“Bolts Out Of The ‘Black'”: Lightning Megaflashes

The United Nations’ World Meteorological Organization [WMO], reported a 700+ kilometers [435+ statute miles] long, lightning megaflash. This behemoth of energy flow occurred in Brazil on 31 October, 2018. Elsewhere, there have been other impressive bolts.

Previously, ground mapping stations were utilized to review lightning strikes. However, spatial considerations, among other factors, provided the impetus for building ‘special-task’ satellite-imaging craft; these for lightning flow assessments. Now, both distances traveled, as well as energies-released measurements, can occur over wider expanses. By utilizing both ground and space systems conjointly, precision is attained.

The ‘macro-geometric’ measuring capability should allow meteorologists, far and wide, the ability to evaluate lightning in a manner not possible just a few years ago. Satellite technology provides three-dimensional measuring capability, on a multi-nation scale, in many areas of the world.

A sailor, ‘Top Side’ on a merchant ship, [be it a ‘Bulker’, ‘Container’, L.N.G., or, Oil Tanker] may be standing at a height of 10 meters above the water line. His ‘visible horizon distance” is 11.3 kilometers [7.0 statute miles] in good weather. Ergo, he would never see that which could strike him, from far beyond the horizon, until it was far too late. Now, a ship ‘radarman’ must be aware of the aforementioned, great striking distance of lightning; and thereby alert any crewmen ‘on deck’. This new information from the WMO, may be life-savers.

One might consider what long-term economic impact this technology will have for the Insurance industry, for one. To know: the probability of such electrical events occurring; when, during the year; of what intensities and durations; over which geographic areas, will be invaluable to Insurers and Re-Insurers. With such knowledge: Actuaries can establish insurance rates; customers may find it economically advantageous to minimize property losses. They might by installing preemptively, electrical storm mitigating technologies [as have been long-required on ships]; this would certainly benefit the Insurance Industry. [There may be many smiling faces in Bermuda.] Those who wisely invest in Insurance Companies’ stocks may also be elated by increases in profits.

Reality: Understanding Mother Nature, is for wise men, a roadway to comprehending, and obtaining cost-mitigating efficiencies; this, for business and personal profits.

Reference: https://www.ibtimes.com/700-km-brazil-megaflash-sets-lightning-record-un-3000889

Will ‘Flim-Flammers’ Create A Initial Public Offering [I.P.O.] On The New York Stock Exchange Or NASDAQ To Harvest “Readily Available” Bulk Deposit, Single Site Hydrogen For Auto Fuel?

We find it most interesting that over the decades, the ‘hype’ given to possible investors, by ‘Flim-Flammers’ going from classified ads, in the past, to ‘hype’ via ‘Tweets’ today,  continues to mesmerize the “Sheep”; who would surely get financially sheared. By simplistically tying the potential investors imagination to the hypothetical gains, improbable as they would be, get some Sheep to invest their monies into ‘Technology Projects’. As an example, a legitimate ‘Lithium’ powered electric car maker, to his credit,  has successfully sold many investors on the ‘Sizzle’ of the stylish vehicle to the point of having a corporate value exceeding any other conventional fuel car maker in the world. The myriad of real world problems are ignored by many: Very lengthy recharging times, for travelers in unfamiliar neighborhoods (especially in inclement weather); Runaway ignition concerns due to Lithium chemical behavior, (in an accident with other vehicles); Very high cost for replacement of the batteries, High expense of the vehicles themselves, et al. This manufacturer’s sustained profits have yet to be solidified it appears. His Buyers are happy with their purchases, as has been widely reported.

Now, going forward from this aforementioned automobile builder and descend into the ‘trenches’: If we take this ‘Sizzle Sells’ mantra further, why not push an I.P.O. for a “Hydrogen Source; supply of large scale that can be harvested, brought back to Earth, and used for fuel in ‘Hydrogen Cars”? Surely there are many Sheep who would engage a ‘Flim-Flammer’ and try to make a score. ‘Clean burning Hydrogen is the auto fuel of tomorrow’ he could advertise.  He could even sell an I.P.O. for “Oumuamua” Branded Fueling stations everywhere? What a deal!

Find out who the ‘Pre-I.P.O’. Investors are and you will have a better understanding of the ‘Technology Project’ investment’s reality. Who knows, one might eventually be wearing a sweatshirt saying: “I Was Taken For A Ride By Foolishly Investing In A Flim-Flammers Fuel Fantasy: Oumuamua” [Our readers are too wise to step into Quicksand]..

Reality: To the Concerned Investor, “In addition to listening to the Sizzle’, use your nose to investigate the ‘Smell’.”

Reference: https://www.upi.com/Science_News/2020/06/09/Oumuamua-was-an-iceberg-of-molecular-hydrogen-scientists-claim/2181591707091/

★ Water, The “Universal Solvent”, Is Also The Universal Traveler

News Analysis: Scientists have discovered that Thirty (30) to Fifty (50) percent of water on Earth is Older than the Sun! Measuring Deuterium ‘Heavy Water’ they discovered that the Sun’s heat did not neutralize Hydrogen’s Deuterium. Hence ‘Heavy Water’, it is suggested, came from afar in the Universe and not from our Sun’s processes. Thus, the Universal Solvent is also the Universal Traveler.

It appears that Water is everywhere in space and not only a ‘local Earth product’ as many people claim. If one considers Water to be omnipresent. then one may infer that chemical elements needed for life have been transported therein and/or therewith. The “Building Blocks of Life”: Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Nitrogen may have been catalyzed with Water elsewhere through the Universe. These pre-biotic chemicals may be more ubiquitous than many scientists think.

Ergo, over the Millennia, Intelligent Life may have developed everywhere.

It will be interesting to watch how many entities extolling “No Intelligent Life Outside Of Earthlings” will try to refute this pre-cursor data to their citizens. After all, they have stated that man went from “Vacuum Tubes” to “Microcircuits” solely with ‘Yankee Ingenuity in a few “Moments of Un-Aided Genius” (as substantial of a construction as a Hologram).


Reference: http://rt.com/news/190832-water-earth-older-sun-system/

☆ Lithuania’s Satellite Is Navigation Controllable From The Ground After Its Launch From The International Space Station

News Analysis: The “Cube” Satellite is Navigation Controllable From The Ground After Its Launch from The International Space Station as per Lithuanian Specification. The significance of this launch is that the viability of ‘Low Cost’ Satellites can be utilized by more countries for ‘Specific Need Changes’ in Real-Time from Earth. The 3.5 Million Lithuanians living in 65,300 km2 (25,212 mi2) of area will find additional benefits from this “Cube Satellite” as time progresses.

“High-Technology” Lithuania can lead other Physically Smaller Countries to seek the many benefits of Satellite Science on their own Intellectually-Gifted Populations, as is Lithuania.


Reference: http://www.lithuaniatribune.com/64854/litsat-1-successfully-follows-the-commands-of-ktu-team-in-space-201464854/

Super-luminous Supernovae (Magnetars) Lit The Skies 10 Billion Years Ago

News Analysis:  Magnetars (Magnetized Neutron Stars) whose Magnetic Fields are a Hundred Trillion times that of Earth have detonated 10 Billion Light Years away (a Light Year Being 5.8+ Trillion Miles). Their Rotational Energy combined with their collapsing core caused ‘Hyper- Explosions’ (Super-luminous Supernovae).

The detonations of Super-luminous Supernovae are 100 times more powerful than Supernovae explosions (which were the brightest ‘Fireworks’ in the Universe). The Ultra-Violet Light emanating from these ‘Hyper-Explosions’ are all but invisible on Earth; its atmosphere blocks out the wave-length.

A treat for both Astronomers and Cosmologists is the fact that Super-luminous Supernovae are rare events. They detonate maybe once for every 10,000 normal Supernovae.

How many other ‘Super-Dynamic’ Events have occurred, or will occur, in Space of which Man, in his Arrogance, is Completely Ignorant?

The “Passive Heavens” are anything but “Passive”, one can assume.


Reference: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/12/131218133835.htm

Pollution By Electric Cars Is Still Pollution

News Analysis: Some Automobile Manufacturers of Electric Cars tout the “Greenness” of their vehicles as being “Absolute”. However, during the ‘Energy Creation Stage of Electricity’ for the vehicles batteries, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is created. The vehicles USE of this electricity  makes the vehicles no more ‘Absolutely Green’ than any other Electricity Consuming Device. Any claims by the Automobile Manufacturers to the contrary is mere ‘Marketing-Hype’.

Reality is the truth.

Reference: http://cphpost.dk/news/electric-cars-not-as-clean-as-importers-claim.8187.html

★ Computer Climate Warming Models: Garbage In; Garbage Out (GIGO)?

Premium News Analysis: Computer Climate Warming Models: Garbage In; Garbage Out ‘GIGO’ is debated by many familiar with Software Information ‘Frailties’. A Computer digests and expounds conclusions from inputs received based on its Programs which  contain Processing  Algorithms. As such, problems immediately arise as to data input by  Computer users.

When NO ONE agrees on a Starting Point to be used as a ‘Baseline Number’, how can  “Downstream” data regurgitated by a Computer be held to be Inviolate? For example, does one start a Baseline date for Weather Change at 2000 BC,1000 AD, 1560 AD, 1970 AD, or when? How are naturally occurring Methane releases by plants in to the atmosphere to be valued? What about Methane released by cows? The Variables which contribute to weather change are Innumerable. To aver that inputs for a Computer Model have been correctly deduced for ALL of the possible interacting numerical variables of World Weather CORRECTLY is Laughable. Only Politicians, many of whom do not know any better, can sign up to such brash Ignorance.

Science is based on the “Principle of Refutation”. While different Arguments may lead to the Same or different Conclusion or the Similar Arguments lead to the Same Conclusion, the Validity of the Conclusion may still be Suspect. The Conclusion derived from the Facts are where men Error. The aforementioned Arguments may be based on a Misinterpretation of the Facts. Science continually: Tests the Facts; the Assumptions that were used to establish an Argument as to what the Facts really mean;  and, the Veracity of the Conclusion itself. If the Epistemology is wrong, Science will refute the Conclusion and start over again. That is the beauty of the Scientific Method. Brilliant Scientists do not take themselves too seriously; they are Always Learning, so they remain Humble.

Many people are suspect about “Climate Change” or “Global Warming”  as being anything other than Natural, nothing more.  The Debate will continue since Man does not yet have enough evidence to conclude: if it is ONLY a Natural Process; a Man-Made Process; or Both.

In the Long Term, the Scientific Method will deliver the Truth to Mankind about this Important Subject.

Nothing is Constant In Nature.  Reality.

Reference: http://english.pravda.ru/science/earth/03-12-2013/126293-global_warming_fraud_science-0/

Meteor, Like One Over Chelyabinsk, Siberia, Much More Common than Thought

News Analysis:  Assumptions made by Astronomers, in this case, by Telescopic Observation primarily, have grossly skewed conclusions about Collisions-With-Earth Frequency. Rather than also incorporating two-decades old widely-known Technology from U.S. Government and Infrasound Sensors globally, it appears they did not. The maxim “Trust, But Verify” was dispensed with?

Fortunately, others, not carrying the baggage of ‘Assured Conclusions’, are using the additional Sensor Technology, to seek the truth.  They are a credit to Science.

The estimated Frequency, as well as Energy Release of Meteors approaching us at, per Radar Data, 11 Miles a second (63,730 KPH) [39,600 MPH], demands analysis NOW.

Another interesting element of the “Chelyabinsk Meteor Occurrence” is that there appears to be  a lack of public discussion, in written form, about this Detonation and ANY Electromagnetic Pulse [EMP] Emanations. Would not Physics Ph.D.’s of the world even want to conjecture about such a possibility? Is such a subject about Induced Plasmas beyond the contemplation of global militaries?

If further analysis verifies the increase in possible occurrences of Meteors to Earth, then funding must be forthcoming; it is in the interest of everyone on Earth.

The Chelyabinsk Meteor Occurrence was an event to behold.

Reference: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-24839601

A Shrinking Antarctic Ozone Hole Seems Possible

News Analysis: The hazard of extreme solar radiation is attenuated when the Ozone “Hole” reduces in size. The fact that its diminution is occurring has not been readily discussed by varied special interest groups worldwide. NASA’s precise measurements will provide a subject for ample discussion by both sides of the “Global Warming” Issue.

Hopefully, people will realize that the ‘facts’ are not where they as humans err in their assessments, but from the erroneous conclusions they derived from ‘facts’: Reality.

Reference: http://tinyurl.com/lvhq7dh