“Coral Sea Cable” Brings Wholesale Prices To Papua New Guinea; However, Connections To Nodes Throughout The Country Would Be Even Better

Australia has generously provided the bulk of the funding for the “Coral Sea Cable”, which stretches from Sydney to Honiara and Port Moresby. The transmission line, for a distance of 4,700 kilometers [2,920 statute miles], was supposed to facilitate cheaper data cost for all of Papua New Guinea residents. While the ‘Wholesale’ costs of the data are significantly less expensive, perhaps ‘Retail’ users have not benefitted as much.

Apparently ‘Retail’ users of data have a two-fold situation they confront: [A] While the ‘Wholesale’ price of data has substantially declined, only a portion of the savings appear to have been passed on to residential customers. [B] it appears that connections throughout Papua New Guinea, to additional residences, has barely commenced, if even that. Maybe the ‘game’ of Internet Service Providers [ISP’s] is to wait and hold onto existing cash, if so, then residents throughout the country lose. These losses are due to non-existent services as well as reduced savings per kilobyte not being passed on by ISP’s, as aforementioned.

The leaders of Papua New Guinea should realize that International Businessmen and International Investors hold the Internet in high esteem. ANYONE that curtails the expansion of the Internet in a country, these ‘Outsiders’ might be considering doing business in or with, will be cautiously reviewed. If they detect even a mere scintilla of odor, the ‘Outsiders’ will decline to do business therewith. Their logic is simple: If the leaders of a country, and/or its business leaders, will not attend to the needs of their citizens/customers, how will they treat anyone else entering into commerce with them? It does not take much skill to detect intentions of a ‘executive’ wearing a fancy suit with a lapel pin on his lapel which says: “I want even more, just for myself”. Communications though the Internet are making users more attentive and wiser.

Reality: The Integrity of a conscientious Leader radiates like Uranium; that of a ‘Litter’ appears like Chalcopyrite.

Reference: http://www.cookislandsnews.com/regional/small-world/item/77371-png-s-coral-sea-cable

Sydney, Australia River Is “Pretty” Polluted; A Ecologic Wake-Up Call For All

A surprised Sydney, Australia resident witnessed an aesthetic “Mauve” coloration of the Duck River, which flows through a portion of the city. Viewing a lack of bird and other animal life, people were concerned about the formerly muddy-brown water flow.

Fortunately for fauna and flora, in and abutting the Duck River, no apparent damage has been reported. However, one may presume that minimally, the aquaculture in the river have been affected negatively, by the unknown chemical[s]. Officials have yet to identify the miscreants and bring them to justice. The fact that the Duck River is slowly transitioning back to is muddy-brown mode is good.

ANY entity dealing with chemicals has to realize the possibility of contamination by the chemicals, accidentally or not. Since ‘Ignorance’ is never a viable excuse for contamination, we suggest an approach to those who may be found responsible. We would advocate a “No Bite, No Fright” rationale for the adjudicator to utilize in evaluating all of the evidence. A punishment with a ‘Strong Gavel’ may persuade others to be law abiding. In this Duck River case, we think that since the contaminator did not contact the authorities regarding this substantial area ‘dirtying’, he, she, or they, should pay the price: a substantial fine and incarceration might be attention- gainers for others too.

Reality: The price of contamination by a few, should never have to be paid for by ‘Mother Nature’.

Reference: https://www.smh.com.au/environment/sustainability/no-sign-of-purple-rain-so-what-turned-sydney-creek-a-vivid-mauve-20200613-p5528v.html

☆ Millionaires’ Migrations Means Decisive Monetary Movements

News Analysis: Millionaires’ Migrations Means Decisive Monetary Movements by a plethora of Nationalities: Chinese, Indians, French, Italians, and Russians. The destinations of their choice (in popularity) were: United Kingdom, Singapore, America, Australia, and Hong Kong.

One may hypothesize that aforementioned ‘Re-locators’ may have underestimated the threat of America declaring possible Bank Depositor “Haircuts” (as unfortunately occurred in Cyprus). The $17.5 Trillion Dollar Deficit that is on the “books” will surely increase significantly while the current Regime is in office; Profligate Spending is assured for the next approximately 30 months (or longer). If Banks again commence to fail, the Depositors will take ‘Haircuts’ (since it is easier to sell to taxpayers now that there has been the Precedent of Cyprus), many say).

As a Word to the Wise: “Putting All of One’s Financial Eggs In Only “Anglo-Oriented” ‘Countries’, as aforementioned, might be indicative of Monetary Myopia”. The Commercial Electronic Intelligence gathering alone should cause many Immigrating Businessmen to shudder.

Millionaires’ Migrations Means Decisive Monetary Movements of which there are MANY other Low Taxation Countries which will welcome Immigrating Investors, with open arms, and NOT spy on them.


Reference: http://rt.com/business/millionaires-report-economy-wealth-889/

☆ Australian Government Facilitates Australians Getting A “Fair Bite Of The (Papua New Guinea) Cherry”

News Analysis: As we have already stated: Papua New Guinea “Is where the Economic Action Is”. Now, the Australian Government Facilitates Australians Getting A “Fair Bite Of The (Papua New Guinea) Cherry”; a very prescient economic move by the Australian Government.

With Tax Incentives available as well as “Red Tape” reduced for business transactions, Australians are well situated to prosper in Papua New Guinea.

The Natural Resources of New Guinea including Gas, Oil, Precious Metals, and the like along with varied Agricultural Crops makes the Country a ‘Horn of Plenty’ for Foreign Investors. The Wise Australians understand Economics  in Papua New Guinea. Others from elsewhere should join the Australians and thereby prosper; “Go where the money is”.


Reference: http://www.townsvillebulletin.com.au/business/new-push-to-take-up-png-export-grants/story-fnjfzyqo-1226860882539

Climate Change Suggested By Formican Evidence

News Analysis: Formican (Ants) activity, in seeking water, in the Northeast Australian City of Townsville has Pest Abatement companies flourishing this December. A ‘drought’ has brought about this situation. This December, 9.4 mm of rain fell. In December, 2012 it had 14.4 mm and 180 mm in 2011. The Ants are entering abodes to seek water.

It is interesting to note, as some say, “Nature’s Creatures’ Adaptations To Environmental Changes Evidence Solutions Of The Highest Functional Order.”


Reference: http://www.townsvillebulletin.com.au/news/townsvilles-ant-epidemic-trailing-through-homes/story-fnjfzs4b-1226792244786

☆ Japan May Purchase Tungsten From Northeastern Australia

News Analysis: A Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) has been signed by Japanese Business Interests and the Queensland Government. Acquisition of Tungsten Concentrate, from a large mining operation north of Cairns, Australia, is sought for High-Speed Rail in Japan. Already, personnel are being hired in anticipation of commencing production for the Japanese.

6000 tons of Tungsten Concentrate a year  is anticipated to be produced; at a cost of $270 Million Dollars a Year. This will help boost the economies of Cooktown, Cairns, Townsville, and beyond.

The Japanese will benefit by having the ore to produce the raw metal for both Rail Rolling Stock and Tooling from a good business partner.

Queensland has been supplying the Japanese with various ores for half a century. This ‘MOU’

will continue the relationship. It also covers oil and gas, as well as other ores beyond Tungsten Concentrate. It will be a “Win-Win” Series of Commercial Transactions between the Australians and the Japanese.

Reference: http://tinyurl.com/n95pxou

☆ Shark Barrier For Western Australia Is Eco-Friendly

News Analysis: The Australian Company which manufactures the ‘Eco Shark Barrier’ is Real-World Testing the device in the clear waters of  Coogee Beach, Australia. Since Shark Attacks (SA)  are so prevalent in warmer waters of the world, this device, a “Fence”, should be of great value to bathers. Since most ‘SA’ occur within  100 feet of shore the danger is imminent to many. There are an average of 50 to 100 ‘SA’ Events a Year World-Wide.

Investors may consider the concept of ‘Leasing’ such devices to Federal, Municipal or Private Beaches throughout the world. If done, especially to “Developing Marine Areas” the Lessees could add to, reduce, or eliminate the ‘Fences’ as additional ‘Commercial” Development occurred to the area. The value to the Lessors would be the ability to Re-Lease the ‘Fences’ to others.

In many parts of the world, there are Tax Savings to Lessors which may be greater than for Sellers of  the same Equipment.

Investors may also want to consider purchasing Private Beaches in Shark Prone Areas and installing the  ‘Fences’. Apt Marketing to Beach Enthusiasts could provide good revenues in Non-Seasonal Private Beaches of the World.

Reference: http://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/wa/a/20426255/first-shark-barrier-takes-shape/

“Prelude” To A New Technology In Floating Liquefied Natural Gas Processing

News Analysis: “Prelude” To A New Technology In Floating Liquefied Natural Gas Processing  by Royal Dutch Shell is a 488 Meter (1,601 feet) Vessel (built by Samsung Shipyard In South Korea). This Vessel will be employed in the Indian Ocean offshore of Australia.

Royal Dutch Shell is to be commended for pursuing this State-of-the-Art Technology. Now, every effort should be made to let the World Petrochemical Users know of such a Reality; as well as the Great Expense Ventured in creating the “Prelude”. After doing so, perhaps Politicians will diminish their Sophomoric Rhetoric about the cost of Petrochemicals.

Billions of Dollars invested on  Craft as the “Prelude” are not ‘sourced out of thin air’. They are derived from the results of ” Expensive Upstream (to this Vessel’s Operations) and Downstream Production” and Sales to Customers Worldwide. Reality.

Reference: http://tinyurl.com/lnawtfz

Perth, Australia, is to Have ‘January or February Heat’ in December

News Analysis: Perth, Australia is to Have ‘January Or February Heat’ in December, due,some people say, to Climate Changes Occurring over the Indian Ocean. Temperatures are estimated to reach 35C (95F) or greater, for a number of days. Since this heat level usually comes in later months, people are concerned. What the Future holds Temperature-Wise for them: Global Warming (Earthlings’ Nemesis)  may provide the Answer.

Architects and Construction Companies in Australia should consider using Mega-Temp™ Insulation in their Buildings for Thermal Control. This Product Greatly reduces Solar Thermal Radiation from occurring on Treated Surfaces. Rather than relying on World War 2 Style Insulations a Developer can do much better.  He or She can offer Customers the latest State-Of-The-Art Technology that Performs!

Wasting Energy and Monies on Initially Expensive HVAC Systems and their Subsequent High Operating Costs are demonstrative of poor Economics. Greater Profits are realized, in part, through lessened Expenditures. Wise Businessmen “All Ways and Always Think ‘Bucks'”.


Reference: http://www.perthnow.com.au/news/western-australia/perth-braces-for-fiveday-35c-heatwave/story-fnhocxo3-1226779068356

Northern Territory, Australia, is an Iron Ore Mining Bonanza

News Analysis: Northern Territory, Australia, Is A Iron Ore Mining Bonanza with Extensive Estimated Deposits. A New Iron Ore Mine being Operated by some Smart Businessmen understand one has to: “Go Where The Ore Is”; A Truthful Credo. They have built the Mining Operation and the needed Infrastructure for its support.
Northern Territory has about a population of 230,000+ living in an area of 1,349,000+ Km2 (520,000+Mi2) so Infrastructure has to be included in any Projects considered by Investors.

Some Miners say there could be up to two billion tons of Iron Ore in the Northern Territory (yet less than 20% of the area has been explored). As such, Entrepreneurs may want to consider investing in Exploration/Production Companies operating there. Investments made Today can bring Profits Tomorrow to  Aggressive Investors. Reality.

Reference: http://www.ntnews.com.au/business/biggest-mine-for-20-years-opens-in-nt/story-fnk2tq5v-1226779019283