☆ American Militaries Collect Data On Civilians (“Because They Can”)

News Analysis: Disregarding the “Posse Comitatus Act” created in 1878, which made it illegal for the U.S. Military to perform Domestic Law Enforcement Activities (with a few limited exceptions) now American Militaries Collect Data On Civilians (“Because They Can”). Traffic tickets, Traffic Accidents, and other Miscellaneous Events of Civilians are now maintained by the U.S. Navy. Allegedly one half Billion Records are in its database.

Much like the U.S. National Security Agency which collects Electronic Intelligence on the people of the World (Invading their Right to Privacy), because it is Omnipotent, so are these other Military Entities. Who is to stop them: Spineless Politicians? The Naïve Public?

This Usurping of the U.S. Constitution by the White House, Intelligence Agencies, and Washington D.C. Minions has occurred with an Ignorant Public. Its Naivety about the Events Preceding “Tuesday, 11 September, 2001” and Cover-ups thereafter are slowing being exposed. The use of that Tragedy as the “Seed for Constitutional Usurpation” has been carried out in “Looking For Terrorists Behind Every Bush In The World”.

As “Actual” Terrorists laugh at America’s huge Yearly Expenditures on Intelligence, they realize It is Economically “Bleeding to Death” from its Self-Inflicted Spending Wounds; Economic Wounds of a severity they have never been able to duplicate by physical attack.

The “Winners” from all of the “Terrorist Hyperbole” are U.S. Contractors who provide the Electronics Equipment/Software, Facilities, Etc. as well as the thousands of Employees who work in the Agencies (Looking For Terrorists Behind Every Bush In The World).

The “Losers” are Legitimate, Patriotic Americans who have both Lost some of their Constitutional Rights as well as their Money (now as well into Future Generations with $18 Trillion Dollars of Current Debt).


Reference: http://tinyurl.com/o8htaco

★ U.S. Director Of National Intelligence May Have To Expand His Horizons

News Analysis: The U.S. Director of National Intelligence (USDNI) may expand his Horizons by realizing: “THERE ARE NO LONG TERM SECRETS”. This simple Reality is especially true when lamenting the release of Information by his Own Employees. Perhaps if he were to Expand His Horizons by considering ‘The Great Rule Book: The U.S. Constitution’ (TGRB:TUSC) he would see where a Psychological Pandemic developed; this across the U.S. Intelligence Community (USIC).

Violations of the ‘TGRB:TUSC’s’  Principles, in contravention of the Rights of American Citizens (especially the First and Fourth Amendments) was due to the “War On Terrorism” as it had been designated. These Violations should have been understood by all in the ‘USIC’ including the ‘USDNI’, not just by Several Concerned Employees in Intelligence. Instead, Hundreds of Thousands members of the ‘USIC’ essentially ‘turned against’ the rest of the Citizens of America.

The White House and its ‘USIC” Minions did NOT THINK OF THE CONSEQUENCES OF USURPING THE ‘TGRB:TUSC.  The ‘USIC’ merely became ‘Robots’ performing as programmed (being evidentiary of the Hysteria). In reality, the ‘Robots’ had done great damage to America. Usama Bin Laden or His Associates could never achieve the destroying part of ‘TGRB:TUSC’! He and his Henchmen DAMAGED some buildings (killing people).

The present Yearly Expenditures by the American Government ‘Fighting Terrorists’ (in which it has not shown to stop even ONE U.S. Terrorist Attack) must be greatly enjoyed by those who resent ‘The Bald Eagle”.

If the ‘USDNI’, an intelligent Gentleman, expands his thinking to “Are present Expenditures to ‘Catch Terrorists’, ‘Catching Terrorists’?” he may realize The “Billion+ Dollars Per Terrorist” is Financially Unsound. The “USIC’ is spending Billions of Dollars to Create a Haystack to find some Needles therein. In contrast, he may ask: “How much money are the Terrorists spending to attack the people of America?”; probably a mere pittance, may people guess.

Also, “Could it be that the Terrorists are sitting back, doing NEXT TO NOTHING, and letting America ‘Bleed Itself To Death Financially’?” Perhaps, the ‘USDNI’ can understand Americans saying: “There have there been NO ‘Officially Foreign Organized’ Terrorist Attacks in America?” Ergo, could the aforementioned ‘Blood Letting” Theory be germane?

If this Dedicated American, the ‘USDNI’, SERIOUSLY CONSIDERS: the ‘TGRB:TUSC’ ; the Financial Expenditures which have not achieved much; the ‘Self-Bloodletting Strategy of the Terrorists; the extreme irritation of LOYAL AMERICANS; the revelations by some of his  angstful ‘Employees’, perhaps he will have expanded his Horizons.

The ‘USDNI’, as the recipient of much of the World’s Intelligence Data, should remember: “He Who Knows Everything, Knows Nothing”; that is why mistakes are made.

Dedication is a good Attribute; Extreme Dedication may be Neurotic.


Reference: http://tinyurl.com/myp6jx3

When Seeing Canada, Visitors All Have Travel Companions: The Canadian Government

News Analysis: It is alleged that Canadian Intelligence Agents are monitoring Visitors to their Beautiful Country as the sight-seers travel about. Perhaps the Canadian Government is of the opinion that all “Visitors Are Potential Terrorists”?  Maybe the Visitors want to spy on Maple Syrup Processing? It may suspect a Terrorist Behind Every Tree; who knows.

Travelers may want to avoid visiting Canada until it Ceases Abusing the Privacy Expectations of People. Visitors spend Millions of Dollars a year on Vacations and such each year in the that Country. Why give them ANY money while they treat the visitor with blatant disrespect by surreptitiously monitoring he or she? There are too many other Countries that will respect Visitors for being Visitors, and Not of Being Terrorists.

Obviously Deviant Thought (to the point of being a Mass Mental Paranoia) is evidenced by the Canadian Government’s Approval of such Intrusive Actions upon Visitors.

We can only suggest to our Many Readers who might consider visiting Beautiful Canada: “Stay Away, It Is Okay”.


Reference: http://www.scmp.com/news/world/article/1417987/canada-captured-data-airport-travellers-wi-fi

Airline Passengers’ Behavior Screening of Little Value

News Analysis: Airline Passengers’ Behavior Screening is of little value. The United States General Accounting Office has determined the Process of “Next-To-No-Value”. All too often, Important Criteria in establishing such a methodology may be ignored. As examples: “Are passengers exhausted and are acting differently because of this?” or “Are they irritable because of incessant crying by a baby during their flight?” or “Did the Airline Food ‘not agree with them?”. These simple Realities of Flight Situations occur daily. Would A Transportation Security Agency [TSA] Officer be aware of these Conditions Precedent to his first sight of a passenger at an airport? Absolutely not. It is highly likely that these ‘TSA’ “Behaviorists” place little value on such realities anyway.

Many people are of the firm idea that the Overwhelming Amount Of Money spent on “Airport Security” is in reality a “Job Employment Project” by the U.S. Federal Government. ‘TSA’ employees would be considered ‘Unemployed’ without their hire by this Agency [and be shown as such on Federal Labor Statistics]. This reality would be of great embarrassment to the ‘White House’ in Washington, D.C. of course.

One must ask: For the Billions of Dollars spent EACH YEAR on “Airport Security” for “Catching ‘Terrorists'” [as this Federal Program was initially touted], how many REAL “Terrorists” are captured by ‘TSA’, EACH YEAR?

A Government can Ill-afford to Squander Away Scarce Monies, especially when it has a $17,000,000,000,000.00+ Deficit on its books. Reality.

Reference: http://tinyurl.com/kfzqpk8