WATER: As Precious As Gold Or Oil, Yet People Being “Fashionable”, Allow Their Palm Trees To Drink It Up Insatiably

As many tourists visit Arizona, California, and/or Nevada, they are amazed at the vast number and variety of Palm Trees growing in these water deprived states. With Palm Trees being estimated by some ‘Tree Evaluators’ at numbers of 1,000,000+ in those states, collectively, we ask: “Beyond aesthetics, what functional duties do Palm Trees provide?” The many ‘shortcomings’ of Palm Trees, beyond their visual appeal, should be understood by those who consider themselves to be: “Climate Conscious”, “Conservationists”, “Environmentalists”, “Gaiaists”, “Greens” or “What-Have-Yous”.

Californians decided to import approximately 25,000 Palm Trees into Los Angeles for the July, 1932 Olympic Games. Tens of thousands of additional trees have been planted throughout Southern California, since 1932. At the time, water shortages were unique to the ‘locals’; but not now.

As for Nevada, Benjamin Siegel, thought the trees would be aesthetically correct for his new “Flamingo” Casino/Hotel in Las Vegas; other Casino-Hoteliers soon followed. Today, Clark County Nevada, [of which Las Vegas is one municipality therein], has approximately 6,000 Palm Trees it owns; this is in addition to the estimated over 400,000 planted throughout the County by residents and commercial developers.

Arizona, of which the Phoenix area, in particular, was developed into a winter oasis for ‘Businessmen and their families, from the Mid-West and East Coast’ at approximately the same time Mr. Siegel was developing Las Vegas. The Palm Trees were viewed, as today, as being quite ‘fashionable’ and exotic [Rabat, Morocco, perhaps]. It has thousands of Palm Trees in its Valley of the Sun.

Beyond the aforementioned ‘Aesthetic’ intentions of Landscape Architects, are the shortcomings of Palm Trees; those being accentuated in grave scale in certain geographies by a lack of water availability. When one realizes the ‘gargantuan’ thirst of these ‘pencil bodied’ flora, and multiplies it be the sheer number of such trees in the Southwest United States, one may shudder.

Israeli Agronomists have performed years of tests on Palm Trees and have stated in many publications, their findings: These trees consume up to 1,000 liters {264 U.S. gallons} of water a day! [‘Gargantuan’ thirst indeed!] If one merely uses the 25,000 1932 Olympics in Los Angeles number of Palm trees times 264 Gallons of water per day, one acheives 6,600,000+/- gallons (25,000,000 liters) of water being consumed PER DAY! Farmers in the San Joaquin Valley will shudder, at their possible loss.

Another shortcoming of Palm Trees, particularly in hot environments is “Heat Island Effect”; that is, a thermal build-up by buildings, homes, and roadways of radiated energy from the Sun [as well as by vehicles, et al in urban areas]. Palm trees provide ‘next to NO SHADE’, so it is estimated it and the lack of significant transpiration by such trees [not adding moisture to the air] have at most a -17.22 degrees C (1.0 degree F) reduction is urban area heat. Typical shade trees being planted, also provide much greater transpiration to the environment. The results vary: from lowering air temperatures -15 degrees C (5 degrees F) to wide-spread shade tree applications in city centers, temperature reductions of -12.77 degrees C (9.0 degrees F). These results have been measured in many cities in America! Kilowatt savings are too great to ignore in that less electricity is needed to cool structures when ambient weather is ‘hot’. Carbon usage drops dramatically through Shade Tree efficiencies.

A further ‘deficiency’ in Palm Trees, as to the environment in urban areas is the lack of meaningful “Acoustic Attentuation” vis-a-vis automobiles, noisy motorcycles, and trucks; as well as other noise sources. The aforementioned ‘Pencil Bodied’ configuration, dearth of significant branches and leaves, provide no meaningful mechanical barriers to acoustic waves being generated by the noise sources.

As International Businessmen, we try to pay attention to everything possible: All actions and events up-front, and/or those down-stream will interconnect in varying capacities (as many are homologous). As we consult to others or invest for ourselves, we constantly strive to find synergies that are possible or probable, but most of all reasonable; our expenditures of time constitute [a most unreplenshable commodity (as to farmers of the world, is Water)]. Replacing Palm Trees With Shade Trees would help to mitigate some ill-effects of Climate Change.

Reality: At times, aesthetics immediacy of reward, to one’s psyche, can produce financial costs of long term, to one’s pocketbook.

Reference: https://financialpost.com/investing/water-joins-gold-and-oil-for-first-time-as-traded-commodity-on-wall-street-amid-fears-of-scarcity

“Bolts Out Of The ‘Black'”: Lightning Megaflashes

The United Nations’ World Meteorological Organization [WMO], reported a 700+ kilometers [435+ statute miles] long, lightning megaflash. This behemoth of energy flow occurred in Brazil on 31 October, 2018. Elsewhere, there have been other impressive bolts.

Previously, ground mapping stations were utilized to review lightning strikes. However, spatial considerations, among other factors, provided the impetus for building ‘special-task’ satellite-imaging craft; these for lightning flow assessments. Now, both distances traveled, as well as energies-released measurements, can occur over wider expanses. By utilizing both ground and space systems conjointly, precision is attained.

The ‘macro-geometric’ measuring capability should allow meteorologists, far and wide, the ability to evaluate lightning in a manner not possible just a few years ago. Satellite technology provides three-dimensional measuring capability, on a multi-nation scale, in many areas of the world.

A sailor, ‘Top Side’ on a merchant ship, [be it a ‘Bulker’, ‘Container’, L.N.G., or, Oil Tanker] may be standing at a height of 10 meters above the water line. His ‘visible horizon distance” is 11.3 kilometers [7.0 statute miles] in good weather. Ergo, he would never see that which could strike him, from far beyond the horizon, until it was far too late. Now, a ship ‘radarman’ must be aware of the aforementioned, great striking distance of lightning; and thereby alert any crewmen ‘on deck’. This new information from the WMO, may be life-savers.

One might consider what long-term economic impact this technology will have for the Insurance industry, for one. To know: the probability of such electrical events occurring; when, during the year; of what intensities and durations; over which geographic areas, will be invaluable to Insurers and Re-Insurers. With such knowledge: Actuaries can establish insurance rates; customers may find it economically advantageous to minimize property losses. They might by installing preemptively, electrical storm mitigating technologies [as have been long-required on ships]; this would certainly benefit the Insurance Industry. [There may be many smiling faces in Bermuda.] Those who wisely invest in Insurance Companies’ stocks may also be elated by increases in profits.

Reality: Understanding Mother Nature, is for wise men, a roadway to comprehending, and obtaining cost-mitigating efficiencies; this, for business and personal profits.

Reference: https://www.ibtimes.com/700-km-brazil-megaflash-sets-lightning-record-un-3000889

The ‘Globalists’ “Terrible Times Triumvirate” Agents, Against ‘Internationalists’: N. Tropy and his Steadfast Stalwarts being ‘Ann Archy’ and ‘Kay Oss’

Our having roles in International Business for many decades, has allowed us to qualify as ‘Having been around the block many times’. As such, we have witnessed the same scenarios played out often around the world: ‘Globalists’ who seek conjunctions of many countries into a few ‘blocs’ [for ease of their global control strategies]. ‘Internationalists’ on the other hand, WANT the 200+ Nations on Earth to be independent of each other. A multiplicity of powers: thereby being relatively equal, to each Nation’s unique assets [human and natural], and locations geographically.

As an iceberg displays a mere 10% of itself above the water [90% being submerged, so is ‘murkier’ from above]; such are Globalists’ cabals. They will employ various social tactics, to cause political upheavals, for their own economic gains.

More ‘recent’ examples, of which we have previously written: Joseph Patrick Kennedy Sr.’s attempts to take over Vietnam initially, later, Cuba, then back to Vietnam [after his son was elected U.S. President]. You may want to review our past articles about these subjects. The point being: In EACH case, to achieve economic goals, social entropy was created, which was designed for political changes; so he and his associates could realize vast economic gains. The citizens of those countries ‘be damned’ was their credo.

Presently, throughout the world, there are social movements utilized to hide Globalists true intentions. The plotters want to put political pressure on Nations leaders so they can achieve their own economic goals quicker. There are only a few Strong World Leaders; other Leaders are mere ‘leaders’. This is a reality of life. The plotters think they will win.

When one hears about ‘Global Warming'[now, more ‘fashionably’ “Climate Change”], ‘Clean Energy’ (Geo-Thermal, Solar, and Wind) ask: “Who is funding the protestors?” Moreover, “Who really gains with the changes?”

Another ‘in vogue’ protest now is: “De-funding or Eliminating Police Departments”. “Who gains economically?” We submit: ‘Ann Archy’ and ‘Kay Oss’ would prosper. And both, as one can see on television, can provide protestors’ emotional ‘sizzle’. “Law and Order” be damned. In fact, ‘Masked Robbers” are no longer ‘in play’, today it is ‘Mask-less’ arsonists, looters, robbers, and murderers; because they have ‘legitimate complaints’, some say.

We can continue on but the basic idea is “As with an iceberg with 90% of its mass largely out of easy view, ‘Globalists’ need obscurity. They need Strong Leaders to be removed from office so mere ‘Puppets’ can replace them. If done, ‘Globalists’ can have ‘free rein’ to rule as they choose.

We prefer Nations to freely and openly engage in commerce, while protecting their individual sovereignties. Their commercial regulations apply to themselves, not to other Nations. They cooperate with other countries but do what is best for their own citizenry. Such leaders DO NOT push off their people to other Nations because they are too lazy to solve their own economic difficulties. Interestingly, there will be a small group of ‘wealthy’ in each country of which we are speaking. They just help themselves.

It is our opinion that International Trade should be encouraged anyway possible: Dredging harbors,; building wharfs; facilitating ship licensing; training pilots; expanding airport runways, paving highways, et al.

By NOT having a few “Globalists’ control the world, with citizens being their serfs, people far and wide prosper.

With plentiful commerce, people gain financially. De-regulation, of business activities is the fuel for economic growth. In growth are the roots of survival of Nations.

Reality: The diversity of Nations is copacetic with the proviso: “Nature abhors singularities”. The ‘More, The Better’.

Mother Nature’s “Lightning”: A Clear And Present Danger

A Texas rancher, unfortunately, found some of his livestock, which has been standing near a fence, dead from a lightning strike. Each year, world-wide it is estimated that domestic, as well as feral animals, are killed in the hundreds of thousands by lightning strikes. The cost to the owners of the herds is prodigious. The reality of the matter is not much has been done to protect livestock in such weather. If one ‘thinks outside the box’ there is no reason insulated transportable small ‘barns’ could not be designed and inexpensively manufactured for herd shelters.

In the areas, such as Arkhangai Province near Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, herders lose thousands of their animals yearly due to horrendous lightning storms, snow and wind. In -30C [-22F] temperatures; this loss can be reduced significantly with the aforementioned portable insulated ‘small barns’. Losses from electrical storms, in particular, could be prevented. As for humans, we are better off.

The capacity to kill, from lightning’s electrical energy, is well-known by all. In fact, it kills on average, approximately 6 people per million, per year, world wide. If one presumes there exists approximately 7.8 billion people on Earth, one sees that 46,850+/- people perish yearly from strikes. In agricultural areas around the world, for humans, the death toll is higher, due to lack of effective shelters, than of residents in cities. In urban areas one is safer due to effective housing. Since lightning injuries exceed deaths, by ten times, human suffering is quite vast. Numerically, lightning strikes to humans,and animals, as well damage such as forest fire started from the strikes, are as destructive as many ‘Influenza Pandemics’. As to ‘Flora’ damage, there is no contest.

Having engaged in hard rock mining, many of us are quite familiar with lightning storms causing ignition of blasting caps for dynamite charges. [We are also aware of firearms shots detonating sticks of dynamite; This we have witnessed]. For miners, several thousand feet underground, lightning can kill; as historical evidence in Africa has shown. It behooves executives of mining companies to secure the best of insulation for their miners in remote locales, world-wide.

It is imperative for effectively-insulated building designs to be employed, as the, in-fashion phrase, ‘Climate Change’ [no longer, “Global Warming”] evidences climatic deviance in weather patterns. This evolution in climate may produce more electrical storms in greater varied locations, and of stronger electrical intensities. At present, it appears that Japan is the leader in building fabrications with the fewest lightning strike victims in the world; a fact of which the country’s leaders should be proud.

Reality: For all living creatures and humanity, respect for ‘Mother Nature’ with her powers is essential. Those unaware, or in denial, can pay the price for this lack of acknowledgement.

Reference: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7459711/Lightning-strike-kills-23-cows-instantly-bolt-struck-metal-fence.html

☆ When Temperatures Dropped To -52C (-61.6F) Practical Siberians Used Their Personal Strengths To Free Their Frozen Aircraft

News Analysis:  Intrepid Russians, historically noted for their superior perseverance when “things get rough” engaged in immediately solving a thermal problem: Aircraft Tires Frozen To The Ground. When temperatures dropped to -52C (-61.6F) practical Siberians used their personal strengths to free their frozen aircraft!

The simple solution of pushing the aircraft fuselage is very unique in that few other passengers of other countries would even think of ‘dirtying their hands” by engaging in ‘manual labor’ (which was required). Instead, they would probably demand a ‘Tow Motor” be obtained immediately so they could depart. If one was not available, they would probably disembark the aircraft and “retire to the airport for some fresh hot coffee”? The more pretentious of the lot would demand an immediate aircraft replacement to fly them out of the area.

One cannot properly know what conditions or events he or she might face in ‘International Business’ or the  “Trials and Tribulations of Life”. One can remember, however, the aforementioned behavior of these formidable Siberians and remember the adage: “When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going!” 


Reference: http://rt.com/news/208967-russia-frozen-plane-passengers/

☆ Three Dimensional Mapping Of Antarctic Sea Ice Thickness Suggests “Global Warming” May Need To Be Changed To Mere “Climate Change”

News Analysis: A recent series of “Ice Field” Investigations (rather than the typical Climate Scientists’ Laboratory Computer Modeling) evidenced Antarctic Ice varying from 1.4 meters (4.5 feet) to 5.5 meters (18 feet). An ‘astounding’ maximum thickness recorded of 17 meters (55.7 Feet) was registered! It seems logical that Three Dimensional Mapping of Antarctic Sea Ice Thickness suggests “Global Warming” may need to be changed to mere “Climate Change”.

If one calculates the enormous area of Antarctica and conjoins it with the evidenced thicknesses aforementioned, a conclusion that perhaps “World Thermal Chaos Due To Man’s Industries” is disingenuous at best.

The interesting element is that with all of the Technologies and Monies available, and being ‘thrown’ at “Global Warming”, it appear that the Politicians and Scientific Community, have been ‘asleep at the wheel’ in not “Quantifying Antarctic Ice Amounts” THROUGH ACTUAL IN-SEA MEASUREMENTS. Obviously, Nuclear Underwater Navies have a good amount of data regarding this subject. Has the Scientific Community approached the Militaries with Formal Requests for such data? Perhaps not. Some people even suggest that such data retained by governments might defuse the “Herds Wild Rush” towards “Global Warming”; a ‘Environmental Pandemic’ which they support whole heartily.

Furthermore, the basic technology of Sonar Scanning the ice above the “Robots” is not super-exotic; certainly not “Black Program” rated. Yet, the Antarctic Ice Measurements have just recently occurred; what a pity!

It is amazing to realize how quickly ‘Program Software Assumptions’ by “Computer SCIENTISTS” (in warm laboratories) can be technically refuted with the use of a two-meter three-dimensional measuring robot in its “Real World” (Undersea in the Antarctic).

It will be interesting to hear what Politicians say about the vast area of Antarctic Ice and its MEASURED thickness as it relates to their Mass Media Endorsed “Global Warming” Scenario.

Such information released to the Public might ruin the Politicians’ whole day.


Reference: http://rt.com/news/208503-antarctica-thicker-sea-ice/

☆ Has Mother Nature “Stepped On The Brakes”, For 18 Years, As To Global Warming?

News Analysis: The Latest Accumulated Scientific Actual Measurements indicate that in October, the Earth will have met its eighteenth year without Instrumented Evidence of Global Warming!

It appears that the “Experts'” many Computer Models, that predicted ‘Catastrophic Temperature Rises’, evidence the well-known Principle of ‘Garbage In, Garbage Out’ [“GIGO”]. The models missed the mark by a ‘long shot’. However, they did induce many Politicians to demand funding for control of ‘Global Warming’ [to the benefit of Business Allies, Charlatans, and the Mass Media (of Journalism Majors)].

Through the many centuries of Man’s Explorations of this Glorious Planet, the “Money Seekers” are nearby, like Hyenas near Carrion. In this case, a former World Political Leader optimized his employment by engaging in the Clarion Call to ‘Save the Planet From Global Warming’. From this effort, many people made much money [as he may have].

Rather than EVERYONE waiting for ACTUAL SCIENTIFIC MEASUREMENTS to be taken and scrutinized, Computer Modeling was used to stir up the thundering herd of Wildebeests.

The Mass Media, wanting for a subject to write about, jumped in with ‘both feet’ and created their ‘Holographic Reality’ of “Global Warming leading to the destruction of Mankind”. Even those in the Mass Media may have earned salary increases from gained readership of this ‘Pending Catastrophe’ [which never occurred]. That ‘Climate Change’ could be a mere ‘Natural Process’ was of NO interest to them. Today, both the North and South Poles have gained increased ice expanses and depths. The “El Nino” Phenomena is largely effete.

Solar flares are much more of a potential problem than “Man’s Greenhouse Gases” ruining the atmosphere. In fact, Natural Processes on Earth contribute more to “Greenhouse Gases” than that created by industry.

Next, the Charlatans can “Computer Model” systems for control of Solar Flares and sell them to a very gullible public [inspired by news releases by the Mass Media]?

The Principle of A.F.A.B. [Anything For A Buck] is alive and well in Corporations, Governments, and certainly Universities [with their Professors seeking grants from the naïve].

The “Aroma of Money Making” is as alluring to some Professors and Scientists as the nasal enjoyment derived from walking into a Bakery making its delights.


Reference: http://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/barbara-hollingsworth/upcoming-anniversary-october-1st-will-mark-18-years-no-global

☆ “Huge” Hong Kong Hailstones Harass Humans

News Analysis: “Huge” Hong Kong Hailstones Harass Humans from Sunday’s Storm. One can imagine the Hailstones, descending due to Gravity at 32 Feet/Second2 + (due to added downward wind velocity assisting), would give the  ‘F=MA’ Force Formula definite human cognition as people and their possessions were struck.

The Hailstone Growth Cycle is interesting: Water droplets freeze in the higher levels of the storm and then commence to descend. Updrafts propel them (as they are gaining more moisture) back up  to colder regions where they re-freeze and start descending again. The “Down/Up Cycles” may keep repeating until the ever-increasing Mass of the Hailstone is greater than the power of an Updraft to propel it to greater heights; Gravity then Wins.

Damage to: Buildings, Crops, Humans, Signage, and Vehicles, cause Insurance Companies great losses Decade to Decade.

The Power of Nature is to be Respected by the Wise. “Huge” Hong Kong Hailstones Harassing Humans is evidence of this Capability.


Reference: http://tinyurl.com/ktnrrl9

☆ Atmospheric Modeling, Through Historical Paintings Analysis, Is Employed By Greek Climatologists

News Analysis: Atmospheric Modeling, Through Historical Paintings Analysis, Is Employed By Greek Climatologists to get additional Clues about past Weather Realities. Famous Painters of the Atmospheres seen long ago (while they engaged in their artistic vocations) evidenced both Keen Eyesight as to Color Variations as well as Patterns displayed. By a careful analysis of color ratios, Greek Climatologists were able to discern distinct Qualitative Values of the renowned Artists’ Replications of sights actually seen during those periods.

“Outside the Box” Thinking by these Climatologists is to be commended for its shows Innovation apparently not evidenced by many others in their ‘Industry’. Since Climate Modeling is only as good as its inputs, Better Data may lead to More Correct Conclusions.

Several hundreds of years of Artistic Replications by Artists of Repute, Carefully Examined, is better than Climate Scientists’ “Holographic Ideations”; those based on Firm “Perhapses” of that Time Period in which they did not live.


Reference: http://tinyurl.com/q7mt2cq

Fiji Farmers Learn To Grow Sugar Cane, Not Weeds

News Analysis: Fiji Farmers Learn To Grow Sugar Cane, Not Weeds since weeds are very deleterious to Sugar Cane growth. Since World-Wide production of Sugar Cane averages

a  yield of approximately 70+ tons per Hectare (28+ tons per Acre) hence, gaining maximum benefit by reducing Pests and Diseases is essential for high crop yields.

Fiji has abundant sunshine and rain so it is worthy of good crop production. As Fijians have learned over the years, Pesticides used properly can eradicate Pests so Sugar Cane Plants flourish.

Sugar Cane is a marvelous plant with many various benefits for Humanity beyond being a mere Sweetener.

Reference: http://www.fijisun.com.fj/2014/03/06/cane-farmers-learn-tricks-to-remove-weeds/