As Geologists and Oceanographers Precisely Predict Above Sea And Undersea Mountain Collapses, Causing Tsunamis Afar, So Too It Is For “Societal” Tsunamis

We, who have watched the machinations of Business and Government leaders over the many years, are amazed at the public’s consternation of some of their actions. Citizens, Employees, and Investors fail to realize that these Puppet Masters are themselves controlled by their own Masters: the Puppet Masters’ Masters [PMMs], as we have often written.

If one concentrates on the “Activities in valleys”, as are the cases for many Intelligence Agencies, Investors, Militaries , and the like, they will never comprehend the desires and implementations commanded by those on the “Hills Above”, near, or on continents far away.”: PMMs.

It is interesting to note of Afghanistan, that the American Selected President [with assistance of a complicit Main Stream Media, Internet ‘Socializing Sites’, and 489+/- former Admirals, Generals and Intelligence Chiefs], a man of 36+ years in the U.S. Senate, so amazed his underlings as to his decision to abandon both peoples and armaments. The fact that his military was fighting a absolutely dedicated foe of Pashtuns [with a lengthy and significant culture] and their associates, should have caused pause, by he and his predecessors in the U.S. White House. Instead, at the behest of the Intelligence Agencies and Militaries, of his and other Nations, they collectively thought numerically and equipment-wise, they would win. After TWENTY YEARS of killing and maiming American and other forces, they still did not ‘Get It’: A WILLFUL, PIOUS ENEMY does not surrender, being a intractable foe.

The fact that this Commander-In-Chief decided to ‘throw in the White Towel’ is not surprising at all because he followed the dictate of his Masters. They, amoral as to ‘social engagements’, decided, obviously, they had much more to gain by stopping the war IMMEDIATELY [and with NO removal of armaments (Very Important)]. He will obviously deny any such relationship to PMMs exist for him. How could he admit such? What do you think kept him in office for 36+ years?  His superior performance in the U.S. Senate? His legendary hegemonic behavior, of which we had written, was well-noted by other Nations’ leaders. His continually calling erroneously, international actions, was even noted publicly by a former U.S. Intelligence Chief.

At the present, there are many of you in business that NEED TO KNOW, what will be happening in both the immediate future, by this debacle, as well as beyond the horizon future actions of the PMMs. Since we, over the decades, have both interfaced with some, and have identified and analyzed other PMMs around the world, we can help. Standing on the top of Mount Olympus, gives one a great view of the hills and valleys below. As the PMMs, on the hills, near and far, decide what is best in their interests, the health and wealth of the citizenry not being of their concern, they plot their next moves.

It is our collective opinions that: Very soon, conditions of many people, many places, many Nations around the globe, will face ‘Tsunami Effects’ dispersing from Afghanistan; yet, there are business opportunities that will also arise. The important thing is to anticipate the PMMs desires and the tactics they will employ to make their gains around the world.

To those of you wise enough to comprehend some of what lies ahead or want to understand the totality of possibilities of the  ‘Afghanistan Tsunami’, we say contact us for a meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada for our carefully assessed analyses.

We think the tremors will be felt globally for quite a while. It behooves the Wise to consult us. We have, confidentially, over the long while advised others, we can advise you. After all, the ‘miserable results’ the many Intelligence Agencies have historically provided their governments, via billions of dollars spent, does not mean you, as a individual or business, cannot be successful; this, by listening and hearing from those who are beholden to no one.

Reality: Men with Money, to satisfy their egos, love to display it to others; Men with REAL Power are phantasmal, for omnipotence, and omnispresence have their own rewards.

Manufacturing Reality: Mining For Production Metals Means Masses Must Minimize Hampering Restrictions Of “Quarrying”, If They Want Progress

Over the many decades we have watched ‘Political Fashionability’ overcome ‘Manufacturing Realities’ by those who do NOT UNDERSTAND what it takes to produce ‘Things’. This ignorance, which has placated some of the masses, by curtailing fabrication activities due to: Noise, Smell, Vibration, and will soon be adding “Electronic Radiation of Information Technology Equipment” to this roster. This will encompass ‘Cloud Storage Sites’ we think.

The past few years have ushered in a demand for ores that will make Electronics greater in scope than ever before. Additionally, the pursuit of Electric Vehicles will demand ore mining of Aluminum, Cobalt, Copper, Lithium, Manganese, and other metals in prodigious quantities. To mine these ores, miners need restriction mitigations in many cases. The basic fact of life is: “Mining is cutting in Gaia, and relieving here of mineralizations so they can be processed into items which help Mankind.” As such, Dust, Noise, Odors, Vibrations cannot be totally eliminated in the process. In many cases, reducing those actualities, mean projects are too expensive or otherwise impractical for miners’ profitablities. There is no ‘free lunch’ in any human activity. In Mining, which is the ‘Process Precedent’ to most fabrications, throughout the entire world, one must accommodate the reality; otherwise, there will not be production [like it or not]. This is the way it has been since Man left his cave thousands of years ago. If one wants a clean, clear, absolutely pristine environment, we, in International Business, suggest they go move into a large cavern with running water.

Most mining operations require ‘Outside Capital’ to commence, develop, and prosper. For a investor to risk his money in a project: Proof of valuable mineralization in property must exist or be anticipated; Physical access must be feasible; equipment and personnel must be attainable; and GOVERNMENTAL PERMITS must be attained [this is where the ‘Quicksand’ lies].

Quite often ‘Political Fashionablities’ pounce on and destroy the economic feasibility of mining projects. Since “‘Environmental’ Concerns” are almost always nebulously stated, without verifiable proof, jeopardy to projects are probable. What everyone should realize: “Miners live on Earth also. Miners are INTIMATELY involved in the physical processes involved. As such, they do not desire to hurt themselves physically, nor anyone else. Let them perform their tasks optimally, so ultimately men and women of this Earth can enjoy that which has been invented or that which may be invented.”

“Mining” is a very expensive activity. Only the “‘Financially Serious’ need to apply” to this ‘Many Billions of Dollars’ mileau. We suggest those who are not directly involved in projects, withhold their comments and diatribe until worthwhile projects are completed responsibly [and certainly with remediations]. Take the ‘Long View’ as the Chinese have done for millennia; it works. Do NOT misjudge ‘Chalcopyrite’ as being ‘Aurum’.

Reality: Without Mental and Physical Exertion, nothing is possible; who wants ‘Nothing’?


Plant Trees, Create Forests = Increase Rain, In Areas Of Drought

A simple examination of the contribution of trees to man’s existence demonstrates profound benefits. The “Tree/Forest/Rain” cycle for one, can alter desert environs into water availability areas for agricultural production. We, in International Business, can envisage the long-term benefits to investors who buy ‘cheap’ unproductive land and eventually gain fertile acreage [ profitable assets]. As an example of the transformation, of which we speak, China is a splendid example of the transformation of desert acreage manipulated into forested areas. The wise Chinese leaders, former President Hu and current President Xi, have emphasized such positive projects. This process can be copied over to other areas of the globe.

In Brazil, the moisture off the Atlantic ocean, moves into the existing forests and transpiration from the trees adds to the cloud formations and rain. Trees planted in dry areas to the south of the Amazon basis add to this water production cycle. The hydrologic cycle is maintained with forests.

The added benefit of tree planting are at least twofold: Trees convert Carbon Dioxide into Oxygen which helps man. Per the Arbor Day Foundation: “In one year a mature tree will absorb more than 48 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen in exchange”. Secondly, trees provide shade which helps cool inhabited areas. This is very important in assisting the lesser use of electricity to cool residences thereabout. As we have written before, Israeli scientists have shown: “Palm Trees use up to 1,000 liters [265 gallons] of water a day, yet provide no shade.” We think precious water is far more important that ‘fashionable foliage’, even to the unthinking, ‘Progressive’ business owners and homeowners. Eventually, as climate change increases droughts in certain areas, Palm Trees must be removed and replaced with shade trees of less thirst; A ‘Green Action of proven value’.

In cities, a lesser, but still important assist provided by trees is: sound reduction offered by their trunks, branches, and leaves. Acoustic energy created by automobiles, noisy motorcycles, and trucks have their transmission flows diminished in contact with the aforementioned tree components. This transfer from kinetic to potential energy, although not profound, does aid residential areas in being quieter.

We think investors may want to consider acquisition of, or investment in, tree growing companies, which are located throughout the world. As people become more aware of the aforementioned benefits of trees, and their lands become barren, they will want to plant trees for the many benefits provided. For a long-term investment, trees planted makes a sound financial choice as it adds to rainfall production in drought areas. What is that worth to land investors?

In areas such as Russia’s Siberia, with its splendid forests, tree planting is not required. In ‘Oil Rich’ countries such as ‘Saudi Arabia’, tree planting could transform much of the country into a lower temperature area, so its citizens would enjoy comfort in the Summer; this King Salman might want to consider. Any added rainfall would certainly be welcomed by the flora of Saudi Arabia.

Drought reduction, through tree planting, is we think, a very inexpensive, ‘Green’, Oxygen-producing methodology. Some people say: “It is often over-looked since it is not ‘exotic’ [no ‘sizzle’ (no ‘bells and whistles’)]. This may be true. However, we who are ‘older’ realize: “Quiet efficiency outshines a noisy treadmill [which demands exertion but goes nowhere].”

Reality: The “Man Upstairs” produced so many trees, He just allows Men who appreciate his Wisdom, to plant some more.


“The Pot Calling The Kettle ‘Black'”: America Should Look At Its Own Indian History

Presently, American Main Stream Media [MSM], is excoriating other countries for the treatment of legal citizens and occupants therein. The fact that Washington, D.C. politicians ‘pour gasoline on the embers’ make we, in International Business, wonder: “Are these mere commercial tactics to gain some economic advantages, rather than ‘pursuing moral ‘high grounds’? Are they ‘conditions precedent’ for possible military excursions [Blow the bugle and rile the troops]?” All too often, especially where hegemonic interests lie, with some politicians, their pontifications against other nations are mere shams, to the knowing. Time and again, over the decades we have seen “Pots calling kettles ‘Black’ [PCKB]”. After a while, the tactic becomes tedious.

One example of PCKB, of near-time duration was America’s absolutely ‘contrived’ rationale against the sovereign peoples of Iraq by the U.S. President and his lackeys. “Weapons Of Mass Destruction” were in Iraq and would be used against the U.S., was the fallacy given to the public by MSM and the administration in Washington. Unfortunately, this grievous LIE, caused the deaths of as many as 1,200,000 Iraqis, 4,200+ American Soldiers, and thousands of injured. Could this horrible tragedy be deemed: “Genocide by America against Iraqis”? Where is the world clamor about such behavior, based on a lie?

Before ‘America’ was a mere grammatical construct, the Indians living in the area of what is now the ‘United States’, resided in their territory of 2,379,964,800 acres [963,137,583 hectares]. Upon the arrival of Europeans, the areas taken by force, guile, and or negotiation reduced in size to a tribal 130,000,000 acres [52,609,133 hectares]. In 1758, the first Indian Reservation was established in New Jersey. In 1933, a further reduction brought the area down to 49,000,000 acres [19,829,596 hectares]. Congress, finally seeing, ‘thievery’ which had been occurring against the Indians, started a re-acquisition program. Today, approximately 56,200,000 acres [[22,743,333 hectares] “belong” to the Indians.

“Soil Gainers”:The European ancestried U.S. ‘land-baron’ inheritors of today, might even be accused of being unprincipled ‘Land Sharks’ descendants, nothing more. Of those billionaires who are currently amassing great land holdings, we laugh. The old Miner’s adage applies: “The more land you own, the more it owns you. Even if you are eventually ‘planted’ therein, your precious ownership and ‘Deed of Purchase’, will merely be Sand in the Wind.”

A further, ‘blackening of the pot’ has been the estimated $156,000,000,000.00 in lost income and other monies by mismanagement of the U.S. Government over Indian financial accounts. While the Indians finally settled for a mere $4,500,000,000.00, for their unseemly losses over the many decades, even the initial trial Judge, the Honorable Royce Lambeth, could not tolerate the misdeeds and obfuscations by the U.S. Government. One should read his statements during the trial.

We sincerely hope the land buy-backs occurring, by the U.S. Government, and perhaps purchases accelerating in the near future, benefit these Indian victims and descendants of Indian victims of earlier Europeans avarice, belligerence, and lethality. The complicity of earlier U.S. Administrations to see and disregard the felonious theft is appalling. Now, we ask: “Who are those in the District of Columbia to denigrate other Nations, of their treatment of occupants in their territories, when America’s behavioral history, has, at times, been the lowest of the low?” Does their avarice overcome any shame? They criticize other great Nations? Even today, some Americans treatment of minorities is appalling.

If the International Court of Justice, with its 15 Justices, and other International legal bodies, had both the Jurisdiction along with the Will, we think, there are many American leaders and lesser politicians who would be looking out for their representations on INTERPOL WARRANTS. They all might be conjoined with some other cabal nations who decry others, and yet participate with ‘Uncle Sam’.

America, just 240+ years old, can learn from ancient civilizations. In age, there is Wisdom.

Reality: The ‘Devil’ and his Acolytes do not always wear capes. Many times, they are fashionable in fine tailored suits.


Mining Managements: Will They Ever Have Operational Paradigms Of : “Capitalism With A Conscience”?

Over many decades, on all of the continents, we have see time and again, in many mining operations, a repeating scenario; this being: “Promise the land owners everything; reduce it, with ‘operational costs’ (prior to payments); deliver very little to them; leave the owners with nothing for cleaning up the ‘malignant’ messes left behind.” There are very minor iterations to this general theme, be it for ‘below ground’ or ‘open pit’ operations regardless of the minerals involved. These “Capitalists” do NOT share the wealth (thus avoiding ‘Capitalism With A Conscience’).

A continued theme to these Mining Scenarios, regardless of continent or country, is that typically the Indigenous Peoples who own the lands, as cases may be, are NOT given respect as to their inputs on the projects. Instead, governmental bureaucrats speak ‘on their behalf’! We, in International Business, understand how that really works [to the chagrin of the landowners].

In Papua New Guinea, we hope the government will be able to realize gains for its citizens, as it re-negotiates the contractual elements. For past damages to the ecology of the area, how does one properly assess it? For future damage, how does one assure substantial site remediation funds are available? What about health benefits long term for employees who suffer any contamination?

We think that this offered framework by the Canadians and Chinese, is a ‘giant step’ forward towards all participants ‘winning in this card game’; Certainly 51% ownership to the Papua New Guinea Government helps. Since the Chinese are “Masters of the Long View” of business transactions [their not being mere ‘day-traders’], we think stability to this new contract will be evidenced by them. By and large, we applaud “C.E.O.” Mr. Mark Bristow, for his ‘Paradigm Shift’ as to what Contracts can become: “Winning Hands For All Players In The Biggest Gambles Of All: Mining”. As for ‘Gold (Aurum) itself, we say: “Go long as to the ‘play’, you will smile each day.”

Reality: A ‘Good Deal’ for all ‘anxious’ parties requires: a New Deck of Cards; a ‘Clean Shuffle’; Card distribution by One with Integrity; and, Satisfaction in each party’s play.


Jammu Kashmir [JK], State Of India, Minerals Rich, Eases State’s Investor Restrictions, Seeks Fundings In-Flows For Various Businesses, Beyond Mining

The Wise Leaders of JK have voted to reduce restrictions on investments in the State, and will reduce times for approvals for businesses therein; this is superb! We, in International Business, see time and again, in other countries, national leaders not understanding that impediments to commerce are facilitated with onerous restrictions. Many times, the ‘blockages’ have little, if anything to do with the intended commerce desired. The restrictions may merely be ‘grandfathered’ into a onerous process, for people desiring manufacturing, marketing, and or mining in a nation. The rules add burdens to intended projects that cost-efficient investors must incorporate into their business models; there are no “Free Lunches”.

For example, in JK, while timber and water resources are plentiful, so are arsenic, bauxite, coal, chromium, copper, gold, kaolinite, lead, lignite, marble, ochre, quartz, rubellite, sapphire, serpentine, slate, and zinc per the Indian Government. Investors should strongly consider examining harvesting and/or mining potentials in the gorgeous state. If mining is accomplished responsibly, its inherent depletion of minerals is more than made up by funds in-flow to the area. This, with properties remediations, assures all participants a ‘Win’.

Manufacturing, with abundant water supplies, also make for a wise choice to locate commerce in JK. Add in a intelligent work force, as is the case with the local inhabitants, and efficiencies in productions are attainable.

As to the aforementioned beauty of JK, we think also, ‘Hoteliers’ should consider International Tourism possibilities on a larger scale. Using the business proviso: “‘Beautiful Environment Eye Candy’ brings tourists, who bring their monies, then tell their friends, and a stream of ‘Mammon’ flows to the inhabitants living therein; all prosper through good management of ‘Tourism’.”

Simplification of “Business Eligibilities’ and ‘Timeliness of Government Approvals’ will bring logarithmic commercial growth to geographies seeking to prosper. We have see this time and again around the world. It is not “Rocket Science”; it is merely “Good Business”. Leaders in JK have made this possible now with their votes.

Reality: Many times, ‘Simpler’ is better; People can work more efficiently and faster, without being ‘manacled’ with restrictions.


Tuesday, 3 November, 2020, American Election: As International Businessmen, We Present Our Analyses, For Those Prudent: Where The Future Winners Will Be, And Advise Where, And When, Others Should Discard ‘Losing Cards In Their Hands’.

The coming, election in America, will offer some Industries,  Investors, and even Countries, Improved Benefits and Profits, thereafter.  Current Investors and some other Countries may find: “The Future May Not Bode Well”; As to those Industries and locations where monies are presently committed, adjustments will be needed.

For our Subscribers, gain from our analyses of businesses, countries, and industries that will be moving ahead in 2021; this due to results of the coming election. We foresee the ‘shackles’ of many decades of ‘Special Interest Groups’ conniving [lead by the Puppet Masters’ Masters] being removed. That constant economic burden to America, being made effete, will provide opportunities for growth, seldom seen. As to other industries, that have historically prospered due to the ‘graft’, one may want to ‘Short their stocks’.

Reality: Beyond the horizon, many changes await, for America. A word to the Wise is sufficient.

Afghanistan’s Bribers Flourish, Like Its Poppy Crops (Newsletter Exclusive)

As Afghanistan tries to stand erect, ‘pay-offs’ inside and outside of the government, make efforts improbable of success. The existing situation is like trying to sit steadfast on a three-legged stool [with termites inside each stool leg].

We will analyze Afghanistan’s ‘currents’ for our Premium Subscribers. Suggestions are provided, to stop the ‘financial games’; and, how investors can prosper in Afghanistan [a Horn of Plenty].


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$1 TRILLION for Real Estate

News Analysis: “Quality Management” of real estate investments is critical for passive investors. A strong ‘watch dog’ advocate can make certain no irregularities  occur with a property purchase as well as its maintenance and management. Much of real estate is based on “The Greater Sucker Principle” [that property will be held until a buyer [unwitting “Sucker”] comes along who will pay a GREATER PRICE than the current purchaser did]. Historically, real estate fraud has been endemic throughout the world for many years. “Trust, But Verify” is absolutely essential for ALL aspects of any real estate transaction.