When Seeing Canada, Visitors All Have Travel Companions: The Canadian Government

News Analysis: It is alleged that Canadian Intelligence Agents are monitoring Visitors to their Beautiful Country as the sight-seers travel about. Perhaps the Canadian Government is of the opinion that all “Visitors Are Potential Terrorists”?  Maybe the Visitors want to spy on Maple Syrup Processing? It may suspect a Terrorist Behind Every Tree; who knows.

Travelers may want to avoid visiting Canada until it Ceases Abusing the Privacy Expectations of People. Visitors spend Millions of Dollars a year on Vacations and such each year in the that Country. Why give them ANY money while they treat the visitor with blatant disrespect by surreptitiously monitoring he or she? There are too many other Countries that will respect Visitors for being Visitors, and Not of Being Terrorists.

Obviously Deviant Thought (to the point of being a Mass Mental Paranoia) is evidenced by the Canadian Government’s Approval of such Intrusive Actions upon Visitors.

We can only suggest to our Many Readers who might consider visiting Beautiful Canada: “Stay Away, It Is Okay”.


Reference: http://www.scmp.com/news/world/article/1417987/canada-captured-data-airport-travellers-wi-fi