Universally: In All Systems Created By Nature Or By Man, Are Encapsulated Therein, The Seeds For Those Systems Destruction

Systems [Seeds] contain elements of Apoptosis as facilitators of CHANGE [a Universal Rule]. Apoptosis occurs and hopefully, brings improvements for the viability of Systems aforementioned; however, sometimes not.

When political leaders fight against their populations, as has been happening against Coronavirus CV19 movement restrictions, Seeds of entropy occurs (every time). Leaders of large countries should be wise enough to not try to put blinders on their sheep. The bleating of the herd, in protest, may attract the wolves, who may decide to attack the shepherds [with the blinders they are holding in their hands]; rather than attack the herd. Such events as public parades calm the aggravated sheep by letting the orally ‘vent’.

Another example of ineptness in thought and commission are, what we think are draconian measures: Requiring Pilots and Crews to be inoculated with non-fully-tested synthetic vaccines. Seeds: Now, there are pilot protests. Will there be enough airline ‘executives’ available to fly passengers and freight everywhere? We think not.

Historically, ‘airline executives’ have NOT DEMANDED Environmental Control Systems in the aircraft they buy from the airframes, hopefully to kill as much as 99.999+/- of the bacteria, fungi, and viruses on-board the aircraft. Air filtration systems and UVC lighting systems that kill the aforementioned have been available for decades! Since these would add cost to each aircraft, even though negligible weight, the health of the passengers was a ‘non-item’. They have ‘sat on their own hands’ for DECADES and demanded NOTHING as to aircraft hygiene. They HAVE for decades, DEMANDED MORE SEATS IN EACH AND EVERY AIRCRAFT THEY PURCHASED; MORE SEATS-MORE WEIGHT. Now, these ‘airline executives’ take the ‘Cheap Route’ and say: ‘Inoculate All of our Employees [If they like it or not.] They do NOT LIKE IT. Seeds of discord are present that can ruin the profitability of the airlines. The “Golden Parachutes” awarded to the ‘airline executives’ may be made of paper mache. They shall see, what they shall see.

In cities around the world VITAL Fire and Police personnel are being given the same directive to: “Inoculate or Quit your Jobs”. How Draconian does it get! Trained personnel are very hard to find. If they leave, security collapses due to the Seeds sown by City, State, and Federal officials making such demands.

In America, the Seeds of discord have been strewn by the Selected President and his Masters; this, to open the southern border to NON-CV19 TESTED immigrants [who may also have a myriad of other communicable diseases] and have strewn them about the entire country! Are the American Sheep to think all those bleating ‘ewes’ contain no Wolves in disguise? Who PROPERLY vetted them? They jeopardize a great country, by not following the rules other applicants are obeying. What country, in the world, has opened its borders to communicable disease passing immigrants, thereby endangering its own citizenry with CV19?

The same Selected President, obviously by order of his Masters, gave $83+/- Billions of dollars of military equipment to America’s ‘enemy’. Now the Seeds of terrorism will be strewn around the globe to ‘energized’ morale-wise, fighters. We anticipate DECADES of unrest world-wide from the Gentleman’s action; sad, but true.

Currently, around the world, the sales of illicit narcotics is at a very high level. Rather than engaged in the agricultural aspects of farming poppies and thereafter engaging in processing; now, chemical manufacturing is occurring steadfast. The ‘Seeds’ of countries’ destruction come from young “Johnnies and Joanies” becoming addicts [‘cooking their brains’ with chemicals that should not be within their craniums]. We ask: “Which groups have ever reported, with verification, that they were forced by any drug cartel to become drug addicts?” Instead, we read daily about ‘Innocent and Sweet Children’ becoming ‘Junkies’ [who commit robberies and the like to support their habits]. We, as International Businessmen, think: “Enough pity for those who have been pre-warned in early life as to the hazards of illicit drugs; but ‘KNEW they would not become addicted’. Fools are, as Fools do. STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR YOUR CHILDREN DEVIANT BEHAVIORS!

Since there will be no manufacturers, nor producers of products of which there is no demand, why have many countries become so prolific with their illicit products? The demand, typically precedes investments of money and time into production. Perhaps political leaders in countries should do much more to attenuate demand. Of course, many are quietly prospering from their gains. It is nor surprising to us that in America, State by State are liberalizing drug consumption; ‘Anything For A Buck’ for the States’ political leaders that go that way. More Seeds of destruction. Do not keep blaming the Cartels SOLELY, when they are NOT operating in a vacuum. They have ‘facilitators’ at at all levels of commerce, legal, and political. These ‘others; are just as guilty and to be, we think, even scorned for their ‘legal-fronts of civility and innocence’ than any cartel members [who admit what they do].

Reality: One does not need to hear the ‘hiss’ close-up of Rattle Snakes; one only needs to keep one’s eyes open for them [in advance] to be safe.

Reference: https://en.mercopress.com/2021/10/12/cuban-authorities-say-no-to-peaceful-demonstrations

Puppet Masters’ Masters [PMM’s]: Perfidies, Plots, Presidents, And Purchases

The very recent debacle of the Afghan Government, with the fleeing of the former Columbia University Professor, reportedly installed by the West, who allegedly fled with five vehicles loaded with U.S. Currencies, evidences much. Adding to this scenario, was the U.S. Selected President, who ‘pulled the plug’ on his Intelligence Agencies and Military, by immediate abandoning $83,000,000,000.00+/- of arms, equipment, and vehicles, to the West’s ‘enemy’.

We have found it, to be interesting, that obviously, NONE of the Intelligence Agencies nor Military had performed ‘due diligence’ in CORRECTLY ASSESSING their leader. The fact that he “Blew the canopy and hit his ‘ejection button'”, as to both leaving the historically enormous military ‘abundance‘ to the adversary; this, along with NOT sending the U.S.’s Afghani facilitators to America, should have surprised NONE! Both of the forementioned groups, patriotic as they are, did not ‘get it’ as to the ‘Selected President’s’ actual loyalty. Having watched the gentleman for about 40 years, and having studied his immediate parentage, left no doubt in our minds that America had a vociferous politician [though, ONLY beholden to his Masters (NOT to America or its allies)].

It is of our collective opinions, the Puppet Master Of Afghanistan, had some of his PMM ‘Installers’, in Washington, D.C., obviously, inform him of the debacle that was immediate. That is why he too ‘bailed out’ a mere day or too earlier. Since the ‘numerically strong and well equipped military’ had next to no fighting ethos, it quickly crumbled upon hearing of their political leader was ‘gonee’.

Pathetically, a ‘localized’ Afghan entropic environment, through the command of ONE MAN, now has insidiously been given the energy, to spread WORLD-WIDE endangering public everywhere. Through American weapons dispersal to belligerent groups, will come havoc, well-funded by their PMMs. In America, the fact that there was mere muted responses by most of his political party membership and certainly the leaders, to this future debacle, should not surprise anyone. Those in the Intelligence Community and the Military, supported his candidacy wholeheartedly; now ‘just desserts’ can be anticipated.

It is our collective opinion, that some of the PMMs will use such weapons directly or obliquely, around the world, through their proxies, to acheive their desired financial gains; this for decades to come [again, thanks to their ONE man.] Since ‘more is never enough’ for them, seeking out ‘Plentiful Harvests Ideologies’ are their fortes.

The U.S. Military can be well assured that they will have future years now with whom to pursue: enemies with American armaments. The Intelligence Agencies, like-wise can surveil, the well-equipped ‘bad-guys’. Both of these U.S. entities can ‘take pride’ in the fact that they voted for and got elected a Puppet Master who followed his Masters’ dictates in true ‘military fashion’. If heaven forbid, any of the two groups lose family members or themselves to hostile American-weapons’ fire, they can think about their collective ignorance, in 2020, of NOT performing ‘due diligence’ on someone [to which they had about FORTY YEARS of exposure!]

A varied element: We are of the opinions that the current pandemic, Coronavirus CV19, far from being a ‘Meat Market Malady’, was instead, relatively, financially-inspired, from another geography, far-away, and designed to create political and social havoc to a PMM’s ‘enemy’. The fact of conjunctive timing, to several countries ‘Medical-Military’ research, may be of at least two thoughts: a mere coincidence in research timing, or, more sinister, intelligence leakage, of such government testing, by person[s] involved (thus activating the PMMs to fund their cabal). There are NO long term secrets. The fact, of 4,790,000+ world deaths, we think, mean nothing to the PMMs. In fact, one well-known public personage had submitted that ‘population control’, on such a numerical scale, was warranted. Perhaps the PMMs were foretelling the public of their secretive activities in most, general terms?

It is most interesting to watch various individuals buy either large plots of land on islands, the islands outright, or large expanses of land immediately adjacent to shorelines on mainlands. While this surely may not be indicative of their being PMMs, it may indicate: Knowledge of insidious plots; Perhaps, participation therein; Funding of such nefarious activities; Or, escapes to ‘safety’ from what they know will occur. Of the PMMs, of which we are aware [and we are aware of many], we can think of NONE, who do not live in very close proximity to bodies of water! Obviously, clean air is available, as are escape means if imperiled; evacuating by boat or seaplane. The growing proliferation of over 50 meter yachts is of similar value to PMMs. A very common thread, which the Sheep ignore, are the locations of the abodes [land or sea] of the Wolves. Ignorance is not bliss, it is merely ignorance (and may prove fatal).

To those who want to know where to invest in the upcoming environment, contact us on your company letter-head stationary, by email or facsimile, and we can meet in Las Vegas, Nevada to discuss your needs.

Reality: No matter how hard one tries, there is no music to be heard in a vacuum.

Avarice + Hegemony + Narcissism Of Amoral Leaders = The Costs Of Wars

As businessmen in International Commerce, active and passive, we have gotten used to the aforementioned elements of some American leaders, in particular, and a few of other Nations’ leaders in general. This, as to their consistent ‘Puppet Masters’ Masters [PMMS] ordering ‘leaders’ behaviors’ in encroaching on the sovereignty of other nations. The costs in doing so can be prodigious. One excellent encapsulation of such hegemonic antics is in the fine analysis of Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.

The Brown University Report: “Costs of the 20-year war on terror: $8 trillion and 900,000 deaths” succinctly quantifies these activities as to current costs and projected costs for remediation of SOME injured combatants. The enormity of scale is further enhanced by understanding that [recently] a ‘mere’ THREE AMORAL AMERICAN PRESIDENTS were high advocates of foreign escapades; with a fourth President resolute about stopping ‘Endless Wars’ (for which the American Establishment {Puppet Masters’ Masters/PMMs} focused on terminating his re-election).

A example adding to the injurious attitude of peoples of other countries, against such presidents’ hegemonic behaviors, was the assassination of the main perpetrator of the New York and Washington, D.C. “Sneak” attacks; this, rather than taking him to the United States for Criminal Prosecution as U.S. legalities require. Some people say: “A summary execution; In Court, perhaps he might have ‘talked about PMMs'”. In our many travels, we have heard time and again, about: “The machine-gunning of the man in his pajamas, after he was awakened by the Americans.” The ‘Constitutional Scholar’ U.S. President apparently was of the legal opinion as to the killing: ‘de minimis non curat lex’?

Hostile sentiments far and wide are gained by deviant behavior, if committed by: ‘The Most Powerful Nation in the World’. In fact, it was ONLY by the analysis of a Businessman/President [rather than the run-of-the-mill Politician/Presidents the U.S. has ‘cherished to its present financial deep hole’] who said “Endless Wars must stop”. He recognized the ‘Lose/Lose/Lose’ nature of military forays and regional wars.

The PMMs who dictate to many world leaders the behaviors they want of their immediate underlings, do not concern them as to financial costs of Nations nor lives imperiled of others. Instead, they amorally plan for their financial gains around the world via: Designed economic collapses of nations, Pandemics, or Wars; whatever works is sufficient, as long as it is of proper scale.

The last several weeks in Afghanistan, as we had analyzed long ago, was inevitable, in that the PMMs decided to ‘pull the plug’ on the country [for opportunities elsewhere]. Now, the entire world must be cautious as to the proliferation of American arms and equipment being sold globally to hostile interests. The huge entrepot of materials in Afghanistan, we think assure, dissemination for decades. The Afghanistanis are a nation of Tribal Businessmen: “Commerce is, as Commerce does”.

To all of those people who have lost family members and/or friends, we can only say: The pains they experienced, due to the absolute ignorance of a few arrogant political leaders, they no longer have to suffer. Even those political leaders, no matter how hard they collude or try, cannot further harm them, nor touch the Goodness of the Man Above with whom your loved ones are with presently.

We think, perhaps if the United Nations was resolute about evaluating wars and thereafter, would conduct tribunals to see if the designation of ‘War Criminals’ was apropos for some of the leaders of the hegemonic nation[s]. Perhaps if found guilty and severely punished, these same politicians would think twice about listening to the PMMs [who were never elected by anyone, anywhere].

Reality: Strong acid in a safety container, will eventually destroy the safety container.

Reference: https://home.brown.edu/news/2021-09-01/costsofwar

As Geologists and Oceanographers Precisely Predict Above Sea And Undersea Mountain Collapses, Causing Tsunamis Afar, So Too It Is For “Societal” Tsunamis

We, who have watched the machinations of Business and Government leaders over the many years, are amazed at the public’s consternation of some of their actions. Citizens, Employees, and Investors fail to realize that these Puppet Masters are themselves controlled by their own Masters: the Puppet Masters’ Masters [PMMs], as we have often written.

If one concentrates on the “Activities in valleys”, as are the cases for many Intelligence Agencies, Investors, Militaries , and the like, they will never comprehend the desires and implementations commanded by those on the “Hills Above”, near, or on continents far away.”: PMMs.

It is interesting to note of Afghanistan, that the American Selected President [with assistance of a complicit Main Stream Media, Internet ‘Socializing Sites’, and 489+/- former Admirals, Generals and Intelligence Chiefs], a man of 36+ years in the U.S. Senate, so amazed his underlings as to his decision to abandon both peoples and armaments. The fact that his military was fighting a absolutely dedicated foe of Pashtuns [with a lengthy and significant culture] and their associates, should have caused pause, by he and his predecessors in the U.S. White House. Instead, at the behest of the Intelligence Agencies and Militaries, of his and other Nations, they collectively thought numerically and equipment-wise, they would win. After TWENTY YEARS of killing and maiming American and other forces, they still did not ‘Get It’: A WILLFUL, PIOUS ENEMY does not surrender, being a intractable foe.

The fact that this Commander-In-Chief decided to ‘throw in the White Towel’ is not surprising at all because he followed the dictate of his Masters. They, amoral as to ‘social engagements’, decided, obviously, they had much more to gain by stopping the war IMMEDIATELY [and with NO removal of armaments (Very Important)]. He will obviously deny any such relationship to PMMs exist for him. How could he admit such? What do you think kept him in office for 36+ years?  His superior performance in the U.S. Senate? His legendary hegemonic behavior, of which we had written, was well-noted by other Nations’ leaders. His continually calling erroneously, international actions, was even noted publicly by a former U.S. Intelligence Chief.

At the present, there are many of you in business that NEED TO KNOW, what will be happening in both the immediate future, by this debacle, as well as beyond the horizon future actions of the PMMs. Since we, over the decades, have both interfaced with some, and have identified and analyzed other PMMs around the world, we can help. Standing on the top of Mount Olympus, gives one a great view of the hills and valleys below. As the PMMs, on the hills, near and far, decide what is best in their interests, the health and wealth of the citizenry not being of their concern, they plot their next moves.

It is our collective opinions that: Very soon, conditions of many people, many places, many Nations around the globe, will face ‘Tsunami Effects’ dispersing from Afghanistan; yet, there are business opportunities that will also arise. The important thing is to anticipate the PMMs desires and the tactics they will employ to make their gains around the world.

To those of you wise enough to comprehend some of what lies ahead or want to understand the totality of possibilities of the  ‘Afghanistan Tsunami’, we say contact us for a meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada for our carefully assessed analyses.

We think the tremors will be felt globally for quite a while. It behooves the Wise to consult us. We have, confidentially, over the long while advised others, we can advise you. After all, the ‘miserable results’ the many Intelligence Agencies have historically provided their governments, via billions of dollars spent, does not mean you, as a individual or business, cannot be successful; this, by listening and hearing from those who are beholden to no one.

Reality: Men with Money, to satisfy their egos, love to display it to others; Men with REAL Power are phantasmal, for omnipotence, and omnispresence have their own rewards.

The ‘Vessel’ “United Nations” Maintains Its Lethargic Crew, As It Sails In A Storm; Will The Alert From ‘The Island’, Al Jazeera, Of Doha, Qatar, Awaken Any Members, To The Dire Plights Of Able Seafarers Around The World?

A compendium of negative events, the most pronounced being: The lack of capital for seafarers, their sustenance, and of ships’ maintenance, by some devious Vessel Owners, appear to have fallen on deaf United Nations members’ ears.

We, for many decades, have closely participated in various ways, and watched World Maritime Shipping with great interest. Today, some Ship Owners have ignored International Maritime Organization requirements for both safe crews and ships. The Coronavirus CV19 Pandemic has exacerbated a dearth of funding for the aforementioned. Essentially ‘Involuntary Servitude’ of prior centuries has been reformatted into ‘Slavery on Ships’ today.

Crews cannot leave their vessels since nations are concerned they may transmit the CV19 virus to their citizens. Chandlers must also be very cautious. Some Ship Owners have ‘skated away’ from providing funds for the crews and their ships’ maintenance.

We find it remarkable that while ship engine pollution and rules of such are written about profusely by the “Germalists”, we had mentioned in other articles, few say anything about the Seafarers current plight. The GARGANTUAN level of reporting about the Suez Canal weather-caused stoppage recently, was heard around the world! Yet, this current dastard situation is not discussed; not by Main Stream Media, nor world politicians. Why is that?

The “Logistics” subject, occurred during the ‘Suez Event’ and it ‘made the news’; World Seafarers, through communications negligence, Main Stream Media effectively caused to ‘abuse’.

Again, as International Businessmen, we commend “Al Jazeera”, and the Government of Qatar, for giving this terrible problem, the ‘Light of Day’ in a somewhat ‘Stormy World’.

It is our hope, the very few actual ‘World Leaders’ that exist, take the helm and steer the United Nations into actions which aid the plight of Able Seamen.

Reality: It is good to be on the bridge of the ship as it sails; it is best to be awake as it does. There may be a large iceberg ahead.

Reference: https://www.aljazeera.com/features/2021/7/6/abandoned-the-seafarers-stuck-onboard-for-two-years

As The Ancient, Huge, ‘Dire Wolves’ [Aenocyon dirus] Disappeared Due To “Gross Size Inefficiencies” (Relative To Their Environments), Will Today’s Many Gigantic ‘Economic Wolves’ Meet Similar Fates?

Repeatedly over the many decades, we have observed incipient tactics employed by both corporations and individuals, who had the unfortunate behavior of believing press reports favorable of them. In America, just a few years ago, their was ‘Enron Corporation’, a Texas energy company, who was apparently too self-assured of its self-importance that it ran afoul of the law and was penalized according by the U.S. Government.

In Britain, a few years ago, Publisher Robert Maxwell, appeared so self-confident of his infallibility, his empire collapsed. He physically perished, in a drowning accident, so all of the lawsuits against him were not witnessed by this man.

In South America, rampant bribery to some political leaders in the area, by Brazil’s Odebrecht Corporation, has shamed many people who thought their ill-gotten gains would remain secret. Many of the miscreants were imprisoned. The “Panama Papers” exposure voided their secrecies. There are NO long term secrets.

Today, in America, for example, their are many Washington, D.C. politicians who ‘entered the game’ with mere dollars in their wallets, and will exit as multi-millionaires. Certainly their salaries approaching $200,000.00 a year (plus benefits) are not responsible for their great accumulations. One may assume that their ”Information Disconnected”[due to U.S. Laws] makes their spouses ‘Miraculous Money Mavens Making Meritorious Moves’ in the world of high finance? Maybe a ‘timely’ great inheritance from Uncle Wilbur? Will any be prosecuted for corruption? Perhaps not.

As we learn of spectacular largesse by San Jose, California’s ‘Silicon Valley’ [SV] nabobs in giving away hundreds of millions of dollars, merely to ensure voter participation in elections, we cannot but be in awe of such munificence. We must wonder which of the Puppet Masters’ Masters formulated the amounts and to whom, for these [Non-Governmental Operations (NGO’s) they OWN? One merely has to research the individuals and legal entities in the various SV “Pre-Initial Public Offerings” to find, what one finds.

As International Businessmen, who have been, over the decades, here, there, and everywhere, we would advise the large Dire Wolves [Beneficiary Governments]: “Do not overplay the hands of your mere Puppet Masters in Silicon Valley. Enjoy the financial success you have attained with your brilliant Chess moves. However, realize, these young ‘Front-Men’ of yours are not credible to people who have ‘been around the block several times’. You do not want to try to repeat the readily ascertainable ‘Silent Coup of 2020’; for you, the situation then may become dire. Your ‘Front Men’ should take early retirements, for everyone’s benefit; their and yours.

The larger the Dire Wolf became, the harder is was for him to adapt, and quickly move in his changing environment. Now he is extinct. Such is the fate of Dire Wolves who become too big for the world. They will perish, one by one; guaranteed.

Reality: Getting burnt once or twice can even make a Wolf afraid of fire.

Reference: https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2021/01/legendary-dire-wolf-may-not-have-been-wolf-all

Puppet Masters’ Masters [PMM’s] May Have Won A U.S. Battle, However, Evidence Of A Possible Ensuing Avalanche Of World Distrust, Shows They Will Have Lost The War

The very predictable ‘sham’ Presidential Election in America (Circa 2020) allowed PMM’s and their Puppet Masters to rejoice in their collusive success. They had the support in America, of many States’ Politicians; U.S. Intelligence Agencies’ Leaders; the Justice Department; and a silent Supreme Court, to do their bidding [as well as ‘foreign’ assistance]. The career politician who barely campaigned, along with the financiers of the ‘Silent Coup D’Etat’ knew well beforehand ‘the Fix was In”. The ‘Germalists’ of Main Stream Media were prepared to denigrate anyone who challenged the election outcome as a “Conspiracy Theorist”; they still do.

The other interesting aspect of this cabal was the timing of Coronavirus [CV19] to be touted as a reason for ‘Mail-In Voting’. It has been found to have a great percentage of fraudulent votes [the auditing is presently in progress in many States in America]. The 74,000,000 voters who wanted to maintain the then-President, are realizing the “Wolves decimated the ‘Voting Hen-Houses'”. This realization is evidenced, our extrapolation of the Excellent analysis by “Reuters Institute” and the “University of Oxford“.

The two aforementioned entities produced: “Digital News Report 2021“; it is a WINNER for objective technical analysis, we think. As to the United States, it states that a mere 29% of Americans “trust most news most of the time”. This is the lowest of the ranking of the countries evaluated. It is also evidentiary that both the aforementioned election [and declared results] as well as the subject of CV19, are ‘suspect’ by the citizenry.

We, in International Business, think now, as we did months ago: “Some U.S. Politicians and ‘Silicon Valley’, California, Card Sharps would, and did, ‘overplay’ their hands [as mere amateurs would]. The multi-million dollar ‘get out to vote’ contributions of a few Puppet Masters therein, will NOT provide a sustainable win for their PMM’s as all had hoped for, we think. In fact, as we see the ‘Sheep’ awakening to the treachery to America’s voting sanctity, we anticipate many ‘Rams attacking the Wolves’. The Broadcast Networks, “Germalists”, Newspapers, and other Plotters will be held in great disdain. As revenues diminish, which the Report states, financial pain will gain, as distrust remains.

Brazil, Canada, Finland, Kenya, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, and Thailand are, in all of their geographies’ leaders, in ‘High News Trust’; they are to be commended! We understand why this is so, in part due to their intelligent citizenry, as well as traditions of ‘individualism’. Perhaps there is a imbued “Honesty Ethos” in the cultures, as we have engaged the parties over the decades.

As more and more people in the eight nations above, as well as the others evaluated, leave ‘Newsprint’ and seek data from electronic communications, investors’ monies will be gained for the latter and lost for the former; so it goes in business.

Foreseeing the Silicon Valley nabobs, who spent big on the U.S. President battle, being challenged by the 74,000,000 citizens, of who we write, as well as other disgruntled parties, are our opinions. Even the many politicians who received funds from the nabobs, will want to rethink their positions, presumably.

We suggest ALL of the American cabalists, who were so active in thwarting the election in November, 2020 remember: “The Bible Of America is the United States Constitution; only heretics trifle with it.” As other politicians push the pendulum to the ‘Center’ from the ‘Left’, expect legislation to curtail questionable practices in Silicon Valley and elsewhere. One can follow one’s nose and smell the stench in the air being wafted by the Pacific Ocean.

As to all of the approximately 200 nations of the world, we say “What you Hear; What you Read; What you See”: Trust But Verify. Remember: Wily Wolves may bleat as though they are Sheep.

Reality: Some Poisons are formulated to taste delicious and have sweet aromas.

Reference: https://reutersinstitute.politics.ox.ac.uk/digital-news-report/2021

“The Pot Calling The Kettle ‘Black'”: America Should Look At Its Own Indian History

Presently, American Main Stream Media [MSM], is excoriating other countries for the treatment of legal citizens and occupants therein. The fact that Washington, D.C. politicians ‘pour gasoline on the embers’ make we, in International Business, wonder: “Are these mere commercial tactics to gain some economic advantages, rather than ‘pursuing moral ‘high grounds’? Are they ‘conditions precedent’ for possible military excursions [Blow the bugle and rile the troops]?” All too often, especially where hegemonic interests lie, with some politicians, their pontifications against other nations are mere shams, to the knowing. Time and again, over the decades we have seen “Pots calling kettles ‘Black’ [PCKB]”. After a while, the tactic becomes tedious.

One example of PCKB, of near-time duration was America’s absolutely ‘contrived’ rationale against the sovereign peoples of Iraq by the U.S. President and his lackeys. “Weapons Of Mass Destruction” were in Iraq and would be used against the U.S., was the fallacy given to the public by MSM and the administration in Washington. Unfortunately, this grievous LIE, caused the deaths of as many as 1,200,000 Iraqis, 4,200+ American Soldiers, and thousands of injured. Could this horrible tragedy be deemed: “Genocide by America against Iraqis”? Where is the world clamor about such behavior, based on a lie?

Before ‘America’ was a mere grammatical construct, the Indians living in the area of what is now the ‘United States’, resided in their territory of 2,379,964,800 acres [963,137,583 hectares]. Upon the arrival of Europeans, the areas taken by force, guile, and or negotiation reduced in size to a tribal 130,000,000 acres [52,609,133 hectares]. In 1758, the first Indian Reservation was established in New Jersey. In 1933, a further reduction brought the area down to 49,000,000 acres [19,829,596 hectares]. Congress, finally seeing, ‘thievery’ which had been occurring against the Indians, started a re-acquisition program. Today, approximately 56,200,000 acres [[22,743,333 hectares] “belong” to the Indians.

“Soil Gainers”:The European ancestried U.S. ‘land-baron’ inheritors of today, might even be accused of being unprincipled ‘Land Sharks’ descendants, nothing more. Of those billionaires who are currently amassing great land holdings, we laugh. The old Miner’s adage applies: “The more land you own, the more it owns you. Even if you are eventually ‘planted’ therein, your precious ownership and ‘Deed of Purchase’, will merely be Sand in the Wind.”

A further, ‘blackening of the pot’ has been the estimated $156,000,000,000.00 in lost income and other monies by mismanagement of the U.S. Government over Indian financial accounts. While the Indians finally settled for a mere $4,500,000,000.00, for their unseemly losses over the many decades, even the initial trial Judge, the Honorable Royce Lambeth, could not tolerate the misdeeds and obfuscations by the U.S. Government. One should read his statements during the trial.

We sincerely hope the land buy-backs occurring, by the U.S. Government, and perhaps purchases accelerating in the near future, benefit these Indian victims and descendants of Indian victims of earlier Europeans avarice, belligerence, and lethality. The complicity of earlier U.S. Administrations to see and disregard the felonious theft is appalling. Now, we ask: “Who are those in the District of Columbia to denigrate other Nations, of their treatment of occupants in their territories, when America’s behavioral history, has, at times, been the lowest of the low?” Does their avarice overcome any shame? They criticize other great Nations? Even today, some Americans treatment of minorities is appalling.

If the International Court of Justice, with its 15 Justices, and other International legal bodies, had both the Jurisdiction along with the Will, we think, there are many American leaders and lesser politicians who would be looking out for their representations on INTERPOL WARRANTS. They all might be conjoined with some other cabal nations who decry others, and yet participate with ‘Uncle Sam’.

America, just 240+ years old, can learn from ancient civilizations. In age, there is Wisdom.

Reality: The ‘Devil’ and his Acolytes do not always wear capes. Many times, they are fashionable in fine tailored suits.

Reference: https://www.gillettenewsrecord.com/news/region/article_01b49d6e-2e8a-54ba-808c-bdafce2e7f8d.html

America: Steal Dollars, Go To Prison; Steal Votes, Go To The White House

Remarkably, we in International Business, think that the current Rasmussen Poll, evidences a ‘Awakening of the Sheep Herds across America’ [to the earlier plunder, of legitimate votes in November, 2020’s Presidential election, by Bleating Wolves]. The ‘efficacy’ of the “Silent Coup d’Etat'” which took place, while predicted by some of us, from earlier ‘seisms’; those being emanated, in a variety of ways by the multitude of culprits involved, was rather obvious. We thought beforehand, all of the ‘Alphabet’ Agencies and Departments would participate in the sham [from ‘top to bottom’]. The more interesting aspect was the collusion at the ‘States’ levels in the ‘Coronavirus [CV19] Calamity, Chaos, and Collaboration’ superficial ‘Sells Job’ to the Sheep as to ‘Mail-In’ Voting procedures. This being done, without ‘States’ Legislative approvals [by and large] evidences, we think obvious effete leaderships in the ‘States’ Executive and Legislative branches, at best. The fact of mere un-elected bureaucrats conjoining up with the aforementioned characters, evidences the ‘Sheep’ not hearing, or not discerning, the ‘facsimile’ bleats of both ‘Canis Lupus’ and especially, ‘Canis Rufus’.

The speed of the transition to a 180 degree vector change from the previous administration, evidences a tremendous amount of pre-election planning by the cabalists. In talking to many of our friends and business associates ‘here, there, and everywhere’, the odor of a even earlier administration merely being recycled, has been detected.

The immediacy of America becoming the ONLY nation in the world to be seeking alien CV19 personages, en masse, without testing them for virions, is remarkable. The immigrants recruiting level emanating from the President of the United States, while jeopardizing all Americans, evidences: Either a disdain for the citizenry of America; a lack of mental comprehension of what the ‘Devil’ has wrought; and/or complicity with hostile nations who will benefit by a U.S. medical paroxysm of the greatest magnitude. Perhaps this behavior is evidence of nihilism at its connotative worst.

All of the U.S. Government Agencies, Departments, many members of the House of Representatives, Senate, and Supreme Court Justices exhibited the “Greatest Crescendo Of Silence About A Coup d’Etat’ Taking Place”, in world history, many people think. It is our opinions that the perpetrators and their acolytes will eventually go down in history as “Benedict Arnolds” nothing more.

The ‘bottom line’ of all the efforts which took place, and obviously cost several billion dollars to ‘Scam the election’, is what a Greek shipping magnate stated about politicians and the Puppet Masters’ Masters that run them: “They are: Crustier than mollusks on my ships’ hulls; Dirtier than bilge water; Make more noise than my ships’ engine rooms; Stink more than sulfured fuels my ships burn. America is the biggest and crookedest card game, with the most money in the world. Politicians know it is worth billions to ‘Own America’ for four or more years. What do you expect? Saints?”.

Reality: The Silence of the Lambs is often less revealing than the Silence of some particular Wolves, who typically bleat. Wise Shepherds, in addition to watching their flocks, listen for sounds, then look to see which way the winds start to blow.

Reference: https://www.worldtribune.com/poll-majority-including-30-percent-of-democrats-believe-team-biden-cheated-to-take-power/

America: A “Trojan Horse” Is, As A “Trojan Horse” Does [Destroy A Nation Via Profuse Welcoming Of Covid 19 Agents/Carriers]

As the saying goes: “There are many roads to Rome”. We have noticed a profound ‘Major Highway’ that was designed long ago, engineered decades earlier, built over many years, and opened recently in America. That, of which we refer is a ‘Freeway’: Of dissimulation by perversion of culture; Of jeopardy to the health of a nation’s citizenry; Of encroachment by organized miscreant personages to a country and; Of economic calamity to occur to a working class of the public. This, all for ECONOMIC GAIN BY VARIOUS CORPORATE AND FINANCIAL ENTITIES [with a simulacrum U.S. President in the D.C. current regime].

We, in International Business, are old enough to see and understand that America’s reputation, as “The Militarily Strongest, Technologically Most Advanced, Wealthiest, and Hyper-Welcoming of Immigrants, Nation” is in a duopoly position. It has great possible benefits from such acclaim, as well as gets acidic aspects, externally and internally, to the accolade.

Any Corporation, or Country that is marketed as being ‘Number One’ will have “The Great ‘Cosmic Force’ Of Competition” verifying the acclaim. Essentially: “You think you are the best. Prove it.” This small thought, of great truth, will be applied to the ‘leader’ again and again. As from the time of Alexander The Great, to his General Seleucus I Nicator, all the way to the present: A ‘Hegemonic’-reputationed nation, rightly or wrongly, as is America, will have other world powers ready to challenge it.

There are many ways to attack a “Numero Uno”. At minimal expense and physical risk is a ‘Social Cancer’ approach, id est: Get the Bureaucrats and their subordinates [through bribery and subterfuge] in the ‘targeted’ government to ideate to another nation’s way of thinking; Use the Entertainment Industry to inculcate one’s views on the U.S. public (especially the young); In “Capitalist America” let greed prevail, by promising ‘greater returns’ to corporate executives and investors who increase quarterly profitabilities, continually [perhaps: for manufacturers of American Aircraft to save money by letting pilots learn to fly via “I-Phones”(not flight simulators)]; In elections, promise voters “$2,000.00 each if they vote for a particular candidate”; Allow for the proliferation of ‘Illegal Drugs’ to flourish throughout the country, thusly, ‘cooking the brains’ of the unaware young of the country. EACH OF THE AFOREMENTIONED TACTICS ARE ‘TROJAN HORSES’ to be used against those inside America. Tainted candy tastes sweet to the victims’ tongues.

The ‘Trojan Horses’ for those living outside of the U.S., who want to get in are: The U.S. Government WELCOMES “Non-Coronavirus Tested” immigrants illegally entering the country [presently a American WORLD EXCLUSIVE] ; Allow for free medical treatment for those who arrive; offer low paying jobs of any kind; Have ‘No Background Checks’ of Gang Members from arriving countries; Dispense with ‘English Language’ ability requirements; and, Criminal activities committed in America will be tolerated against U.S. Citizens with the miscreants immediately released from custody. The ‘Trojan Horse’ reality for the immigrant is: The wages will be eventually lowered to ‘Slave Wages’ relatively speaking; The assimilation into America will be profoundly tedious since the variation from how they used to live, compared to the level in America is huge; Enmity by some U.S. Citizens [of their own culture and nationality] will be unrelenting against these “Chivatos”. The ‘Newcomers’ should also think about America’s history of stealing the land from the Indians as well as its previous ‘Slave Trade’ for Plantation Owners’ interests, to minimize employment costs and MAXIMIZE PROFITS.

As “Priamos, King of Troy”, alleged ‘Equine Enthusiast’, had his ego assuaged with the ‘impressive gift’ [filled with enemy soldiers] of the ‘Trojan Horse’, we think, so too will presently and in the immediate future, become the realities of the aforementioned peoples. The avarice of the Puppet Masters’ Masters [PMM’s] is too great to ignore. The ‘Sheep’ are a mere commodity to aid PMM’s in their quest for ‘MORE’ [they never have enough wealth].

Competing foreign governments do not need to worry, many people think, because: “Position Number One” only lasts for a short duration. Internal short-comings inherent in its Political and Social Structure assure ‘malignancies’ will develop internally. It only requires a few ‘enzymes’ to be entered into the nation’s ‘system’ by competitors, to assure the morbidity occurs. It is readily apparent to many that the “Highway” we are discussing is readily bringing in the ‘toxic enzymes’ to the “Target”. A palliative to Americans may be in the words of its leaders of the new regime: “America, a Nation of Immigrants, welcomes Immigrants.” We would add to that glorious thought: “Yes, [unfortunately] Non-Medically Tested Immigrants and their partners too, Coronavirus (CV19).”

Reality: Never look into a ‘Gift-Horse’s’ mouth, he may be exhaling a virus.

Reference: https://www.worldtribune.com/americans-face-existential-threat-from-own-government/