Air India Learns: Composite Aircraft Advertised “Lightweight” Is ‘Stealthy’; “Fuel Saving” Is ‘Cloaked’

News Analysis: Air India Learns: Composite Aircraft Advertised “Lightweight” Is ‘Stealthy’; “Fuel Saving” Is ‘Cloaked’ since “Manufacturing” may be at odds with “Marketing” where it involves Commercial Airline Manufacturers. Beyond the varied inherent problems in Carbon/Carbon Composites (as ‘Rain in the Plane’), there is also the problem of strength to highly stressed areas of an … Read more

☆ Solar Powered Aircraft Is Designed To Circumnavigate The Globe

News Analysis: The just revealed Solar Powered Aircraft Is Designed To Circumnavigate The Globe with its crew of two. Subsequent to an earlier version of a smaller aircraft, which transited the United States, this version has been designed for Intercontinental travel. The Entrepreneurs who consummated this Project are to be commended for their Assumption of … Read more

☆ With Financing, Buyers Will Buy

News Analysis: U.S. Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im) Financing makes it possible for people around the World to purchase American Goods; with Financing, Buyers will Buy. On more expensive items such as aircraft, financing is essential for all but the most capitalized of Corporations or Individuals. For years, the Good Work of  ‘Ex-Im’ have allowed the Exports … Read more

☆ Increases In World Oil Supplies Is Potential Bad News For Commercial Aircraft Manufacturers’ Business Models

News Analysis: Commercial Aircraft Manufacturers Want Airlines to Think the Price of Aviation Fuel can only go UP. By touting the Alleged Weight Savings in their new Composite Carbon/Carbon Construction, they seek Customers. Often, Incorrect Empty Weight Estimates being given Airlines, make  Fuel Saving Percentages look robust. If the Airlines believe the Aviation Fuel Price Increase Rhetoric, … Read more

Qatar Airlines: Pleased With Airbus, Far Less So With Another

News Analysis: Airlines need their New Aircraft on or before their Contracted Delivery Dates (as it appears Qatar will be joyously receiving with its Airbus A350’s). They are tiring of hearing about Aircraft Delays from other Air Frames. It seems that some Air Frames “Promise the Moon” (especially in terms of estimated low fuel burn … Read more

Air India Disenchanted With Told ‘Tales’ Of New Aircraft Fuel Burn Efficiencies, Etc.

News Analysis: When A Commercial Aircraft Manufacturer “Talks The Talk, It Must Walk The Walk”;  especially with alleged Misrepresentations regarding Estimated Fuel Burn Efficiencies and projected Dispatch Reliability. Air India had apparently succumbed to the “Lighter Is Better” (LIB) (without defining ‘Lighter’) ‘Marketing Hype’ some say, then purchased significant numbers of the Composite Aircraft; presently, to … Read more

They Tell Them What They Want Them To Hear (Not What They Need To Know)

News Analysis: The Myopic Marketing Machinations regarding the use of Composite Materials for Aircraft Construction as touted by Airframes and their Mass Media Minions discuss weight reduction compared to Metal Aircraft. While there will be some weight savings between the materials, as well as some design allowances which are more difficult to achieve with Metals, … Read more

Honduras Sovereignty Law Enacted: Investigation, Persuasion, And Then Elimination Of The Narcotics Aircraft Threat

News Analysis: To stop Cocaine Trafficking in Honduran Skies by over-flights going to America, Honduran Officials have enacted a new law. It requires a 18:00 Hours to 06:00 Hours Curfew for aircraft traveling at 5,500 meters (18,044 ft) altitude and at less than 550 kph  (341 mph). These Aircraft typically have no Flight Plans communicated with … Read more

☆ 787 Aircraft Lithium Ion Battery Problems Continue

News Analysis:  Some people think the continued Lithium Ion Battery problems of the Boeing 787 Aircraft susbstantiate the need for a re-examination by Aviation Authorities; This of the probability of fire commencing in such batteries on aircraft. This Carbon/Carbon Composite Aircraft CANNOT tolerate a fire incident without possible serious results. If such an event were … Read more

Heathrow Airport Discovers A380 Can Increase Passenger Traffic While Decreasing Costs Via Fewer Aircraft Operations

News Analysis: The Large A380 is helping Heathrow Airport by Increasing Passenger Traffic but lessening Airplane Operations per year. Increased traffic means more Direct Revenue to the Airport Authority by passenger counts; as well as expenditure by passengers while at the Airport for Food, Entertainment, and the like. Taxis, etc, which are charged for Airport Passenger … Read more