Technology Gambling In “Holographic” Casinos May Provide A Thrill; But Will Provide A Chill

News Analysis: Cash being ‘Invested’ in “Silicon Valley” Information Technology (IT) Companies, in particular,  apparently is no longer based on proficient new technologies, rarity of supply, nor Product Sales profitability to the creators. As such, Technology Gambling in ‘Holographic Casinos’ may provide a thrill; but will provide a chill to many Investors. Today, many business fundamentals … Read more

☆ U.S. National Security Agency’s (NSA) Best Friends: Internet Relationship Sites

News Analysis: The American Intelligence Community (AIC) found a ‘Goldmine’ in Internet Relationship Sites (IRS’s). The Very Naïve Public FREELY gives up Personal Information, along with Photographs, to ‘IRS’s’ the amount of data being so substantial even the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation’s late great Mr. J. Edgar Hoover, could never comprehend. The cost to the … Read more

Netherlands: Does Their “Dutch Optimism” Precede Their Wealth; Or, Wealth Precede Their “Dutch Optimism”?

News Analysis:  The International-Oriented Dutch have a tradition of World Exploration accompanied by Financial Acumen second-to-none. While others are  busy in attempting to gain publicity for all of their business ventures, the Dutch are Stealthily conducting business negotiations. Additionally, their years of experience in dealing with people in other countries has taught them the benefits of being circumspect. … Read more

Russian Atomic Ice Breaker will be World’s Largest

News Analysis: Russian Atomic Icebreaker is currently being constructed in St. Petersburg at Baltiysky Shipyard. The mammoth 173 meters [567 feet] by 34 meters [111 feet] beam will have Sixty Mega-Watts of Power. This Craft will be able to easily traverse the Arctic Ocean under any currently anticipated conditions as designed. The investment, of over One … Read more

Middle East Oil Tanker Shipping Rates are on an Upturn

News Analysis: The quick turn around in Tanker Shipping Rates bodes  well for this industry. For far too long, oversupply of tankers, in conjunction with decreased demand, almost sank the historically, very cyclical business. Hopefully, older vessels [15+ years of age] will be scrapped, encouraged by adequate rates, if enduring over the months. New buildings, when … Read more

Guam and Micronesia Offer Smaller Businesses Larger Opportunities

News Analysis:  Entrepreneurs that become very successful understand the concept of “Business Scale”. Small business have the financial and technical [FT] capacity to properly serve similar sized entities. If they tried to engage in large transactions, lack of proper sized FT capacities might assure their failure. As they become successful and grow, they can ‘Scale Up’ and … Read more

Greek Economy: A Caterpillar Becomes a Butterfly

News Analysis: Much as a Caterpillar devours some of itself to morph into a Butterfly, Greece did the same. The pain its citizens experienced was the worst since World War II. The underlying problem, if one studies historical events for Greece, was “The Marshall Plan”. The largesse of the program removed the incentive to self-rely … Read more

Russian Cooperation and Trade with Greece are Increasing

News Analysis:  The very strategic location of Greece, as well as a cultural and religious affinity between the two countries, make for a win-win situation for both. Since Greece is the first European country when coming from the Levant or Northeast Africa, its location is laudable. The vessel shipment of hydrocarbons or bulk commodities through … Read more

“Poor” Greeks Spend Billions in Ships in 2013

News Analysis: One should examine critically the mass media when its reports are unidirectional about any particular subject. Quite often contrary data is disregarded in order that a “Tsunami of Catastrophe” is maintained for the gains of certain individuals who stand to profit from the entropy. In this instance, billions of dollars have been spent by … Read more