Climate Change Modeling Is Erroneous By “Only” SIXTEEN PER CENT As To Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Absorption By Plants?

News Analysis: ‘Garbage In, Garbage Out’ (GIGO) is alive and well as evidenced by the latest Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Absorption Rates of Flora around the world. Climate Change Modeling is erroneous by “Only” SIXTEEN PER CENT as it concerns this aspect of the Earth’s Environment. Many Scientists would think that number to be evidence … Read more

American Railroad Industry Favors Tank Car Safety Improvements

News Analysis:  American Railroad Industry favors Tank Car Safety Improvements partially predicated on two recent Catastrophic Events involving such equipment. Of the 78,000 estimated Tank Cars In-Service throughout America, the majority are liable for possible ignition in an Accident. An estimated $1,000,000,000.00 for their Replacement or Up-grading is required to be spent by Lessors of … Read more

Azerbaijan Increases Natural Gas Storage, Aiding the Earth’s Environment

News Analysis:  Forward thinking by Azerbaijanis, along with proper action by its Government, has brought about large storage reserves for its natural gas. Since “Flaring Off” Natural Gas has a negative effect on the environment, the actions of the Country are worthy of praise. If other Petrochemical-Endowed Countries also increased their storage capacities, or in … Read more