Main Stream Media’s Fascination Of Firearm’s Violence Neglects Attention Of Other Means

America’s Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI] released its important listing of firearms ‘Background Checks’ of citizens, for the month of June, 2020. One must be ‘cleared’ by legal authorities, in order to purchase an approved handgun, rifle, or shotgun. The list of ‘negating reasons’ that will prevent a authorization to buy a firearm is quite extensive.

The FBI stated that nearly 4,000,000 ‘National Instant Criminal Background Check System’ (NICS) checks were made in June. This was a historical ‘high’ as to examinations of ‘bona fides’ to purchase arms. A estimated 2,387,524 firearms were sold during the month.

If one reviews the numbers provided by the World Bank [], one sees that there are five homicide deaths per one hundred thousand persons in America. Firearms deaths are a mere component of the aforementioned; This, relative to all the countries examined. In conjunction with America’s large population of approximately 331,000,000+, living in 9,833,517 sq. km. [3,796,742 sq. mi.], the death percentage is quite low. As are the number of policemen, per square mile, available ’24/7/365′.

Our having been in various, physically precarious situations over the years, in a variety of geographic locations, particularly in precious metals mining, we can readily understand the enthusiasm of Americans for self-protection. A old mining adage is: “A friend [handgun], when in need, is a friend, indeed.” It is part of the psyche of independence and self-reliance to handle negative situations; if no law enforcement is available, ‘Do your best to survive’.

What we have a very hard time understanding, as International Businessmen, are Main Stream Media’s {MSM’s] incessant attention to shootings, especially in America. Yet, if there are multiple victims: by bludgeoning, poisoning, stabbing or suffocation, NEXT TO NOTHING is mentioned. If any of these hostile actions occur to a single individual, it may not even ‘make the news’. If the hostilities occur in other countries, MSM will barely mention them. Why is that?

As we think about MSM’s rationale for its timid reporting of the aforementioned, non-firearms, hostilities, we ponder such reasoning. Perhaps it is because these ‘Journalism Majors’ are “Acousticians”, who deplore the noises generated by firearms? Kill people quietly, and while not approved by MSM, it is certainly more fashionably “Green’, in an environmental sense. There are no people who suffer ‘Acoustic Trauma’ nor ‘Bilateral Tinnitus’ as a result of the ‘quiet killings’ as there are with firearms.

As we try to make serious sense of MSM’s continual attempts to ‘De-Arm America’ there is one hypothesis that nags at us. That is: “Are those in MSM surreptitiously acting as agents of enemies of America?” “Do they want a ‘Dis-armed America’ because it is too hard to conquer a 331,000,000+ manned ‘citizen-armed militia’? This force with even many more weapons [and bullets] than personnel?” Paranoia: ‘No’, just good military appraisal.

Which armies of any nation on Earth could possibly win against America’s 331,000,00+ ‘combatants’, ‘armed to the teeth’? Which political leader of any hostile country could convince his military leaders of the probability of success in ‘taking on America’? NONE! Those with stars on their uniforms, around the world, understand the teachings of Sun Tzu’s ‘The Art of War’. To wit: “A battle is won or lost before it begins.”

Assuming world leaders understand the numbers of weapons and ammunition, along with the U.S.A. population, then the tactic changes. It goes from not fighting, due to numerical armed inferiority, to: Disarm the possible combatants. This requires of another hostile country: MSM ‘conscripts’ along with ‘pliable politicians’ doing the work for the enemy forces. By ‘raising alarm’ no matter what the facts are, both ‘Agent-Groups’ can try to sell disarmament to the U.S. public. If that does not work, a ‘Executive Order’ might be employed, to by-pass legislation. Unfortunately, these are not ‘movie scenes’ but possible tactics of hegemonic nations.

Another related tactic, as we have written in other articles, is to establish entropy in America through ‘Anarchy’ and ‘Chaos’. By demoralizing the citizenry, political upheaval may result. It is much easier to slaughter the sheep, by wolves, if the faithful sheep dogs, have been removed.

Again, if one thinks beyond the sizzle, he is hearing, he might smell the stench of Treason, which can become quite odoriferous over time. To Cabalists and hypocritical Politicians, we say: “Those of us with experience can readily comprehend your treacheries. Before you strut around pompously, make sure it is not on top of quicksand. There are no long term secrets.”

There is a old “Greek Sheepherder’s adage”, used to judge both politicians and other well-publicized people: “Be most leery of the Wolves, who have learned to bleat, as though they are Sheep”.

Reality: There is no substitute for experience. Get your teeth kicked in enough, and they will become petrified; especially one’s ‘Canines’.


European Union: A Bloc With Some Weak Leaders, Failed Their Citizens

The European Council of Foreign Relations conducted a 11,000 citizens’ poll in France, Germany, Poland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria, Sweden, and Denmark. This was to ascertain their views of their countries’ ‘leaders’ performances as to CV-19; Their effete ‘leaders’ failed.

Beyond the mere typical ‘Bureaucratic Inefficiencies’ inherent in ‘Bloc Management’ designs, one may offer: “Weak ‘leaders’ perform weakly”. In one particular instance, a country ‘leader’ who is a ‘Chemist’ by education and career, performed miserably per the citizens of that country. Imagine, a “Chemist” not being able to fathom the potential severity of a virus! The country has some of the finest Bio-Chemical facilities in the world; The ‘leader’ could question personnel IMMEDIATELY for help. Acting ‘with strength’ would have been nice.

Some of the other countries ‘leaders’, being ‘Attorneys’ by education and career, are hardly guilty of not understanding the nuances of a: “Single-strand, RNA Virus” as is CV-19. The nuances of this virus may be beyond their intellectual grasp.

What ALL of the ‘leaders’ had in common was the governmental capacity to forthwith attack the on-coming problem with: funding, equipment, facilities, medical expertise, and will power; they all failed their citizens miserably [per the E.C.F.R. Poll].

As we have said many times: The number of ‘Strong World Leaders’ can be counted with the fingers on one’s hands; There are “World Leaders”, and there are Nations’ ‘leaders’, of which there are many.

Many people have perished to CV-19. People polled may think they chose the wrong individuals to direct their countries in this virus fight. Perhaps, in many cases, Attorneys who ‘morphed’ into ‘Politicians’, who ‘morphed’ into ‘leaders’ were the wrong choices of the citizenry. However, those citizens who have ‘passed’, do NOT get a chance of another vote; this for replacements of their weak ‘leaders’.

Reality: When selecting your country’s ‘leaders’, think twice before voting for those with ‘politicized’ “sizzle”. You may be making a fatal mistake.


The ‘Globalists’ “Terrible Times Triumvirate” Agents, Against ‘Internationalists’: N. Tropy and his Steadfast Stalwarts being ‘Ann Archy’ and ‘Kay Oss’

Our having roles in International Business for many decades, has allowed us to qualify as ‘Having been around the block many times’. As such, we have witnessed the same scenarios played out often around the world: ‘Globalists’ who seek conjunctions of many countries into a few ‘blocs’ [for ease of their global control strategies]. ‘Internationalists’ on the other hand, WANT the 200+ Nations on Earth to be independent of each other. A multiplicity of powers: thereby being relatively equal, to each Nation’s unique assets [human and natural], and locations geographically.

As an iceberg displays a mere 10% of itself above the water [90% being submerged, so is ‘murkier’ from above]; such are Globalists’ cabals. They will employ various social tactics, to cause political upheavals, for their own economic gains.

More ‘recent’ examples, of which we have previously written: Joseph Patrick Kennedy Sr.’s attempts to take over Vietnam initially, later, Cuba, then back to Vietnam [after his son was elected U.S. President]. You may want to review our past articles about these subjects. The point being: In EACH case, to achieve economic goals, social entropy was created, which was designed for political changes; so he and his associates could realize vast economic gains. The citizens of those countries ‘be damned’ was their credo.

Presently, throughout the world, there are social movements utilized to hide Globalists true intentions. The plotters want to put political pressure on Nations leaders so they can achieve their own economic goals quicker. There are only a few Strong World Leaders; other Leaders are mere ‘leaders’. This is a reality of life. The plotters think they will win.

When one hears about ‘Global Warming'[now, more ‘fashionably’ “Climate Change”], ‘Clean Energy’ (Geo-Thermal, Solar, and Wind) ask: “Who is funding the protestors?” Moreover, “Who really gains with the changes?”

Another ‘in vogue’ protest now is: “De-funding or Eliminating Police Departments”. “Who gains economically?” We submit: ‘Ann Archy’ and ‘Kay Oss’ would prosper. And both, as one can see on television, can provide protestors’ emotional ‘sizzle’. “Law and Order” be damned. In fact, ‘Masked Robbers” are no longer ‘in play’, today it is ‘Mask-less’ arsonists, looters, robbers, and murderers; because they have ‘legitimate complaints’, some say.

We can continue on but the basic idea is “As with an iceberg with 90% of its mass largely out of easy view, ‘Globalists’ need obscurity. They need Strong Leaders to be removed from office so mere ‘Puppets’ can replace them. If done, ‘Globalists’ can have ‘free rein’ to rule as they choose.

We prefer Nations to freely and openly engage in commerce, while protecting their individual sovereignties. Their commercial regulations apply to themselves, not to other Nations. They cooperate with other countries but do what is best for their own citizenry. Such leaders DO NOT push off their people to other Nations because they are too lazy to solve their own economic difficulties. Interestingly, there will be a small group of ‘wealthy’ in each country of which we are speaking. They just help themselves.

It is our opinion that International Trade should be encouraged anyway possible: Dredging harbors,; building wharfs; facilitating ship licensing; training pilots; expanding airport runways, paving highways, et al.

By NOT having a few “Globalists’ control the world, with citizens being their serfs, people far and wide prosper.

With plentiful commerce, people gain financially. De-regulation, of business activities is the fuel for economic growth. In growth are the roots of survival of Nations.

Reality: The diversity of Nations is copacetic with the proviso: “Nature abhors singularities”. The ‘More, The Better’.

U.S. National Security Agency (NSA): Has The Technical Capability Of Monitoring 193+ Countries’ Citizens; Because It Can, It Does

News Analysis: The impressive World Monitoring Capabilities of the NSA appears to be beyond the capacities of other Countries to interdict for the Privacy Protection of their citizens. As a result, the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) has the technical capability of monitoring 193+ Countries’ citizens; because it can, it does.

It is interesting to note that this Hegemonic Attitude of Washington, D.C., towards other Nations is scantily addressed by the World Mass Media. In fact, it takes the strength of a Brazilian President, Ms. Dilma Rousseff to specifically object to both Privacy Invasion as well as alleged physical intrusion by NSA into the Sovereign Nation of Brazil. One must ask: “What vocal opposition is emanating from other so-called ‘World Leaders’ concerning NSA Right to Privacy transgressions of their countries?” These ‘Leaders’ are as noisy as leaves blowing in the breeze.

Some Political Scientists are of the opinion that the ‘Invasion’ by the NSA into the Territories of other Nations, is tantamount to ‘Military Over-run’ today( as was the WW II ‘Axis’ in the late 1930’s and 1940’s using physical troops). To some, this thought is very frightful: “An Invasion Remotely” (which it certainly is) by a “Privacy Ignoring” U.S. entity directed by the White House. For honest American Citizens, this thought is distasteful, to people of other Nations, it is abhorrent. .

Encrypting electronic data, or establishing another form of Internet?; both would merely slow down the Electronic Deciphering of NSA. It CERTAINLY would not stop it (it is too advanced). Pressure has to be put on this ‘Entity’ through the United Nations and other Multi-National Organizations  such as BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa). Beyond that, an IMMEDIATE cessation of purchasing Goods and Services from American companies who have been directly complicit or supportive of Personal Privacy Intrusions by the NSA. For these large corporations, “Their days will not be Sunny, when customers take away their Money”. Let these corporations apply pressure to their “Lackeys in D.C. ” for correction.

America needs political leaders who are genuinely enamored by the ‘Founding Fathers’ construction of the U.S. Constitution; a Document meant to prevent harassment of America’s Citizenry by their own Government. To date, it does not appear that many such leaders are performing towards this result (who are in “The District of Columbia”). 

The “Over-sight” by the U.S. Government to the NSA practices is laughable, many people say; “Foxes guarding the Hen House” is more suitable, loyal Americans think.



International Businessman Credo

International Businessman Credo

An International Businessman understands that: Perseverance, Preparation, and Professionalism, Produce Profits and Progress.   The Road to acquiring the aforementioned Assets takes Dedication, Desire, and Discipline. This, not for just “Making a Buck”, but for enjoying the Challenges, Honing one’s Abilities, Leaping the Hurdles, and Humbly Succeeding without sophomoric Mass Media Adulation.

One thing that has been made abundantly clear from all of Our Years of  Commercial Exposure: An International Businessman is not just a “Fellow with Abundant Financial Resources” [perhaps acquired by Guile, Inheritance, Larceny, Luck, or ‘rarely’ Talent]; but more of “A Soaring Eagle” who understands ‘The Rules of Flight’, ‘The History of Soaring High’, ‘The Frailties of Feeble Behavior’ and, most importantly perhaps, ‘The Powers of “Mother Nature”’. The International Businessman, while trying to become a “Soaring Eagle” has experienced being blinded by the Sunlight and at times severely chilled by the cold atmosphere. ‘Negative’ Real Life Experiences have not weakened him, but made him stronger.

We have been asked for Decades: “How does one become an ‘International Businessman’?”; “Can you teach me the Business ‘Ropes’ so I can become ‘Global’?”; “Is there a “Quick Way’ to Success?”, “Can I, as a Female, become an International ‘Businessman’?”; “Is it possible to acquire Money and Power Legitimately?” To these questions, we can provide the following response: “If One is Singularly Dedicated to becoming an ‘International Businessman”, All Things are Possible”.

One very important element that must be understood by all, regarding this “Mount Everest” Challenge is “One MUST Fly Straight” i.e., “Be your Word”, “Say what you Mean and Mean what you Say”, and, ‘Never Be A Crook’. These simple admonitions are very hard for many people to follow. If one does chose to follow these precepts he or she may succeed. But the path to Success as an International Businessman is a Rocky Road at best. “Tenacity Triumphs” for those who endure the hardships.

Mass Media adulation of some Mutual Fund Operators, Internet Relationship Site Distributors, or even Motion Picture Producers may lead the uninformed to think these persons are ‘International Businessmen’; NOT A CHANCE. One of their many possible shortcomings is that they have merely collected ‘Other People’s Money’ (OPM) and are using it to do whatever. They are hardly of the level of former International Businessmen such as: George Franklin Getty (Getty Oil),   Aristotle Onassis (Olympic Maritime), and Soichiro Honda (Honda Automobiles), for example. Each of the aforementioned understood both the “Culture” and “Fundamentals” of International Business. Over time, the Gentlemen all enjoyed the “Status” of International Businessmen; they “Soared with the other few Eagles” from Continent to Continent. Each of the aforementioned Gentlemen, one can surmise, “Took their Lickings, and kept on Ticking”; such is International Business. 

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☆ Israel: Countries Thinking For Themselves About Their Own Security Interests Is Good; “Lockstep Robotic Behavior” Desired By Nations Is Disingenuous

News Analysis: The Current On-Going Machinations (that commenced more than a year ago in lands adjacent to the Black Sea – by Foreigners) and is hoped by many Nations to deflate, apparently is becoming effete for the Perpetrators of the Cabal. As partial evidence of this conclusion, asking an Ally to join a “Political Bloc” will not work for Israel: Countries Thinking For Themselves About Their Own Security Interests Is Good; “Lockstep Robotic Behavior” Desired By Nations Is Disingenuous.

IF the Supposed Foreign Originator of the Plot of the European Coup d’ Etat had properly planned the Cabal. it would not now have to ask other countries to join it in condemning the resultant effects (that it DID NOT foresee, people think). In fact, even the Political Minions in the subject Country are now offering a rapprochement to the “Local Infidels”; some form of Regional Self-Governance perhaps?

As with Computer Programs: Garbage In-Garbage Out (GIGO) also applies to Coup d’ Etats planned by the Inexperienced Arrogant of other Nations. International Businessmen can easily ‘Connect the Dots’; they have seen this type of activity before.

Israel has taken the course of “What is Good for Israeli Security Interests is Good for Israel” (a Logical Argument) rather than having a “Puppet Master” pull a Country’s ‘strings’ as one Super-Power desires. Israel’s Security Interests, many people say, lie best in its ability to defend itself rather than beg for assistance from another Country. Since 1948, Israel has understood its unique situation in the Levant. It does not need to join a “Political Bloc” as to acquiesce to the desires of Foreign Leaders (for later Security Favors).



★ Russia Is Developing Its Own 1.2 Petaflop Computer: An Inspired “Activity For Self-Sufficiency” Which All Nations May Want To Pursue

News Analysis: Russia Is Developing Its Own 1.2 Petaflop Computer: An Inspired “Activity for Self-Sufficiency” which All Nations May Want To Pursue (rather than follow other Countries like  “Sheep Dogs”). Since Russia does not want to be at the mercy of other Nations’ Politicians, it has chosen the “Road To Electronic Independence”; (to the dismay of varied Countries’ Politicians’ Puppet Masters, one may presume). It will eventually manufacture all of  the Electronic Components and Systems it needs; not be beholden to others with Nefarious Intentions (with smiles of their faces). This will apply to Commercial as well as Military Hardware one may presume.

Commercial Self-Sufficiency of ALL NATIONS, be it in terms of Energy, Manufacturing, Research, and/or Technology are worthwhile goals to actively pursue.

A Nation that is largely self-sufficient is a much stronger entity than those which must rely on other Countries for its Security. It is far better to be beholden to No Others, than to be a Minion to a “Tyrant”, many people think. Often, a Country with Weak Leaders who lack confidence, will seek out “Alliances” with other Nations; Cooperation is good, Kowtowing is bad. These Politicians effectively make their constituencies Servile to another Country’s Leadership; a Bad Idea!

We think as “Independence of Thought” is an excellent idea for People, it also of “Survival Value” for Nations. Perhaps, Hegemonic Nations, which presently exist, might be Less Truculent if they understand that their Aggressions will not be tolerated by Self-Sufficient Countries.



☆ “Informed Objectivity” Is Best Determined By A Country’s Citizens Of Its Leader Rather Than Foreign Ethnocentric Mass Media

News Analysis: A ‘Teeter-Totter’ Reality exists with the Popularity of the Leaders of two Super Powers: America and Russia. “Informed Objectivity” Is Best Determined By A Country’s Citizens Of Its Leader Rather Than Foreign Ethnocentric Mass Media.

Several years ago, in America, high expectations were generated by ‘Teleprompter’ written speeches read by the U.S. President and recited to his audience. Over the past few years, enthusiasm for his ‘Mass Marketed Abilities” have been found to be Effete by his Important Judges, American Citizens. Now, his popularity is in the high 30 Percentile Range. This is in part due to his repetitive Conscious Lie told to Americans: “You can keep your present Insurance Policies”; “A blunder of gigantic proportions made by an Amateur” many people say.

His other “Claim to Fame” is that he has been acknowledged by the American Public to be a “Waffler” (whose opinion changes directions frequently like a ‘leaf blown in the wind’).

An alleged repetitive statement reputedly made by him about Drone Aircraft Attacks on other Countries: “I am good at killing people” has been written in the Press; this statement to the disgust of sensible Americans. 

Across the Atlantic Ocean, resides the American President’s Behavioral Antithesis: President Vladimir Putin. He started off in his term with lower popularity with Russian Citizens. Today, his Popularity is Soaring! Why? Because: “He is a Patriot who Drinks, Eats, and Thinks of the Russian Homeland” many Russians declare. Mr. Putin is the “Real Deal” they say.

The Russian Leader: Gave the World a Glorious Winter Olympics in Sochi; Prevented (to date) additional missiles from being installed in Ukraine; Returned Crimea to Russia; Will be developing out the Russian Far East (Siberia) and has acted Presidential when meeting other Female World Leaders (NOT as a Lothario-In-Chief). 

Some jealous World Leaders may resent the Russian Leader due to the multi-talents he possesses of which they do not; but they, if Wise, will respect him. Being: “Capable, Decisive, Honest, Intrepid, and Patriotic” are adjectives to describe Mr. Putin; are those EXACT SAME words representative of his Critics?



For Many People, Iterations Of Science/Technology Careers Have High Prestige Values

News Analysis: For Many People, Iterations Of Science/Technology Careers Have High Prestige Values (as they want their Children to become Doctors, Engineers, Scientists and the like). It appears that the Social Sciences are getting ‘Short shrift’ as well as is “Banking” as careers for their off-spring.

If any Country hopes to becomes ‘Strong’ in the most generic sense of the word, it must attempt to have its Citizenry excel in Mathematics and Science; for that represents our Ever-Present View: “Tomorrow is Today, Today is Yesterday”.



Alaskan Citizens Commence Secession Drive To Cede State of Alaska To Russia

News Analysis: Alaskan Citizens Commence Secession Drive To Cede State of Alaska To Russia perhaps evidencing an angst felt about Current U.S. Government Leaders. It seems to be the case that Independent Alaskans think that Washington, D.C. is littered with incapable Politicians throughout. These “D.C. Masters of the Universe” who attended Law Schools: Surreptitiously cause unrest in other countries; Create new stifling regulations for Americans (such as the current ‘Lie’ Health Care); Raise the National Debt up to $18 Trillion Dollars (with no means to pay it off); and, Exude personal Self-Interest in their deliberations.

If, as some claim, Alaskans are deluding themselves by thinking Secession could actually occur, at least it evidences that  the ‘Citizens of the North’ are aware of the Effete Governance in Washington, D.C.; perhaps even more so than those “Sheep” existing in the Lower 48.