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  • If, Britain’s Now “Uncaged” Barbary Tiger {Panthera leo leo}, Joins With India’s Tiger {Panthera tigris},Expect To See Enormous Economic Growth ‘In The Brood’

    Over the many decades we have engaged in, and watched, the ebb and flow of International Commerce between nations of the world. As we participate in International Business, it behooves us to stay observant of ‘Going Forward Movements’ of countries on the various continents. One such trend, we think, has rejuvenated itself in some respects: Britain’s exit from the European Union while India, through insightful leadership, goes with “Make In India” as its direction.

    We have had laudable relations with citizens of Britain and India. Subjectively, we think there are other elements which will bind both nations as to their futures: The British and Indian ‘high’ intellects are of public knowledge; They are tenacious as to thwarting hegemonic nations; Both countries have ‘Leaders’ in Boris Johnson and Narendra Modi who are ‘World Class’. These Gentlemen know ‘There is NO BENEFIT to their citizens, in being a weak nation‘. Conjoined economically, as to future business ventures, along with excellent geographic locations on Earth [Atlantic and Indian Oceans] there is a synergy geo-spatially.

    We presume that world events will propel both to examine military cooperation; this, as it regards such International Business activities in which they might engage in the future. As an example, piracy against shipping is a common threat on both sides of Africa and can ruin logistics of products to Europe and Asia. As India increases its mining, smeltering, and fabrication of metals for shipments, this can help Britain grow and maintain its manufactured goods prowess; this while India manufactures its hardware.

    Britain’s Financial Center is of Global Fame. This acclaim is not a hologram; it was earned over many years. It is a asset of the highest order in International Commerce. It will be a most useful entity for the activities we foresee occurring between the nations.

    India, which has renown in Computer Software, especially in Bengalaru [Bangalore], can certainly assist in matters of Artificial Intelligence to be applied to advanced projects and products. It will be of benefit to both countries to cooperate even further in Information Technology, than is presently occurring.

    Looking forward, beyond “Panthera leo leo” tying up with “Panthera tigris”, as aforementioned, would be adding in both Australia and New Zealand to this brood. Thus, the Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, and western Pacific Ocean would be great commercial markets. If the Canadians joined in, the eastern Pacific Ocean would give this group phenomenal marketing, mining, and manufacturing capability. We collectively think this is where such commerce is headed.

    We have already determined, for ourselves, the Leadership abilities of Mr. Johnson and Mr. Modi. It will take further behaviors by the leaders of the other countries mentioned, to see if they are up to the game INTERNATIONALLY. For it is one thing to be a country’s leader [placating one’s citizenry of their concerns] and another to rise much higher and become a “World Class Leader” [which is arduous].

    Reality: Many people try to climb “Mount Everest” and fail; a few with ‘Sherpa’ abilities succeed [this with Intellect, Tenacity, and most of all, Wisdom].

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