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  • When: “What Is Yours, Is Ours” In Mining Occurs, Tribes Become Irate At The Interlopers From Other Continents

    Our varied interests in Geology in general, and ‘Mining’ more specifically, over the decades, have allowed us to see the worst side of many Corporations [‘Earth Extraction Entities’ (EEE’s)]. All too often, they have sown the ‘Seeds of Discontent’ in the areas of land they mine or desire to mine. This has repeatedly been done around the world.

    In Australia, we had previously written of the destruction of aboriginal artifacts through explosions in mining areas: approved in advance by elements of an Australian state government and EEE’s management. The damage done cannot be corrected. To the aborigines, what has gone, will only remain in their collective memories of their noble past.

    In Africa, ‘Artisanal Miners’, who merely want to have a mere scintilla of a morsel of the diamonds, emeralds, gold, or silver they find with their hand and shovel diggings; in ocean shores, in riverbeds, or in jungles, to be sold to support their families. Large mining companies from continents afar, typically get law enforcement authorities to toss them off properties, using undo force. The management of many EEE’s do not care for the locals economic plight. They merely want the extracted mineralization at the lowest possible price [rather than ‘fair market value’]. Presently, more of the African governments are reviewing earlier mining agreements prior administrations contracted. They are finding rampant bribery to former government officials by mining companies. Furthermore, the monies attained were sent to bank accounts in Panama and elsewhere. This was the situation in Angola, for example. The citizens of the countries victimized were promised Gold, but given spoons plated with Chalcopyrite. The governments are demanding ‘Fair Market Value’ of the ores mined, not ‘Peanuts’ typically negotiated.

    In northern India, artisanal riverbed rock miners have had a hard time to extract from various areas. They have decried the fact of being denied access to streams to engage in mining. Fortunately, it appears that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi, has heard of their issues and is getting ‘officialdom’ in the territory to examine the facts involved. One would expect no less of this gentleman.

    Papua New Guinea, has vast mineral reserves, of which Gold is a priority of EEE’s. A problem in the country, of which there are a number, is the damage done to the rivers and streams due to contamination to the watershed. In fact, this is a expansive issue with Gold mining everywhere on Earth. ‘Heap Leaching’ is employed with Potassium Cyanide or Sodium Cyanide being sprayed over the extracted ore to release the Gold from the rock. Percolation into the soil is possible where voids are present in the ‘material liners’ on which the ore is dumped. Where percolation occurs, contamination can become widespread in the immediate vicinity. Also, if a crack develops in piping taking the ‘Pregnant Liquor’ to the ‘Carbon Trees’ for convergence of Gold Particles with wire ‘wool’ contained therein, contamination of the soil underneath is probable; fauna and flora are thereby jeopardized. ‘PNG’ citizens demand accountability of the EEE’s.

    In Bolivia, the indigenous groups’ lands, of which the EEE’s have been or want to mine, are upset as to the terms of contracts that have been signed. They demand dissolution of the agreements and want new, ‘balanced and fair’ terms entered into. Again, it will take Bolivian Leaders with the integrity of a Indian Prime Minister Modi, to review the complaints. They need to get their bureaucrats to renegotiate equitable terms for the citizens of Bolivia in general, and the affected tribes specifically; rapprochement should occur. Since the “Seeds of Discord’ have been sown long ago, we think the possibility of hostilities are too important to not act decisively. Physical belligerence may soon happen, with all participants losing, as a result. We anticipate the Bolivian government will understand the grievances of the tribes and deal fairly with them as well as with EEE’s, so all parties ‘win’.

    It has been demonstrated, companies mining in Russia, have gone to great lengths so landowners, neighbors, as well as the environment where mining is presently occurring, are satisfied. The wise Russians learned for experiences of years ago, as to the benefits of responsible mining. In fact, EEE’s in other countries of the world, should look at Russia’s mining ‘Horn of Plenty’: Siberia [for mining extraction and processing investment opportunities]. The resource riches of Siberia, other world leaders can only dream about.

    Long-term rewards in Mining, are available to only be attained by the Wise.

    Reality: Mining is a industry where ‘Good Business Opportunities on Solid Ground Are Discovered, May Be Located On Quick Sand: A Mirage Is, As A Mirage Does’.


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