Global Debt Of $199 Trillion: The Hole Is So Deep There Is No Light At Its Bottom

News Analysis: The amount of debt in the world has increased significantly since the economic collapse of Circa 2008. Since the Global Debt of $199 Trillion: The hole is so deep there is no light at its bottom, many economists think. Much akin to narcotics addicts insatiable appetites for “Fixes”, so too are the leaders of many Nations; in issuing their Fiat Currencies in uncontrollable fashion. Since there is very little to support the value of their currencies, what is received by purchasers is mere paper with ink on it, little else. They obviously have not gained financial wisdom from the “2008” debacle.
America’s $18+Trillion in debt is axiomatic evidence for how NOT TO MANAGE A COUNTRY’S FINANCES. Since it has fewer unique sought-after products [unavailable through other Nations’ suppliers] it can expect to have less Taxable Income of Export Sales, from which to pay Creditors. Comparable goods offered to the world can be purchased for less, elsewhere. 
Yet, America, at ‘break-neck’ speed, has Washington, D.C. leaders spending money like “Drunken Sailors on Shore Leave”. $4 Trillion in expenditures for the upcoming year, is anti-thetical to Conservative Money Management. All this Administration has done is to “Shackle future generations of Americans with the chains of debt repayment for today’s Washington, D.C. Follies”; sad, but true.
Greece, is burdened with more than $300 Billion in debt, of which it cannot possibly pay from its current level of Gross National Product; it also is a victim of former Corrupt Political and Military Leaders. As with America (principally in Banking), which Financial Miscreants have been prosecuted and have gone to prison for the 2008 “Economic Melt-Down”? None. 
The aforementioned two examples of Mis-managed Countries, is representative of an Endemic Problem facing the World in 2015: “Financial Leadership of Nations by Whim and Caprice”.
It will not take much by (a) Hegemonic Nation(s) with hidden agendas,  to add inertia to this Economic Avalanche that may bury  the World’s Citizenry, and future generations, in a “Snow Bank of Debt”.

★ Greece: When Following Other Nations’ Leaders Down A Steep Rocky Hillside, Make Sure They Do Not Suffer From Cataracts [Or Hidden Agendas]

News Analysis: The current on-going lethargy in World Economic Markets, which suffered a Real Estate Implosion in 2008 and now is undergoing a predicted Oil Price Implosion, is worsening; This from the current “Trade War” between American and European Union (EU) Members vis-à-vis Russia.

Beyond the current sufferings of ‘EU’ Member Greece (due principally to its former Government Blatant Mis-management and Political and Military Corruption at its highest levels) its Citizens now suffer from the aforementioned “Trade War”. As a Proviso for Greece: When following other Nations’ Leaders down a steep rocky hillside, make sure they do not suffer from cataracts (or Hidden Agendas). 

Hellas currently losing over $46+ Million Dollars in lost Produce Sales to Russia surely hurts even more in its not-even-tepid economy. As Greece has followed along with other Nations’ Leaders dictates, its citizens are suffering immeasurably. Which of these other leaders care? Surely not the leaders across the Atlantic Ocean;  Nor any of those to its West. 

Rather than the Politicians in Athens blindly following along and thereby punishing their voters, Real Leadership is needed at this immediate moment in time. Others to the West may have Hidden Agendas.

That which will ease Hellas Citizens’ financial suffering and  allow for partial debt forgiveness by creditors is a plan which should immediately be negotiated and employed. The idea that its $300+/- Billion Dollars in debt can be repaid is a mere Hologram of Financial Fantasy ideated by ‘Sharks’. Other Nations have had large debt forgiveness actions realized. Why not now with Greece?

While the current debt situation is being dealt with, Greeks need to show “Sophia” and, if necessary, tell the Americans and other ‘EU’ Leaders: “‘Oxi”!; “Then exo xpimata”.

Others should be aware: as for the Country’s dealings with Russia: Greeks, did,  do, and will consider Russians as Brothers.

Different countries are also feeling the Economic Pain created by this foolishly designed Trade War, while various other Nations are benefitting handsomely. Hopefully, logic will prevail in this Financial Debacle; Hopefully the ‘EU’ relents.

The only one’s that have not Personally felt any financial pain are the American and ‘EU’ leaders who planned this Cabal. 

Interesting: Even the Country, over which this scheme was allegedly based, is far worse off today than it was before the plotters commenced their machinations three years+ years ago.



☆ America Is To Import No Oil By 2037; Just Deplete Its Reserves: Illogical Logic?

News Analysis: America Is To Import No Oil By 2037; Just Deplete Its Reserves: Illogical Logic? In Investments, using “Other People’s Money” and Retaining your Own, is considered Very Wise. In America, regarding Oil Production, the reverse practice of using its Own oil, and saving Other’s, is practiced; “Great Logic” one may ask?

If one observes the practices of other Nations who have oil, they might see some attempting to Diversify Out of Oil Sales for Country Revenue Gains (and Oil Reserves Retention). In America, where “Anything For A Buck” (AFAB) Mentality permeates some of its Leaders, Shale Oil is sought to be Exported rather than Retained for Future Use. “If Oil is Valuable to a Country now, it will be more Valuable and Pricier in the future when it is in Short Supply”,  Businessmen might think.

Perhaps haughty Washington, D.C. Leaders think that Hegemonic America can merely “Take” whatever Oil it needs, in the future, from other lesser-defended Countries. They may be forgetting about the Debacle (to Gain Iraq Oil, the Mass Media declared) they created for the Iraqi People by a Miserably Planned and  executed attack on the Country. To eliminate the Iraqi Leader and his two Sons (THREE PEOPLE), they Physically Destroyed Iraq (at the cost of thousands of killed and injured Americans and Iraqis). America, in this case, ended up with next to no Oil attained, but other Nations are buying Oil from Iraq now.

Other Nations understand the benefit of utilizing the “Energy Principle” of ‘Other People’s Oil’ (OPO) while they keep their for future use. ‘OPO’ for Countries, realistically makes sense and will ‘make cents’ in coming years.



☆ Afghanistan: The “Treasure Trove” Foreign Bankers Want To Own

News Analysis: Elections being held throughout Afghanistan will create new Leadership in this spectacularly Natural Resource Rich Country. In fact, many International Businessmen declare it as ” Afghanistan: The “Treasure Trove” Foreign Bankers Want To Own”.

Perhaps the Super Power with the greatest desire for control of the country has been America, many people think. The current White House Regime however has not gotten along with the Leader(s) of Afghanistan. Since the current President of the United States inherited America’s Military Control interest in Afghanistan from his predecessor, relationships between the two Countries have been much more disparate. The U.S. President was an ‘International Relations Amateur With Naïve Advisers’ dealing with a “Plutocrat” who knew what Wealth he and the Afghan People have under their very feet” Global Businessmen say.

The Current approximately 516,000 Acres of Poppies growing in Afghanistan today, and protected by the U.S. Military (via the Current U.S. President’s wishes) , are a FORTY-FOLD increase in Crop Growth since 2001 International Drug Agencies declare.  Many people wonder why He does not order the Poppy Fields eradicated; a good question, for derivative Heroin is a Menace to Humanity. He instead lets crops of Poppies flourish “under his watch”. A much more interesting question is why the U.S. Mass Media mention Next to Nothing about this Heroin Production situation tolerated BY THEIR PRESIDENT. One can only guess as to how many “Journalists” and Others are being Purchased For Their Silence (and Cooperation).

As financially rewarding as this whole Poppy/Heroin Miasm is, it is “Small Potatoes” compared to the Natural Resource Wealth of Afghanistan. To enumerate some of the assets of this Country: Barite, Chromium, Copper, Gemstones (Aquamarine, Emerald, Garnet, Kunzite, Lapis Lazuli, Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz, and Tourmaline) Gold, Iron Ore, Lead, Lithium, Marble, Natural Gas, Petroleum, and Zinc.  The Assets enumerated are in large quantities in the main.

Since we know that the only Real Winners in War are the Bankers, in Afghanistan, their Avarice will drive they and their Lackeys to do ANYTHING they can to control this Country’s Natural Resource Wealth; repeat ANYTHING.

Hopefully, the new Regime that takes over Afghanistan following the immediate elections will be of the persuasion that “Afghanistan’s Natural Resources Are For The Benefit Of The Afghan People” NOT for Foreign Bankers and their Associates.



★ President Vladimir Putin: Big Capability Brings Big Construction Of A Big Country

News Analysis: President Vladimir Putin: Big Capability Brings Big Construction Of A Big Country by his working to bring together the various Elements required to have a successfully operated Nation. The Assets Needed are: A Directionally Motivated Citizenry; Good Capital Assets; Plentiful Natural Resources; Politicians’ Integrity; and, “Stereoscopic Mental Vision” by Managers.

Mr. Putin, many International Businessmen state, is attempting to Re-Develop Russia to its former Greatness of Years Past (and do it during his lifetime).  National Leaders of other countries are increasingly observing that He has the ‘Will to Succeed’ that few others possess anywhere in the World; they respect that Asset. The task of Developing out the Russian Far East (Siberia – 5,057,938 Mi.2) is a gargantuan task that other men would be afraid to tackle; Not Mr. Putin. Another commonly known objective, of this man, is to develop out High Technology (including Large Commercial Aircraft Production).

Many people say, the West, particularly America, feels intimidated by His Desire since its Number One Export Item is Large Commercial Aircraft (Produced by One Aircraft Manufacturer); ‘The Fix Is In’ in Washington, D.C. they say.  The Politicians allowed the Aircraft Company to Monopolize Large Commercial Aircraft Production in America.  A few years ago there were three different Manufacturers of Large Commercial Craft; so much for the ideal of “Competition” in America (Politicians love to discuss to the naïve).

The Natural Resources of Siberia are apparently keeping many Conniving Foreign Bankers and Financiers awake at night; if they can steal the Resources, so much the better they think. Mr. Putin has to be ever alert of this treacherous lot of Thieves wearing Business Suits.

The Russian President is attempting to Steer a Big Ship through deep Seas to his Charted Destination: An Economically Better, More Respected, and Safer Russia.

Foreign Schemers hope his Ship enters a Fog Bank. However, his Seasoned Crew, having an Experienced Captain, will reach his Destination Safely many people say.

At their local Pubs, the Schemers can thereafter, “Cry in their Beers”; a Pathetic Lot.



☆ Cuba Takes First Steps Towards A Beneficial Economic Journey

News Analysis: Raul and Fidel Castro have promoted liberalizing Foreign Investment Laws so that Cuba Takes First Steps Towards A Beneficial Economic Journey. Economic Realities of the Times necessitate that Cuba increases Trade. Foreign Investment precedes Great Commerce; especially if adequate Capitalization is in short supply by the Sellers.

Hopefully, those American Politicians (who have for Decades acted as the Minions of Criminal Cartels in the United States, which the Castro Brothers evicted), will see the futility of retaining the Cuba Embargo. The Ancient Diplomatic Relic Cover (for Cuba’s Punishment for Illicit Activities being Stopped and the chasing of  Miscreants, who fled 90 Miles North from Cuba), has not benefited the American People.  Many American Citizens think the linkage of Politicians, who still support the Embargo, is due to their Puppet Masters, Organized Crime, continuing to make them Dance by Pulling their Strings. They do the same thing for Cubans living in Southern Florida (decry Castro); a group Organized Crime did NOTHING for when it was ensconced for years in Havana with its partner Sgt. Fulgencio Batista.

Many Foreign entities will increasingly invest in Cuba; especially with “Modern Investment Laws”. The Cuban Government is to be commended for “Seeing the Handwriting on the Wall” and adapting accordingly; albeit at a slower pace than many would prefer. One can understand those Scars which the hostile past created by Foreign Governments against the Castro Family, in particular, have created.

One way to protect one’s Country Assets are with Trusted Foreign Friends who have the POWER to intimidate Greedy Myopic Fools of other locales; those with Nefarious Agendas will soon run away like the Cockroaches they are.



☆ Millionaires’ Migrations Means Decisive Monetary Movements

News Analysis: Millionaires’ Migrations Means Decisive Monetary Movements by a plethora of Nationalities: Chinese, Indians, French, Italians, and Russians. The destinations of their choice (in popularity) were: United Kingdom, Singapore, America, Australia, and Hong Kong.

One may hypothesize that aforementioned ‘Re-locators’ may have underestimated the threat of America declaring possible Bank Depositor “Haircuts” (as unfortunately occurred in Cyprus). The $17.5 Trillion Dollar Deficit that is on the “books” will surely increase significantly while the current Regime is in office; Profligate Spending is assured for the next approximately 30 months (or longer). If Banks again commence to fail, the Depositors will take ‘Haircuts’ (since it is easier to sell to taxpayers now that there has been the Precedent of Cyprus), many say).

As a Word to the Wise: “Putting All of One’s Financial Eggs In Only “Anglo-Oriented” ‘Countries’, as aforementioned, might be indicative of Monetary Myopia”. The Commercial Electronic Intelligence gathering alone should cause many Immigrating Businessmen to shudder.

Millionaires’ Migrations Means Decisive Monetary Movements of which there are MANY other Low Taxation Countries which will welcome Immigrating Investors, with open arms, and NOT spy on them.



☆ Cross Atlantic Trade By The Numbers And Without The Polemics

News Analysis: Experienced International Businessmen have learned to ‘”Forget The Polemics, Just Give Us The Trade Numbers” so WE can determine Our Courses of Action’. Politicians and the Mass Media Minions typically do NOT want their Public’s to Analyze the Trade Numbers. If they do, they might disagree with the Benefits of the Rhetoric.

We give you Cross Atlantic Trade By The Numbers And Without The Polemics (for your consideration):

Net trade was $38.1 Billion Dollars between Russia and America in 2013. $11.26 Billion Dollars of Goods went to Russia while $26.96 Billion Dollars of commodities was purchased from Russia ($19+ Billion Dollars of Oil and  $1 Billion of Fertilizers, Etc.). In 2013, America sold $11.2 Billion Dollars of Aircraft and Automobiles to Russia.

Russia currently is a CREDITOR of America to the amount of $139 Billion Dollars (per U.S. Treasury Data).

In Europe, 123 Billion Euros ($162+ Billion Dollars) was the Trade with Russia (equally divided). Approximately 47 Billion Euros ($62 Billion Dollars) was for Europe’s Energy Needs.

The European Union received 7% of its Imports and 28% of its Exports with Russia in the year 2013.

One should readily understand that the Hundreds of Billions of Dollars “In Play” with America/Europe/Russia Financial Relations might make for the Politician’s Handlers to DEMAND that their Political Minions “Reduce the Rhetoric” and let Commerce Prevail. Certainly in Chicago, Illinois, the Airframe can be expected to call its Former Resident ‘Down the Street’ and ‘Pull on his Chain” so its Commercial Aircraft Sales to Russia do not Evaporate.

However, Remember that “In Any War, Bankers Win” (as well as Defense Contractors).



☆ “Snake Attacks Crocodile; Snake Wins” Is A Parallel Of Economic Warfare On America

News Analysis: “Snake Attacks Crocodile; Snake Wins” some People may find analogous to an Undeclared War –  Enemies of a Country not going to War with it Physically, but  instead, making sure it ever so slowly gets Squeezed to Death Economically. The “Sneaky Snake” takes on the “Arrogant Warring Crocodile” (with its Large Dental Weaponry in its Jaws).The “Sneaky Snake” has figured out that constant squeezing of its rival will beat its Egotistic Foe.

Some Citizens further expand this Snake/Crocodile Idea to the current Economic Debacle Befalling America. The Country with its $18 Trillion Dollar Debt is Strangling it. By having helped install Profligate Leaders in Washington, the “Handlers” get their Minions to “Spend, Spend, Spend” (‘Squeeze, Squeeze, Squeeze’) like the Snake. When America realizes it is Too Encumbered Financially to Survive Economically, the Handlers Win (America is then Effete).

If one consider that in addition to the Declared $18 Trillion Dollars of Debt are also other Government Obligations which some Economists estimate to be approximately $100 Trillion Dollars, then one may find that The Snake has grown to Gargantuan Size.



☆ Germany’s Cheating And Abusive ‘Spouse’ America, Wears Thin On It

News Analysis: After decades of Germany’s being in denial about the “Shenanigans” of its ‘Spouse’ America, with the Lack of Legitimate Answers explaining American “Electronic Voyeurism”,  makes for a possible Separation. It is alleged that America had a ‘free rein’ in its Intelligence Activities on German Soil for decades. Now that Chancellor Angela Merkel and others have had their privacies invaded by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) (as has been the case with approximately 300 Million Americans) the Germans are aware of the Disrespect Shown.

Intransigence by America’s White House regarding World Electronic Espionage (EE), demonstrates a disdain for other Nations, their Leaders, and for their Cultures. It is tantamount to a Bully yelling: “So, What Are You Going To Do About It?” If the other Nations Capitulate to the ‘EE’ then they have nothing of which to complain; they are Effete.  Contrary to this, if Nations Cease Buying American Electronic Goods and other products, the ‘Encroachers’ may alert their Buddies in the U.S., White House as to their Economic Losses; that would hurt.

One can understand that treating “All Other Nations of the World as Suspect” is what America is doing. Perhaps, All Other Nations of the World doing the Exact Same Thing would show this “Aggressor” ‘the Door’. 

Germany certainly needs to learn what an “Actual Friend” is all about.