Seismic Tsunamis Can Be Readily Detected And People Protected; Avalanche Tsunamis, Less So

News Analysis: Seismic Tsunamis Can Be Readily Detected And People Protected; Avalanche Tsunamis, Less So say Seismologists; due primarily to the later’s ‘stealth occurrences’. Many Avalanche Tsunamis commence when degenerated sub-sea mountains begin to have  side collapses. This sets off energy waves in more limited directions on the collapsed side. Since the entire action is … Read more

☆ East Pacific Ocean’s Cascadia Fault May Create A Mega-Earthquake

News Analysis: East Pacific Ocean’s Cascadia Fault May Create A Mega-Earthquake with Tsunamis reaching across the Ocean to Japan (as was the case in 1700). The stronger North America Plate is colliding with the Juan De Fuca and Gorda  Tectonic Plates. Scientists predict the North America Plate which is being pushed down by the other … Read more

☆ Russia: The Right Of Citizens To Bear Arms

News Analysis:  Russia: The Right Of Citizens To Bear Arms may be viewed in the light of the REALITY OF AMERICA (beyond the Escritorial Manifestations of Journalism Majors who Create Stories for the Mass Media): In America there are an estimated 310+ Million Non-Military Firearms in Control by U.S. Citizens. Approximately 47 % of Americans … Read more

★ U.S. Director Of National Intelligence May Have To Expand His Horizons

News Analysis: The U.S. Director of National Intelligence (USDNI) may expand his Horizons by realizing: “THERE ARE NO LONG TERM SECRETS”. This simple Reality is especially true when lamenting the release of Information by his Own Employees. Perhaps if he were to Expand His Horizons by considering ‘The Great Rule Book: The U.S. Constitution’ (TGRB:TUSC) … Read more

Austrian Avalanche Advisories From Record Snowfalls Do A ‘Marketing Disservice’ To “Global Warming” Advocacy

News Analysis: It appears to many Weather Observers that “Cold” Moist Air (creating Record Snowfall in Austria to the point of Avalanche Advisories being issued) is inconsistent with “Global Warming”. Perhaps the Politicians who decry Manufacturing Emissions (as he sole cause of “Greenhouse Gases”) will take upon themselves to explain ‘Record Snowfalls Occurring’. Might even “Global Warming Advocates” … Read more

★ Middle America’s “New Madrid Fault” Remains Active

News Analysis: Missouri’s “New Madrid Fault” a 240 km (150mi) long fault named for New Madrid, Missouri (sitting along the Mississippi River) and extends into Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, and Tennessee. A Mercali Scale 8.1 Magnitude Earthquake occurred in 1811 that was felt all the way to Washington, D.C. at that time. Presently, some Seismologists predict … Read more

Cold Siberian Winters Demonstrate Gross Failure Of Cosmetic Insulations in Structures

News Analysis: Insulations invented using ‘Entrapped Air” as the Insulator, used in 1930’s Style Products Grossly Fail in extremes of Cold or Heat. Outside temperatures of -48C (-54.4F) with an Inside Residence Temperature of 10C (50F) is not safe for human habitation (especially for Children, the Elderly, or People ill). If one presumes that the … Read more

★ California, World’s Sixth Largest Economy, Has Its Drought Emergency Worsening

News Analysis: California’s Drought, the worst in its 153 year History, brings about a dilemma for Farmers. They use  34 Million Acre Feet of Water out of an available total of 43 Million Acre Feet (An ‘Acre Foot’ is 325,853 U.S. Gallons); Water that is diverted from groundwater, lakes, and rivers. The outlook for measurable rain throughout … Read more

4,000 Australian Sheep Perish On Brief Ship Voyage

News Analysis: “Heat Stress” is allegedly the Cause of Death of 4,000 Australian Sheep which were sent to the Middle East on a ship. The Summer Sun apparently radiated the ship so badly that the deaths occurred over a very short period of time. The ship apparently either had no Insulation or it might have … Read more

Drivers Should Never “Be In A Fog” When Driving Automobiles In A Fog

News Analysis: Coastal areas, throughout the World, like Abu Dhabi,  may be subject to increasing levels of fog due to Climate Change, many Weather Experts theorize. If so, it behooves ALL DRIVERS of automobiles to use extra caution and to wisely drive at speeds  less than their restricted visibility allows. The unfortunate fact is that globally, “Fog … Read more