☆ Lithuania’s Satellite Is Navigation Controllable From The Ground After Its Launch From The International Space Station

News Analysis: The “Cube” Satellite is Navigation Controllable From The Ground After Its Launch from The International Space Station as per Lithuanian Specification. The significance of this launch is that the viability of ‘Low Cost’ Satellites can be utilized by more countries for ‘Specific Need Changes’ in Real-Time from Earth. The 3.5 Million Lithuanians living … Read more

Super-luminous Supernovae (Magnetars) Lit The Skies 10 Billion Years Ago

News Analysis:  Magnetars (Magnetized Neutron Stars) whose Magnetic Fields are a Hundred Trillion times that of Earth have detonated 10 Billion Light Years away (a Light Year Being 5.8+ Trillion Miles). Their Rotational Energy combined with their collapsing core caused ‘Hyper- Explosions’ (Super-luminous Supernovae). The detonations of Super-luminous Supernovae are 100 times more powerful than Supernovae explosions (which … Read more

Pollution By Electric Cars Is Still Pollution

News Analysis: Some Automobile Manufacturers of Electric Cars tout the “Greenness” of their vehicles as being “Absolute”. However, during the ‘Energy Creation Stage of Electricity’ for the vehicles batteries, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is created. The vehicles USE of this electricity  makes the vehicles no more ‘Absolutely Green’ than any other Electricity Consuming Device. Any claims by the … Read more

★ Computer Climate Warming Models: Garbage In; Garbage Out (GIGO)?

Premium News Analysis: Computer Climate Warming Models: Garbage In; Garbage Out ‘GIGO’ is debated by many familiar with Software Information ‘Frailties’. A Computer digests and expounds conclusions from inputs received based on its Programs which  contain Processing  Algorithms. As such, problems immediately arise as to data input by  Computer users. When NO ONE agrees on a … Read more

Meteor, Like One Over Chelyabinsk, Siberia, Much More Common than Thought

News Analysis:  Assumptions made by Astronomers, in this case, by Telescopic Observation primarily, have grossly skewed conclusions about Collisions-With-Earth Frequency. Rather than also incorporating two-decades old widely-known Technology from U.S. Government and Infrasound Sensors globally, it appears they did not. The maxim “Trust, But Verify” was dispensed with? Fortunately, others, not carrying the baggage of ‘Assured Conclusions’, are using the additional Sensor … Read more

A Shrinking Antarctic Ozone Hole Seems Possible

News Analysis: The hazard of extreme solar radiation is attenuated when the Ozone “Hole” reduces in size. The fact that its diminution is occurring has not been readily discussed by varied special interest groups worldwide. NASA’s precise measurements will provide a subject for ample discussion by both sides of the “Global Warming” Issue. Hopefully, people … Read more