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  • In Large Infrastructure Projects, Amongst Nations, Some Outsiders Complain; We Ask: “Is The Glass Half Full Or Half Empty?”

    We have found over the decades, a rather fascinating theme, issued out by the Puppet Masters’ Masters [PMMs]: Get ‘Germalists’ to decry the infrastructure projects of others as: too costly; too dangerous; too nefarious; too risky; even ‘too-too’. This, while the projects of PMMs are ‘fondled’ by the Press and presented to the public as: Beneficial; Citizens-worthy; Financially-sound; Growth-enhancing; Patriotic, and any of other self-fulfilling praise they can dream up.

    In Colombo, Sri Lanka, China has provided funding for a massive port project that will advance the country into a ‘higher financial profile’. The country should grow logarithmically in terms of: corporate headquarters developments; engineering capabilities, financial services availability; commercial marine services, and the like; this, as the buildings are erected. “Cash Inflow” should become Sri Lanka’s reality with this project. It certainly has ‘location, location, location’ deemed essential by the aforementioned industries.

    As we have written before, it is our collective opinions that rather than besmirching the ‘Lender-Borrower’ relationship, understand: “No One Coerced Anyone Into Engaging In The Project [No One]. In the instant case, China helped the Sri Lankans; we are unaware of any other of the billion/trillion dollar investment funds or other nations to do so. That China receives contempt from outsiders, for helping Sri Lanka, is pathetic.

    As we look to the high North, far from Sri Lanka, in Siberia, investors are welcome to help provide capabilities and funds to develop infrastructure of this great expanse. We hope that a awareness of the potential profitability of such investments will allow businessmen to stay ‘Non-political”, and abandon the rhetoric of ‘also-rans’ who cannot efficiently run their own countries. At 8.0+% of Earth’s land area [13,100,000 square kilometers (5,100,000 square miles)] Siberia has much to offer. Beyond gargantuan forests are huge deposits of: coal, diamonds, gold, gypsum, lead, natural gas, nickel, molybdenum, oil, ‘rare earths’, silver, zinc, et al. Now, distances and terrain, need to be overcome; which they certainly can be dealt with. This ‘Horn of Plenty’ geography beckons those with a ‘Long View’ of business sustainability; not mere ‘Day-Traders’ as some are in London and New York City.

    Siberia, with ‘100,000’ rivers, the largest being the Lena, Ob, and Yenisei, infrastructure, as bridges, will be essential. Airports construction, will also be essential, small or large. The famous “Trans-Siberian Railway”, we expect would have even greater expansion through the area in the future.

    Our views are Large Projects require: Comprehension of the problem and a viable solution; Superb design; Quality materials for longevity; Efficient Production; Precise Accounting for cost controls; Maintenance Management; and Proper Funding [at a reasonable loan cost]. By dealing with a nation, such as China, in the aforementioned Sri Lanka project, we think each element of the above stated will be attained. China’s vast projects on its own ‘turf’ have been exemplary.

    We think that Africa and South America are ALSO ideal for the “Glass being ‘half-full’; this, rather than Germalists’ writings about another country’s ‘Half-Empty’ [shenanigans] of ‘avarice’, ‘deceit’, ‘hegemonic’ intentions on those continents. As we often ask: “Who else is offering to loan billions of dollars to other Nations’ infrastructure projects? Let them stand up and be counted.”

    Before giving kudos to besmirchers, ask: “Who are their PMMs.” One might be surprised at the ‘intercontinental’ answers.

    Reality: “Older and Wiser” carries a lot of weight; except for the ‘Arrogant’ who ‘know better’.


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