Afghanistan’s Bribers Flourish, Like Its Poppy Crops (Newsletter Exclusive)

As Afghanistan tries to stand erect, ‘pay-offs’ inside and outside of the government, make efforts improbable of success. The existing situation is like trying to sit steadfast on a three-legged stool [with termites inside each stool leg].

We will analyze Afghanistan’s ‘currents’ for our Premium Subscribers. Suggestions are provided, to stop the ‘financial games’; and, how investors can prosper in Afghanistan [a Horn of Plenty].


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$1 TRILLION for Real Estate

News Analysis: “Quality Management” of real estate investments is critical for passive investors. A strong ‘watch dog’ advocate can make certain no irregularities  occur with a property purchase as well as its maintenance and management. Much of real estate is based on “The Greater Sucker Principle” [that property will be held until a buyer [unwitting “Sucker”] comes along who will pay a GREATER PRICE than the current purchaser did]. Historically, real estate fraud has been endemic throughout the world for many years. “Trust, But Verify” is absolutely essential for ALL aspects of any real estate transaction.