“Transportation Corridors” Leading To Nowhere: Countries’ Political Corruptions

It is interesting that countries with great historical trade routes are not being facilitated with honest political leaders. For example, to quote Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani: “Afghanistan is one of these places of intersection, as historical trade roads ranging from the grand trunk road to the lapis lazuli and silk met here,” …. “Names given to us capture the significance of our location best: the heart of Asia; gates of India; land bridge; roundabout, a place where goods, ideas, and people freely move, circulate and interact; Switzerland of Asia.”. And of course, another example is Greece [superbly centrally located as to Africa, Europe, and the Middle East]; we shall discuss.

As to Afghanistan, First Vice President Amrullah Saleh has decried corruption on-going in his country. Mr. Saleh thinks there is ‘big-time’ corruption occurring, yet there are no investigations of the miscreants. Saleh said, “this is a forgotten corner,” and that “to this date, ministers, generals, directors and even politicians of high stature have been charged but no member of the parliament has paid any price for their involvement in corruption.” Benefits from Afghanistan’s 600,000+/- acres of Poppy fields down-stream productions, can be very enticing to some in Kabul. With America’s support of monies and personnel, the Poppy fields have greatly expanded as to acreage. Which Americans, we ask, have and will benefit from the downstream productions; it is more than ‘International Relations’ munificence that is the propulsion of this particular U.S. Aid.

As to Greece (10,000,000+ Population), long ago we had written that the $375,000,000,000.00+ [estimated government debt] was beyond being absolutely atrocious for a ‘small’ country. It had NO “ministers, generals, directors and even politicians of high stature” investigated, prosecuted, found guilty, and incarcerated in “Korydallos” Prison [or other secured containment location]. The rampant acquisition of military equipment it could not afford, at the time, such as submarines from Germany, and other ‘high-priced hardware, leads one to assume bribery flourished. Since that time, the lack of judicial redress to the ‘Financial Treason” by the perpetrators, suggest that bribery by some of the new ‘Operators’ of the country is possible. The corruption of the powerful in Greece has been “sárose káto apó to chalí”. As International Businessmen, we think this is such a shame to the honor of Greece, and such a theft to the Greek Citizenry; they deserve better.

China has determined that ‘location, location, location’ as to Greece, is of great benefit to the ‘Dragon’s’ commercial needs. It has paid substantial amounts to develop Piraeus harbor and can further assist in a transportation corridor to the rest of Europe. It is our hope that the monies paid, go towards the Greek people and not into Swiss Bank Accounts of the Greek ‘Untouchables’, as we have discussed. Of course, if challenged about ‘Bribery’ or ‘Embezzlement’, each ‘Untouchable ‘ will declare “Θεν έχω χπήματα”.

The upcoming Natural Gas flows eventually through Greece to Europe should make Greeks happy. However, one can assume that some Swiss Bankers will even be happier with their “Depositors from Athens”.

Reality: As to “Forks in the Road”, to the Injudicious, there is a quandary as to which way to go; to those of Integrity, the correct route is a “lighted superhighway”.

Reference: https://tolonews.com/afghanistan-167986

Tuesday, 3 November, 2020, American Election: As International Businessmen, We Present Our Analyses, For Those Prudent: Where The Future Winners Will Be, And Advise Where, And When, Others Should Discard ‘Losing Cards In Their Hands’.

The coming, election in America, will offer some Industries,  Investors, and even Countries, Improved Benefits and Profits, thereafter.  Current Investors and some other Countries may find: “The Future May Not Bode Well”; As to those Industries and locations where monies are presently committed, adjustments will be needed.

For our Subscribers, gain from our analyses of businesses, countries, and industries that will be moving ahead in 2021; this due to results of the coming election. We foresee the ‘shackles’ of many decades of ‘Special Interest Groups’ conniving [lead by the Puppet Masters’ Masters] being removed. That constant economic burden to America, being made effete, will provide opportunities for growth, seldom seen. As to other industries, that have historically prospered due to the ‘graft’, one may want to ‘Short their stocks’.

Reality: Beyond the horizon, many changes await, for America. A word to the Wise is sufficient.

World Shipping Industry: For Captains And Crews There Are No “Safe Harbors” For Free And Ready Transits Home

The current Covid 19 [CV19] pandemic has spawned a ‘Social Pandemic’, we, who, for many decades, closely follow ‘Merchant Shipping’, have never seen before. It is a situation of government leaders deciding not to allow crew transits from ships to shore for egress to other nations; for CV 19 contamination reasons. Evidencing much ineptness of logical thought, these government leaders disregard the facts of crews being isolated during their voyages and are NOT carrying CV 19 with them. These ‘situations’ offer: “The crews are not contaminated; people on shore may well be. Ergo, the crews face the risk of contracting CV 19 [not the other way around].”

Furthering the ‘Contamination Concept’ we wonder how many “Ship Chandlers” outfits have been closely tested and or quarantined; this, for their interfaces with both ships’ crew-members and supplies coming in-bound off the ships, goods for later re-sale to other ships, to their organizations? We have heard of none. Perhaps because they are ‘Locals’, governments’ Ports Authorities have deemed them “In-contaminable’?

Going ‘up the ladder towards the bridge’ there are many “middle-men” who are responsible for ships’ crew’s employment. It appears to us they have done next to nothing, on a macro-level, to put pressure to bear on their governments to de-escalate the ‘Slave-Labor (Voluntary, turned to Involuntary Servitude) being ‘stuck aboard ship’ for months.

Upon the bridge, ship-owners, bankers, investors, et al have acted with ‘Effete Dynamism‘ in solving this crisis to crews. As the adage states: “What goes around, will come around.” A dearth of enthusiastic crew members makes for a greater potential of: Cargo mis-handlings; Crew Injuries; Fires; and Sailing Mishaps.

It is our opinion that it is well likely that Maritime Insurance costs will rise, as maladies start occurring at a greater rate in the industry. As many crew members decide to change careers or retire earlier, “newbies” who enter the business will make a greater incidence of errors; leading to many of the aforementioned problems. There is no substitute for experience. As International Businessmen, we would think that at the present moment, many Insurers in Hamilton, London, New York City and others, would be taking a serious look at potential risk exposures brought about mainly through ineptness of decisions and dearth of training.

The other adjoining group that should be closely reviewed are the ‘Ship Registrations’. We have not seen a great deal of progress by any of them to conjoin with each other and quickly solve this ‘Humanitarian Issue’ for ship crews. “Why Not”, we ask. Is it that managements of such registries ‘do not have a clue’ to solving problems? They do have a responsibility to regulate those vessels under their purview.

Due to “Supply Chain” conundrums, we find it amazing that the world Main Stream Media, has largely ignored this vital industry’s current dilemma. If goods cannot be transferred from the manufacturer to the wholesaler; then, goods from the wholesale to the retailer to the customers, are a mere hologram. Who outside of “Bloomberg” clearly presents this dilemma to the public? We, as analysts of all types of shipping everywhere, are familiar; the “Men and Women of the world” are not. They will be irate when they cannot locate that which has NOT been shipped to their favorite stores. Is not this subject newsworthy?

Reality: The severity of a Pandemic is exacerbated by multiple very poor decisions, by many, in various ‘arenas’, that have portrayed themselves as omniscient; their decisions are substantively ‘Chalcopyrite’ [Fool’s Gold].

Reference: https://www.bloomberg.com/features/2020-pandemic-shipping-labor-violations/?srnd=premium

“Bolts Out Of The ‘Black'”: Lightning Megaflashes

The United Nations’ World Meteorological Organization [WMO], reported a 700+ kilometers [435+ statute miles] long, lightning megaflash. This behemoth of energy flow occurred in Brazil on 31 October, 2018. Elsewhere, there have been other impressive bolts.

Previously, ground mapping stations were utilized to review lightning strikes. However, spatial considerations, among other factors, provided the impetus for building ‘special-task’ satellite-imaging craft; these for lightning flow assessments. Now, both distances traveled, as well as energies-released measurements, can occur over wider expanses. By utilizing both ground and space systems conjointly, precision is attained.

The ‘macro-geometric’ measuring capability should allow meteorologists, far and wide, the ability to evaluate lightning in a manner not possible just a few years ago. Satellite technology provides three-dimensional measuring capability, on a multi-nation scale, in many areas of the world.

A sailor, ‘Top Side’ on a merchant ship, [be it a ‘Bulker’, ‘Container’, L.N.G., or, Oil Tanker] may be standing at a height of 10 meters above the water line. His ‘visible horizon distance” is 11.3 kilometers [7.0 statute miles] in good weather. Ergo, he would never see that which could strike him, from far beyond the horizon, until it was far too late. Now, a ship ‘radarman’ must be aware of the aforementioned, great striking distance of lightning; and thereby alert any crewmen ‘on deck’. This new information from the WMO, may be life-savers.

One might consider what long-term economic impact this technology will have for the Insurance industry, for one. To know: the probability of such electrical events occurring; when, during the year; of what intensities and durations; over which geographic areas, will be invaluable to Insurers and Re-Insurers. With such knowledge: Actuaries can establish insurance rates; customers may find it economically advantageous to minimize property losses. They might by installing preemptively, electrical storm mitigating technologies [as have been long-required on ships]; this would certainly benefit the Insurance Industry. [There may be many smiling faces in Bermuda.] Those who wisely invest in Insurance Companies’ stocks may also be elated by increases in profits.

Reality: Understanding Mother Nature, is for wise men, a roadway to comprehending, and obtaining cost-mitigating efficiencies; this, for business and personal profits.

Reference: https://www.ibtimes.com/700-km-brazil-megaflash-sets-lightning-record-un-3000889

Technology Gambling In “Holographic” Casinos May Provide A Thrill; But Will Provide A Chill

News Analysis: Cash being ‘Invested’ in “Silicon Valley” Information Technology (IT) Companies, in particular,  apparently is no longer based on proficient new technologies, rarity of supply, nor Product Sales profitability to the creators. As such, Technology Gambling in ‘Holographic Casinos’ may provide a thrill; but will provide a chill to many Investors.

Today, many business fundamentals have been tossed aside for ‘Sound Bites ‘ about future Software Success. Pitchmen, like those of the past who operated ‘Ponzi Schemes’ are bragging about their ‘Future Great “App”‘ which will revolutionize modern living’. Listeners, often technically unsophisticated individuals with money, toss millions of their dollars towards the Gypsters [as one would enthusiastically bet on the spin of a roulette wheel]. 

Rather than performing “Due Diligence” on the need for the product, its cost relative to the need, and its sustainability in future years of its user, Investors disregard ‘Business Fundamentals’. They open their pocketbooks and let the money flow.

‘IT’ Products so similar in scope, as to almost be violations of Copyright Laws, are offered to the public. Essentially there are ‘Iterations of Iterations’ being offered in the “Holographic Casinos” much like the same plethora of Electronic Slot Machines in actual ‘Gaming Emporia’.

The problem with this scenario is that the ‘Supply’ of “Same-O’s” exceeds the ‘Demand’ for such. As a consequence, like falling Dominoes, ‘Failures over Time’ are assured for Investors.

International Investors should ask: “Is what is being offered, to gain my money, really unique, useful, and sustainable as a selling product over time?” If it is not, then we suggest they take a portion of the amount they were planning on spending and enjoy their time in  actual “Bricks and Mortar” Casinos rather than Silicon Valley’s “Holographic Gaming Establishments”; the odds of winning may be better [or at least they will have had some fun].


Reference: http://www.bbc.com/news/business-29653830

☆ U.S. National Security Agency’s (NSA) Best Friends: Internet Relationship Sites

News Analysis: The American Intelligence Community (AIC) found a ‘Goldmine’ in Internet Relationship Sites (IRS’s). The Very Naïve Public FREELY gives up Personal Information, along with Photographs, to ‘IRS’s’ the amount of data being so substantial even the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation’s late great Mr. J. Edgar Hoover, could never comprehend. The cost to the American Government to harvest such data on a ‘Pre-Internet’ basis it could not afford (for this amount of data).

Many people think that the American Intelligence Agencies were partially funding initially, Start-up Companies in ‘Silicon Valley’, California, and elsewhere. It has been alleged that many of the ‘IRS’s quietly bringing in Agency Personnel into ‘IRS’s’ facilities to gain the reconnaissance of what was being surrendered by the Global ‘Freiers’.

Subsequent to their initial successes as being the “University Boys Who Worked Hard In Their Dormitories Designing Pertinent ‘IRS’s’ Software” and dressing like ‘Gymnasium Rats’, the Initial Public Offerings commenced on Wall Street. Of course, Wall Street “Insider’s Insiders” were aware of American Intelligence Agency Support of the “Silicon Valley Set”. Favorable Media reports of the “Genius” of these “Gymnasium Rats” made them the “Toasts of the Town”; this being demanded by the ‘Insider’s Insiders’.

Unfortunate for Americans and the Global Community as well, their Internet Naivety may eventually cost them dearly. “Information is Power; Personal Information is Nuclear” when used by Plotters who desire to Rule Nations. “To Know Your Enemy, Will Weaken Your Enemy” is a big reason why Intelligence Data on Every Human On Earth is sought by American Espionage Agencies.

Many people think the World’s Population who “Bit The Bait, But Received The Sharp Hook” in signing up with Internet Relationship Sites, will some day feel the Pain of The Hook (from which they cannot release themselves).


Reference: http://tinyurl.com/mjtae3b

Netherlands: Does Their “Dutch Optimism” Precede Their Wealth; Or, Wealth Precede Their “Dutch Optimism”?

News Analysis:  The International-Oriented Dutch have a tradition of World Exploration accompanied by Financial Acumen second-to-none. While others are  busy in attempting to gain publicity for all of their business ventures, the Dutch are Stealthily conducting business negotiations. Additionally, their years of experience in dealing with people in other countries has taught them the benefits of being circumspect. The asset of being adroit in business comes from years of similar international exposure.

The Dutch Optimism is,in part,based upon the ability to correctly analyze people and situations [thereby gaining a confidence which morphs into cheerfulness].

The Dutch Wealth has accumulated over the years by both the aforementioned ‘abilities’ as well as knowing “Good Money Management”. Common-sense dictates that: “One does not spend more than one earns”. Application of this simple Credo applies also to business transactions of all kinds. Seldom is heard of the Dutch paying artificially exorbitant prices for goods or services; they know better. Through the years, application of this behavior has allowed the Dutch to prosper; be it in: Flower Production And Sales, International Finance, Maritime Shipping, or Petroleum Exploration and Production. The 92,000 Millionaire Households are a Testament to this.

Perhaps the wisdom of ECC 10:19 has been endorsed by them.

Any People who have learned to “Hold back the Ocean” have the necessary Intellect and Tenacity to succeed wherever they choose.

Reference: http://www.dutchnews.nl/news/archives/2013/11/the_netherlands_92000_milliona.php

Russian Atomic Ice Breaker will be World’s Largest

News Analysis: Russian Atomic Icebreaker is currently being constructed in St. Petersburg at Baltiysky Shipyard. The mammoth 173 meters [567 feet] by 34 meters [111 feet] beam will have Sixty Mega-Watts of Power. This Craft will be able to easily traverse the Arctic Ocean under any currently anticipated conditions as designed.

The investment, of over One Billion Euros, by Atomflot shows good Financial Judgement  as it relates to the Economic Future of Marine Traffic in the Arctic Ocean. One can hope other Arctic Abutting Countries have the prescience to build similar vessels so Maritime Craft can quickly, and safely cross the inhospitable Arctic Environment. Trans-Arctic Shipments save days at sea.

Reference: http://tinyurl.com/lco8src

Middle East Oil Tanker Shipping Rates are on an Upturn

News Analysis: The quick turn around in Tanker Shipping Rates bodes  well for this industry. For far too long, oversupply of tankers, in conjunction with decreased demand, almost sank the historically, very cyclical business. Hopefully, older vessels [15+ years of age] will be scrapped, encouraged by adequate rates, if enduring over the months. New buildings, when undertaken, will also help yards around the world [who have seen a dearth of Oil Tanker  customers recently]. This symbiosis of Industry [Shipping] to Industry [Ship Building] may eventually cascade into better times for both. 

Perhaps Non-Traditional Funding Sources will learn about the rate changes and explore Investment opportunities in Ship Construction.  

A parallel growth model is in the construction  of Liquified Natural Gas [LNG] Vessels. In fact, innovators such as ship owner, John Fredriksen, has been leading the followers where it comes to foresight  in types of New Buildings needed in General Shipping and Oil Exploration/Production Vessels.

Reference: http://tinyurl.com/lnv3fpe

Guam and Micronesia Offer Smaller Businesses Larger Opportunities

News Analysis:  Entrepreneurs that become very successful understand the concept of “Business Scale”. Small business have the financial and technical [FT] capacity to properly serve similar sized entities. If they tried to engage in large transactions, lack of proper sized FT capacities might assure their failure. As they become successful and grow, they can ‘Scale Up’ and deal with larger customers. 

Guam and Micronesia offer small to medium sized businesses, around the Pacific Basin, the opportunity to engage in commerce [that does not suffer from great commercial competition]. Guam, with a population of 160,000+/- people and Micronesia, with 106,000+/- individuals, provide a total of over a Quarter Million Potential Customers  for many types of Goods And Services! 

Existing Air Freight as well as Sea Freight capabilities, make commercial transactions viable for those seeking business expansion to those two areas.

The World Belongs to the Aggressive. It is they who Prosper.

Reference: http://tinyurl.com/kno7uyr