Institute for Management Development [I.M.D.] Has Cyprus As Most Improved Country In World Competitiveness

The latest yearly service of this prestigious ranking entity shows a eleven position improvement for Cyprus. This was in the combination of essential improvement elements rated. Of 63 nations, Cyprus ranks number 30.

In this I.M.D. ranking, Singapore was number one, followed by Denmark as the second most competitive country. Switzerland being number three. They are to be congratulated for their achievements.

The three largest commercial countries, China, Russia, and the United States, each had a declination. This, as should be understood, was due to the current world economy. It is much harder for the largest of commercial populations, even when led by very capable governments, to adjust, to unanticipated health debacles. Smaller Nations can respond quicker; They, which by their mere sizes have less complexity, of macro-operation, can adapt apace.

It behooves all of the report-listed 63 ‘entries’, as well as the remaining 130+ countries, in the world, to evaluate the I.M.D. report. They should do everything possible to raise their rankings higher. This benefits their citizens and makes for a copacetic commercial world, we can all profit by..

Reality: There are many ways to judge a country’s competitiveness; one being: If all the citizens living therein, have smiles on their faces.


Cyprus Leads Other Clean Waters European Countries as Beaches Are To Be Enjoyed

Cyprus has lead the way in clean, clear waters for its beaches. Other countries in extremely close rankings are: Austria, Malta, Greece, and Croatia; all are to be congratulated. As International Businessmen, we know from our travels, how enticing is is to swim in clean, clear waters. Additionally, from a commercial point of view: ‘Cleanliness and Purity of Waters’ are sought for man’s psyche [beautiful, compelling, and rewarding].

International visitors, with much cash to spend, will seek out not only ‘Five Star’ hotels, but will also seek out beautiful beaches which are deemed ‘Safe’ in which to swim. Smart businessmen should certainly seek certification of their adjoining waters as an excellent marketing tool.

It behooves all businessmen to do everything possible to make sure their beaches and waters are not only ‘non-polluted’ but of the highest level in ‘cleanliness and clarity’. Clean waters can make for: Clear ‘Selling’ of one’s “ship” to possible ‘passengers’. It can mean more Euros into one’s business bank account.

Reality: A wholesome image, backed by verification, endures for those who want to win.


Israel Proposes Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) For Its Neighbors: Cyprus, Greece, and Turkey

News Analysis:  A Wise Business Strategy by Israeli Commercial Interests is the Vessel Shipping of  Compressed Natural Gas ‘CNG’ to those countries rather than by Undersea Pipelines.  Natural Gas Reserves in Israeli Waters are substantial and  Israel can afford to sell to those Countries ‘CNG’ at a heavily discounted price; this from Current Liquefied Natural Gas being sold today. The Negation of Pipelines in the Delivery Process bodes well for large projected costs savings for the corporations involved.

Due to the fact that Territorial Issues for Undersea Pipelines are not an element in this Business Model, much Time can be saved in the Delivery Process by using  ‘CNG’ Ships.

Innovative Thinking can go a long way towards producing Substantial Profits for those who are in Business.

The World Belongs to the Aggressive.



☆ European Union Banking: A “Haircut” And “Shave” For Everyone?

News Analysis: The European Union Banking Agreement recently agreed to, some say, gives False Hope regarding Control Over and Liquidation, if necessary, of ‘Non-Performing’ Banks. Contractually, many various groups would assess the viability of a Bank, and if needed, Bond Holders, Stock Holders, and DEPOSITORS would have to pay for the pending debacle (as was done in Cyprus). In this manner, Governments would not be financially  liable for Bad Management at Banks. Why a Mere Depositor who has NO CONTROL over Banking Decisions nor Ownership directly or indirectly, in the Bank, should be held liable is baffling to many people. This would be analogous to sending One’s Shirts to a Laundry and being liable for that Business’s Debts! What is the difference? As to Depositors, Very Specious Thinking brought about such a European Union Banking Decision, one might argue. 

That various groups composed of a total of over 100 persons are to efficiently and quickly assess a Bank is a ‘Mental Fantasy’, some Bankers say. Debate for weeks is not acceptable during such events.

A 55 Billion Euro Fund is to be developed for the cover collapses of Banks; many people think that is too little.

Also, are there ANY provisions to have Forensic Accountants review a “Collapsing” Bank’s Books, immediately prior to default? This, to see if any Illegal Financial Machinations occurred by the Bank’s Management? If not, why not? What Punitive Measures are in force for illegal or ‘tainted’ Banking activities?

“Bankers, in their role of ‘Bankers’, control the Monies of OTHERS, Not Their Own.” All too often, it seems that this Simple Premise ‘Escapes’ the conscious mentality of Bankers; that is when Defalcations and other problems arise.

It appears to many Europeans that, as regards to this ‘Banking Solution’, “Improper Medication” to a Patient may make him sicker than his Actual Illness.



China and Cyprus Sign Antiquities Accord

News Analysis:  The damage to or removal of antiquities from a country should result in severe and swift punishment to the wrongdoers. The economic gain to the seller [thief] and satisfaction of the buyer should be much less compared to the punishment meted out after being arrested. Certainty of apprehension along with the secondary element of adequate punishment should deter all but the most foolhardy individuals.

The modern day chaos which has taken place in Egypt, Iraq, Libya, and Syria, with the theft of irreplaceable antiquities is tragic.  Law enforcement world wide should be on alert for dealers in such goods as well as customers who covet such items.
The “bottom line” is: The stolen antiquities are not for the seller to sell, nor for the buyer to buy.


The Epistemology of Evolving Mega-Business Relationships Amongst Countries

Today, there are economic forces at work which are forcing governments  to re-think their past business relationships amongst other countries so that they prosper in tomorrow’s markets.

For example. the potential for economic gain due to newly discovered economic quantities of natural gas and oil, located from Cyprus to the Levant, brings Israel closer to its Mediterranean neighbor Cyprus. With the potential to drill for and recover oil and gas and have it processed on a to-be-built refinery of Cyprus, adds value to the asset side of the ledger of both countries. This economic relationship did not exist in the year 2,000.

The expansion of the relationship between Russia and China in oil and gas recovery in Siberia also allows both countries to prosper. The added-value to Russia, by recovering earthbound assets and turning them in to products for sale, is gigantic. Here, the good will historically embraced by both Giants is further enhanced with economic cooperation.

Another example of a future enhancement to manufacturing production will be the meteorite enhanced super-strong diamonds of Siberia. Machine tool makers in Germany and Sweden will surely want to add value to their aerospace grade cutting tools by acquiring these diamonds to add to their fabrications. The tools will then easily slice through Titanium and other alloys use in aircraft production. As this relationship further develops, Germany, Sweden, and Russia benefit.

In Canada, oil shale is being produced which, when proper transportation can be secured, will aid China and Canada in their mutual growth.

Advanced in horticulture, by European laboratories, will allow Chilean roses to be shipped to America in even fresher form than they are presently. This assists American/Chilean relationships as well as European governments.

Mining of rare earths in Mountain Pass, California, due to increased investment by entrepreneurs, will help electronics manufacturers in Brazil and Malaysia to be more profitable. This helps the governments of the three countries to have good dialogue. Commercial prosperity can triumph over political guffaws.

The governments which allow for their citizens to engage in international commerce today,  will benefit superbly in tomorrow’s reality of increased profitability through a higher Gross Product.