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In order to help our Subscribers separate mere fantasies, from actual events, and their causes, [from what is offered by Main Stream Media] we will be offering the following.

In a vast number of subjects, of which we have been subject to, dealt with, and became victors, we learned a lot; hopefully enhancing our collective Wisdom. One consistency running though many of these business and science areas is: mere holograms of legitimacy and vague substantiation of benefits were present. Omnipresent however, is ‘Avarice’ [“What is yours, shall be ours.”]. Our business thought is: No ‘Deal’ is satisfactory unless all participants benefit, proportionate to the degree of risk they are engaging; simple, yet bewildering to some.

There may be many more subjects discussed, beyond these listed. After all, we have had many years to experience, observe, and react in International Business. This we have always done without fear, nor favor. We had called each deal and proposed ‘Deal’ as we saw them. This made some people happy, others sad; So be it said, so be it written.

Sample of Subjects Discussed

  • Analyzing, Predicting, and Winning with Natural Events.
  • Who knows where the ships go?
  • Education and Intellect is not nearly enough; Wisdom is needed.
  • Techniques to achieve non-publicized objectives.
  • Commodities and Currencies for those who want more.
  • The overwhelming benefits to staying beyond the horizon.
  • Why buy it? If so, at what price?
  • Forms of Great Wealth understood by few.
  • Misandric or Misogynic , Does it really matter in International Business?
  • Why certain Countries continually leave other Nations behind.
  • Why World Commerce need Internationalists, not Globalists, for best results.
  • Is Electronic Privacy a mere hologram suffered by the naïve?
  • How does one determine who are the world Puppet Masters?
  • Always try to find who the pre-I.P.O. investors REALLY ARE.
  • Why will commercial Composite Aircraft not outlast Metallic Airplanes?
  • To some World Leaders, there have been two ‘Lost Continents’.
  • How much wealth is enough?
  • Why are airplanes so expensive compared to ships?
  • Global corporations’ taxpayer-funded employees: Intelligence Agencies
  • Do as we say; not as we do.
  • For Global Economic Control: marketing War to their Sheep.
  • Global Narcotics Industry: There are Buyers, so there will be Sellers.
  • The Eyes Never Lie.
  •  “Due diligence’ means much to the Successful; little to Fools.
  • The X, Y, and Z of excellent Work Site selection for construction.
  • Professional titles mean next to nothing in International Commerce.
  • In Commerce, there are ‘Self-Made’ Men and there are ‘Self-Maid’ Men.
  • The very high cost, in International Business, of not showing the Proper Respect.
  • In International Business, ‘If you want to look neat, start with your feet’.
  • Geography, Geography, Geography: the price of not knowing.
  • Gender Balance for successful International Business.
  • Globalists vs. Internationalists: Compared.
  • Extremely Costly Decisions, based on a mere scintilla of facts, by Executives.
  • Understanding Geology for monetary gain: ‘Possible’, ‘Probable’, and ‘Proven’.
  • Recognizing “Flim-Flammers” and “Frontmen”; Tell-Tale signs.
  • In International Trade, allow for ‘Force Majeur’ possibilities.
  • Going Forward in Arctic shipping: Freight and Passenger transportation.
  • The realities of those who climb the corporate ladder to the top.
  • Substantial Monetary Wealth: Earned, Inherited, Stolen, or Won.
  • Successful Cost Estimating for Profit Analysis.
  • The “Governatorship”: A Plot hatched by presidents
  • If a ‘Virus Storm’ may be approaching, buy a ‘Land Yacht’ for your ‘safe harbor’.
  • It is good to believe; It is better to think.
  •  ‘Never Discussed’: Benefits of Governments’ ‘Foreign Service’ Occupations.
  •  “Actual Ownership” vs. “Beneficial Ownership”
  • Protests: Sell the ‘sizzle’, not the odor.
  • The: “Connected”, “Famous”, “Powerful”, and “Wealthy”; none escape the ‘Grim Reaper.

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