Uruguay’s Search For Oil, By Australian Experts, Bodes Well For Hopefully Finding Huge Deposits

News Analysis: An expectation of finding up to 902 Million Barrels of oil in just two exploration blocks, gives Uruguayans hope for ending oil imports. The Australian firm leading this exploration activity  is commencing to look for partners to share in this potential bonanza.  Uruguay’s search for oil, by Australian experts, bodes well for hopefully finding huge deposits heretofore unknown in this geography.

Uruguay’s well operated government, under President Jose Mujica, would have another large Natural Resource beyond timber, from which to export to other nations. Its certifying the Australians to search for the large deposits now is wise.

Upon their potential discoveries, the exact locations, depths, sizes, and quality of oil have to be determined; that will take some time. As production would commence, in several years thereafter (or perhaps sooner), world oil prices should have stabilized. Thus, oil investors would feel confident to capitalize future production development.

The 3.3+ million Uruguayans, in their 176,215 Km2 (68,036 Mi2) country, may begin enjoying abundant harvests of monies due to both their forward thinking government and the Intrepidness of some particular Australians.


Reference: http://sputniknews.com/business/20150114/1016865368.html

☆ Investors Who Want Mineral Riches Start Off In Salekhard, Siberia

News Analysis: Russian President, Vladimir Putin, is steadfast in his desire to develop the Russian Far East (Siberia). The historical government center of it has been in Salekhard. The wide area around the City has Diamonds, Natural Gas, Oil, and Various other Minerals in abundance.

Investors who want Mineral Riches start off In Salekhard, Siberia, then proceed around the neighboring 5,057,938 square miles (13,100,000 square kilometers) of this Far East “Horn of Plenty”.

Salekhard is 2,055+ Km (1,277+ Sm) North North-East from Moscow. The City is equidistant to both Paris and Beijing; great for Customers.

Entrepreneurs as well as Investors should seriously consider Funding Projects in this “Greatest Development Program In The World” to-be. The staggering Natural Resources of Siberia guarantee Intrepid International Businessmen and Women Financial Returns not available anywhere else.

Since both President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev are strongly supporting this direction for the Country, Great Success is Overwhelmingly Probable.


Reference: http://tinyurl.com/qeccvl8

★ Norway’s January Trade Surplus Soars To 5.8 Billion Euros (7.65 Billion Dollars)

News Analysis: Norway’s 4.7+ Million Residents had their Country experience a January Trade Surplus of 5.8 Billion Euros which is an increase of 41.8% over January, 2013!

Norway’s Territory of 323,802 Km2 (125,020 Mi2) is rich with Gas, Oil, Mineral, and Timber. As such, it has provided for the following:

In January, Norway exported 43.4 Million Barrels of Oil; a 30% increase from the previous January. 

Its Fishing Resources are almost unmatched by other countries. In January it exported 695+Million Euros (916 Million Dollars) worth. Fresh Salmon Exports grew to almost 360 Million Euros (474.5 Million Dollars).

Norwegian ship-yards are selling both Conventional Ships and Oil Rigs World-wide. They had an increase of almost 300% in Vessel Exports!

Manufactured Goods and Minerals increased in export amount by 10% to 4 Billion Euros (5.2+ Billion Dollars).

Entrepreneurs and Investors should consider Funding Projects in Norway. Its 27% Corporate Tax Rate is not excessive (compared to some other Countries). It has a Maximum Personal Tax Rate of 46.8%.

An important aspect to remember that in a sluggish World Economy (that is defying the Feeble Economic Corrective Actions of the World’s Political Leaders), Norway is very busy exporting its Manufactured Goods and Mineral Resources; it has an “Economic Energy” not matched by many Countries. 

Norway’s Greatest Asset is its Hard Working and Intelligent People.


Reference: http://barentsobserver.com/en/business/2014/02/norway-trade-surplus-hit-record-19-02

Russian Oil And Gas Deposit Discovery Bodes Very Well For The Country

News Analysis: A Huge Oil and Gas discovery in Russia’s Far East Area of Sakhalin, contains 464 Million Tons of Oil Deposits and 682 Billion Cubic Meters of Gas. Considering the enormous Oil Shale Deposits in Siberia as well, Russia is a “Horn of Plenty” for Energy Reserves. Also, Coal and Manganese have been mined there for decades; it further verifying the Economic Values of Sakhalin to Russia. The many other Mineral Riches in Siberia are almost limitless.

If one considers the riches of Russia’s Far East, it is very easy to understand why Bankers and Financiers outside of Russia would love to inspire some of their World Puppet Leaders into engaging in Hegemonic Acts against Russia; the country’s Natural Resources are awe inspiring (especially those who think ‘Greed Is Good’).

Since Bankers “Win At War” is a Factually Verifiable Adage, Cabals being schemed against Russia may not be Paranoia at Work; Russia only has to review its History of often being attacked.

The only way to stop Bankers and Financiers from promoting hostilities for their Political Leader Minions to engage in, is to make “Any possible Gain not worth THEIR probable Pain”. 

Russia’s Far East is a Natural Resource ‘Mecca’ (Coveted by many Foreigners); perhaps its Patriotic Leaders would be best advised to “Always Sleep With One Eye Open”.


Reference: http://rbth.ru/business/2014/02/21/gazprom_discovers_huge_oil_deposits_on_sakhalin_34425.html

Turkmenistan’s President Seeks Legitimate Bankers In His Country

News Analysis: Turkmenistan President Mr. Gurbanguli Berdymukhamedov took the unusual step of firing numerous Central Bank and other Banks’ Officials who were apparently engaging in Significant Banking Irregularities. In December, 2013, the President chastised the Heads of 10 Banks for Improprieties.

Energy rich Turkmenistan, a country covering 488,000+ Km2 ( 188,000 Mi2) with 5,100,000+ Citizens, has Natural Gas and Oil Deposits which are not fully explored. Some people now think the money flow into this Country may have potentially corrupted some Officials in Ashgabat, its Capital and elsewhere. Countering such greed, was the Firm Command of the President. The scope of his action is unparalleled by other countries who are tolerant of such perverse Banking Insider Irregularities. 

The President demonstrates: “Good Leaders Lead By Example”. To his credit, he understands that: “In Large Grain Silos, stuffed with a Country’s Harvest of Wheat, One who has the Wisdom to look, will always find Bugs.”

Many people around the World are coming to realize that Some Bankers, who love to profess their Amity, Legitimacy, and Objectivity in their Profession, are perhaps better “Bank Robbers” than ‘Bank Robbers’.


 Reference: http://en.ria.ru/business/20140110/186407894/Turkmen-Leader-Fires-Central-Bank-Head-in-Major-Shake-Up.html

Chinese Shipyards Look To Research And Development In Off-Shore Oil Rig Fabrications

News Analysis: Chinese Shipyards Look To Research And Development In Off-Shore Oil Rig Fabrications; this, to meet or exceed such manufacturing in Japan and South Korea. More oil being discovered in all of the Oceans of the World bode well for the equipment needed for its extraction. Chinese understand that with the level of Quality that must be incorporated into both the design and build of Oil Rigs, more than just lower Price is involved in the selection process. Some of the Chinese Shipyards are ‘fast tracking’ obtaining Research And Development (R&D) Knowledge by purchasing established Companies that have it. ‘R&D’ purchased may be less expensive in both time and money than earning it over many years. The Yards already know the Quality they are  producing  in vessels is very Sea Worthy. Reality.

Reference: http://tinyurl.com/l5642lp

Saudi Arabia Oil Market is Better Stable than Erratic

News Analysis:  Saudi Oil Market Is Better Stable Than Erratic for Oil Producers as well as Customers. Saudi Arabian Oil Executives know that other Petroleum Sources are coming ‘on-line’, To their credit, they have the foresight to see this as a ‘Positive’ rather than a ‘Negative’ for the World Petroleum Industry.

Erratic Markets lead to possible Increased Inefficient Expenditures for Exploration, Production, and Processing ‘EPP’ when Oil Buyer Demands increase quickly. If the Demands thereafter wane, the ‘EPP’ Monies spent deplete Earnings Percentages; Overcapacity results. An anticipated ‘Feast” becomes a ‘Famine’ in terms of Net Revenue for the Oil Entity. Since ‘EPP’ of the Oil Industry is so substantial, in part due to its Technical Complexity, it may take years to recover past expenditures.

Stable Markets become more predictable over time for Buyers as well as Sellers. Efficient allocation of funds for ‘EPP” occurs. Equilibrium of Supply and Demand is Essential.

Efficiency is in the Saudi Arabians’ Interest since they are “Giants” in this Industry. As such, their Expenditures are ‘Upped’ by the ‘Great Scale’ of their Oil Operations.

Saudi Arabian Oil Executives thoroughly understand not only the Present regarding Other Petroleum Sources in the World,  but they also Properly Envision the Future of them.

Reference: http://tinyurl.com/mu9gmyw

Egypt Oil Cracking Facility to be Built

News Analysis:  Egypt Oil Cracking Facility to be built will assist its Petroleum Industry in providing Processed Chemicals for users across the Continent and in Europe. This relatively large undertaking is much needed not only for present-day Oil Processing but for Egypt’s Bright Future. As North Central and Northwest Crude is extracted from future wells, this Cracking Facility will give much added value to Egyptian Exports. Also, any future Oil Wells in the Mediterranean Sea will need Oil Cracking performed also.

Investors may want to consider putting their Funds, for one example, into Egypt’s need for a efficient Oil Products Quay in the Mediterranean Sea; this for delivery of products to Tankers which would be berthed there.

Since some Informed People understand about the Oil Wealth Across North Africa, only known to a few, now is an excellent time to ‘Make A Play’ in Egypt in its Oil Industry. Once one’s Bona Fides are established in Egypt, expansion in the Nations to its West will be more apt to occur.

The Oil Riches of the Entire Area should not be ignored by Individual Investors; Corporate Investors will not. Reality.

Reference: http://tinyurl.com/mea62dy

Russia Produces More Oil Than Anyone Else

News Analysis:  As the world economy improves, the need for oil will increase. The gargantuan deposits of oil in Russia will help attenuate the increased need by increasing supply. Since its people are looking into the Russian Far East for supplies, years of production will be forthcoming.

The very insightful and intrepid leader of Russia, Vladimir Putin, knows what a Mineral and Timber “Horn of Plenty” Russia has in Siberia [beyond oil]. He will lead his people to deliver those resources to markets around the world for good Macro-Business. As a leader , HE DOES NOT VACILLATE, as  weak leaders do. The scope of the Siberian/Far East Project is gargantuan. Only a person of his ability and drive can “Deliver the Goods” to benefit Russia specifically and the World in general.

Reference: http://rt.com/business/russia-oil-output-record-129/

188 Countries in United Nations Voted that United States Cease Its Cuba Embargo

News Analysis:  A fifty-three year embargo evidences an archaic view of good international relations of a Super Power to its neighbor.  Cuba, purportedly sitting on top of an enormous gas/oil deposit [of which certain Americans knew about before Fidel Castro’s  rise to power] could decide to open up its territory to oil exploration. If so, the embargo would be immediately withdrawn, one could logically infer.

Historically, upsetting Americans by the taking over of casinos and other  businesses by the Cubans was merely ‘window dressing’; a pretext for the real value of Cuba to certain Americans: Petrochemicals.

Today, more damage is done to the Cuban people by isolating them. What gain is that to a civilized Super Power? Rather than evidencing animosities against the Cuban Government, the United States should engage it in meaningful dialogue. Opening up the American market to Cuban goods and vice-versa can only help neighborly relations. Perhaps then, Cuba would allow America to explore and develop its gas/oil deposits [America’s little secret known by a few].

Reference: http://rt.com/news/un-vote-cuba-embargo-940/