Global Debt Of $199 Trillion: The Hole Is So Deep There Is No Light At Its Bottom

News Analysis: The amount of debt in the world has increased significantly since the economic collapse of Circa 2008. Since the Global Debt of $199 Trillion: The hole is so deep there is no light at its bottom, many economists think. Much akin to narcotics addicts insatiable appetites for “Fixes”, so too are the leaders … Read more

Uruguay’s Search For Oil, By Australian Experts, Bodes Well For Hopefully Finding Huge Deposits

News Analysis: An expectation of finding up to 902 Million Barrels of oil in just two exploration blocks, gives Uruguayans hope for ending oil imports. The Australian firm leading this exploration activity  is commencing to look for partners to share in this potential bonanza.  Uruguay’s search for oil, by Australian experts, bodes well for hopefully finding huge deposits … Read more

★ Greece: When Following Other Nations’ Leaders Down A Steep Rocky Hillside, Make Sure They Do Not Suffer From Cataracts [Or Hidden Agendas]

News Analysis: The current on-going lethargy in World Economic Markets, which suffered a Real Estate Implosion in 2008 and now is undergoing a predicted Oil Price Implosion, is worsening; This from the current “Trade War” between American and European Union (EU) Members vis-à-vis Russia. Beyond the current sufferings of ‘EU’ Member Greece (due principally to its former Government … Read more

☆ American “Frackers”: Bankers, Brokers, And Investors Can Feel “Seismic” Tremors In The Oil Bubble

News Analysis: The much vaunted “American Oil Fracking Technology” which the Mass Media loves to extol, is now being confronted with World Oil Over-Supply Realities. For American Frackers: Bankers, Brokers, and Investors can feel “seismic” tremors in the Oil Bubble. Middle East Oil Producers (MEOPs), to their credit, did not cut oil production (as the … Read more

Investments in 2014: All That Glittered Was Not Gold [But Brown And Black]

News Analysis: Coffee was the Investment Return Leader for the year, thanks to changing weather conditions and increased customer demand for the brew. If one looks carefully, he or she will see that as to Investments in 2014: All that glittered was not gold [but brown and black]. It is interesting to note that most … Read more

★ Nicaragua Commences Cross-Country Canal Construction: Canal Shipping Rate Competition Will Ensue, As Well As Will Shipping Companies’ Efficiencies To Help World Trade

News Analysis: At the close of 2014, Chinese Investors have joined with their Nicaraguan counter-parts to begin work on the $50 Billion Dollar Nicaraguan Canal. Since Nicaragua commences cross-country canal construction: Canal Shipping Rate Competition will ensue, as well as will Shipping Companies’ Efficiencies to help World Trade. The advanced-looking Chinese will have helped to assure development … Read more

Confidence Games: If Two And Two Add Up To Five, Investors Are In Trouble

News Analysis: An Istanbul, Turkey, Currency Trader, of apparent British origins, is suspected of bilking his clients for more than 130 Million Pounds ($200 Million Dollars). Using various charades, he communicated to his unfortunate investors that he was not able to pay them back  their monies. Now, this apparent  British “Bernie Madoff” style Trader made … Read more

☆ Bermuda Casino Gambling; “Smell Tests” Are Not Required [Due To Sea Breeze]?

News Analysis: The Senate of Bermuda voted to allow for three Gaming Establishments on the island. First one would be built, then the next two would follow. During the Senate debate, the question of strengthening the proposed Casino Law to preclude miscreant behavior was suggested by some Senators. The other Senators thought such negative activities … Read more

★ Cuba – The “International Mob” Never Forgets About Possible Assets It Wants, So Others In A Government Do Its Bidding

News Analysis: Havana has recently been subjugated to additional attempts to destabilize the government; this by its Hip-Hop youth. Cuba- the “International Mob” never forgets about possible assets it wants, so others in a Government do its bidding. For the young of Cuba, an amateurish set of plots had germinated from their northern neighbor (a mere … Read more

★ Cuba: International Commerce Cannot Flow Freely When Doors Are Locked Shut By Vested-Interest Politicians

News Analysis: The “Ancient” continuing Cuban Embargo by the United States, reveals more about Washington, D.C. Politicians and their ‘Handlers’ than it does about protecting America from ‘Foreign Aggressors Ninety Miles Off Its Coast’. Since International Commerce cannot flow freely when doors are locked shut by Vested-Interest Politicians, it hurts the entire world (which is … Read more