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  • “Joint Ventures” By Puppet Masters, Can Be Made Effete Quickly, By Puppet Masters’ Masters [PMMs]

    Time and again, we in International Business, marvel at the apparent lack of understanding of PMMs’ capabilities, by Puppet Masters. It appears that in many cases, they ‘believe their own press’ as to their: Omnipotence, Omnipresence, and Omniscience. They, forget, or choose to forget their own marioneteers, who stand above them, capabilities id est: the PMMs in the world.

    The world of ‘High Finance’ has many ‘powerful’: banks, hedge-funds, trust funds, and government funds attempting to gain more capital than they presently have; there is NEVER ENOUGH. As these multifarious entities deal with the “Front-Men” who purport to be the: “Ideators, Fabricators, Facilitators, Financiers, Marketeers”, and Rulers of their creations, they need to exercise caution. At times, we have seen comments by the “Front-Men” that have annoyed their PMMs who control them. Often times the REALITY is that aforementioned “IFFFM” was actually performed by either another country’s ‘citizens’ [Civilian and Government], or by ‘Civilians’ in another country. For some foreign governments, “Intelligence” is the objective; in other countries, “Cash Generation” is of prime importance.

    As an example of the “Intelligence” objective, one can look at “pre-Initial Public Offering” (IPO) ‘investors’ and see evidence of ‘Financial Front-men’ acting as investors who want to ‘make some money’. The is somewhat similar to the historical reality of the American Intelligence Agency utilizing financier Mr. Howard Robard Hughes as its ‘cover’ for the repatriation of another country’s lost submarine. At the present time, there are some Internet companies which have become very successful, which evidence all of the elements of a country’s ‘Intelligence Operation On A Global Scale’. If one examines: IFFFM’s of these super-successful companies, one cannot reasonably think they were created by the “Front-Men”, Mainstream Media ‘salivates’ over. No, they are to be recognized as “Global Data Funnels” paid for by advertisers using the submitted public’s information as the ‘bait’ desired by them.

    A commonality of such governments’ operations is the diversification into areas of advanced manufacturing, scientific research, et al [as though the “Front-Men” are the ‘Einsteins’ being curious]. Instead, all of the data derived therefrom, flows back to the ‘Host Government’ [a Intelligence Operation ‘Globus Maximus’]. One would hope that a country’s domestic intelligence agency would recognize the foreign government’s activities for what they are.

    In other situations, we see other countries’ businessmen, having decided to take their ideas and manufacturing prowess to another more financed country and sell the ‘Sizzle’ of their work as being ‘domestically produced’ in the wealthier country. Investors, who have not performed ‘Due Diligence’ will not see the ‘fingerprints’ of the ‘foreign game’, and will invest naively. A “Front Man” will be produced and mass marketed as the “Einstein” [Inventor, Financier, Manufacturer, Marketeer, etc.] of the wide variety of products. Flamboyancy in such a individual helps sell the sizzle to the Sheep. The Mainstream Media will not ask: “If there is a 24/7/365 reality to our lives “How does the fine individual find the time to engage in everything, finance everything, manufacture everything, travel to all factories wherever, have some sort of a social life, and yet sleep? A “Kryptonite Diet”perhaps? If properly executed, the Beneficial Owners of all of the businesses established in the wealthier country, will become billionaires of the actual wealth. The ‘Front-Man’ keeps a ‘little’ of the monies for his or her showmanship

    The “Fly In The Ointment” in the aforementioned scenario, is if the “Flamboyant Front-Man” forgets that the Puppet Masters’ Master is the actual, genuine, real power in the “Scenario”. If he or she does not understand the reality, and instead ‘Believes his or her own press’, a ‘Education’ is likely to follow. Disrespect is NEVER TOLERATED by the Powerful; and why should it be? A lack of gratitude for being elevated to world prominence is not good. The world can see the PMM turning off the electrical power of this holographic character, with he or she vanishing; POOF!

    As for the Bankers, Funds, Governments who invest, we suggest: “Do not fantasize about a great ‘card game’ one has gotten into, for the dealer may have four Aces in his hand.”

    Reality: If one seeks: Omnipotence, Omnipresence, or Omniscience; Wise Men choose Omniscience.


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