Air India Learns: Composite Aircraft Advertised “Lightweight” Is ‘Stealthy’; “Fuel Saving” Is ‘Cloaked’

News Analysis: Air India Learns: Composite Aircraft Advertised “Lightweight” Is ‘Stealthy’; “Fuel Saving” Is ‘Cloaked’ since “Manufacturing” may be at odds with “Marketing” where it involves Commercial Airline Manufacturers. Beyond the varied inherent problems in Carbon/Carbon Composites (as ‘Rain in the Plane’), there is also the problem of strength to highly stressed areas of an … Read more

☆ Aircraft: Locating And Controlling Is A Reality

News Analysis: Russian Avionics Engineers have created a System for Locating and (shortly) Controlling Commercial or Military Aircraft in flight. The System works even if those persons flying in an aircraft disable the Transponder and other Avionics Equipment. Shortly, pilots may have flight control taken from them and the ‘questionable aircraft’ will be operated by proper parties from the ground. The … Read more

☆ Ninety-Seven Million Chinese Business People And Tourists Travelled Abroad In 2013

News Analysis: $102 Billion Dollars was spent by Chinese Travelers in their Excursions Abroad. In 2014 there are expected to be over 100 Million Chinese traveling afar. They travel for business, education, and leisure pursuits like everyone else but in spending an average of $1,050.00+/- each, economic benefits to Welcoming Countries are much larger. Chinese Airlines … Read more

Ethiopian Airlines 787 Burn Repairs Are The Manufacturer’s Secret

News Analysis: The Heathrow, England fire debacle, allegedly caused by a small battery in the 787,  reportedly had Composite Panel and Structure Damage requiring a  TWO MONTH Repair. Since the Airframe is keeping the Repair Methodology Used A Secret. Airlines, who have purchased or may purchase such a Composite Aircraft, are reportedly dismayed at the … Read more

Qantas Airlines of Australia Is The World’s Safest Carrier

News Analysis: Over 60 years without a Fatality have given Qantas an enviable record other Airlines would love to emulate. In addition to Qantas for “Seven Star” Ratings are Air New Zealand, All Nippon Airways, Cathay Pacific Airways, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Eva Air, Royal Jordanian, Singapore Airlines and Virgin Atlantic. It is unfortunate that Airlines, … Read more

Airlines Upgrade Passenger Amenities For Increased Profits

News Analysis: Airlines around the world are attempting to increase their Profits Per Kilometers Flown by offering passengers a plethora of amenities. From the Waiting Rooms at Airports through Airline Flights, passengers, by paying more are getting more (but at proportionately lesser costs to Airlines due to volume). The approaches taken by Airlines has been … Read more

★ Too Much Aerospace Technology May Create Aircraft Scatology

Premium News Analysis:  Too Much Aerospace Technology May Create Aircraft Scatology more people are thinking. Soon Airline Boards will have to admit that their Engineering Departments did not properly advise their Managements as to foreseeable flaws in New Airframe Design and Manufacture. The Boards themselves used very poor judgement in leaping on the Airframes’ ‘New Sell”: … Read more

Cook Islands Seeks Inter-Continental Jet Service for Its Economic Growth

News Analysis:  Cook Islands Seeks Inter-Continental Jet Service For Its Economic Growth through an Airline Tender. Since it is located Half-Way between the Hawaiian Islands and New Zealand, travel by Jet Aircraft is most expedient. A Government Subsidy for travel to Los Angeles, California, is a present reality. An Airline wanting to expand itself into … Read more