Universally: In All Systems Created By Nature Or By Man, Are Encapsulated Therein, The Seeds For Those Systems Destruction

Systems [Seeds] contain elements of Apoptosis as facilitators of CHANGE [a Universal Rule]. Apoptosis occurs and hopefully, brings improvements for the viability of Systems aforementioned; however, sometimes not.

When political leaders fight against their populations, as has been happening against Coronavirus CV19 movement restrictions, Seeds of entropy occurs (every time). Leaders of large countries should be wise enough to not try to put blinders on their sheep. The bleating of the herd, in protest, may attract the wolves, who may decide to attack the shepherds [with the blinders they are holding in their hands]; rather than attack the herd. Such events as public parades calm the aggravated sheep by letting the orally ‘vent’.

Another example of ineptness in thought and commission are, what we think are draconian measures: Requiring Pilots and Crews to be inoculated with non-fully-tested synthetic vaccines. Seeds: Now, there are pilot protests. Will there be enough airline ‘executives’ available to fly passengers and freight everywhere? We think not.

Historically, ‘airline executives’ have NOT DEMANDED Environmental Control Systems in the aircraft they buy from the airframes, hopefully to kill as much as 99.999+/- of the bacteria, fungi, and viruses on-board the aircraft. Air filtration systems and UVC lighting systems that kill the aforementioned have been available for decades! Since these would add cost to each aircraft, even though negligible weight, the health of the passengers was a ‘non-item’. They have ‘sat on their own hands’ for DECADES and demanded NOTHING as to aircraft hygiene. They HAVE for decades, DEMANDED MORE SEATS IN EACH AND EVERY AIRCRAFT THEY PURCHASED; MORE SEATS-MORE WEIGHT. Now, these ‘airline executives’ take the ‘Cheap Route’ and say: ‘Inoculate All of our Employees [If they like it or not.] They do NOT LIKE IT. Seeds of discord are present that can ruin the profitability of the airlines. The “Golden Parachutes” awarded to the ‘airline executives’ may be made of paper mache. They shall see, what they shall see.

In cities around the world VITAL Fire and Police personnel are being given the same directive to: “Inoculate or Quit your Jobs”. How Draconian does it get! Trained personnel are very hard to find. If they leave, security collapses due to the Seeds sown by City, State, and Federal officials making such demands.

In America, the Seeds of discord have been strewn by the Selected President and his Masters; this, to open the southern border to NON-CV19 TESTED immigrants [who may also have a myriad of other communicable diseases] and have strewn them about the entire country! Are the American Sheep to think all those bleating ‘ewes’ contain no Wolves in disguise? Who PROPERLY vetted them? They jeopardize a great country, by not following the rules other applicants are obeying. What country, in the world, has opened its borders to communicable disease passing immigrants, thereby endangering its own citizenry with CV19?

The same Selected President, obviously by order of his Masters, gave $83+/- Billions of dollars of military equipment to America’s ‘enemy’. Now the Seeds of terrorism will be strewn around the globe to ‘energized’ morale-wise, fighters. We anticipate DECADES of unrest world-wide from the Gentleman’s action; sad, but true.

Currently, around the world, the sales of illicit narcotics is at a very high level. Rather than engaged in the agricultural aspects of farming poppies and thereafter engaging in processing; now, chemical manufacturing is occurring steadfast. The ‘Seeds’ of countries’ destruction come from young “Johnnies and Joanies” becoming addicts [‘cooking their brains’ with chemicals that should not be within their craniums]. We ask: “Which groups have ever reported, with verification, that they were forced by any drug cartel to become drug addicts?” Instead, we read daily about ‘Innocent and Sweet Children’ becoming ‘Junkies’ [who commit robberies and the like to support their habits]. We, as International Businessmen, think: “Enough pity for those who have been pre-warned in early life as to the hazards of illicit drugs; but ‘KNEW they would not become addicted’. Fools are, as Fools do. STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR YOUR CHILDREN DEVIANT BEHAVIORS!

Since there will be no manufacturers, nor producers of products of which there is no demand, why have many countries become so prolific with their illicit products? The demand, typically precedes investments of money and time into production. Perhaps political leaders in countries should do much more to attenuate demand. Of course, many are quietly prospering from their gains. It is nor surprising to us that in America, State by State are liberalizing drug consumption; ‘Anything For A Buck’ for the States’ political leaders that go that way. More Seeds of destruction. Do not keep blaming the Cartels SOLELY, when they are NOT operating in a vacuum. They have ‘facilitators’ at at all levels of commerce, legal, and political. These ‘others; are just as guilty and to be, we think, even scorned for their ‘legal-fronts of civility and innocence’ than any cartel members [who admit what they do].

Reality: One does not need to hear the ‘hiss’ close-up of Rattle Snakes; one only needs to keep one’s eyes open for them [in advance] to be safe.

Reference: https://en.mercopress.com/2021/10/12/cuban-authorities-say-no-to-peaceful-demonstrations

World Electronic Communications, Ranked By Nation, Demonstrates: Where Lies The Gain, And Where Is The Pain

Over the many years we, as a large group of International Businessmen, have been amused and at times perplexed by attitudes of Businessmen, Political Leaders and the Public; this as to the “Electronic Communications Internet”. Because, where our interests are engaged in daily is so widespread, covering 147,000,000 square kilometers (57,000,000 square miles) from behemoth Russia at 17 million+ square kilometers (6,600,000+ square miles) to the Chile’s Hornos Island at 25.1 square kilometers (9.7 square miles), we need to communicate speedily.

A recently published work covering 110 Countries is : “2021 Digital Quality of Life Index” by ‘SURFSHARK’, is outstanding, we think, as to: Clarity of presentation; Insight of Review; Number of Nations examined; and Scope of Elements. The ‘SURFSHARK’ Company is to be commended for its Essential Work.

Although we either engage in, or closely follow the business activities, potentialities, and political realities of more than 110 countries, that are listed, we can utilize the report’s information with enthusiasm. Information is the key to success; let it come from any source, let it be assessed in tests. Sometimes, thinking ‘Outside the box’ gives one clarity in determining the validity of the data proffered. Only the ‘Man Upstairs’ knows the Truth, we Humans must ‘dig’ to determine what the ‘Truth’ is.

We congratulate: Denmark; South Korea; Finland; Israel; U.S.; Singapore; France; Switzerland; Germany; and United Kingdom for jobs well done in Internet Communications.

It is our hope that Business and Political leaders in all of the other countries activate resources to upgrade their Internet Systems for the benefit of their customers and/or citizens. Simply put: “Increases in communication can provide increases in commerce; Increases in commerce can provide increases in tax collections, so countries can operate.”

As one example of which we write: ‘Electronic Remittances’ to Nations by their employed citizens living elsewhere, was approximately $15 billion in 2020 and in five years going forward should reach $35 billion. The 200 million foreign workers certainly need to know their monies are ending up with their desired recipients. Improving the quality of the Internet in the 110 countries listed in the aforementioned report, can facilitate monetary communications and proper transfers. Monetary flow of remittances can help countries’ Treasuries grow with tax in-flows.

Electronic Infrastructure improvement benefits Businessmen, Citizens, and Governments, in many ways. Knowing what happened, what is happening, and what may happen, can provide the knowledge holder with the keys to success. Knowing the aforementioned quickly, is the ‘Frosting on the Cake’.

Reality: A ‘speedy’ reliable Internet is to the ‘Smoke Signals’ of long ago, as the versatile Hummingbird is to the Pigeon; while each performs, one does it with verve.

Reference: https://surfshark.com/dql2021

If People Do Not Want To Go Around The Mountain, They Can Call On The Chinese, Or Other Experts, To Go Through It

It is always of great interest to see Infrastructure Experts drill tunnels, build expansive bridges, hydro-electric plants, and such. A group of “Masters” of such events are the Chinese, for example [as they have shown again in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) tunnel project].

The Hajar Mountains has been a obstacle to travel in the UAE for centuries. The Chinese were contracted to design, construct, and implement a 1.7 kilometer (1.05 statute mile) train tunnel, of 14 meters (46 feet) in diameter through the mountain. The China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation, in conjunction with Etihad Rail commenced construction in 2020 and should complete the entire project later this year.

There are many such Infrastructure projects, around the world, of even greater size than the aforementioned, completed by other Engineering Companies. We, in International Business, applaud them all. The skill sets required of each: To comprehend the complexities of the projects; Design and Perform to those needs; and do so, within budgets is laudable. The fact that so many nations are proceeding with such projects, as to Infrastructure needs of their citizens, is very good.

We have noticed, as a contrary, the politicians in Washington, D.C., in conjunction with their military advisors, have been so consumed in entering military forays, around the world, since World War II, that Infrastructure of the U.S. has been a consistent ‘also-ran’. Today, the Nation’s, $29+Trillion of ‘Direct Debt’ limits PRUDENT expenditures to support Infrastructure construction needs.

The unfortunate level of America’s debt will only get worse with ‘Trillion of Dollars’ thrown into the deep ‘money pit’ which exists. Fanciful Infrastructure projects emanating, will be certain, we think, to benefit families, friends, and other associates of the current politicians [who are proposing such construction activities]. Since they have all been ‘asleep at the wheel’, for so many decades as to the subject of Infrastructure, we are skeptical of their motives. Many of them are about ready to retire; perhaps they want additional funds beyond what they have already gained over the years? Career politicians, most are. They were of moderate means commencing “Service to their Country”, and many will leave as multi-millionaires. Voila!

We recommend, to the younger generation that it consider Civil Engineering careers as excellent ways to help oneself, as one ACTUALLY helps one’s country. Ethnocentric considerations can provide the impetus to succeed, while studying, Chemistry, Engineering, Geology, Physics, and other science subjects. Ancient cultures prove this is the case: Look at the Great Wall of China, a miraculous engineering feat, by those who understood the aforementioned science subjects.

Reality: While Tunnels help people to get from Point ‘A’ to Point ‘B’ quickly, Strong Walls make for Good Neighbors; Both require Civil Engineering.

Reference: https://www.thenationalnews.com/uae/2021/08/06/mighty-mole-bores-through-hajar-mountains-to-make-way-for-etihad-rail/

“Fake News”: The Choice Of Puppet Masters’ Masters [PMM’s]For Influencing Sheep About: Business, Health, Politics, Or Weather> Financial Gain Is Their Aim.

As Main Stream Media {MSM}, the agents of the PMM’s, go about their tasks of influencing Sheep to have favorable [or un-favorable] views and commensurate actions by the quadra-peds, we see repetitive tactics used consistently.

“Global Warming” became the ‘sine qua non’ rallying cry to the Sheep. Apparently, they were not listening, so “voila!”, a transformation to the current ‘Climate Change‘ became fashionable. MSM ‘Germalists’ started panic pronouncements about: “All of the world’s ice deposits are melting and everyone in most locales risk being flooded out [Anthropogenesis was, and is, at work”, all were told]. Any claims that Gaia was merely in a natural ‘ebb and flow’ of energy levels, historically recurring, was derided as heretical. To suggest ‘Cosmic’ contributions through solar storms, et al, was, and is, even more blasphemous.

We, in International Business, are amused by many examples of the ‘tu quoque’ ideations. One glaring example is the Financial Community extolling the virtues of fighting global warming, and blaming others, while at the same time establishing data mining operations for crypto-currencies [which use enormous amounts of electricity!]. Are these ‘mining operations’ the best use of electricity when and where ‘brown-outs’ and ‘black-outs’ are feasible? In areas where such hot conditions might not be of concern, why not sell the surplus of electricity to other nations? Touted wind-farms and solar parks could benefit societies greater than ‘financial creations’ even less ‘sturdy’ than “Derivatives” brokers love.

The “Northern Transportation Corridor” [NTC], which has opened up, is a very viable and needed addition for transportation of commodities and goods across the Arctic, from Asia to Europe, and back, we think. The recent unfortunate blockage of the Suez Canal due to inclement weather events, is a valid reason to have more routes around the planet. The fact that Russian experience in such cold environments is spectacular, should lead businessmen to seek shorter transit times so they can have greater profits. The facilities, and ships of Russia will assure safe sailing; “No ‘Pirates’ dare take on the Bear”. Russian Leadership, under steadfast President Putin, makes this entire geography accessible for commercial endeavors also. Investors should consider Arctic and Siberian economic opportunities in this ‘Land of Plenty’, are our opinions. Yet, MSM acolytes apparently have apparently been instructed by PMM’s orders to denigrate Russia for protecting its ‘turf’ with its military might. Since this NTC is extremely valuable, why would the sovereign nation possessing it, not protect it? The Non-Governmental Organizations have been busy in this regard, we have noticed. Again, this is another example for MSM “Germalists” trying to make “Bears” morphed into “Wolves”; genetically, this is not possible. Instead, to people who think, might not they opine that the real “Wolves” are the PMM’s? PMM’s” look out for PMM’s, eleemosynary objectives are not their fortes.

Another interesting “Fake News” outpouring, we think, has been: “A nation’s Insidious, Unscrupulous, Usurious lending of monies and technologies to other nations for commercial infrastructure growth therein” MSM Germalists claim. Our opinions are: It is a insult to recipient nations to think their Accountants, Engineers, Estimators, and Fabricators cannot assess, freely and openly, over a period of months or years, if they want to proceed with the lender. It is also asinine to the lender to have its motives besmirched. Who is coercing these countries to engage? None whom we are aware. They certainly can seek competitive bids from other lenders if they choose. One cannot fault a ancient culture for wanting to benefits its people even more, as it helps other peoples elsewhere.

We have written, a number of times about Coronavirus CV19 and the Germalists writing about the ‘Pandemic’ [before it was even one]. Who put the idea in their heads: “To stir up the herd”? Today, ‘Cocksure’ about a “Meat Market malaise” commencing the CV19 situation, months ago, now has morphed into a nation’s Biologic Lab being the insipient locus. Yet, we who analyze world-actions, are not so sure of this reputed source, as we had written. Even if research was on-going at a particular laboratory, it certainly does not preclude others, in lands around the world, from doing similar research. If funded by the wealthy, or super-wealthy, others with different political and/or social agendas could acheive their goals; economic being one of them. The fact that since the pandemic onset, many billionaires have made more billions. Perhaps some were in on the scheme? Forensic studies may reveal much more to this tragedy than mere “Virions running amok, due to Mother Nature”.

People do not trust the Media, it is the acolyte of the PMMs, nothing more. While the lackey “Germalists” get pennies, they help the PMMs make billions of dollars. “Want a ‘Pandemic’?” “No problem.”

Realty: Long term or short term, “It is the money, Sonny; all ways and always, the money”.

Reference: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/washington-secrets/true-58-agree-media-is-enemy-of-the-people-83-hit-fake-news

As The Ancient, Huge, ‘Dire Wolves’ [Aenocyon dirus] Disappeared Due To “Gross Size Inefficiencies” (Relative To Their Environments), Will Today’s Many Gigantic ‘Economic Wolves’ Meet Similar Fates?

Repeatedly over the many decades, we have observed incipient tactics employed by both corporations and individuals, who had the unfortunate behavior of believing press reports favorable of them. In America, just a few years ago, their was ‘Enron Corporation’, a Texas energy company, who was apparently too self-assured of its self-importance that it ran afoul of the law and was penalized according by the U.S. Government.

In Britain, a few years ago, Publisher Robert Maxwell, appeared so self-confident of his infallibility, his empire collapsed. He physically perished, in a drowning accident, so all of the lawsuits against him were not witnessed by this man.

In South America, rampant bribery to some political leaders in the area, by Brazil’s Odebrecht Corporation, has shamed many people who thought their ill-gotten gains would remain secret. Many of the miscreants were imprisoned. The “Panama Papers” exposure voided their secrecies. There are NO long term secrets.

Today, in America, for example, their are many Washington, D.C. politicians who ‘entered the game’ with mere dollars in their wallets, and will exit as multi-millionaires. Certainly their salaries approaching $200,000.00 a year (plus benefits) are not responsible for their great accumulations. One may assume that their ”Information Disconnected”[due to U.S. Laws] makes their spouses ‘Miraculous Money Mavens Making Meritorious Moves’ in the world of high finance? Maybe a ‘timely’ great inheritance from Uncle Wilbur? Will any be prosecuted for corruption? Perhaps not.

As we learn of spectacular largesse by San Jose, California’s ‘Silicon Valley’ [SV] nabobs in giving away hundreds of millions of dollars, merely to ensure voter participation in elections, we cannot but be in awe of such munificence. We must wonder which of the Puppet Masters’ Masters formulated the amounts and to whom, for these [Non-Governmental Operations (NGO’s) they OWN? One merely has to research the individuals and legal entities in the various SV “Pre-Initial Public Offerings” to find, what one finds.

As International Businessmen, who have been, over the decades, here, there, and everywhere, we would advise the large Dire Wolves [Beneficiary Governments]: “Do not overplay the hands of your mere Puppet Masters in Silicon Valley. Enjoy the financial success you have attained with your brilliant Chess moves. However, realize, these young ‘Front-Men’ of yours are not credible to people who have ‘been around the block several times’. You do not want to try to repeat the readily ascertainable ‘Silent Coup of 2020’; for you, the situation then may become dire. Your ‘Front Men’ should take early retirements, for everyone’s benefit; their and yours.

The larger the Dire Wolf became, the harder is was for him to adapt, and quickly move in his changing environment. Now he is extinct. Such is the fate of Dire Wolves who become too big for the world. They will perish, one by one; guaranteed.

Reality: Getting burnt once or twice can even make a Wolf afraid of fire.

Reference: https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2021/01/legendary-dire-wolf-may-not-have-been-wolf-all

Puppet Masters’ Masters [PMM’s] May Have Won A U.S. Battle, However, Evidence Of A Possible Ensuing Avalanche Of World Distrust, Shows They Will Have Lost The War

The very predictable ‘sham’ Presidential Election in America (Circa 2020) allowed PMM’s and their Puppet Masters to rejoice in their collusive success. They had the support in America, of many States’ Politicians; U.S. Intelligence Agencies’ Leaders; the Justice Department; and a silent Supreme Court, to do their bidding [as well as ‘foreign’ assistance]. The career politician who barely campaigned, along with the financiers of the ‘Silent Coup D’Etat’ knew well beforehand ‘the Fix was In”. The ‘Germalists’ of Main Stream Media were prepared to denigrate anyone who challenged the election outcome as a “Conspiracy Theorist”; they still do.

The other interesting aspect of this cabal was the timing of Coronavirus [CV19] to be touted as a reason for ‘Mail-In Voting’. It has been found to have a great percentage of fraudulent votes [the auditing is presently in progress in many States in America]. The 74,000,000 voters who wanted to maintain the then-President, are realizing the “Wolves decimated the ‘Voting Hen-Houses'”. This realization is evidenced, our extrapolation of the Excellent analysis by “Reuters Institute” and the “University of Oxford“.

The two aforementioned entities produced: “Digital News Report 2021“; it is a WINNER for objective technical analysis, we think. As to the United States, it states that a mere 29% of Americans “trust most news most of the time”. This is the lowest of the ranking of the countries evaluated. It is also evidentiary that both the aforementioned election [and declared results] as well as the subject of CV19, are ‘suspect’ by the citizenry.

We, in International Business, think now, as we did months ago: “Some U.S. Politicians and ‘Silicon Valley’, California, Card Sharps would, and did, ‘overplay’ their hands [as mere amateurs would]. The multi-million dollar ‘get out to vote’ contributions of a few Puppet Masters therein, will NOT provide a sustainable win for their PMM’s as all had hoped for, we think. In fact, as we see the ‘Sheep’ awakening to the treachery to America’s voting sanctity, we anticipate many ‘Rams attacking the Wolves’. The Broadcast Networks, “Germalists”, Newspapers, and other Plotters will be held in great disdain. As revenues diminish, which the Report states, financial pain will gain, as distrust remains.

Brazil, Canada, Finland, Kenya, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, and Thailand are, in all of their geographies’ leaders, in ‘High News Trust’; they are to be commended! We understand why this is so, in part due to their intelligent citizenry, as well as traditions of ‘individualism’. Perhaps there is a imbued “Honesty Ethos” in the cultures, as we have engaged the parties over the decades.

As more and more people in the eight nations above, as well as the others evaluated, leave ‘Newsprint’ and seek data from electronic communications, investors’ monies will be gained for the latter and lost for the former; so it goes in business.

Foreseeing the Silicon Valley nabobs, who spent big on the U.S. President battle, being challenged by the 74,000,000 citizens, of who we write, as well as other disgruntled parties, are our opinions. Even the many politicians who received funds from the nabobs, will want to rethink their positions, presumably.

We suggest ALL of the American cabalists, who were so active in thwarting the election in November, 2020 remember: “The Bible Of America is the United States Constitution; only heretics trifle with it.” As other politicians push the pendulum to the ‘Center’ from the ‘Left’, expect legislation to curtail questionable practices in Silicon Valley and elsewhere. One can follow one’s nose and smell the stench in the air being wafted by the Pacific Ocean.

As to all of the approximately 200 nations of the world, we say “What you Hear; What you Read; What you See”: Trust But Verify. Remember: Wily Wolves may bleat as though they are Sheep.

Reality: Some Poisons are formulated to taste delicious and have sweet aromas.

Reference: https://reutersinstitute.politics.ox.ac.uk/digital-news-report/2021

In ‘Strength’ [Mental And Physical], Are The ‘Seeds For Survival’, In Both Business And Life

Over the many decades, we have seen repeatedly, what many would considered “Elements Of Weakness” being sown by doting parents of children ‘Johnny and Joanie’, as well as their relatives. Since the adults intend to have the children enjoy a life ‘without anxiety, frustration or, pain’, they do everything possible towards that aim. Unfortunately, the ‘Princelings’ and ‘Princesslings’, [PPs] develop mental and physical stamina as sturdy as ‘marshmallows’. Giving the youngsters material possessions, in abundance, depletes the value of the gifts, item by item. Since the children do not have to work for the abundance, they will have learned nothing about ‘life’. One important realization that escapes them: “There is NO free lunch”; one way or another, now or later, there is ALWAYS a price to be paid.

In International Business, we have repeatedly seen, parents giving large sums of money to their children to start companies, for which the offspring have little or no knowledge. As the businesses fail, for a variety of reasons, some of the ‘entrepreneurs’ turn to liquor or narcotics to assuage their discontent. The PPs are weak in character, integrity, and intrepidness [if they keep on relying on others assistance to reinforce them]. One must, we think develop a “Internal Nuclear Furnace” to power themselves through both ‘thick’ and ‘thin’ times; such is the life experience. We often think of World War II. During the Nazis invasion of portions of Russia, the strong Russians, fought in terrible weather conditions and beat the invaders. We think it is in large part due to the mental stamina of the Russian people. As to ‘Ursa’, a ‘Ranger’s’ sagacious advice: “Bears are NOT to ever be trifled with. Their claws and teeth, no sane person wants to experience. You cannot outrun them, Bears are so strong, they cannot be beaten in a fight; do not even try.”

Today, as many people face the effects of the CV19 Influenza, the mere retardation of freedom of communication and/or movement traumatizes them! We, who are older, think: “You have NO idea of what tough times are. Things can always [and all ways] be worse! Count your blessings that you are not in a Critical Care Ward in a hospital somewhere, dying of a incurable disease. CV19, is a Flu; not a death sentence! “Will Power” can help you overcome MANY of Life’s adversities.

If, as we maintain, CV19 is anthropogenic in its ‘manipulation’, and was established as a “Political/Social Bio-Weapon” against a particular country, it is possible for iterations to be rapidly created. Autarky, useful to nations, can be a strategy for individuals also. Personal initiative may lead one to understand the threats tendered and then the counter-measures one can take to evade the virus models. As we have relied for many decades on Herbs, Minerals, and Vitamins to strengthen our immune systems; we also exercise. These aids help, a Positive Mental Attitude does also. Self-reliance to sort out, amongst other elements, the daily dissimulations by Mainstream Media [MSM] ‘germalists’, requires mental energy to think; ergo, proper rest is needed for brain catharsis. Keeping in mind that whatever commercial MSM says, there will be Puppet Masters’ Masters [PMMs] directing the ‘chatter’ for their personal gains. Are the PMMs: Civilian, Military, Intelligence Agencies? As we contend about CV19, other entities had agendas for it. The TERRIBLE deaths to others was, is, and will be, of no concern to the perpetrators. The reality is, it had the effect of embarrassing a nation, causing economic damage to it, and may taint relationships of other nations with it for decades. We hope not.

“Mental Health” we maintain, is directed within one mind, and facilitated with one’s brain. It requires proper nutrition and avoidance of toxins; be they chemical, social, or spiritual. Developing ‘Will-Power’ is important, but also realizing Arthur Schopoenhauer’s ‘Truth’ in his “The World As Will And Idea”: “The objective world exists only as a idea.” Ergo, what one is ‘fed’, as to what is, ‘reality at the time’, might not be.

We think: “Do not get depressed, better days lie ahead for those who are able to seek daybreak.”

Reality: Be careful to believe, with certainty, that which you see. If the power is turned off, the active visual hologram will disappear.

Reference: https://www.albawaba.com/editors-choice/covid-pandemic-increased-number-patients-visiting-psychiatrists-1434526

Coronavirus “CV19”: A Product Of Mother Nature, Or A Product Of A Laboratory [But Who’s?]

It is always fascinating for us, in International Business, to witness the vast number of people who wear ‘blinders’ in their reviews of events of major importance to the world. Perhaps, we think that part of the problem is the M.D.’s and Ph.D.’s, as they increase their education specialties: “Know more and more about less and less”[KMAMALAL]. This focus, eliminates virtually any ‘out of the box thinking’ [OOTBT] by them. Any such ideations are mere “Conspiracy Theories”, not worth a scintilla of Salt [NaCl to them]. A good example, as we have written before, was the causal relationship of bacteria to Stomach Ulcers. The OOBT of the Scientists, who made the discovery, were derided by the Medical Professionals for years. Today, the reality of the causation is accepted.

Now, Virologists are stating that the CV19 Genome ‘CGG-CGG’ Sequencing ‘Software Instructions’ are not to be found in Nature; but are “Laboratory created by Man”. Evidently, the ‘Directions’ are too rare a combination to be a credible sequence of natural iteration occurring over time. Additionally, as we had written before, the four Lysine molecules [positively charged] are conjoined to the CV19 ‘Spikes’; this makes their attraction to the negative charge of the cell body overwhelming, we understand. The fact of the aforementioned do not occur in Nature, is not to be castigated by the “Experts”.

As we have written before: “Why is it not possible that monies for laboratory equipment, facilities, and personnel, paid for by a ‘Billionaire[s]’ or ‘Centi-Billionaire[s]’ could not have created Coronavirus CV19? If ‘Government Laboratories’ in nations can create it, are ‘Private Laboratories’ (NGO’s) “immune” from such performance considerations? If a group of people had a certain ‘Social/Political’ agenda they wanted to emphasize, why not use a ‘weapon’ which offers plausible deniability in its inherent matrix: “The Flu” [Historically, not unusual for humanity to endure again].

We submit for thought: If coincidentally, a National Laboratory was working on viral ‘Gain of function’, and others elsewhere, were aware of such research [and/or were funding such with that laboratory], what better timing would there be for the ‘Billionaire[s] to ‘release his/their “Viral Concoction of Coronavirus CV19” so the national laboratory would be blamed! A further step might be, other competitive nations to the National Laboratory might decide to gain from the negative publicity their Mainstream Media might propagate against the ‘economically successful country’. There are no long term secrets.

The above scenarios, the KMAMALAL’s would not understand such ‘Anti-Social Attack’ to a ancient culture even being possible. After all, they know what their professors taught them in Medical Schools: “Ulcers are caused by stress”.

Reality: There is much more to the intricacies of ‘Life’, than the information found in a mere text-book. The “Key” is to “Think”.

Reference: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9658851/Genome-sequencing-certainly-proves-COVID-deliberately-lab-experts-claim.html

Leadership 101: In Business, As In Economics And Politics, Make Sure Your Ladder Is Higher Than The Hole You Are Digging

In America, we see the situation being: A President who was ‘Selected’, not ‘Elected’, must now try to deal with other World Leaders, who lead and will challenge him in all arenas: Economic, Geo-Political, Military, and Social. The problem for this gentleman’s acolytes, who got him ‘installed’ in office: They have energized other countries, who KNOW the career politician, to challenge America in all of its ‘Chess Moves’. Since these other countries are far less indebted financially than the U.S. [with its current indebtedness to others being $27,752,835,868,445.00+], it is essentially ‘handcuffed’ due to catastrophically poor decisions by prior U.S. Presidents. The acolytes of which we speak: primarily ‘Silicon Valley’ nabobs who thought they could act as Satrips in their fiefdoms. Instead, this professional politician who was selected by them, and whom they provided communication, financial, and “other” support, is perhaps awakening [or are his minions recruited directly from a previous President’s entourage]. This epiphany is that the ‘White House’ is hampered by: A ‘Mount Everest’ of debt; ‘Socialists’ demands for federal largesse; Awareness by other nations’ Leaders of mental acuity restraints ‘perhaps’ due to the U.S. leader’s age; Pentagon hegemonic aspirations as credible as holograms; Technology leadership squandered over past decades; and rampant illegal drug usage in the Pandemic.

Since we, in International Business, both hear and see of others, in many countries, views that ‘Monopolistic Command’ of the world is NOT the reality for America [a hegemonic nation standing on financial quicksand]. Instead, many other nations have ‘stepped up to the plate’ and are hitting ‘Home Runs’. For example, in space, China’s recent landing of its Mar’s exploratory vehicle, as well as its darkside of the Moon explorer are worthy of praise. India’s Mars atmospheric explorer is worthy of note.

In the military technology field, the Russians have apparently ideated, engineered, and are now producing hostile military aircraft detection systems that make ‘stealth’ aircraft, non-stealthy. The billions of dollars spent by the Americans are of short term benefit now as to this aspect of ‘stealth’. Additionally, Russian submarines are noted to be “Black Holes” as to their lack of detection by the U.S. and other nations.

In the areas of medicine, we know now that the U.S. Center For Disease Control and other associated government entities: Did not see Coronavirus over the horizon; Did NOT know when it arrived; their ”Experts” did not understand its aspects; the decisions by political leaders, for control were so inept that pandemic deaths were the result of poor analysis of CV19 capabilities; Shut-down of America cost billions of dollars; Steadfast rejection of anthropogenesis of CV19 appears to be diminishing by some Medical Professionals. It took Turkish citizens, presently residing in Germany to lead the way in creating a vaccine to help control or eliminate CV19. This was being done while the Russians were quickly creating their own vaccines. “Genius, is where one finds it.”

We think the Internet, which allows for immediacy in world communications for the masses, will ‘level the playing field’ and allow other nations to be creative and to disseminate their ideas and products quickly. This dispersal of creations can only help people to prosper everywhere. At the same time, it means ‘Singularity for World Control’ is a hologram that can quickly have its ‘Green Energy’ power source turned off by others. A historically hegemonic country, such a America, can no longer readily claim, and have the public believe ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ scenarios strewn out by a corrupt Mass Media, controlled by one political party.

As the American Mass Media, acted as a mere political party disinformation wing, in getting a man installed in the White House, its ‘ladder’ is shorter than the hole it has dug for itself. U.S. Citizens are becoming increasingly aware, as our foreign friends have already known: “Germalists” who work in subterfuge will learn “There are NO long term secrets.” The lies one put in print or over the airwaves, will be understood to be lies, nothing more. In engaging in such tripe, the “Germalists” are to be respected less than a Trollop with Venereal Disease, yet still selling services.

Political leaders shut down many businesses across America and elsewhere. After many months of indecisive thinking they came up with CV19 ‘solutions: “Stay two meters away from the people near you; wear a face mask so you do not ‘spew virions of CV19; have plexiglass dividers separating customers from workers in casinos, markets, et al; wash your hands thoroughly; this even after vaccines are created and injected in people”. WOW! This at costs to nations of multi-billions of dollars? We hope such leaders have access to high ladders for the deep holes they dug; especially when the true financial costs of the ‘shut downs’ are realized by the public.

Reality: “Integrity” is something One of Principles lives, not something that he or she drinks.

Without Admitting Their Having A Conundrum Within A Enigma, Wrapped In A Puzzle [CV19], They Keep Saying: “Do As We All Say, Not As We All Do.”

After about one and one-half years, the Medical Professionals, who we have written about on various occasions, are still searching for CV19 answers. They are apparently still confused: As to the genesis of this virus; iterations of the ‘original’ CV19 virus; its atypical systemic attacks compared to other influenzas; vaccine symptomology in some patients; effectiveness of masking; propensities towards immunity of the various vaccines; and public rejection of vaccines by Medical Professionals [as well as by many OTHER Medical Professionals too].

What we find most interesting in talking to Physicians, Surgeons, et al is that NO ONE we have engaged in conversation, nor ANY documentation we have seen, discusses at length [beyond taking Vitamin C, getting Vitamin D through Sun exposure and taking Zinc] “Strengthening One’s Immune System So It Is Impervious To Coronavirus (CV19) Attack”. Why is this the case? As “practical” International Businessmen, we think this approach is like a piece of ‘Swiss Cheese’ (with holes) compared to “Greek Feta Cheese (solid). Perhaps, viewing nutrition needs at the body’s Molecular Level one can realize the ’20 Septillion [2 X 10(25)] ESTIMATED molecules in a adult human, need ‘sustenance’.

If one were to evaluate the CV19 virus attack on the body with the virions [particles] being merely 125 nanometers in size, the ‘Spike Protein’ methodology used to enter a cell must be thwarted. It seems to us, as mere laymen, that molecules of CERTAIN herbs, minerals, and vitamins, would provide a more profuse approach to CV19 battle. The mere massive number of people, who partake of a “Normal Recommended Diet” and have died thereafter, from CV19, should give Medical Professionals something to think about: How to build immunity in the population. Perhaps existing diets are ‘Swiss Cheese’ with profuse holes to the ‘wee’ CV19 virions [AT THE MOLECULAR LEVEL]. One using ‘Macro Thought’ may be effete as to thwarting a enemy employing a ‘Micro Attack’.

We suggest, humbly, that the World Nutrition Recommendations need to be evaluated substantially. Perhaps the decades old paradigm of ‘Proper Nutrition for Sustainability’ is “full of holes”. We might even offer: Perhaps bio-chemists understanding this ‘Macro-flaw’ took advantage of it by employing ‘Molecular Agents’ in their Coronavirus [CV19] construction. For one element towards this thesis is the enigma of “Four Lysine Molecules incorporated into the CV19 attack. Where in Nature would such a numerical expansion be anticipated?

Since, there are no long term secrets, eventually the: “When, Where, Who, and Why” will be answered. For now, we wish Norwegian Medical professionals the best in their quest to understand the vaccines’ foibles. We applaud them as they employ valid Scientific Analyses in their quest for Technical truths.

Think ‘Outside The Box’; so one may surpass collective mediocrity.

Realty: Sometimes to achieve ‘Macro’ success, one must think ‘Micro’.

Reference: https://nationalfile.com/video-fauci-fda-director-admit-40-50-of-nih-and-fda-employees-are-refusing-covid-vaccine/