is best to be awake as it does. There may be a large iceberg ahead.

Reference: https://www.aljazeera.com/features/2021/7/6/abandoned-the-seafarers-stuck-onboard-for-two-years

“Fake News”: The Choice Of Puppet Masters’ Masters [PMM’s]For Influencing Sheep About: Business, Health, Politics, Or Weather> Financial Gain Is Their Aim.

As Main Stream Media {MSM}, the agents of the PMM’s, go about their tasks of influencing Sheep to have favorable [or un-favorable] views and commensurate actions by the quadra-peds, we see repetitive tactics used consistently.

“Global Warming” became the ‘sine qua non’ rallying cry to the Sheep. Apparently, they were not listening, so “voila!”, a transformation to the current ‘Climate Change‘ became fashionable. MSM ‘Germalists’ started panic pronouncements about: “All of the world’s ice deposits are melting and everyone in most locales risk being flooded out [Anthropogenesis was, and is, at work”, all were told]. Any claims that Gaia was merely in a natural ‘ebb and flow’ of energy levels, historically recurring, was derided as heretical. To suggest ‘Cosmic’ contributions through solar storms, et al, was, and is, even more blasphemous.

We, in International Business, are amused by many examples of the ‘tu quoque’ ideations. One glaring example is the Financial Community extolling the virtues of fighting global warming, and blaming others, while at the same time establishing data mining operations for crypto-currencies [which use enormous amounts of electricity!]. Are these ‘mining operations’ the best use of electricity when and where ‘brown-outs’ and ‘black-outs’ are feasible? In areas where such hot conditions might not be of concern, why not sell the surplus of electricity to other nations? Touted wind-farms and solar parks could benefit societies greater than ‘financial creations’ even less ‘sturdy’ than “Derivatives” brokers love.

The “Northern Transportation Corridor” [NTC], which has opened up, is a very viable and needed addition for transportation of commodities and goods across the Arctic, from Asia to Europe, and back, we think. The recent unfortunate blockage of the Suez Canal due to inclement weather events, is a valid reason to have more routes around the planet. The fact that Russian experience in such cold environments is spectacular, should lead businessmen to seek shorter transit times so they can have greater profits. The facilities, and ships of Russia will assure safe sailing; “No ‘Pirates’ dare take on the Bear”. Russian Leadership, under steadfast President Putin, makes this entire geography accessible for commercial endeavors also. Investors should consider Arctic and Siberian economic opportunities in this ‘Land of Plenty’, are our opinions. Yet, MSM acolytes apparently have apparently been instructed by PMM’s orders to denigrate Russia for protecting its ‘turf’ with its military might. Since this NTC is extremely valuable, why would the sovereign nation possessing it, not protect it? The Non-Governmental Organizations have been busy in this regard, we have noticed. Again, this is another example for MSM “Germalists” trying to make “Bears” morphed into “Wolves”; genetically, this is not possible. Instead, to people who think, might not they opine that the real “Wolves” are the PMM’s? PMM’s” look out for PMM’s, eleemosynary objectives are not their fortes.

Another interesting “Fake News” outpouring, we think, has been: “A nation’s Insidious, Unscrupulous, Usurious lending of monies and technologies to other nations for commercial infrastructure growth therein” MSM Germalists claim. Our opinions are: It is a insult to recipient nations to think their Accountants, Engineers, Estimators, and Fabricators cannot assess, freely and openly, over a period of months or years, if they want to proceed with the lender. It is also asinine to the lender to have its motives besmirched. Who is coercing these countries to engage? None whom we are aware. They certainly can seek competitive bids from other lenders if they choose. One cannot fault a ancient culture for wanting to benefits its people even more, as it helps other peoples elsewhere.

We have written, a number of times about Coronavirus CV19 and the Germalists writing about the ‘Pandemic’ [before it was even one]. Who put the idea in their heads: “To stir up the herd”? Today, ‘Cocksure’ about a “Meat Market malaise” commencing the CV19 situation, months ago, now has morphed into a nation’s Biologic Lab being the insipient locus. Yet, we who analyze world-actions, are not so sure of this reputed source, as we had written. Even if research was on-going at a particular laboratory, it certainly does not preclude others, in lands around the world, from doing similar research. If funded by the wealthy, or super-wealthy, others with different political and/or social agendas could acheive their goals; economic being one of them. The fact that since the pandemic onset, many billionaires have made more billions. Perhaps some were in on the scheme? Forensic studies may reveal much more to this tragedy than mere “Virions running amok, due to Mother Nature”.

People do not trust the Media, it is the acolyte of the PMMs, nothing more. While the lackey “Germalists” get pennies, they help the PMMs make billions of dollars. “Want a ‘Pandemic’?” “No problem.”

Realty: Long term or short term, “It is the money, Sonny; all ways and always, the money”.

Reference: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/washington-secrets/true-58-agree-media-is-enemy-of-the-people-83-hit-fake-news

In ‘Strength’ [Mental And Physical], Are The ‘Seeds For Survival’, In Both Business And Life

Over the many decades, we have seen repeatedly, what many would considered “Elements Of Weakness” being sown by doting parents of children ‘Johnny and Joanie’, as well as their relatives. Since the adults intend to have the children enjoy a life ‘without anxiety, frustration or, pain’, they do everything possible towards that aim. Unfortunately, the ‘Princelings’ and ‘Princesslings’, [PPs] develop mental and physical stamina as sturdy as ‘marshmallows’. Giving the youngsters material possessions, in abundance, depletes the value of the gifts, item by item. Since the children do not have to work for the abundance, they will have learned nothing about ‘life’. One important realization that escapes them: “There is NO free lunch”; one way or another, now or later, there is ALWAYS a price to be paid.

In International Business, we have repeatedly seen, parents giving large sums of money to their children to start companies, for which the offspring have little or no knowledge. As the businesses fail, for a variety of reasons, some of the ‘entrepreneurs’ turn to liquor or narcotics to assuage their discontent. The PPs are weak in character, integrity, and intrepidness [if they keep on relying on others assistance to reinforce them]. One must, we think develop a “Internal Nuclear Furnace” to power themselves through both ‘thick’ and ‘thin’ times; such is the life experience. We often think of World War II. During the Nazis invasion of portions of Russia, the strong Russians, fought in terrible weather conditions and beat the invaders. We think it is in large part due to the mental stamina of the Russian people. As to ‘Ursa’, a ‘Ranger’s’ sagacious advice: “Bears are NOT to ever be trifled with. Their claws and teeth, no sane person wants to experience. You cannot outrun them, Bears are so strong, they cannot be beaten in a fight; do not even try.”

Today, as many people face the effects of the CV19 Influenza, the mere retardation of freedom of communication and/or movement traumatizes them! We, who are older, think: “You have NO idea of what tough times are. Things can always [and all ways] be worse! Count your blessings that you are not in a Critical Care Ward in a hospital somewhere, dying of a incurable disease. CV19, is a Flu; not a death sentence! “Will Power” can help you overcome MANY of Life’s adversities.

If, as we maintain, CV19 is anthropogenic in its ‘manipulation’, and was established as a “Political/Social Bio-Weapon” against a particular country, it is possible for iterations to be rapidly created. Autarky, useful to nations, can be a strategy for individuals also. Personal initiative may lead one to understand the threats tendered and then the counter-measures one can take to evade the virus models. As we have relied for many decades on Herbs, Minerals, and Vitamins to strengthen our immune systems; we also exercise. These aids help, a Positive Mental Attitude does also. Self-reliance to sort out, amongst other elements, the daily dissimulations by Mainstream Media [MSM] ‘germalists’, requires mental energy to think; ergo, proper rest is needed for brain catharsis. Keeping in mind that whatever commercial MSM says, there will be Puppet Masters’ Masters [PMMs] directing the ‘chatter’ for their personal gains. Are the PMMs: Civilian, Military, Intelligence Agencies? As we contend about CV19, other entities had agendas for it. The TERRIBLE deaths to others was, is, and will be, of no concern to the perpetrators. The reality is, it had the effect of embarrassing a nation, causing economic damage to it, and may taint relationships of other nations with it for decades. We hope not.

“Mental Health” we maintain, is directed within one mind, and facilitated with one’s brain. It requires proper nutrition and avoidance of toxins; be they chemical, social, or spiritual. Developing ‘Will-Power’ is important, but also realizing Arthur Schopoenhauer’s ‘Truth’ in his “The World As Will And Idea”: “The objective world exists only as a idea.” Ergo, what one is ‘fed’, as to what is, ‘reality at the time’, might not be.

We think: “Do not get depressed, better days lie ahead for those who are able to seek daybreak.”

Reality: Be careful to believe, with certainty, that which you see. If the power is turned off, the active visual hologram will disappear.

Reference: https://www.albawaba.com/editors-choice/covid-pandemic-increased-number-patients-visiting-psychiatrists-1434526

Plant Trees, Create Forests = Increase Rain, In Areas Of Drought

A simple examination of the contribution of trees to man’s existence demonstrates profound benefits. The “Tree/Forest/Rain” cycle for one, can alter desert environs into water availability areas for agricultural production. We, in International Business, can envisage the long-term benefits to investors who buy ‘cheap’ unproductive land and eventually gain fertile acreage [ profitable assets]. As an example of the transformation, of which we speak, China is a splendid example of the transformation of desert acreage manipulated into forested areas. The wise Chinese leaders, former President Hu and current President Xi, have emphasized such positive projects. This process can be copied over to other areas of the globe.

In Brazil, the moisture off the Atlantic ocean, moves into the existing forests and transpiration from the trees adds to the cloud formations and rain. Trees planted in dry areas to the south of the Amazon basis add to this water production cycle. The hydrologic cycle is maintained with forests.

The added benefit of tree planting are at least twofold: Trees convert Carbon Dioxide into Oxygen which helps man. Per the Arbor Day Foundation: “In one year a mature tree will absorb more than 48 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen in exchange”. Secondly, trees provide shade which helps cool inhabited areas. This is very important in assisting the lesser use of electricity to cool residences thereabout. As we have written before, Israeli scientists have shown: “Palm Trees use up to 1,000 liters [265 gallons] of water a day, yet provide no shade.” We think precious water is far more important that ‘fashionable foliage’, even to the unthinking, ‘Progressive’ business owners and homeowners. Eventually, as climate change increases droughts in certain areas, Palm Trees must be removed and replaced with shade trees of less thirst; A ‘Green Action of proven value’.

In cities, a lesser, but still important assist provided by trees is: sound reduction offered by their trunks, branches, and leaves. Acoustic energy created by automobiles, noisy motorcycles, and trucks have their transmission flows diminished in contact with the aforementioned tree components. This transfer from kinetic to potential energy, although not profound, does aid residential areas in being quieter.

We think investors may want to consider acquisition of, or investment in, tree growing companies, which are located throughout the world. As people become more aware of the aforementioned benefits of trees, and their lands become barren, they will want to plant trees for the many benefits provided. For a long-term investment, trees planted makes a sound financial choice as it adds to rainfall production in drought areas. What is that worth to land investors?

In areas such as Russia’s Siberia, with its splendid forests, tree planting is not required. In ‘Oil Rich’ countries such as ‘Saudi Arabia’, tree planting could transform much of the country into a lower temperature area, so its citizens would enjoy comfort in the Summer; this King Salman might want to consider. Any added rainfall would certainly be welcomed by the flora of Saudi Arabia.

Drought reduction, through tree planting, is we think, a very inexpensive, ‘Green’, Oxygen-producing methodology. Some people say: “It is often over-looked since it is not ‘exotic’ [no ‘sizzle’ (no ‘bells and whistles’)]. This may be true. However, we who are ‘older’ realize: “Quiet efficiency outshines a noisy treadmill [which demands exertion but goes nowhere].”

Reality: The “Man Upstairs” produced so many trees, He just allows Men who appreciate his Wisdom, to plant some more.

Reference: http://www.ipsnews.net/2021/05/brazil-relies-rainfall-depends-forests/

Ocean Metallic Nodules Mining: Should Standards Be Different From Land Minerals Mining?

The question of Metallic Nodules being removed from the sands under the seas, so as not to harm seabed inhabitants, is interesting to us in International Business. We ask, how many qualified damage assessments are made wherever a gas or oil core drill holes are dug in any ocean of the world? Are not the nearby fauna displaced by the drilling activity nearby? One might even think that the removal of manganese nodules, for example, which will be ‘quickly’ replaced by the same chemical actions which created them, is less invasive than drilling large pipes thousand of feet into seabeds [and their remaining in place for eons].

One may assume the great ocean currents of the world, in terms of: Variety of seaborn minerals transported; Levels of Oxygen transmitted; Variations of water temperatures; and Strengths of water current are all more encompassing to life in the seas than fauna on the ground. If this is indeed the case, then one can argue that “Seabeds are more ‘dynamic'” than critics of Seabed Mining admit. Seabeds can recover from nodule removal in the dynamic environment in which they reside.

Many people think that Governmental bureaucracies needing more time to evaluate the world oceans [362 million square kilometers (140 million square miles)] is surreptitious scheming and scamming at best. ‘Bureaucratic Inefficiencies’ are well known around the world. It is inherent in their makeups. Left to those government ‘Chaps’, decades upon decades will lead to conclusions of ‘nothingness’ having been achieved [they will have earned many paychecks though]. Has land-based mining been scrutinized to the same level as ‘Nodule Mining’ by these bureaucrats? “No”, are our opinions. Perhaps the ‘bleakness’ of land areas where much land-mining is performed is the reason? Ask the governments’ bureaucrats. Just look at ‘Lithium’ mining around the world, for a start.

A more logical proposition is: Commence “Seabed Nodule Mining” in specific ‘limited-size’ areas of the world’s oceans and review ‘significant changes’ if any thereafter. Investigate values of seabed remediation, following mining activities. Certainly, where the aforementioned gas/oil drilling has been taking place for decades, in many areas of the world, comparisons can be made as to any untoward effects in the seabeds.

We think that the ready availability of mining metals in the ocean has a financial viability few land-based areas can match [Afghanistan, North Korea, Siberia, and Venezuela are exceptions [as they abound in certain mineralizations]. Some of the profits from the seabed mining could go to Oceanographic Institutes for fauna/flora development in seabeds. The great wealth lying on seabeds is a great draw for commerce. ‘Conscientious Capitalists’ who engage in ‘Nodule Mining’ can benefit: Citizens of seaside countries, Seabeds located therein, and certainly themselves for the investment risks taken.

‘Corporate Fashionability’ [against Nodule Mining] articulated by managers, appears to be mere ‘Marketing Ploys’ since land-based mining is only given superficial review, unless a major catastrophe,occurs. [After all, they did not climb their corporate ladders by being ‘Mavericks’ but, by being ‘Yes-Men’, many observers think].

Reality: ‘The Man Upstairs’, in his Wisdom, did not stop placing valuable minerals which his creation, Man, could use, from land to seashores, but beyond as well.


Reference: https://www.cookislandsnews.com/regional/pacific-islands/major-companies-call-for-moratorium-on-deep-sea-mining

America’s “Fourth Estate” [And I.T. Sites] Have Morphed Into Mere Propaganda Tools For Certain U.S. ‘Premium Citizen’ Cabalists To Use Against The Sheep

The recent SHAM Presidential Election of November, 2020, in America was quite easy to foresee. Those who have previously watched such: “‘Shenanigans’ in voting, played out by other countries” [as American politicians are so quick to point out] laugh at the level of blatant obviousness of the cabal. Several months PRIOR TO the election, many of us were of the professional opinions, “Here they will go again, but this time in America.”

A tell-tale sign, of which there are many in this U.S. plot, was the fervency of the “Germalists” who scribe for the major news outlets in the country. Added to this group, were the VERY OBVIOUS actions is curtailing positive news about the then-American President. Both the “Fourth Estate” and many I.T. ‘Social Communication’ Sites, embellished negatively on every possible aspect of his administration which might be worthy of even a mere scintilla of attack.

All of the opposition candidate’s: Fallacious Auto-Biographic Career ‘Facts’; Females Fondled, Fervently Favoring Foreign Hegemonic Forays; Foreign Financial ‘Flings’; Forgetting Data; Frailties Physically; and, Forgoing America’s National Sovereignty give him, a ‘F’ grade. This ‘F’, as in ‘Failure’, in NOT being a consistent, capable, clear-minded leader of the country. This, many International Businessmen have determined [while in our visits with them during business conversations]. Many are anticipating a “XXV Amendment” action soon. We shall see, what we shall see.

The “Fourth Estate” also gets awarded the first letter of its first name: ‘F’. We are of the opinion that America’s largest Main Stream Media and Information Technology ‘Social Interaction Companies’ can be agglomerated as “One Big”Rag-Sheet'” owned by one Political Party; Lock, Stock, and Barrel.

It is refreshing to see a member of America’s Federal Judiciary, Judge Laurence Silberman, not fleeing like other members of the Court have. He has stated the facts, of what has been evolving in the U.S. for decades.

Many International Businessmen firmly think: The American ‘Coup d-Etat’, which occurred in November, 2020, which is steadfastly denied by the Puppet Masters’ Masters, their acolytes and mere minions, only evidences their cabal complicity in the deed.

They may have won the battle, but will lose the war. The obviousness of the ‘Sham Election’ by the ‘Bleating Wolves’ is becoming obvious even to the flocks of American Sheep.

Americans’ Constitution is not to be trampled on. It is , we think, the country’s ‘Bible’.

Reality: Even Fools, can become aware, even if it is in hindsight.

Reference: https://www.breitbart.com/the-media/2021/03/20/federal-judge-accuses-new-york-times-washington-post-of-shocking-bias-against-republicans/

Dubrovnik, Croatia To Sofia, Bulgaria: 400 Miles Apart Geographically, Yet Vastly Different In Crime Rates [As To The Other Nations Also]

It is interesting to comprehend how people can be so close to each other, yet so varied as to some of their behaviors. The excellent “Eurostat’s: ‘Crime, Violence, Or Vandalism In The Local Area” Report illustrates this reality. The reported crime in Croatia is listed at ‘2.7% of total population in 2019’ and in Bulgaria [Europe’s highest rated reporting percentage] is ‘20.2%’ which is almost ‘ten times’ as great [generally speaking].

We, in International Business, have engaged citizens of the aforementioned countries, as well as all members of the European Union [E.U.]. The ‘World View’ we have developed, over many years, is no different for our European friends. That is to say: “It is not the people of a country that may be problematic in business, it may be just the behaviors of a few that we question. Even then, those same people may be totally acceptable to engage ‘on a different day’?”

The wide disparity in reported crime levels: for example of Greece [16.9%] to neighboring Italy [9.4%] is easier to comprehend than some of the other nations’ rates. Italy has manufacturing in Aircraft, Automobiles, Ships [all of international renown]; Greece has none. The able Greeks, having had leaders of non-remarkable abilities, since World War II, and are now mired in National Economic debt of an estimated $400,000,000,000.00+/-. We think, this has been due to: Extremely poor choices in spending [especially in Military Hardware procurement]; Lack of direction to gain manufacturing prowess for greater employment of its citizenry; A public ethos of ‘Tax Evasion Is Our Salvation’ [at all levels of society].

Greece has: “location, location, location”, second-to-none of its European neighbors, [as the wise Chinese realize and are availing themselves for commerce]; exploitable mineral resources; great weather, Superb ‘Kalamata’ Olives; a very intelligent citizenry. These all bode well for it. Perhaps, the present Greeks Leaders, will show “business acumen” ‘by the bootstraps’, and thus, make Greece a ‘Commercial Manufacturing Entity’, as Italy has been, since the exact same time-frame. And most importantly of all: WITHOUT EXCUSES BY GREEK LEADERS, AS TO WHY THIS IS NOT BEING DONE FOR THEIR CITIZENS! Greek Leadership needs, ‘unowned’ impartial advisors for significant results.

We hope that the tie-up for electrical power transmission from Israel to Europe, through Greece, may have a benefit to the Greeks. The Israelis understand International Commerce and are well-respected for market products, as such. Maybe, Greeks can learn from the Israelis what to do, in that regard? Also, Greece’s tie-up with a strong leader, as is Abdel Fatah el-Sisi, of Egypt, to Gas and Oil projects, will gain it additional revenue.

Coronavirus [CV19] should have demonstrated to the Greeks, that their 20%+/- of national income being derived from tourism, is a ‘weak brother’ to have to rely on. Small virions can destroy the ‘Hospitality Industry’ forthwith.

We think the leaderships of Hungary [5.3%] and Poland [4.4%] evidence what can be done to minimize miscreant actors behavior and keep crime rates low. In both countries, strong leadership, decried by some weak leaders elsewhere, provides a ethos for their citizens of “RESPECT”. Both Leaders, are what we would deem to be “Internationalists”, not ‘Globalists’; this attitude we praise. These Gentlemen want the very best for their citizens [an admirable trait]. The European Union Leaders should think about Belgium [13.3%], (where the E.U. is headquartered) when they decide to deride Hungary’s and Poland’s leadership.

Reality: “Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions” come about in nations with ‘Strong Leadership’ guiding a ‘Principled Public’.

Reference: https://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/web/products-eurostat-news/-/ddn-20210310-1?redirect=%2Feurostat%2F

Alternative Energy Source: Just Follow The World’s Air Currents To See Investment Opportunities

The American Bureau of Shipping [ABS] just published an all-telling discussion of U.S. Wind Farm shipping needs for the next decades. It discusses both ‘Rigid Foundation’ structures as well as ‘Floating’ structures. The requirements to both build and maintain such behemoths fall under the purview of the U.S. Merchant Marine Act of 1920, Section 27 [Delineated as the “Jones Act”]. It regulates commerce of maritime nature. It aids the American Merchant Marine. Those items sent between American ports must travel on ships built, operated, and owned by American citizens or residents with permanent license.

The scope of that which is intended to be built is enormous, as are the sizes of the equipment. At the present moment, the reality is that almost everythings needed to be built, for such a enormous undertaking in America, do NOT exist [ergo, opportunities to invest are profound.] It has been estimated that investments exceeding US $100,000,000,000.00 will be required for these undertakings.

The aforementioned gargantuan sizes of these wind farm units get as large as 222 meters [728 feet] in Rotor Diameter and 108 meters [354 feet] in Blade Lengths! The fact that transportation vessels will be heavily required for construction as well as maintenance of such farms bodes well for investors. The farms and the vessels all must be funded.

The excellent twenty-eight page ABS Document describes both east and west coast locations for possible wind farms. As the technology improves, one may ask: “Why not put smaller units in the Great Lakes also?” In fact, where abundant daytime evaporation occurs [due to seasonal variations, altitude, lake water depths, turbidity of lake, et al] wind movement prevails varyingly. Perhaps wind farms could provide other inland lake-area residents with abundant clean electricity? Investment opportunities abound!

Since we closely follow, as we have for decades, all manners of maritime shipping everywhere, those of you with interested in possibly investing may want to contact us. While we do NOT recommend specific projects, we CAN assess their costs, risks, and success probabilities. Pertinent evaluations of any technologies, of any subjects, can earn you much money and/or can save you money.

Reality: As the Eagle can soar above a large development project and comprehend its scope, it takes the careful observations of the Hummingbird to fly throughout and determine its integrity and sustainability.

Reference: https://absinfo.eagle.org/acton/fs/blocks/showLandingPage/a/16130/p/p-026f/t/page/fm/0

At Times, “Green” Energy Becomes Effete, Inert, And “Snow White”

For decades, as a manufacturer of “Mega-Temp™ Aircraft Insulation“, we have seen the obvious frailties of 1930’s designed and manufactured insulation systems offered around the world. The fact that those aged products DO NOT INSULATE in extremes of climate variations of icy weather, or very hot weather seems to be disregarded. This, by “Building Departments” at Local, Provincial [State], and/or Federal Government levels around the globe. The yearly costs to all levels of governments are profound. Energy requirements to cool or heat airports, commercial or government buildings, homes, schools, shopping centers, warehouse, et al is money being spent needlessly. If the aforementioned structures are PROPERLY insulated, id est: Attics, Ceilings, Ducting, Elevator Shafts, Floors, Piping, Stairwells, and Walls, then “Cocoons of Protection” are in place; ergo, minimal energy is required to achieve enjoyable temperatures therein [thus, saving money]. This is “Basic Thermal Control” [and Good Economics], not “Rocket Science”.

Presently, in America’s State of Texas, FROZEN WINDMILL FARMS, due to Icy Weather, have essentially ‘castrated’ power production of their widely-extolled “Green Energy” mileau. As this would NOT HAPPEN with Coal, Hydro-Electric, or Oil Generated Systems, many people are suffering while a Covid 19 pandemic ensues. Perhaps some, living elsewhere, will merely dismiss the discomfort of Texans as being ‘transitory’ [ a ‘minor inconvenience’]; their expecting the weather to improve in a few days for the Texans?

As we have seen, as International Businessmen, there are a few ‘Real Leaders’ who find transitional, unreliable, energy solutions UNACCEPTABLE for their populations [Aircraft and Ship Crews and Passengers, Workers, and Citizens]. A available cost-effective ‘Acoustic and Thermal Technology’, as “Mega-Temp Insulation” may be quickly installed on a permanent basis. This should activate “Leaders with Integrity” to reduce energy consumption needs in their jurisdictions as well as for the comfort and safety of others.

There are no present substitutes for RELIABLE ENERGY PRODUCTION. We think that to blame the current “Climate Change” [formerly marketed as ‘Global Warming’ (until that term became less fashionable)] massively on anthropogenic causes is foolhardy. The planet Earth is not a ‘Singularity In A Impenetrable Bubble’. It is a scintilla of matter in a great universe of “Rotational Energy”. The weather is dynamic, change in it [great cold and great heat] will keep occurring long after man is gone. Radiative loads from many cosmic sources had, have, and will affect weather on ‘Gaia’. “Isolated Physical Masses”, unaffected by anything in the Cosmos, are mere holograms to be entertained by Sheep.

Reality: If one wants to create a product that works, even a ‘Windmill’, he or she had better understand all causations that may affect the design and its performance; this, to overcome those negativities, prior to mass production.

Reference: https://nationalfile.com/global-warming-frigid-weather-cripples-green-wind-farms-in-texas-causing-statewide-power-outages/