“Bolts Out Of The ‘Black'”: Lightning Megaflashes

The United Nations’ World Meteorological Organization [WMO], reported a 700+ kilometers [435+ statute miles] long, lightning megaflash. This behemoth of energy flow occurred in Brazil on 31 October, 2018. Elsewhere, there have been other impressive bolts.

Previously, ground mapping stations were utilized to review lightning strikes. However, spatial considerations, among other factors, provided the impetus for building ‘special-task’ satellite-imaging craft; these for lightning flow assessments. Now, both distances traveled, as well as energies-released measurements, can occur over wider expanses. By utilizing both ground and space systems conjointly, precision is attained.

The ‘macro-geometric’ measuring capability should allow meteorologists, far and wide, the ability to evaluate lightning in a manner not possible just a few years ago. Satellite technology provides three-dimensional measuring capability, on a multi-nation scale, in many areas of the world.

A sailor, ‘Top Side’ on a merchant ship, [be it a ‘Bulker’, ‘Container’, L.N.G., or, Oil Tanker] may be standing at a height of 10 meters above the water line. His ‘visible horizon distance” is 11.3 kilometers [7.0 statute miles] in good weather. Ergo, he would never see that which could strike him, from far beyond the horizon, until it was far too late. Now, a ship ‘radarman’ must be aware of the aforementioned, great striking distance of lightning; and thereby alert any crewmen ‘on deck’. This new information from the WMO, may be life-savers.

One might consider what long-term economic impact this technology will have for the Insurance industry, for one. To know: the probability of such electrical events occurring; when, during the year; of what intensities and durations; over which geographic areas, will be invaluable to Insurers and Re-Insurers. With such knowledge: Actuaries can establish insurance rates; customers may find it economically advantageous to minimize property losses. They might by installing preemptively, electrical storm mitigating technologies [as have been long-required on ships]; this would certainly benefit the Insurance Industry. [There may be many smiling faces in Bermuda.] Those who wisely invest in Insurance Companies’ stocks may also be elated by increases in profits.

Reality: Understanding Mother Nature, is for wise men, a roadway to comprehending, and obtaining cost-mitigating efficiencies; this, for business and personal profits.

Reference: https://www.ibtimes.com/700-km-brazil-megaflash-sets-lightning-record-un-3000889

The ‘Globalists’ “Terrible Times Triumvirate” Agents, Against ‘Internationalists’: N. Tropy and his Steadfast Stalwarts being ‘Ann Archy’ and ‘Kay Oss’

Our having roles in International Business for many decades, has allowed us to qualify as ‘Having been around the block many times’. As such, we have witnessed the same scenarios played out often around the world: ‘Globalists’ who seek conjunctions of many countries into a few ‘blocs’ [for ease of their global control strategies]. ‘Internationalists’ on the other hand, WANT the 200+ Nations on Earth to be independent of each other. A multiplicity of powers: thereby being relatively equal, to each Nation’s unique assets [human and natural], and locations geographically.

As an iceberg displays a mere 10% of itself above the water [90% being submerged, so is ‘murkier’ from above]; such are Globalists’ cabals. They will employ various social tactics, to cause political upheavals, for their own economic gains.

More ‘recent’ examples, of which we have previously written: Joseph Patrick Kennedy Sr.’s attempts to take over Vietnam initially, later, Cuba, then back to Vietnam [after his son was elected U.S. President]. You may want to review our past articles about these subjects. The point being: In EACH case, to achieve economic goals, social entropy was created, which was designed for political changes; so he and his associates could realize vast economic gains. The citizens of those countries ‘be damned’ was their credo.

Presently, throughout the world, there are social movements utilized to hide Globalists true intentions. The plotters want to put political pressure on Nations leaders so they can achieve their own economic goals quicker. There are only a few Strong World Leaders; other Leaders are mere ‘leaders’. This is a reality of life. The plotters think they will win.

When one hears about ‘Global Warming'[now, more ‘fashionably’ “Climate Change”], ‘Clean Energy’ (Geo-Thermal, Solar, and Wind) ask: “Who is funding the protestors?” Moreover, “Who really gains with the changes?”

Another ‘in vogue’ protest now is: “De-funding or Eliminating Police Departments”. “Who gains economically?” We submit: ‘Ann Archy’ and ‘Kay Oss’ would prosper. And both, as one can see on television, can provide protestors’ emotional ‘sizzle’. “Law and Order” be damned. In fact, ‘Masked Robbers” are no longer ‘in play’, today it is ‘Mask-less’ arsonists, looters, robbers, and murderers; because they have ‘legitimate complaints’, some say.

We can continue on but the basic idea is “As with an iceberg with 90% of its mass largely out of easy view, ‘Globalists’ need obscurity. They need Strong Leaders to be removed from office so mere ‘Puppets’ can replace them. If done, ‘Globalists’ can have ‘free rein’ to rule as they choose.

We prefer Nations to freely and openly engage in commerce, while protecting their individual sovereignties. Their commercial regulations apply to themselves, not to other Nations. They cooperate with other countries but do what is best for their own citizenry. Such leaders DO NOT push off their people to other Nations because they are too lazy to solve their own economic difficulties. Interestingly, there will be a small group of ‘wealthy’ in each country of which we are speaking. They just help themselves.

It is our opinion that International Trade should be encouraged anyway possible: Dredging harbors,; building wharfs; facilitating ship licensing; training pilots; expanding airport runways, paving highways, et al.

By NOT having a few “Globalists’ control the world, with citizens being their serfs, people far and wide prosper.

With plentiful commerce, people gain financially. De-regulation, of business activities is the fuel for economic growth. In growth are the roots of survival of Nations.

Reality: The diversity of Nations is copacetic with the proviso: “Nature abhors singularities”. The ‘More, The Better’.

Indonesia Modernizes Its Mining Laws: Many Benefits Will Follow

President Joko Widodo has signed into law a upgrading of Mining Laws for his country. Continuing to show strong leadership, as to many aspects of his government, Mr. Widodo has modernized this industry for his citizens.

Indonesia’s ‘2009 Coal And MIning Law’ was viewed to be obsolete in today’s competitive world. Its requirement of randomized sources of approval for projects, was outdated. Furthermore, its restrictions on site sizes, made projects uneconomical [much of mining profitability is scalar; ‘Volume of recoverable ore’ is a barometer of potential financial success]. The updated law allows for riparian mining. The new regulations will also provide for greater clarity for international investors; an excellent revision.

It is interesting to note that the ‘clamor’ against the new law is provided by ‘non-Miners’ and other ‘outsider’ vested interests. Both, who continually spout off “Environmental Concerns” for their bona-fides.

Since the new law has been reviewed by Indonesian government legal authorities, as lawful, who are these others to criticize? We, as International Businessmen, have heard similar diatribes, over and over again, AGAINST ANY AND ALL MINING, ad nauseum. What is not mentioned by these ‘outliers’ is the fact: The world today, would not exist, as it is, if it were not for previous mined and processed mineralizations. If these same decriers of ‘Mining’, are so resolute, let them live ‘naturally’ in bamboo huts, on some far-off islet.

It takes the decisiveness of a strong leader, as is President Widodo, to make his country even more competitive in the world. This Mining Law upgrade, by advancing mining financial requirements of investors, along with its legal review of projects, should assure growth. With growth, is increased survive-ability.

Reality: A Leader, who listens to opposing views, but pays no heed to their ignorant shouts, will make wise objective decisions.

Reference: https://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2020/06/19/jokowi-signs-controversial-new-mining-law-expert-staff.html

Mother Nature’s “Lightning”: A Clear And Present Danger

A Texas rancher, unfortunately, found some of his livestock, which has been standing near a fence, dead from a lightning strike. Each year, world-wide it is estimated that domestic, as well as feral animals, are killed in the hundreds of thousands by lightning strikes. The cost to the owners of the herds is prodigious. The reality of the matter is not much has been done to protect livestock in such weather. If one ‘thinks outside the box’ there is no reason insulated transportable small ‘barns’ could not be designed and inexpensively manufactured for herd shelters.

In the areas, such as Arkhangai Province near Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, herders lose thousands of their animals yearly due to horrendous lightning storms, snow and wind. In -30C [-22F] temperatures; this loss can be reduced significantly with the aforementioned portable insulated ‘small barns’. Losses from electrical storms, in particular, could be prevented. As for humans, we are better off.

The capacity to kill, from lightning’s electrical energy, is well-known by all. In fact, it kills on average, approximately 6 people per million, per year, world wide. If one presumes there exists approximately 7.8 billion people on Earth, one sees that 46,850+/- people perish yearly from strikes. In agricultural areas around the world, for humans, the death toll is higher, due to lack of effective shelters, than of residents in cities. In urban areas one is safer due to effective housing. Since lightning injuries exceed deaths, by ten times, human suffering is quite vast. Numerically, lightning strikes to humans,and animals, as well damage such as forest fire started from the strikes, are as destructive as many ‘Influenza Pandemics’. As to ‘Flora’ damage, there is no contest.

Having engaged in hard rock mining, many of us are quite familiar with lightning storms causing ignition of blasting caps for dynamite charges. [We are also aware of firearms shots detonating sticks of dynamite; This we have witnessed]. For miners, several thousand feet underground, lightning can kill; as historical evidence in Africa has shown. It behooves executives of mining companies to secure the best of insulation for their miners in remote locales, world-wide.

It is imperative for effectively-insulated building designs to be employed, as the, in-fashion phrase, ‘Climate Change’ [no longer, “Global Warming”] evidences climatic deviance in weather patterns. This evolution in climate may produce more electrical storms in greater varied locations, and of stronger electrical intensities. At present, it appears that Japan is the leader in building fabrications with the fewest lightning strike victims in the world; a fact of which the country’s leaders should be proud.

Reality: For all living creatures and humanity, respect for ‘Mother Nature’ with her powers is essential. Those unaware, or in denial, can pay the price for this lack of acknowledgement.

Reference: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7459711/Lightning-strike-kills-23-cows-instantly-bolt-struck-metal-fence.html

☆ Renewable Energy Investments (REI’s) World-Wide Are Abating

News Analysis: Renewable Energy Investments (REI’s) World-Wide Are Abating many businessmen say; this, because the Return on Investment (ROI) is mediocre at best. All of the Direct and Indirect Costs associated with many ‘REI’s’ are much greater than possible Earnings Over Time.

A big Countering-Factor in the Energy Sector is that Petroleum Reserves are being expanded by both Off-Shore Deep-water Deposits and Colossal Size Oil Shale Fields. As an example, the Oil Shale Field in Venezuela and the one in Russia Ural Area are both individually larger than some countries!

Economically it is difficult to better energy over Petroleum. Many ‘REI’s’ have inconsistent energy production on a daily basis; the Wind may not blow, Solar Cells do not work well at night on mere Starlight. Another difficulty with ‘REI’s’ is energy transport from sources to Humanity. One may find a great Geo-Thermal Vent but there is no way to transmit its Energy long distances to where it may be needed (without extensive Investments). Petroleum is mature as to its Delivery Infrastructure.

While it is certainly fashionable to “Think Green”, International Businessmen know one must also “Think Green” (about Money). Without Money, Their Days Will Not Be Sunny.


Reference: http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20140408001054

☆ America Is To Import No Oil By 2037; Just Deplete Its Reserves: Illogical Logic?

News Analysis: America Is To Import No Oil By 2037; Just Deplete Its Reserves: Illogical Logic? In Investments, using “Other People’s Money” and Retaining your Own, is considered Very Wise. In America, regarding Oil Production, the reverse practice of using its Own oil, and saving Other’s, is practiced; “Great Logic” one may ask?

If one observes the practices of other Nations who have oil, they might see some attempting to Diversify Out of Oil Sales for Country Revenue Gains (and Oil Reserves Retention). In America, where “Anything For A Buck” (AFAB) Mentality permeates some of its Leaders, Shale Oil is sought to be Exported rather than Retained for Future Use. “If Oil is Valuable to a Country now, it will be more Valuable and Pricier in the future when it is in Short Supply”,  Businessmen might think.

Perhaps haughty Washington, D.C. Leaders think that Hegemonic America can merely “Take” whatever Oil it needs, in the future, from other lesser-defended Countries. They may be forgetting about the Debacle (to Gain Iraq Oil, the Mass Media declared) they created for the Iraqi People by a Miserably Planned and  executed attack on the Country. To eliminate the Iraqi Leader and his two Sons (THREE PEOPLE), they Physically Destroyed Iraq (at the cost of thousands of killed and injured Americans and Iraqis). America, in this case, ended up with next to no Oil attained, but other Nations are buying Oil from Iraq now.

Other Nations understand the benefit of utilizing the “Energy Principle” of ‘Other People’s Oil’ (OPO) while they keep their for future use. ‘OPO’ for Countries, realistically makes sense and will ‘make cents’ in coming years.


Reference: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3&objectid=11234488

☆ America’s $18 Trillion Dollars Of Debt Makes Replacement Of Old Cracked Dams Unlikely

News Analysis: America’s $18 Trillion Dollars Of Debt Makes Replacement Of Old Cracked Dams Unlikely (since it can ill afford such costs). Its President’s Indebting the Nation at a faster rate than the past Presidents says a lot about his knowledge of Money Management. Of course, his Minions at the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed), with their $4 Trillion Dollars in Debt, cannot do much to help. Over his remaining Two+ Years in Office, many Economists think he will raise America’s indebtedness to over $20 Trillion Dollars and not replace Decrepit Infrastructure whatsoever. 

Allowing for continued Military Incursions overseas at an approximate estimated cost of $1 Million Dollars Per Man-Year, negates availability of Funds for Federal Domestic Improvements. In spite of his Campaign Promises to cut Military Extravagances, America maintains its largest Defense Forces in the World.

As America Gloats about its Military Strengths, Its Dams Crack. If, in Seriatim Fashion, also, Bridges Fail, and/or, there are Climatic or Geologic Perturbations, how can the Country pay for the damages incurred? “Just Print More Money” will be the answer from the ‘Fed’.


Reference: http://tinyurl.com/monpmdr

Russian Astronomers Know International Cooperation Leads To Eventual Consensus About The Cosmos

News Analysis: Russian Astronomers Know International Cooperation Leads To Eventual Consensus About The Cosmos; a Reality with much Wisdom. If one considers the Nature of  “Astronomy’s 360 Degrees of ‘Unlimited’ View”, then, One’s Mental Resources are constantly being taxed to the maximum by the Universe’s Volume and Content. The Cosmos does not reveal its secrets gratuitously; why should it?

Cosmically speaking, some people are of the opinion Earthlings are merely Evolved “Insects” on an Insignificant Body, in an Insignificant Galaxy; a ‘Late-Comer’ in the Universe’s Development. They maintain we are through the Process of Self-Delusion, merely Important to Ourselves (that is all).

Wise Astronomers know differently: “Everything in the Heavens is in its Place By Universal Design; Cosmic Capriciousness Does Not Exist.”

Astronomers must try to decipher the Cosmos Objectively; a tough task since they are a “Subjective Reality” within. But, through Global Cooperation amongst Tenacious Astronomers, they try anyway.


Reference: http://tinyurl.com/k4pqktg

★ Norway’s January Trade Surplus Soars To 5.8 Billion Euros (7.65 Billion Dollars)

News Analysis: Norway’s 4.7+ Million Residents had their Country experience a January Trade Surplus of 5.8 Billion Euros which is an increase of 41.8% over January, 2013!

Norway’s Territory of 323,802 Km2 (125,020 Mi2) is rich with Gas, Oil, Mineral, and Timber. As such, it has provided for the following:

In January, Norway exported 43.4 Million Barrels of Oil; a 30% increase from the previous January. 

Its Fishing Resources are almost unmatched by other countries. In January it exported 695+Million Euros (916 Million Dollars) worth. Fresh Salmon Exports grew to almost 360 Million Euros (474.5 Million Dollars).

Norwegian ship-yards are selling both Conventional Ships and Oil Rigs World-wide. They had an increase of almost 300% in Vessel Exports!

Manufactured Goods and Minerals increased in export amount by 10% to 4 Billion Euros (5.2+ Billion Dollars).

Entrepreneurs and Investors should consider Funding Projects in Norway. Its 27% Corporate Tax Rate is not excessive (compared to some other Countries). It has a Maximum Personal Tax Rate of 46.8%.

An important aspect to remember that in a sluggish World Economy (that is defying the Feeble Economic Corrective Actions of the World’s Political Leaders), Norway is very busy exporting its Manufactured Goods and Mineral Resources; it has an “Economic Energy” not matched by many Countries. 

Norway’s Greatest Asset is its Hard Working and Intelligent People.


Reference: http://barentsobserver.com/en/business/2014/02/norway-trade-surplus-hit-record-19-02

Solar Powered Boats Delight Environmentalists

News Analysis: Clean boats using Solar Power as the Energy Source for their Propulsion are gaining international acclaim to the delight of Environmentalists. Since an abundance of Solar Cells can be designed into a craft, more than adequate energy is assured for most applications. A big benefit is the lack of gasoline or oil contamination into fresh water (like pristine Lake Tahoe, Nevada) or harbors of the World.

Lack of need to purchase fuel makes boaters happy. Another benefit is acoustic; electric motors are many decibels quieter than internal combustion engines.

In Monaco, the aforementioned benefits of Marine Solar Energy Powered Vessels will be demonstrated. Someone with Prince Albert’s foresight can show the enthusiasm for promoting such an environmental friendly technology than is beneficial to the entire world.

Investors should consider investigating opportunities in “Solar Boating”.

Reference: http://tinyurl.com/nw9m4xz