Tuesday, 3 November, 2020, American Election: As International Businessmen, We Present Our Analyses, For Those Prudent: Where The Future Winners Will Be, And Advise Where, And When, Others Should Discard ‘Losing Cards In Their Hands’.

The coming, election in America, will offer some Industries,  Investors, and even Countries, Improved Benefits and Profits, thereafter.  Current Investors and some other Countries may find: “The Future May Not Bode Well”; As to those Industries and locations where monies are presently committed, adjustments will be needed.

For our Subscribers, gain from our analyses of businesses, countries, and industries that will be moving ahead in 2021; this due to results of the coming election. We foresee the ‘shackles’ of many decades of ‘Special Interest Groups’ conniving [lead by the Puppet Masters’ Masters] being removed. That constant economic burden to America, being made effete, will provide opportunities for growth, seldom seen. As to other industries, that have historically prospered due to the ‘graft’, one may want to ‘Short their stocks’.

Reality: Beyond the horizon, many changes await, for America. A word to the Wise is sufficient.

The Virus Of “Arrogance” Can Be As Deadly As The ‘Natural Diseases’ Created By Mother Nature

As we look at the various decisions made by various Business, Intelligence, Government, and Political leaders, we cannot but recognize the dire consequences which have occurred; this by their arrogance of the inviolability of their ideations. There are a number of examples available; these which caused loss of life to innocent people.

One Business, a Airframe manufacture, its arrogant executives ‘bought off’ on the idea: Pilots of various airlines could and would learn how to fly a ‘re-vamped’ model of a aircraft; this, not by using expensive “Flight Simulators” but by using “Apple I-Phones” with a pertinent ‘App’! While we both applaud, and we all use the excellent “Apple” products, we think it was absolutely ludicrous to go ‘down this runway’ for Pilot Education and Training. The consequences of the “Let us gain even more profit by NOT purchasing Flight Simulators, but use ‘Apple I-Pads'” were the deaths of innocent crew members and passengers on two aircraft. We find it most interesting that, to date, NO government pronouncements of “Criminal Culpability” and prosecution on these inept ‘Executives’ have been made as to these travesties. Instead, the head of the company merely stated his angst over these deaths.

A far greater cause of both massive deaths, as well as a Nation’s destruction physically, was the opinion by the head of a Intelligence Agency; this, that Iraq’s President Saddam Hussein, possessed “Weapons of Mass Destruction”. The Director of the Agency reportedly stated: “It was a ‘Slam Dunk’ that Saddam had such weaponry”! As a result, Governments‘ leaders arrogantly decided to devastate not just Saddam Hussein, and his sons Ouday and Qusay, but also the country of Iraq! The fact that Saddam’s Mistress, who was a intelligence source to the Intelligence Agency at the time, had allegedly told it: ‘Saddam was fearful of the unreliability of such weapons and distrusted them’! We also, understand that for certain individuals, who were and are currently part of the “Governatorship Cabal”: ‘Strong-man’ Saddam was a impeding force, that was to be removed; along with other area strongmen. However, we are of the opinion that hegemonic desires to destroy a country, its people, and culture, to: “Get Rid Of Three People”, is a Crime Against Humanity.

Political leaders have negligently caused the deaths of people as to the current CV 19 pandemic. We think they have done this with their arrogance of thinking how they ‘know’ how to eliminate the virus from infection of their citizens. Many acted through shut-downs of businesses and restrictions on mobility in cities. The economically ruined business owners and investors have allegedly had heart attacks, strokes, et al, resulting in their eventual deaths, and some have committed suicide. Citizens, such as many in New York City, have ‘self-destructed’ due to confinements mandated by Government authorities. Unfortunately, the citizens did NOT gain “CV19” immunity through their isolation.

The ‘Human Frailty’ of arrogance needs to be curtailed. Leaders need to know their positions in their careers, do not bestow on them omnipotence and omniscience; in fact, unless they are Founders of their organizations, they are immediately replaceable. Most have merely risen to the top by acceding to the wishes of their superiors. They are NOT innovators; they are merely ‘cogs in a wheel’. We, as International Businessmen, see them time and again.

Reality: Those who can look into a mirror and see a ‘Halo of Wisdom’ above their heads, should inspect above the mirror for defective lighting.

Reference: https://www.bbc.com/worklife/article/20200923-why-arrogance-is-dangerously-contagious

Political Pandering and Patronage Produce Pakistan’s Perilous Pilots

Pakistan’s Civil Aviation Authority [PCAA] and the International Air Transportation Association [IATA] have announced that many of the country’s commercial airline pilots are potentially perilous. They have been flying for Pakistan’s various airlines while having fraudulent backgrounds, education, and experience, to qualify as Commercial Pilots.

Pandering and patronage might be socially acceptable behavior elsewhere, to induce a superior to do a favor. These particular misguidedly-approved Pilots’ Licenses had a deadly outcome in Pakistan. The PCAA in examining the evidence surrounding a airline, found fraudulent credentials of the cockpit crew. The Karachi crash killed 97 people.

Pakistan’s 860 pilots have approximately 200+ individuals with dubious bona fides of ‘holographic veracity’ one would analyze. Now, the PCAA is sorting through the ‘Information Swamp’ trying to determine who is actually qualified to fly commercial aircraft in Pakistan.

We find it incredible that such charades in Pilot Licensing have been occurring so long; endangering the public. Also, jeopardizing other innocent crew members, ground crews, and overflown residents [who might have a airplane crash into their homes].

We think a more Draconian methodology should be applied to governments which do not properly ‘vett’ their aircraft professionals: Immediately, upon finding ‘Systemic Abuse’, act; i.e., Prohibit other airlines from being able to fly to the offender nation. The economic travail of ‘No Freight-No Passengers’ entering a country is a necessary wake-up call for all. For a numerically lesser situation: Ground a airline’s aircraft in the particular country where it it headquartered.

This situation in Pakistan is equivalent to the U.S. Airframe who, in conjunction with the Federal Aviation Administration [FAA] were going to train pilots on their I-Pads! [Beyond airframe idiocy (so the it could make greater profits)].

We think it is time to stop ‘patronage’, as shown in mediocrity of qualifications [especially in learning to fly a commercial aircraft via I-Pad]. It is far too dangerous to the public. Citizens deserve better safety; they also deserve government bureaucrats [here, there, and everywhere] with integrity, not ‘bribees’.

Reality: It is much easier for all “Pertinent Parties” within an industry, to ‘fly straight’ than to have to clean up disasters, created by Fools.

Reference: https://www.thenews.com.pk/latest/677631-150-pia-pilots-grounded-after-report-finds-40-possess-fake-licenses

International Investment Bankers Awaken To A 21st Century Tool

‘Teleconferencing’ has been available and widely used for a number of years world-wide. While many businessmen availed themselves the use of such a tool, many International Investment Bankers [I.I.B.s] did not. Apparently, they believed the myths of their predecessors that ‘Eye-To-Eye” contact was necessary to establish a bond of trust with their customers; in fact, many absolutely adhered to this fantasy. An important incentive to this delusion was the fact that five star hotels, limousines, first-class cabins, and other perks were included with each jaunt to a possible customer. With their banks paying for all the costs, and the public picking up a big portion of the expenses, through the banks tax deductions, the I.I.B.’s were happy.

We, in our daily activities have been, over many decades, exposed to such gentlemen, and aware of their mandate. What has escaped us has been that a International Businessman trains continuously in close observations of those with which he or she is in contact. This is especially true as to I.I.B.’s who are offering to control one’s assets. The old adage: “The Eyes Do Not Lie.” is especially applicable to such people. Additionally, much as a “Psychological Stress Evaluator” machine listens and analyzes, so do we. In fact over enough years of practice, this talent is effective even over a mere telephone call. Do not I.I.B.’s understand this?

I.I.B.’s must now stay at home and try to convince customers of the efficiencies and their rewards to possible clients. To seasoned I.I.B.’s, this will not be a problem. To the university-educated novices, who have not been schooled by their professors in such ‘Arts’, this will be a major hurdle. We hope that those I.I.B.’s who wear their arrogance near their cuff-links on their shirts; we have met many, will be humbled by the Internet Technology of Teleconferencing [in trying to close deals]. For those who fail as to the demands of ‘Remote Associations’, they should practice a different profession.

Technology is wonderful, but it is a mere tool which should be used to work for the greatest asset of man [which is located above his eyes and between his ears]. And, at least the I.I.B.’s do not have to sit for hours, inside aircraft with mediocre Environmental Control Systems which do not stop Covid-19 and its many ‘cousins’

Reality: Quick adaptations, to new Business “Environmental” demands, separate ‘Survivors’ from ‘Fatalities’.

Reference: https://www.finews.ch/themen/finews-life/41231-investment-banker-grounding-fliegen-flughafen

Negligent Airlines, Decades Late, Finally Pay The Piper

It is very interesting as we watch the many negligent airline ‘Executives’, who for decades had the opportunities to require airframes to make their Environmental Control Systems [E.C.S.] of the aircraft they wanted to purchase, Influenza resistant; they did not. Instead, they allowed mediocre filtration systems inside aircraft to be installed. Influenza has existed for a very long time and methodologies such as UVC, for example, which destroy the viruses, have been available for decades. Even electric grid systems can assist on this regard. 

Since the late 1960’s, when the E.C.S. systems were being designed for effective filtration, through the use of such technologies, the E.C.S. makers refused to improve their products because: “It would add additional costs to the aircraft” or, “Added weight to an aircraft is bad”, or “It is hard to kill small germs”. These feeble excuses were also stated by the airframes as rationales for non-improvement in E.C.S. efficiencies for the public’s health. The opposite of the aforementioned occurred due to the inept thinking of Airline ‘Executives’ and airframe ‘Executives’,: they stuffed aircraft with more seats, smaller width seats, and narrower ‘pitch’ between the seats. This certainly has the health effect of possible contaminating  more passengers per flight. While it improved the airlines ticket sales and profitability, it endangered their customers. Yet, airline after airline bragged about how many passengers they were ‘stuffing into each ‘bird’; the public ‘be damned’.  

Today, people are not flying because they are beginning to understand how, for DECADES, they had been treated as mere sheep. Health concerns  of passengers were NOT, and presently are NOT, airline ‘Executives’ concerns.  These same ‘Geniuses of Flight’ in airlines and airframes do NOT MENTION E.C.S. systems inefficiencies, because they are aware of legal liabilities due to their negligence. This E.C.S. contamination problem which exists in ALL COMMERCIAL AIRCRAFT, may not be as ludicrous as “Learning to fly a commercial aircraft with an ‘I-Pad'”, but it is much more dangerous to more people, since it effects all of those who fly; both crew and passengers.

We are of the opinion that due to the decades of non-concern for passengers’ physical health and comfort, by both the airframes and airlines, they should NOT be bailed out by monies coming from the governments; Victims should NOT pay their violators. Instead, the ‘Executives’  should: Admit their historic avarice and stupidities; Install virus-stopping systems;  and Return to less cramped seating for the passengers. If some airlines go broke, then ‘survival of the financially fittest’ is being maintained. The inept bunglers certainly did NOT deserve to contaminate their passengers as they have.

Reality: Forget the “Marketing Hype and Smiles”, instead assess sitting in a confined space, for hours, with the ‘horde’.

Reference: http://www.dailystar.com.lb/Business/International/2020/Jun-10/507236-airlines-hit-wall-of-debt-after-covid-grounding.ashx

Air India Learns: Composite Aircraft Advertised “Lightweight” Is ‘Stealthy’; “Fuel Saving” Is ‘Cloaked’

News Analysis: Air India Learns: Composite Aircraft Advertised “Lightweight” Is ‘Stealthy’; “Fuel Saving” Is ‘Cloaked’ since “Manufacturing” may be at odds with “Marketing” where it involves Commercial Airline Manufacturers.

Beyond the varied inherent problems in Carbon/Carbon Composites (as ‘Rain in the Plane’), there is also the problem of strength to highly stressed areas of an aircraft such as the “Wing Box” where it merges into the fuselage. Other areas such as the wing interfaces (hard points) with engine pylon nacelles may require additional support for strength. The list goes on and on.

Where strengthening is required, ‘Doublers’ made of Carbon/Carbon Composite can be fabricated. In many cases, Stainless Steel or Titanium is required for maximum strength. ALL of the ‘Doublers’ add weight; much more than many ‘Marketeers’ will admit to customers.

Fuel burn increases occur, with the added weight of structural enforcements, subsequently added in production. The vaunted: “5%”, “6%”, “10%”, “12%”, or “15%” Fuel Savings, touted by some airframes, is an illusion in many cases.

Since Carbon/Carbon Composite Construction FOR COMMERCIAL AIRCRAFT, is with a very short history, it is likely such aircraft can be expected to be written off in a much SHORTER LIFE SPAN. Metal aircraft have decades of life-span confirmation. They are not subject to deterioration from Solar Ray degradation of the metals (as are the adhesives used in Carbon/Carbon Construction). Furthermore de-lamination of the plies (due to stressing over time) weakens the fabrication significantly.

The Ethiopian Airlines Battery Fire, which was widely disseminated in the press, demonstrates another shortcoming of Composites: Heat. Allegedly, the Airframe rebuilt, in purported secrecy, the area that was damaged. “Why the concealment?” many airlines ask. 

Lastly, Composites do not dent; they fracture when hit. Any Landing Gear Failures will demonstrate the “Shattered Egg Shell Principle” as  Composite Aircraft Fuselages hit runways. 

From a Manufacturing perspective: If an Airline wants Longevity, Reliability, and Safety (LRS), Metal Constructions cannot be beat; a long History demonstrates this simple fact.

Alleged “Light-Weight” Construction is an also-ran in the ‘LRS’ Evaluation of Airline Aircraft to Purchase.

What materials may be suitable for Warfare Environment “Expendable” Military Aircraft is not necessarily the best for the travelling public in Commercial Airliners.


Reference: http://seattletimes.com/html/businesstechnology/2023756440_boeingairindiaxml.html

☆ Aircraft: Locating And Controlling Is A Reality

News Analysis: Russian Avionics Engineers have created a System for Locating and (shortly) Controlling Commercial or Military Aircraft in flight. The System works even if those persons flying in an aircraft disable the Transponder and other Avionics Equipment. Shortly, pilots may have flight control taken from them and the ‘questionable aircraft’ will be operated by proper parties from the ground.

The current Search for the Malaysian Airlines Aircraft follows an Obvious Extraordinary Job of Conception, Collusion, Reconnaissance, Dissimulation, Execution, and Obfuscation, many people think. If one adds into the equation the alleged unique talents of some of its passengers, along with the very muted behavior of one of the World Super-Powers, parties are dealing with a mere Hologram; its Actual Three-Dimensional Reality is only known to a few (by Initial Design of the Perpetrators) one may assume.

“Coincidences” (as described publicly by some parties regarding the various elements of the  Malaysian Airlines Craft Mystery) are as valuable as the first four letters of that word.


Reference: http://voiceofrussia.com/news/2014_04_05/New-Russian-tracking-system-not-to-miss-a-single-aircraft-3936/

☆ Ninety-Seven Million Chinese Business People And Tourists Travelled Abroad In 2013

News Analysis: $102 Billion Dollars was spent by Chinese Travelers in their Excursions Abroad. In 2014 there are expected to be over 100 Million Chinese traveling afar. They travel for business, education, and leisure pursuits like everyone else but in spending an average of $1,050.00+/- each, economic benefits to Welcoming Countries are much larger.

Chinese Airlines benefit in carrying passengers due to their name recognitions in Asia. As Chinese Tourism increases and as those Airlines advertise widely abroad, In-Bound traffic should increase to China as well.

One might think that America: Which was Discovered By The Chinese; Initially Populated By Chinese; Developed early-on With Chinese Railroad Labor; And Presently, Financed By The Chinese (to over One Trillion+ Dollars) would be more appreciative than it appears it is. Constant Negative Washington Rhetoric by Politicians about the Chinese Government in particular shows  a lack of Wisdom on the part of these Foolish Americans. If the aforementioned Tourism to America ceased, it would hurt; If China withdrew its $1 Trillion+ Dollars of Financing to America, it would be Devastating, many people say. 

Perhaps Washington, D.C. Politicians should be given classes in both International Economics AND “Culture ‘Creature’ Studies” so they begin to understand “Dragon Power”.


Reference: http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/business/2014-01/13/c_133039233.htm

Ethiopian Airlines 787 Burn Repairs Are The Manufacturer’s Secret

News Analysis: The Heathrow, England fire debacle, allegedly caused by a small battery in the 787,  reportedly had Composite Panel and Structure Damage requiring a  TWO MONTH Repair. Since the Airframe is keeping the Repair Methodology Used A Secret. Airlines, who have purchased or may purchase such a Composite Aircraft, are reportedly dismayed at the “Blackout”.  

One may question: Why the repair took so long? and Why the Manufacturer went “Black” about the Repair Methodology. A person knowledgeable about Aircraft might think that the damage to the 787 was more severe than disclosed AND/OR more costly  than discussed.

If Airlines had Clarity about this entire Fire Event, they may seek the purchase of Metal Aircraft (perhaps a little heavier but not Flammable; as is both Carbon and Petrochemical Adhesives used to bond the Carbon together).

Transparency Is Utilized By Men Who Do Not Fear The Truth.


Reference: http://seattletimes.com/html/businesstechnology/2022625459_ethiopian787firexml.html

Qantas Airlines of Australia Is The World’s Safest Carrier

News Analysis: Over 60 years without a Fatality have given Qantas an enviable record other Airlines would love to emulate. In addition to Qantas for “Seven Star” Ratings are Air New Zealand, All Nippon Airways, Cathay Pacific Airways, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Eva Air, Royal Jordanian, Singapore Airlines and Virgin Atlantic.

It is unfortunate that Airlines, in the country of the biggest  Aircraft Company in the World, are not in this ‘Global Premier League’ as aforementioned. Perhaps the “Non-Premier” Airlines will eventually  realize that their chase for ‘Short Term Profits’ (so their Common Stock Prices rise) gets them NO Long Term Sustained Profitability. This because “Cheap Food, Poor Passenger Service, and Tardy Flights” divert customers elsewhere.


Reference: http://www.airlineratings.com/news/201/qantas-the-safest-airline