Brazilian Technology, Aided, in Part, by Russian Physicist, Can Make Non-Edible Materials Into Bio-fuel

News Analysis: Sugar Cane, Corn, Potato Peels, Wood Fibers and the like, are all suitable progenitor materials for bio-fuel production. By using the aforementioned, rather than discarding them, cleaner fuel for vehicles is available. The beneficial environmental impact to the world, using this methodology, is only limited by the financial resources allocated. Further studies into second … Read more

Namibians Install Innovative Solar System for Brewery

News Analysis:  Efficient Solar Energy, if used in conjunction with advanced Electrical Storage Technologies, will provide manufacturers ‘Around the Clock’ Electricity. The ‘up-front’ Non-Recurring Costs [when amortized over the project life] conjoined with the ‘De Minimis’ Recurring Costs, can save manufacturers a great deal of money over time. The “Cleanliness” of Solar Energy, along with … Read more

Vietnam Purchases American Aircraft Engines

News Analysis: Vietnam fought America at a cost of over 50,000 American lives. Today it is purchasing aircraft engines as well as airplanes of U.S. manufacture. This is good trade for both countries. One can only hope that continued rapprochement with other countries would lead America to its former international lead on all continents. Commerce … Read more

How to Scrap a Composite Commercial Aircraft

News Analysis: A “25 to 30” year life [or sooner] of composite aircraft necessitates they be environmentally disposed. Carbon/Carbon aircraft have inherent problems not found with metal aircraft [such as delamination due to stress or  to high energy solar exposure while in flight]. The U.S. Air Force spends millions of dollars a year on composite fuselage … Read more

Airbus Seeks Tranche Release from German Government

News Analysis:  Funding for development cost, pre-production and  production costs make it essential that cash-flow hopefully is proportionately consistent through all stages of the manufacturing process. It is incumbent upon a manufacturer to make certain capital out-flow be in consonance with in-flow, especially during the early stages of on-going aircraft production as is the case … Read more