A Strong Leader Is, As A Strong Leader Does

Russia concluded its voting as to Constitutional changes to modernize the country. The vote was overwhelmingly in favor of the alterations. In fact, 77.92% of voters agreed to make the changes. This is very impressive in that it displays ‘Democracy’ in action.

While we applaud the voters for exercising their franchises, we also have to extend our congratulation to President Putin. He achieved victory by gaining additional trust of his fellowmen and women.

For us, as International Businessmen, who have both met and dealt with leaders [both business and political] of many countries, we have only met a handful. at most who were ‘Strong Leaders’; such is Mr. Putin. We would like to cite his comments after his victory: ‘“We still have a lot of unresolved problems, this is true, people often face injustice, callousness, indifference. Many still live hard lives, while we, the country’s leadership, often think that we are doing our best,…. “But no, life shows a different picture, life shows that we often underperform, while we must act quicker, more exactly, in a more organized manner and more efficiently,”….’

Strong Leaders understand operational weaknesses and correct them. Now that President Putin, has added to his collective ‘Good Will’ by the citizens of Russia, future progress is highly likely.

Reality: A Strong Leader knows: “Leaders can fool their citizens; leaders can fool each other; however, leaders cannot fool the ‘Power’ from above.”

Reference: https://tass.com/politics/1174041

Main Stream Media’s Fascination Of Firearm’s Violence Neglects Attention Of Other Means

America’s Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI] released its important listing of firearms ‘Background Checks’ of citizens, for the month of June, 2020. One must be ‘cleared’ by legal authorities, in order to purchase an approved handgun, rifle, or shotgun. The list of ‘negating reasons’ that will prevent a authorization to buy a firearm is quite extensive.

The FBI stated that nearly 4,000,000 ‘National Instant Criminal Background Check System’ (NICS) checks were made in June. This was a historical ‘high’ as to examinations of ‘bona fides’ to purchase arms. A estimated 2,387,524 firearms were sold during the month.

If one reviews the numbers provided by the World Bank [https://data.worldbank.org/indicator/VC.IHR.PSRC.P5], one sees that there are five homicide deaths per one hundred thousand persons in America. Firearms deaths are a mere component of the aforementioned; This, relative to all the countries examined. In conjunction with America’s large population of approximately 331,000,000+, living in 9,833,517 sq. km. [3,796,742 sq. mi.], the death percentage is quite low. As are the number of policemen, per square mile, available ’24/7/365′.

Our having been in various, physically precarious situations over the years, in a variety of geographic locations, particularly in precious metals mining, we can readily understand the enthusiasm of Americans for self-protection. A old mining adage is: “A friend [handgun], when in need, is a friend, indeed.” It is part of the psyche of independence and self-reliance to handle negative situations; if no law enforcement is available, ‘Do your best to survive’.

What we have a very hard time understanding, as International Businessmen, are Main Stream Media’s {MSM’s] incessant attention to shootings, especially in America. Yet, if there are multiple victims: by bludgeoning, poisoning, stabbing or suffocation, NEXT TO NOTHING is mentioned. If any of these hostile actions occur to a single individual, it may not even ‘make the news’. If the hostilities occur in other countries, MSM will barely mention them. Why is that?

As we think about MSM’s rationale for its timid reporting of the aforementioned, non-firearms, hostilities, we ponder such reasoning. Perhaps it is because these ‘Journalism Majors’ are “Acousticians”, who deplore the noises generated by firearms? Kill people quietly, and while not approved by MSM, it is certainly more fashionably “Green’, in an environmental sense. There are no people who suffer ‘Acoustic Trauma’ nor ‘Bilateral Tinnitus’ as a result of the ‘quiet killings’ as there are with firearms.

As we try to make serious sense of MSM’s continual attempts to ‘De-Arm America’ there is one hypothesis that nags at us. That is: “Are those in MSM surreptitiously acting as agents of enemies of America?” “Do they want a ‘Dis-armed America’ because it is too hard to conquer a 331,000,000+ manned ‘citizen-armed militia’? This force with even many more weapons [and bullets] than personnel?” Paranoia: ‘No’, just good military appraisal.

Which armies of any nation on Earth could possibly win against America’s 331,000,00+ ‘combatants’, ‘armed to the teeth’? Which political leader of any hostile country could convince his military leaders of the probability of success in ‘taking on America’? NONE! Those with stars on their uniforms, around the world, understand the teachings of Sun Tzu’s ‘The Art of War’. To wit: “A battle is won or lost before it begins.”

Assuming world leaders understand the numbers of weapons and ammunition, along with the U.S.A. population, then the tactic changes. It goes from not fighting, due to numerical armed inferiority, to: Disarm the possible combatants. This requires of another hostile country: MSM ‘conscripts’ along with ‘pliable politicians’ doing the work for the enemy forces. By ‘raising alarm’ no matter what the facts are, both ‘Agent-Groups’ can try to sell disarmament to the U.S. public. If that does not work, a ‘Executive Order’ might be employed, to by-pass legislation. Unfortunately, these are not ‘movie scenes’ but possible tactics of hegemonic nations.

Another related tactic, as we have written in other articles, is to establish entropy in America through ‘Anarchy’ and ‘Chaos’. By demoralizing the citizenry, political upheaval may result. It is much easier to slaughter the sheep, by wolves, if the faithful sheep dogs, have been removed.

Again, if one thinks beyond the sizzle, he is hearing, he might smell the stench of Treason, which can become quite odoriferous over time. To Cabalists and hypocritical Politicians, we say: “Those of us with experience can readily comprehend your treacheries. Before you strut around pompously, make sure it is not on top of quicksand. There are no long term secrets.”

There is a old “Greek Sheepherder’s adage”, used to judge both politicians and other well-publicized people: “Be most leery of the Wolves, who have learned to bleat, as though they are Sheep”.

Reality: There is no substitute for experience. Get your teeth kicked in enough, and they will become petrified; especially one’s ‘Canines’.

Reference: https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/07/01/fbi-june-2020-shattered-firearm-background-check-record/

Afghanistan’s Bribers Flourish, Like Its Poppy Crops (Newsletter Exclusive)

As Afghanistan tries to stand erect, ‘pay-offs’ inside and outside of the government, make efforts improbable of success. The existing situation is like trying to sit steadfast on a three-legged stool [with termites inside each stool leg].

We will analyze Afghanistan’s ‘currents’ for our Premium Subscribers. Suggestions are provided, to stop the ‘financial games’; and, how investors can prosper in Afghanistan [a Horn of Plenty].

Reference: https://tolonews.com/business/afghans-paid-16-billion-bribes-2018-report

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Political Pandering and Patronage Produce Pakistan’s Perilous Pilots

Pakistan’s Civil Aviation Authority [PCAA] and the International Air Transportation Association [IATA] have announced that many of the country’s commercial airline pilots are potentially perilous. They have been flying for Pakistan’s various airlines while having fraudulent backgrounds, education, and experience, to qualify as Commercial Pilots.

Pandering and patronage might be socially acceptable behavior elsewhere, to induce a superior to do a favor. These particular misguidedly-approved Pilots’ Licenses had a deadly outcome in Pakistan. The PCAA in examining the evidence surrounding a airline, found fraudulent credentials of the cockpit crew. The Karachi crash killed 97 people.

Pakistan’s 860 pilots have approximately 200+ individuals with dubious bona fides of ‘holographic veracity’ one would analyze. Now, the PCAA is sorting through the ‘Information Swamp’ trying to determine who is actually qualified to fly commercial aircraft in Pakistan.

We find it incredible that such charades in Pilot Licensing have been occurring so long; endangering the public. Also, jeopardizing other innocent crew members, ground crews, and overflown residents [who might have a airplane crash into their homes].

We think a more Draconian methodology should be applied to governments which do not properly ‘vett’ their aircraft professionals: Immediately, upon finding ‘Systemic Abuse’, act; i.e., Prohibit other airlines from being able to fly to the offender nation. The economic travail of ‘No Freight-No Passengers’ entering a country is a necessary wake-up call for all. For a numerically lesser situation: Ground a airline’s aircraft in the particular country where it it headquartered.

This situation in Pakistan is equivalent to the U.S. Airframe who, in conjunction with the Federal Aviation Administration [FAA] were going to train pilots on their I-Pads! [Beyond airframe idiocy (so the it could make greater profits)].

We think it is time to stop ‘patronage’, as shown in mediocrity of qualifications [especially in learning to fly a commercial aircraft via I-Pad]. It is far too dangerous to the public. Citizens deserve better safety; they also deserve government bureaucrats [here, there, and everywhere] with integrity, not ‘bribees’.

Reality: It is much easier for all “Pertinent Parties” within an industry, to ‘fly straight’ than to have to clean up disasters, created by Fools.

Reference: https://www.thenews.com.pk/latest/677631-150-pia-pilots-grounded-after-report-finds-40-possess-fake-licenses

The ‘Globalists’ “Terrible Times Triumvirate” Agents, Against ‘Internationalists’: N. Tropy and his Steadfast Stalwarts being ‘Ann Archy’ and ‘Kay Oss’

Our having roles in International Business for many decades, has allowed us to qualify as ‘Having been around the block many times’. As such, we have witnessed the same scenarios played out often around the world: ‘Globalists’ who seek conjunctions of many countries into a few ‘blocs’ [for ease of their global control strategies]. ‘Internationalists’ on the other hand, WANT the 200+ Nations on Earth to be independent of each other. A multiplicity of powers: thereby being relatively equal, to each Nation’s unique assets [human and natural], and locations geographically.

As an iceberg displays a mere 10% of itself above the water [90% being submerged, so is ‘murkier’ from above]; such are Globalists’ cabals. They will employ various social tactics, to cause political upheavals, for their own economic gains.

More ‘recent’ examples, of which we have previously written: Joseph Patrick Kennedy Sr.’s attempts to take over Vietnam initially, later, Cuba, then back to Vietnam [after his son was elected U.S. President]. You may want to review our past articles about these subjects. The point being: In EACH case, to achieve economic goals, social entropy was created, which was designed for political changes; so he and his associates could realize vast economic gains. The citizens of those countries ‘be damned’ was their credo.

Presently, throughout the world, there are social movements utilized to hide Globalists true intentions. The plotters want to put political pressure on Nations leaders so they can achieve their own economic goals quicker. There are only a few Strong World Leaders; other Leaders are mere ‘leaders’. This is a reality of life. The plotters think they will win.

When one hears about ‘Global Warming'[now, more ‘fashionably’ “Climate Change”], ‘Clean Energy’ (Geo-Thermal, Solar, and Wind) ask: “Who is funding the protestors?” Moreover, “Who really gains with the changes?”

Another ‘in vogue’ protest now is: “De-funding or Eliminating Police Departments”. “Who gains economically?” We submit: ‘Ann Archy’ and ‘Kay Oss’ would prosper. And both, as one can see on television, can provide protestors’ emotional ‘sizzle’. “Law and Order” be damned. In fact, ‘Masked Robbers” are no longer ‘in play’, today it is ‘Mask-less’ arsonists, looters, robbers, and murderers; because they have ‘legitimate complaints’, some say.

We can continue on but the basic idea is “As with an iceberg with 90% of its mass largely out of easy view, ‘Globalists’ need obscurity. They need Strong Leaders to be removed from office so mere ‘Puppets’ can replace them. If done, ‘Globalists’ can have ‘free rein’ to rule as they choose.

We prefer Nations to freely and openly engage in commerce, while protecting their individual sovereignties. Their commercial regulations apply to themselves, not to other Nations. They cooperate with other countries but do what is best for their own citizenry. Such leaders DO NOT push off their people to other Nations because they are too lazy to solve their own economic difficulties. Interestingly, there will be a small group of ‘wealthy’ in each country of which we are speaking. They just help themselves.

It is our opinion that International Trade should be encouraged anyway possible: Dredging harbors,; building wharfs; facilitating ship licensing; training pilots; expanding airport runways, paving highways, et al.

By NOT having a few “Globalists’ control the world, with citizens being their serfs, people far and wide prosper.

With plentiful commerce, people gain financially. De-regulation, of business activities is the fuel for economic growth. In growth are the roots of survival of Nations.

Reality: The diversity of Nations is copacetic with the proviso: “Nature abhors singularities”. The ‘More, The Better’.

Indonesia Modernizes Its Mining Laws: Many Benefits Will Follow

President Joko Widodo has signed into law a upgrading of Mining Laws for his country. Continuing to show strong leadership, as to many aspects of his government, Mr. Widodo has modernized this industry for his citizens.

Indonesia’s ‘2009 Coal And MIning Law’ was viewed to be obsolete in today’s competitive world. Its requirement of randomized sources of approval for projects, was outdated. Furthermore, its restrictions on site sizes, made projects uneconomical [much of mining profitability is scalar; ‘Volume of recoverable ore’ is a barometer of potential financial success]. The updated law allows for riparian mining. The new regulations will also provide for greater clarity for international investors; an excellent revision.

It is interesting to note that the ‘clamor’ against the new law is provided by ‘non-Miners’ and other ‘outsider’ vested interests. Both, who continually spout off “Environmental Concerns” for their bona-fides.

Since the new law has been reviewed by Indonesian government legal authorities, as lawful, who are these others to criticize? We, as International Businessmen, have heard similar diatribes, over and over again, AGAINST ANY AND ALL MINING, ad nauseum. What is not mentioned by these ‘outliers’ is the fact: The world today, would not exist, as it is, if it were not for previous mined and processed mineralizations. If these same decriers of ‘Mining’, are so resolute, let them live ‘naturally’ in bamboo huts, on some far-off islet.

It takes the decisiveness of a strong leader, as is President Widodo, to make his country even more competitive in the world. This Mining Law upgrade, by advancing mining financial requirements of investors, along with its legal review of projects, should assure growth. With growth, is increased survive-ability.

Reality: A Leader, who listens to opposing views, but pays no heed to their ignorant shouts, will make wise objective decisions.

Reference: https://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2020/06/19/jokowi-signs-controversial-new-mining-law-expert-staff.html

As Millions Of People Go To The Internet For Commerce And Entertainment, Tax Enforcers Go After Them

The seismic shift of ‘Retail’ consumers going from ‘Pedestrian Shopping’ to ‘Internet Shopping’, steadily increases around the world. This fundamental change in buyers’ techniques is brought about for both convenience and now, due to necessity. The Coronavirus [CV-19] Pandemic, tragic as it is as an Influenza, which can kill, has produced a ‘Commercial Side’. This includes: Increases in retail sales of ‘Pathogen Preventers’ [Sprays, Wipes, et al], Toilet Paper, Vaccine Research Equipment, Pedestrian Control Devices, Bicycles, and Internet Entertainment Contracts.

Many governments, have dwindling revenue streams, caused by negative commercial effects of CV-19. They are now determined to supplement money flows to their Treasury Departments with Value Added Taxes; this, as well as other revenue gaining approaches. We, in International Business, are loathe to see increases in taxes without commensurate increases in benefits to those who pay the taxes. However, we fully understand the needs of governments to sustain themselves; without governments, chaos will surely arise for populations. The ‘fine balance’ that is required: A particular tax to not ‘overburden’ the taxpayer, yet help provide sufficient cash flow towards required treasury needs.

We think there is an even better way to facilitate Treasury Department needs; Close down ‘small’ “Money Launderers” illicit operations of Criminal Enterprises. In particular, by stemming cash ‘outflows’ from a country, a economy is stronger. Also, by carefully examining ‘large’ “legitimate” Corporate investments in other countries, one may detect money laundering on a grander scale. “Piety”,of both behavior and thought, is not evidenced by merely wearing a fine suit and wearing a necktie. Over the years we have met many individuals who have tried to appear, through attire and professional demeanor, as ‘Innocent as Lambs’ but in reality were ‘Black Mambas’, poisonous to their cores. They surely did, do, and will do everything to keep their cash, “Governments’ needs be damned”, is their credo. Fortunately, they are not in great abundance.

The ‘Bottom Line’ is: Treasury Departments need to be aware how, where, and why countries’ cash flows, particularly illicit, are occurring, and then, if criminal, stop them. Also, taxation of the citizens, should be at a level commensurate with the citizens’ gains from their ‘acquisitions’.

Reality: Like superb mechanical Wristwatches, those entities with the greatest accuracy, which endure over the longest time, are of the finest balance.

Reference: https://thefinancialexpress.com.bd/trade/no-more-free-lunch-banks-collecting-vat-on-use-of-foreign-movie-channels-1592452941

“Coral Sea Cable” Brings Wholesale Prices To Papua New Guinea; However, Connections To Nodes Throughout The Country Would Be Even Better

Australia has generously provided the bulk of the funding for the “Coral Sea Cable”, which stretches from Sydney to Honiara and Port Moresby. The transmission line, for a distance of 4,700 kilometers [2,920 statute miles], was supposed to facilitate cheaper data cost for all of Papua New Guinea residents. While the ‘Wholesale’ costs of the data are significantly less expensive, perhaps ‘Retail’ users have not benefitted as much.

Apparently ‘Retail’ users of data have a two-fold situation they confront: [A] While the ‘Wholesale’ price of data has substantially declined, only a portion of the savings appear to have been passed on to residential customers. [B] it appears that connections throughout Papua New Guinea, to additional residences, has barely commenced, if even that. Maybe the ‘game’ of Internet Service Providers [ISP’s] is to wait and hold onto existing cash, if so, then residents throughout the country lose. These losses are due to non-existent services as well as reduced savings per kilobyte not being passed on by ISP’s, as aforementioned.

The leaders of Papua New Guinea should realize that International Businessmen and International Investors hold the Internet in high esteem. ANYONE that curtails the expansion of the Internet in a country, these ‘Outsiders’ might be considering doing business in or with, will be cautiously reviewed. If they detect even a mere scintilla of odor, the ‘Outsiders’ will decline to do business therewith. Their logic is simple: If the leaders of a country, and/or its business leaders, will not attend to the needs of their citizens/customers, how will they treat anyone else entering into commerce with them? It does not take much skill to detect intentions of a ‘executive’ wearing a fancy suit with a lapel pin on his lapel which says: “I want even more, just for myself”. Communications though the Internet are making users more attentive and wiser.

Reality: The Integrity of a conscientious Leader radiates like Uranium; that of a ‘Litter’ appears like Chalcopyrite.

Reference: http://www.cookislandsnews.com/regional/small-world/item/77371-png-s-coral-sea-cable

Australian Bureaucrats, In A Short Span Of Time, Allowed 46,000 Years Of Culture To Be Devastated

When a mining company wanted to engage in site development, it obtained the proper certification from the Australian government. The problem is that the bureaucrats in the government did NOT properly engage in ‘Due Diligence’; this, in assessing the effects of the intended actions of the mining company applicant. Negligently, they approved its permit. The explosives detonated, during site development, collapsed the Aborigines sacred caves; artifacts were destroyed. Unfortunately, 46,000 years of culture went up in smoke, due to the explosives’ forces. .

It appears that the Federal Government of Australia is re-thinking the entire Permit Process on Indigenous lands; this is good. Another large mining company, apparently understood the tragedy of the damage due to ‘Bureaucrat Inefficiency’ and lack of cultural cognizance. This new applicant must now carefully proceed with its intended mining activities. Since mining companies want to engage in resources extractions, with NO intentions of destroying cultures, they ALL must heed the opinions of those who own the land; this, if they want to mine successfully therein.

We love mining and understand the arduous nature of this ‘beast’; one which can be very unforgiving to those ‘plying the ground [above or below]’. It is our opinions that in evaluating a possible site, beyond the topography, core and seismic evaluations, mining executives MUST consider: the flora, fauna, and “Occupant Culture”. That which existed and/or exists, must be entered into the investment equation. This, even if it adds expenses to a potential operation.

Land remediation should also be duly costed into a potential project. It behooves EVERY mining operation to leave a mine site similar to what it was, before even core samples were obtained. Good “Community Will’ is priceless for a successful business. The smell of a bad reputation exceeds the location of the ‘business corpse’.

Reality: There is NO substitute for Integrity, an asset which can only be earned, never purchased.

Reference: https://www.brazilsun.com/news/265435162/australian-indigenous-groups-vow-to-protect-sacred-sites-from-mining

Bangladesh Finance Minister Sets Priorities To Save Lives And Commerce

As the Finance Minister in Dhaka, Bangladesh smartly defined the capitalization needs of his country’s 164 million residents, we as International Businessmen, collectively applaud him. This Gentleman has demonstrated compassion for mankind and leadership using sound judgement. The fact that he is apparently of the opinion: “Solve the immediate CV-19 problem, we can resolve lesser issues later” demonstrates competence in administration.

Bangladesh has quite a variety of export items: Iron, Steel, Metal Products, Pharmaceuticals, Spices, Tobacco, et al. A government led by a business-friendly administration should surely be examined by investors everywhere. A reputation of a strong Bangladeshi work ethic facilitates such decisions by the prudent.

As the Finance Minister understands, CV-19 which arrived, will soon depart, as influenzas do. CV-19, which will have NOT destroyed Bangladesh, will make it stronger. The fact that the country evidences good leadership, furthers our analysis of Bangladeshis beating CV-19; this country being an obvious location to examine business opportunities.

Reality: The integrity of the leaders of a country are even more important than the physical resources of the nation.

Reference: https://thefinancialexpress.com.bd/economy/bangladesh/we-will-spend-first-earn-later-finance-minister-1591970088