Strong National Leaders List For 2020

As International Businessmen, we communicate at various times, with citizens of the approximately 200 countries in the world; this, through visitations primarily, and also telephonically. Over the years we have found that a person’s body language, including eye behaviors and voice pitch, amplitude, and word frequency says ‘volumes’. Such data is not available in mere ‘E-Mails’; Face-To-Face is best for privacy also.

In assessing Nations’ leaders, we want to know, above the standard economic data of a country [readily accessible on many formats], what the citizens think of their leaders. For accuracy,  close contact is required. Due to the fact many of us have nurtured many long-term business relationships with these citizens, honest discussions, without fear nor favor, take place.  Our Motto is: Tell it to us as it is; we deal with realities, not Main Stream Media (MSM) Holograms.

For this year of 2020, we have determined some Leaders, have performed exceptionally well; this, as judged by Current Economic Data [unfortunately, in part influenced by CV19], and by their citizens views of them. As an example, those listed did not suffer from “‘Politicians’ CV 19 FLU Pandemic Panic” and shut down their countries economies, as others have done; this at a cost the other leaders will not want to disclose to their citizenry.

We do not agree with all of their decisions our listed Leaders made, this year; nor do the other list Leaders agree with each other. However, the important concept to keep in mind: These Leaders LEAD, in spite of ridicule by political competitors, MSM, or other hegemonic countries leaders [or their nefarious ‘Agencies’]. They try to do their very best for their country: Culturally, Economically, Politically, and Socially; Patriots They Are.

We hope that all other Nations will have their leaders excel so that efficient International Business can prevail in 2021 and beyond; this with  “Internationalist”, not “Globalist” agendas.

The following Leaders [by Continent/Country], we are of the opinion, have shown strength of Character, Intellect, Integrity, and perhaps most of all, Wisdom.


Xi Jinping– China

Narendra Moti – India

Joko Widodo – Indonesia

Rodrigo Duterte – Philippines


Boris Johnson– England

Emmanuel Macron – France

Viktor Orban – Hungary

Prince Albert – Monaco

Vladimir Putin– Russia

Middle East:

Abdel Fattah el-Sisi – Egypt

Benjamin Netanyahu – Israel

King Salman – Saudi Arabia

Recep Tayyip Erdogan – Turkey

North America:

Donald Trump – United States of America

South America:

Jair Bolsonaro – Brazil

Luis Lacalle Pou – Uruguay

Best of Good Health, Good Luck, and Continued Wisdom to each, for the remainder of 2020, and in the coming years.

“Bolts Out Of The ‘Black'”: Lightning Megaflashes

The United Nations’ World Meteorological Organization [WMO], reported a 700+ kilometers [435+ statute miles] long, lightning megaflash. This behemoth of energy flow occurred in Brazil on 31 October, 2018. Elsewhere, there have been other impressive bolts.

Previously, ground mapping stations were utilized to review lightning strikes. However, spatial considerations, among other factors, provided the impetus for building ‘special-task’ satellite-imaging craft; these for lightning flow assessments. Now, both distances traveled, as well as energies-released measurements, can occur over wider expanses. By utilizing both ground and space systems conjointly, precision is attained.

The ‘macro-geometric’ measuring capability should allow meteorologists, far and wide, the ability to evaluate lightning in a manner not possible just a few years ago. Satellite technology provides three-dimensional measuring capability, on a multi-nation scale, in many areas of the world.

A sailor, ‘Top Side’ on a merchant ship, [be it a ‘Bulker’, ‘Container’, L.N.G., or, Oil Tanker] may be standing at a height of 10 meters above the water line. His ‘visible horizon distance” is 11.3 kilometers [7.0 statute miles] in good weather. Ergo, he would never see that which could strike him, from far beyond the horizon, until it was far too late. Now, a ship ‘radarman’ must be aware of the aforementioned, great striking distance of lightning; and thereby alert any crewmen ‘on deck’. This new information from the WMO, may be life-savers.

One might consider what long-term economic impact this technology will have for the Insurance industry, for one. To know: the probability of such electrical events occurring; when, during the year; of what intensities and durations; over which geographic areas, will be invaluable to Insurers and Re-Insurers. With such knowledge: Actuaries can establish insurance rates; customers may find it economically advantageous to minimize property losses. They might by installing preemptively, electrical storm mitigating technologies [as have been long-required on ships]; this would certainly benefit the Insurance Industry. [There may be many smiling faces in Bermuda.] Those who wisely invest in Insurance Companies’ stocks may also be elated by increases in profits.

Reality: Understanding Mother Nature, is for wise men, a roadway to comprehending, and obtaining cost-mitigating efficiencies; this, for business and personal profits.


U.S. National Security Agency (NSA): Has The Technical Capability Of Monitoring 193+ Countries’ Citizens; Because It Can, It Does

News Analysis: The impressive World Monitoring Capabilities of the NSA appears to be beyond the capacities of other Countries to interdict for the Privacy Protection of their citizens. As a result, the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) has the technical capability of monitoring 193+ Countries’ citizens; because it can, it does.

It is interesting to note that this Hegemonic Attitude of Washington, D.C., towards other Nations is scantily addressed by the World Mass Media. In fact, it takes the strength of a Brazilian President, Ms. Dilma Rousseff to specifically object to both Privacy Invasion as well as alleged physical intrusion by NSA into the Sovereign Nation of Brazil. One must ask: “What vocal opposition is emanating from other so-called ‘World Leaders’ concerning NSA Right to Privacy transgressions of their countries?” These ‘Leaders’ are as noisy as leaves blowing in the breeze.

Some Political Scientists are of the opinion that the ‘Invasion’ by the NSA into the Territories of other Nations, is tantamount to ‘Military Over-run’ today( as was the WW II ‘Axis’ in the late 1930’s and 1940’s using physical troops). To some, this thought is very frightful: “An Invasion Remotely” (which it certainly is) by a “Privacy Ignoring” U.S. entity directed by the White House. For honest American Citizens, this thought is distasteful, to people of other Nations, it is abhorrent. .

Encrypting electronic data, or establishing another form of Internet?; both would merely slow down the Electronic Deciphering of NSA. It CERTAINLY would not stop it (it is too advanced). Pressure has to be put on this ‘Entity’ through the United Nations and other Multi-National Organizations  such as BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa). Beyond that, an IMMEDIATE cessation of purchasing Goods and Services from American companies who have been directly complicit or supportive of Personal Privacy Intrusions by the NSA. For these large corporations, “Their days will not be Sunny, when customers take away their Money”. Let these corporations apply pressure to their “Lackeys in D.C. ” for correction.

America needs political leaders who are genuinely enamored by the ‘Founding Fathers’ construction of the U.S. Constitution; a Document meant to prevent harassment of America’s Citizenry by their own Government. To date, it does not appear that many such leaders are performing towards this result (who are in “The District of Columbia”). 

The “Over-sight” by the U.S. Government to the NSA practices is laughable, many people say; “Foxes guarding the Hen House” is more suitable, loyal Americans think.



☆ Chilean Civilians Enjoy The Many Uses Of Chinese Drones

News Analysis: Chilean Civilians Enjoy The Many Uses Of Chinese Drones for Commercial Purposes as well as for Personal Pleasure. These $4,500.00 Drones are sent to Chile and undergo final assembly and inspection before being released to customers. Each customer may undergo instruction in proper fly procedures as well as understand Chilean Legalities of use in the airspace; THESE “EVO” DRONES ARE NOT TOYS. 

Typical Chilean uses for such small aircraft may be: Bridge Inspections; Concert Viewing; Crop Analysis; Forest Fire Detection; Mineral Locating; News Events; Traffic Congestion Monitoring; Trespasser Identification; and, Vehicle Locating; to name a few.

Presently, in the World, Chile is Number 5, for Internet Contact with the Manufacturer, in the use of this particular aircraft.

Various cameras and optional equipment can give the Operator the information flow he or she needs when flying the craft. The aircraft weighs less than 4.5Kg. (10 Lbs.) without the cameras of various capabilities being offered. 

Due to the very Low Price and the Capabilities of the small Aircraft, we can see: Australians checking their Sheep Herds; Canadian Gold Mining Operators looking for ‘Sight-Seers’;

Growers in Kalamata, Greece inspecting their Olive Trees; Ranchers throughout the American West or Argentina or Brazil watching their Cattle Herds; Vintners in the Napa-Sonoma-Mendocino area of California using this equipment to inspect their Grape Crops.

Almost anywhere Security must be “Tight” such as the aforementioned Gold Operations, this Aircraft is essential. In large “New Construction” Projects, both trespassers can be thwarted and equipment and/or materials readily located.

The possibilities of assistance by using this Aircraft are only limited by one’s imagination.



☆ A Billion Billion Tons Of Water In Earth’s Core

News Analysis: Ringwoodite, an Olivine Mineral thought to be in the Earth’s Core is viewed to help evidence a Billion Billion Tons Of Water in the Core. In Brazil, a Diamond discovered there had the Element therein. Included was 1.5% of its weight in water. That percentage extrapolated against what is estimated to be the Ringwoodite Deposits present  the large Earth’s Core liquid estimate.

There is no present possibility of drilling into the depths of the Earth’s Core to test for Ringwoodite. “Miraculously” the Diamond was ejected through cracks in the Core up to the Earth’s Surface.

The Water Estimate of the Earth’s Core may lead Geologists towards solving questions about Continental Drift, Earthquakes, Volcanism, and the like.

One small Rough Diamond may lead to Enormous Answers for Mankind.



Brazil’s Shipyards Expand Operations While Increasing New Builds

News Analysis: Brazil is presently fabricating 370 ships, including fourteen oil rigs and 28 drill ships for the Petroleum Industry. Although this number of fabrications is small (relative to world ship construction numbers) it will make Ship Purchasers attentive to the country’s building capabilities; this in turn could bring additional orders to Brazil.

New Builds will be necessary as Ship Owners look to replace polluting Aging Vessels that are more costly to operate. Power Plants are definitely more efficient than those built 20 to 30 years ago. To gain most from a ‘Time Charter’ or the “Spot market”, Fuel Consumption may make the difference between a Daily Profit or A Loss.  For example, as the “Baltic Dry Index” falls, as is happening NOW, Operating Efficiency is Imperative for  Ship Owners; they are being paid less for vessel use.

For the myriad of Ship Owners who are highly leveraged, if Interest Rates start to go up, which is likely, Debt Service will increase and many more Bankruptcies will commence. This, the Shipyards of Brazil will have to look out for so they do not gain overcapacity in a possible future market scenario.

For now, Brazil’s Shipyard activities look very bright.



Chile To Have International Construction Consortium Build A Huge Suspension Bridge

News Analysis: Chile To Have International Construction Consortium Build A Huge Suspension Bridge Linking Chiloe Island to the Continent. Chiloe Island parallels the Andes and is 190 Km (118 Mi) Long and 65 Km (40 Mi) wide with 155,000+ people living on the Island.

The Suspension Bridge across the channel will be 8,500 feet long and of four traffic lanes. The distance between Support Pillars will be 3,200 feet. As such, it will be one of the longest Suspension Bridges in Latin America.

Korean, Brazilian, French and Norwegian Companies proposed building the bridge in 79 months.  The cost is estimated at $680 Million Dollars.

Experienced Multi-National Engineering Companies cooperating is an efficient Methodology to overcome possible Technical Difficulties in a large project such as this.

The Government of Chile is to be commended for its Vision as regards providing for the Infrastructure needs of its Citizens.


Albatross Acrobatics are Ancient Aeronautic Enabling Anomaly

News Analysis:  Albatross Acrobatics Are Ancient Aeronautic Enabling Anomaly which may have Profound Aircraft Drone Benefits for one. The data these Scientists developed may be  synthesized, with the physical behavior elements discovered,  into Aircraft Drone Design [Hardware and Software]. Intercontinental  Flights with a bare minimum of fuel might be attained as a result. 

An Aircraft Drone carrying Cameras and Telemetry Equipment could engage in extensive Topographic Studies across  an Entire Continent using “ALBATROSS AERONAUTICS” [AA].  Using ‘AA’ for example across dense jungle such as the Amazon Rain-forest of Brazil would allow for little concern of fuel shortage in flight. Another employment might be the continual tracking of very small boats in  waterways of the world such as the “Strait of Malacca” (a 805 kilometer [500 Miles] long waterway dividing Indonesian Sumatra from the Malaysian Peninsula).

Investors who read, think, and then act, may prosper financially from this “Ancient ‘State-Of-The-Art'” Technology used in the Avian World.




Brazilian Technology, Aided, in Part, by Russian Physicist, Can Make Non-Edible Materials Into Bio-fuel

News Analysis: Sugar Cane, Corn, Potato Peels, Wood Fibers and the like, are all suitable progenitor materials for bio-fuel production. By using the aforementioned, rather than discarding them, cleaner fuel for vehicles is available. The beneficial environmental impact to the world, using this methodology, is only limited by the financial resources allocated. Further studies into second generation technology and mass  production facilities are needed to be built throughout the world. Human intellect and money are the answers to these two elements.

Great intellect, as evidenced by Russian Physicist Igor Polikarpov and his associates, can fulfill the first element. The second element: Money, can be fulfilled by entrepreneurs and corporations of the world working with the pertinent governments.