Main Stream Media’s Fascination Of Firearm’s Violence Neglects Attention Of Other Means

America’s Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI] released its important listing of firearms ‘Background Checks’ of citizens, for the month of June, 2020. One must be ‘cleared’ by legal authorities, in order to purchase an approved handgun, rifle, or shotgun. The list of ‘negating reasons’ that will prevent a authorization to buy a firearm is quite extensive.

The FBI stated that nearly 4,000,000 ‘National Instant Criminal Background Check System’ (NICS) checks were made in June. This was a historical ‘high’ as to examinations of ‘bona fides’ to purchase arms. A estimated 2,387,524 firearms were sold during the month.

If one reviews the numbers provided by the World Bank [], one sees that there are five homicide deaths per one hundred thousand persons in America. Firearms deaths are a mere component of the aforementioned; This, relative to all the countries examined. In conjunction with America’s large population of approximately 331,000,000+, living in 9,833,517 sq. km. [3,796,742 sq. mi.], the death percentage is quite low. As are the number of policemen, per square mile, available ’24/7/365′.

Our having been in various, physically precarious situations over the years, in a variety of geographic locations, particularly in precious metals mining, we can readily understand the enthusiasm of Americans for self-protection. A old mining adage is: “A friend [handgun], when in need, is a friend, indeed.” It is part of the psyche of independence and self-reliance to handle negative situations; if no law enforcement is available, ‘Do your best to survive’.

What we have a very hard time understanding, as International Businessmen, are Main Stream Media’s {MSM’s] incessant attention to shootings, especially in America. Yet, if there are multiple victims: by bludgeoning, poisoning, stabbing or suffocation, NEXT TO NOTHING is mentioned. If any of these hostile actions occur to a single individual, it may not even ‘make the news’. If the hostilities occur in other countries, MSM will barely mention them. Why is that?

As we think about MSM’s rationale for its timid reporting of the aforementioned, non-firearms, hostilities, we ponder such reasoning. Perhaps it is because these ‘Journalism Majors’ are “Acousticians”, who deplore the noises generated by firearms? Kill people quietly, and while not approved by MSM, it is certainly more fashionably “Green’, in an environmental sense. There are no people who suffer ‘Acoustic Trauma’ nor ‘Bilateral Tinnitus’ as a result of the ‘quiet killings’ as there are with firearms.

As we try to make serious sense of MSM’s continual attempts to ‘De-Arm America’ there is one hypothesis that nags at us. That is: “Are those in MSM surreptitiously acting as agents of enemies of America?” “Do they want a ‘Dis-armed America’ because it is too hard to conquer a 331,000,000+ manned ‘citizen-armed militia’? This force with even many more weapons [and bullets] than personnel?” Paranoia: ‘No’, just good military appraisal.

Which armies of any nation on Earth could possibly win against America’s 331,000,00+ ‘combatants’, ‘armed to the teeth’? Which political leader of any hostile country could convince his military leaders of the probability of success in ‘taking on America’? NONE! Those with stars on their uniforms, around the world, understand the teachings of Sun Tzu’s ‘The Art of War’. To wit: “A battle is won or lost before it begins.”

Assuming world leaders understand the numbers of weapons and ammunition, along with the U.S.A. population, then the tactic changes. It goes from not fighting, due to numerical armed inferiority, to: Disarm the possible combatants. This requires of another hostile country: MSM ‘conscripts’ along with ‘pliable politicians’ doing the work for the enemy forces. By ‘raising alarm’ no matter what the facts are, both ‘Agent-Groups’ can try to sell disarmament to the U.S. public. If that does not work, a ‘Executive Order’ might be employed, to by-pass legislation. Unfortunately, these are not ‘movie scenes’ but possible tactics of hegemonic nations.

Another related tactic, as we have written in other articles, is to establish entropy in America through ‘Anarchy’ and ‘Chaos’. By demoralizing the citizenry, political upheaval may result. It is much easier to slaughter the sheep, by wolves, if the faithful sheep dogs, have been removed.

Again, if one thinks beyond the sizzle, he is hearing, he might smell the stench of Treason, which can become quite odoriferous over time. To Cabalists and hypocritical Politicians, we say: “Those of us with experience can readily comprehend your treacheries. Before you strut around pompously, make sure it is not on top of quicksand. There are no long term secrets.”

There is a old “Greek Sheepherder’s adage”, used to judge both politicians and other well-publicized people: “Be most leery of the Wolves, who have learned to bleat, as though they are Sheep”.

Reality: There is no substitute for experience. Get your teeth kicked in enough, and they will become petrified; especially one’s ‘Canines’.


☆ Computers’ “Heartbleed Bug” Was Not To Be Government Corrected For ‘Bleeding Hearts’

News Analysis: Computers’ “Heartbleed Bug” Was Not To Be Government Corrected For ‘Bleeding Hearts’ by the U.S. National Security Agency’s (NSA) Personnel people say. Since the ‘NSA’ allegedly had been working on such a ‘Bug’ for its own purposes for several years, why would it not want to enjoy a ‘Free Lunch’ with an Existing Software Flaw it discovered?

As We have maintained for years, the ‘NSA’ has remarkably ‘Bright’ People working for it and, a Budget to Match! It is now pretty much Omnipotent and Omniscient, like it or not. While we decry Invasions of U.S. Citizens’ Right to Privacy as Guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, we also understand both “Power” and “Justice”. The adage: “Justice Occurs When The Entity With The Power Says It Has; Nothing More” might seem a little harsh to the Naïve; to  experienced ‘Internationalists’, this Actuality is well understood. In this Instant Case, the ‘Power’ (NSA) determined ‘Justice’ was served with ‘Non-Disclosure’ of this “Heartbleed Bug”.

Perhaps, all of the ‘Silicon Valley’ Information Technology (IT) ‘Geniuses’ the Mass Media love to fawningly adulate, will realize the “Heartbleed Bug” should have been discovered YEARS AGO by THEY and/or their ‘IT’ Peers around the World; It Was Not. Could it be that rather than paying such generous Salaries and giving ‘Stock Options’ of substantial value to Managements in Software ‘IT’ Companies, more of the profits would be better utilized in seeking out “Heartbleed Bugs” and their Cohorts? Is not Silicon Valley the “Apotheosis of Information Technology In the Entire World”? Mass Media reports indicate it is; could they be mistaken?

“Bleeding Heart” Masters of the ‘IT’ Universe at Software Companies about the ‘NSA’s’ Lack of Disclosure of this ‘Bug’ is sort of like the “The Pot Calling The Kettle Black” many people think; Disingenuous at Best, Hypocritical at Worst.



☆ Israel: Countries Thinking For Themselves About Their Own Security Interests Is Good; “Lockstep Robotic Behavior” Desired By Nations Is Disingenuous

News Analysis: The Current On-Going Machinations (that commenced more than a year ago in lands adjacent to the Black Sea – by Foreigners) and is hoped by many Nations to deflate, apparently is becoming effete for the Perpetrators of the Cabal. As partial evidence of this conclusion, asking an Ally to join a “Political Bloc” will not work for Israel: Countries Thinking For Themselves About Their Own Security Interests Is Good; “Lockstep Robotic Behavior” Desired By Nations Is Disingenuous.

IF the Supposed Foreign Originator of the Plot of the European Coup d’ Etat had properly planned the Cabal. it would not now have to ask other countries to join it in condemning the resultant effects (that it DID NOT foresee, people think). In fact, even the Political Minions in the subject Country are now offering a rapprochement to the “Local Infidels”; some form of Regional Self-Governance perhaps?

As with Computer Programs: Garbage In-Garbage Out (GIGO) also applies to Coup d’ Etats planned by the Inexperienced Arrogant of other Nations. International Businessmen can easily ‘Connect the Dots’; they have seen this type of activity before.

Israel has taken the course of “What is Good for Israeli Security Interests is Good for Israel” (a Logical Argument) rather than having a “Puppet Master” pull a Country’s ‘strings’ as one Super-Power desires. Israel’s Security Interests, many people say, lie best in its ability to defend itself rather than beg for assistance from another Country. Since 1948, Israel has understood its unique situation in the Levant. It does not need to join a “Political Bloc” as to acquiesce to the desires of Foreign Leaders (for later Security Favors).



Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel Can Only Guess As To What The NSA Knows About Her

News Analysis: Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel Can Only Guess As To What The U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) knows about Her since it will not release a Copy of Her file to the Chancellor; Naturally.

The Omnipotent and Omniscient ‘NSA’ does” What it wants, When it wants, to Whom it wants, many International Observers think.

If one thinks about the Adage of Britain’s Lord Palmerston: “Nations have no permanent friends or allies. They only have permanent interests.” then the hopes of the German Chancellor to have an Ally (America) act as an “Ally:,  is a ‘Non Sequitur’, unfortunately.

One might think that there is Absolutely Nothing that Germans can do to  protect their Privacy. This Assumption is Incorrect; one must merely “Think Outside The Box” for answers to achieving Privacy in Germany (or elsewhere); We have.

We cannot divulge our Conclusions about this problem for: “The ‘NSA’ might be listening”.  

To the German People we say: “Contact Us, Face-to-Face. We can help.”



☆ New Cesium Clock May Make People More Punctual?

News Analysis: Installed in Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A., is a National Institute Of Standards and Technology, Cesium “Atomic” Clock. The Clock measures the frequency of 9.1 Billion Vibrations a Second of the Caesium Atom in its internal Transition. This new Clock is maintained at a temperature of approximately -193 degrees Celsius ( -315.4 degrees Fahrenheit). Background radiation is lessened, thus reducing an impediment to accuracy of such a clock. Accuracy is to One Second Per 300 Million Years!

Perhaps Comedians, in their monologues, will hypothesize: “The New Cesium Clock May Make People More Punctual?”

One thing that is said by International Businessmen is: “Tardiness is Rudeness”. To this statement we add: ‘Time is Money’ (Let Others Squander it, Not Us). We do not care to deal with such Profligate Persons, even with something so basic as TIME (an ‘Item’ that is Absolutely Irreplaceable).



☆ Afghanistan: The “Treasure Trove” Foreign Bankers Want To Own

News Analysis: Elections being held throughout Afghanistan will create new Leadership in this spectacularly Natural Resource Rich Country. In fact, many International Businessmen declare it as ” Afghanistan: The “Treasure Trove” Foreign Bankers Want To Own”.

Perhaps the Super Power with the greatest desire for control of the country has been America, many people think. The current White House Regime however has not gotten along with the Leader(s) of Afghanistan. Since the current President of the United States inherited America’s Military Control interest in Afghanistan from his predecessor, relationships between the two Countries have been much more disparate. The U.S. President was an ‘International Relations Amateur With Naïve Advisers’ dealing with a “Plutocrat” who knew what Wealth he and the Afghan People have under their very feet” Global Businessmen say.

The Current approximately 516,000 Acres of Poppies growing in Afghanistan today, and protected by the U.S. Military (via the Current U.S. President’s wishes) , are a FORTY-FOLD increase in Crop Growth since 2001 International Drug Agencies declare.  Many people wonder why He does not order the Poppy Fields eradicated; a good question, for derivative Heroin is a Menace to Humanity. He instead lets crops of Poppies flourish “under his watch”. A much more interesting question is why the U.S. Mass Media mention Next to Nothing about this Heroin Production situation tolerated BY THEIR PRESIDENT. One can only guess as to how many “Journalists” and Others are being Purchased For Their Silence (and Cooperation).

As financially rewarding as this whole Poppy/Heroin Miasm is, it is “Small Potatoes” compared to the Natural Resource Wealth of Afghanistan. To enumerate some of the assets of this Country: Barite, Chromium, Copper, Gemstones (Aquamarine, Emerald, Garnet, Kunzite, Lapis Lazuli, Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz, and Tourmaline) Gold, Iron Ore, Lead, Lithium, Marble, Natural Gas, Petroleum, and Zinc.  The Assets enumerated are in large quantities in the main.

Since we know that the only Real Winners in War are the Bankers, in Afghanistan, their Avarice will drive they and their Lackeys to do ANYTHING they can to control this Country’s Natural Resource Wealth; repeat ANYTHING.

Hopefully, the new Regime that takes over Afghanistan following the immediate elections will be of the persuasion that “Afghanistan’s Natural Resources Are For The Benefit Of The Afghan People” NOT for Foreign Bankers and their Associates.



☆ Is The U.S. Agency For International Development (USAID) Secretly Working For Fidel Castro’s Old Enemy: Organized Crime?

News Analysis: The New Revelation about Continued U.S. Government Harassment of other Countries makes people ask “Is The U.S. Agency For International Development (USAID) Secretly Working For Fidel Castro’s Old Enemy: Organized Crime?”

After the Gangsters were evicted from Cuba in 1959 by the Castro Brothers, another associate of the Mobsters, President Kennedy’s Father, lost his possible Fiefdom of Cuba. President Kennedy is known to have gone to great lengths to try and kill Fidel Castro, as Historical Data has shown; Kennedy wanted to show to his Father he was a “Good Son” who could still had “delivered” Cuba to him, many people thought. In fact, President Kennedy’s “Peace Corps” was a subterfuge for Intelligence Gathering Agents around the World. Unrealistically, he hoped to send some of them to Cuba!

Now, the ‘USAID’ allegedly has been trying to (SECRETLY?) stir up unrest with young Cubans so the Cuban Government would quickly change (another U.S./ Ukraine Upheaval, many ‘International Observers’ state).

 Incidentally, many older Americans think the Castro’s are too “Experienced” to now be fooled by “Phony Cover-Stories” of visiting “Tourists who want to help”; especially if they come from America.

Theoretically if the ‘USAID’ had succeeded in its Cabal, the ‘Mob’ would be ecstatic and their ‘Minions’ in Washington, D.C. would surely be rewarded; typical. Taking over Cuba would allow Bankers to get access to the Natural Resource Riches, i.e. Petroleum, Natural Gas, and other Minerals, and the ‘Shtarkers’ could open up new Hotel/Casinos throughout the Island for the “Freiers”; Big Earnings. Additionally, being so close to South Florida, the mob could establish Cuba as a “Tax Haven” for Americans and others (which their “Political Puppets” in Washington, D.C., would NOT immediately challenge).

The interesting element to this Naïve  ‘USAID’ Fiasco is that those in this Agency and Associated Federal Agencies have not learned the Simple Truth which International Businessmen know: “There Are No Long Term Secrets”; hopefully, the President learns this. 

When International Observers ‘Connect the Dots’, Government Interventions in the name of “Democracy” or other hyperbole really comes down to: MONEY; for Bankers, or their ‘Connections’ (be they Mobsters or Otherwise). THERE IS NOTHING “PATRIOTIC” ABOUT THE INTERVENTIONS, ULTIMATELY: MERELY ‘BUCKS’.



★ President Vladimir Putin: Big Capability Brings Big Construction Of A Big Country

News Analysis: President Vladimir Putin: Big Capability Brings Big Construction Of A Big Country by his working to bring together the various Elements required to have a successfully operated Nation. The Assets Needed are: A Directionally Motivated Citizenry; Good Capital Assets; Plentiful Natural Resources; Politicians’ Integrity; and, “Stereoscopic Mental Vision” by Managers.

Mr. Putin, many International Businessmen state, is attempting to Re-Develop Russia to its former Greatness of Years Past (and do it during his lifetime).  National Leaders of other countries are increasingly observing that He has the ‘Will to Succeed’ that few others possess anywhere in the World; they respect that Asset. The task of Developing out the Russian Far East (Siberia – 5,057,938 Mi.2) is a gargantuan task that other men would be afraid to tackle; Not Mr. Putin. Another commonly known objective, of this man, is to develop out High Technology (including Large Commercial Aircraft Production).

Many people say, the West, particularly America, feels intimidated by His Desire since its Number One Export Item is Large Commercial Aircraft (Produced by One Aircraft Manufacturer); ‘The Fix Is In’ in Washington, D.C. they say.  The Politicians allowed the Aircraft Company to Monopolize Large Commercial Aircraft Production in America.  A few years ago there were three different Manufacturers of Large Commercial Craft; so much for the ideal of “Competition” in America (Politicians love to discuss to the naïve).

The Natural Resources of Siberia are apparently keeping many Conniving Foreign Bankers and Financiers awake at night; if they can steal the Resources, so much the better they think. Mr. Putin has to be ever alert of this treacherous lot of Thieves wearing Business Suits.

The Russian President is attempting to Steer a Big Ship through deep Seas to his Charted Destination: An Economically Better, More Respected, and Safer Russia.

Foreign Schemers hope his Ship enters a Fog Bank. However, his Seasoned Crew, having an Experienced Captain, will reach his Destination Safely many people say.

At their local Pubs, the Schemers can thereafter, “Cry in their Beers”; a Pathetic Lot.



☆ U.S. White House’s Message Is Clear: Imprisoned Illegal Immigrant Criminals, When Released From Custody, Are Free To Stay, Not Deported

News Analysis: Released Criminal Aliens historically, by previous Administrations,  had been immediately deported to the Countries from which they came. Today, in America, the U.S. White House’s Message Is Clear: Imprisoned Illegal Immigrant Criminals, When Released From Custody, Are Free To Stay, Not Deported.

Since America presently has $17.5+ Trillion Dollars in National Debt, it can ill-afford to keep these Criminals in the Country. Daily Nutrition, Job Training, Health Care, etc. are all expensive to maintain for U.S. Citizens in need, let alone for the  “Illegally Entered or Illegally Overstayed” tens of Thousands of “Former” Miscreants. Additional Police Observation and or Criminal Adjudication for “Those who have not learned to act legal” increases the cost.

American Customs Enforcement last year had an estimated 722,000 potentially deportable Aliens  yet only 195,000 were actually brought under its review. A total of 68,000 have been released into the American Population , not deported.

Many people think, perhaps some Washington, D.C. Politicians have a Secret Agenda: Let Social Entropy in America accelerate by the use of a Catalyst: “Snakes in the Grass”. Disorder can bring about:  Martial Law (with Power to run the Country in the hands of a tiny group); or, longer term, the Destruction of America (there are Foreign Interests which would love this).

One must ask: “If Leaders of the Country will not obey the U.S. Constitution; who are “Pulling their Strings”? Obviously, NOT other Patriotic Americans.



☆ Cuba Takes First Steps Towards A Beneficial Economic Journey

News Analysis: Raul and Fidel Castro have promoted liberalizing Foreign Investment Laws so that Cuba Takes First Steps Towards A Beneficial Economic Journey. Economic Realities of the Times necessitate that Cuba increases Trade. Foreign Investment precedes Great Commerce; especially if adequate Capitalization is in short supply by the Sellers.

Hopefully, those American Politicians (who have for Decades acted as the Minions of Criminal Cartels in the United States, which the Castro Brothers evicted), will see the futility of retaining the Cuba Embargo. The Ancient Diplomatic Relic Cover (for Cuba’s Punishment for Illicit Activities being Stopped and the chasing of  Miscreants, who fled 90 Miles North from Cuba), has not benefited the American People.  Many American Citizens think the linkage of Politicians, who still support the Embargo, is due to their Puppet Masters, Organized Crime, continuing to make them Dance by Pulling their Strings. They do the same thing for Cubans living in Southern Florida (decry Castro); a group Organized Crime did NOTHING for when it was ensconced for years in Havana with its partner Sgt. Fulgencio Batista.

Many Foreign entities will increasingly invest in Cuba; especially with “Modern Investment Laws”. The Cuban Government is to be commended for “Seeing the Handwriting on the Wall” and adapting accordingly; albeit at a slower pace than many would prefer. One can understand those Scars which the hostile past created by Foreign Governments against the Castro Family, in particular, have created.

One way to protect one’s Country Assets are with Trusted Foreign Friends who have the POWER to intimidate Greedy Myopic Fools of other locales; those with Nefarious Agendas will soon run away like the Cockroaches they are.