Going For Gold [Au]: Wise Nations’ Leaders See Beyond The Horizon

Russia, is predicted to lead China in mining of Gold, in future years, per Fitch Corporation. In its analysis of Gold Mining Operations, Fitch thinks that the prodigious production rates of Gold mining will increase even further than present rates of production, in Russia.

China has taken a cautious view of Gold mining processes. Cyanide is used extensively in the conversion process. Mining raw ore; crushing and grinding; heap leaching with Cyanide; Carbon processing, to Dore; to smeltered purity is the methodology. Since Chinese populations are near present-day mining operations, a retardation of Au activities, in China, is the result.

China presently, has expanded its Au production desires to South America, where substantial Au mineralizations are located. In a large commercial transaction, the Chinese have wisely accumulated ownership interest in Argentina. Venezuela, with large Gold deposits, are of interest, and one can easily envision others locations of their possible future intentions: Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, and Peru immediately come to mind by we, who consider such assets.

Russia has a enviable Au environment in which its mining companies deal: that is, large deposits of Gold, many being relatively distant from large populations. Since the cost effectiveness of Gold mining is certainly scalar, going from ‘Shaft’ Mining’ to “Open Pit’ Mining’ will lead to significant cost savings. ‘Up Front’ costs are much greater in the latter; for example, Excavators, Graders, Haulers, Shovels, and the like must be utilized. However, in ‘Shaft Mining’, with its ‘descent’ followed by ‘branching’, followed by ‘descent’, and then again, ‘branching’, is not very efficient. In shaft mining, ore grade quality is of extreme importance; one ‘follows the vein’ Typically, quantities are far less recoverable than in ‘Open Pit’ operations. . Open Pit’ mining, if Au deposits are of significant size, and ‘good’ ore grade quality, wins the scalar-efficiency race.

In Mining, beyond the day-to-day costs, risks and rewards, is the fundamental economic truth: Since the dawn of civilizations, Gold has been revered as of lasting value; ‘Ink printed on paper’ “Fiat Currency” has not. It will not endure as a steadfast measure of value. Even its composition is ‘weak’ compared to Gold. The alleged, 6,000 tons of Gold, said to be held by the U.S. Government, verifies that America also agrees with China and Russia about the inherent worth of Gold.

Reality: Metallic Gold, which came to Earth from outer space, is a ‘Heaven Sent’ enduring-value commodity; It makes ‘Fiat Currencies’ “fodder for fleecing the financial foolish”.

Reference: https://russiabusinesstoday.com/economy/fitch-russia-will-overtake-china-in-gold-production-within-decade/

★ Greece: When Following Other Nations’ Leaders Down A Steep Rocky Hillside, Make Sure They Do Not Suffer From Cataracts [Or Hidden Agendas]

News Analysis: The current on-going lethargy in World Economic Markets, which suffered a Real Estate Implosion in 2008 and now is undergoing a predicted Oil Price Implosion, is worsening; This from the current “Trade War” between American and European Union (EU) Members vis-à-vis Russia.

Beyond the current sufferings of ‘EU’ Member Greece (due principally to its former Government Blatant Mis-management and Political and Military Corruption at its highest levels) its Citizens now suffer from the aforementioned “Trade War”. As a Proviso for Greece: When following other Nations’ Leaders down a steep rocky hillside, make sure they do not suffer from cataracts (or Hidden Agendas). 

Hellas currently losing over $46+ Million Dollars in lost Produce Sales to Russia surely hurts even more in its not-even-tepid economy. As Greece has followed along with other Nations’ Leaders dictates, its citizens are suffering immeasurably. Which of these other leaders care? Surely not the leaders across the Atlantic Ocean;  Nor any of those to its West. 

Rather than the Politicians in Athens blindly following along and thereby punishing their voters, Real Leadership is needed at this immediate moment in time. Others to the West may have Hidden Agendas.

That which will ease Hellas Citizens’ financial suffering and  allow for partial debt forgiveness by creditors is a plan which should immediately be negotiated and employed. The idea that its $300+/- Billion Dollars in debt can be repaid is a mere Hologram of Financial Fantasy ideated by ‘Sharks’. Other Nations have had large debt forgiveness actions realized. Why not now with Greece?

While the current debt situation is being dealt with, Greeks need to show “Sophia” and, if necessary, tell the Americans and other ‘EU’ Leaders: “‘Oxi”!; “Then exo xpimata”.

Others should be aware: as for the Country’s dealings with Russia: Greeks, did,  do, and will consider Russians as Brothers.

Different countries are also feeling the Economic Pain created by this foolishly designed Trade War, while various other Nations are benefitting handsomely. Hopefully, logic will prevail in this Financial Debacle; Hopefully the ‘EU’ relents.

The only one’s that have not Personally felt any financial pain are the American and ‘EU’ leaders who planned this Cabal. 

Interesting: Even the Country, over which this scheme was allegedly based, is far worse off today than it was before the plotters commenced their machinations three years+ years ago.


Reference: http://sputniknews.com/business/20150112/1016812560.html

Good News For Airlines Is Terrible News For Commercial Composite Aircraft Marketing Departments

News Analysis: The ‘Fantasy’ Projections of $200.00 for barrels of petroleum, in the world market,  touted by some Airframe Executives are rapidly becoming non-sensical to Alert International Businessmen. That which is good news for airlines is terrible news for composite commercial aircraft marketing departments.

Lower oil price directions make effete their arguments for spending hundreds of millions of dollars to purchase lighter aircraft to save some aviation fuel (as the fuel gets consistently less expensive). To exacerbate the possible threat to airline financial health, the “$200.00 Per Barrel Of Oil Myth” was created and distributed by the Airframes’ Minions, the Mass Media.

The aforementioned lower price direction gains credibility as American Oil, Brazilian Oil, Egyptian Oil, Gulf States, Iranian Oil, Iraq Oil, Levant Oil, Libyan Oil, Saudi Arabia, Siberian Oil, Venezuelan Oil, and others become available in the world market.  The greater abundance of petroleum will allow refiners of Aviation Fuels to offer lower prices to the airlines. Ergo, why buy  “Lightweight Commercial Composite Aircraft” for hundreds of billions of dollars? Additionally, Aircraft Engine makers are striving to make their products more fuel efficient.

As new Commercial Aircraft become available from manufacturers in China, India, and Russia, their engineers will have had the good fortune to utilize the best elements of other aircraft manufacturers’ designs to incorporate; and, to forgo questionable elements such as all composite construction.  All Metal Aircraft, as proven through many decades in Aviation endures. They will be employing, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Titanium, so the flying public will have the ultimate in safety in the skies. The lower fuel prices might even make their Airlines Tickets less expensive as an added benefit!

The Wisdom of the Saudis is to be commended, for they can see the direction  Petroleum Technology is headed towards extracting more oil throughout the world.


Reference: http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/10/13/us-oil-saudi-policy-idUSKCN0I201Y20141013

★ Russia Is Developing Its Own 1.2 Petaflop Computer: An Inspired “Activity For Self-Sufficiency” Which All Nations May Want To Pursue

News Analysis: Russia Is Developing Its Own 1.2 Petaflop Computer: An Inspired “Activity for Self-Sufficiency” which All Nations May Want To Pursue (rather than follow other Countries like  “Sheep Dogs”). Since Russia does not want to be at the mercy of other Nations’ Politicians, it has chosen the “Road To Electronic Independence”; (to the dismay of varied Countries’ Politicians’ Puppet Masters, one may presume). It will eventually manufacture all of  the Electronic Components and Systems it needs; not be beholden to others with Nefarious Intentions (with smiles of their faces). This will apply to Commercial as well as Military Hardware one may presume.

Commercial Self-Sufficiency of ALL NATIONS, be it in terms of Energy, Manufacturing, Research, and/or Technology are worthwhile goals to actively pursue.

A Nation that is largely self-sufficient is a much stronger entity than those which must rely on other Countries for its Security. It is far better to be beholden to No Others, than to be a Minion to a “Tyrant”, many people think. Often, a Country with Weak Leaders who lack confidence, will seek out “Alliances” with other Nations; Cooperation is good, Kowtowing is bad. These Politicians effectively make their constituencies Servile to another Country’s Leadership; a Bad Idea!

We think as “Independence of Thought” is an excellent idea for People, it also of “Survival Value” for Nations. Perhaps, Hegemonic Nations, which presently exist, might be Less Truculent if they understand that their Aggressions will not be tolerated by Self-Sufficient Countries.


Reference: http://rbth.com/defence/2014/04/11/russian_military_to_get_its_own_supercomputer_35853.html

☆ Armenia’s Electronic Industry Develops Advanced Tablet Computers And Smart-phones For Export

News Analysis: Armenia’s Electronic Industry Develops Advanced Tablet Computers And Smart-phones For Export and hopes to sell approximately $1+ Billion Dollars of them per Year.

The country’s mature Electronics Industry is expanding into the “Personal Electronics” market with their new products. Armenia has a long history in Electronics Production and their Sub-Systems have been incorporated into ‘End Products’ World-Wide.

The almost 3 Million residents of this 29,743 Km2 (11,483 Mi2) country will benefit by these products, so the Armenian Government in Yerevan under President Serzh Sargsian and Prime Minister Tigran Sargsian have endorsed this effort with Tax and other pertinent Benefits.

Armenia’s very good friend, Russia will be an interesting market for such production as will be other historically friendly Nations. The very hospitable Armenian People, many who have emigrated to other continents will surely want to buy such devices and encourage their friends and associates to do so.

The Intellect and Steadfastness of the Armenian People will help them attain their desire in this expanding Electronics Market.

Investors may want to consider funding such Armenian Products early on. Profitability in doing so would be highly probable since the Multi-Lingual Armenians have a ‘track record’ in this Industry; they are not ‘Electronic Newbies’ like many in America.

We wish them the very best in their efforts.


Reference: http://tinyurl.com/prh2yaa

★ President Vladimir Putin: Big Capability Brings Big Construction Of A Big Country

News Analysis: President Vladimir Putin: Big Capability Brings Big Construction Of A Big Country by his working to bring together the various Elements required to have a successfully operated Nation. The Assets Needed are: A Directionally Motivated Citizenry; Good Capital Assets; Plentiful Natural Resources; Politicians’ Integrity; and, “Stereoscopic Mental Vision” by Managers.

Mr. Putin, many International Businessmen state, is attempting to Re-Develop Russia to its former Greatness of Years Past (and do it during his lifetime).  National Leaders of other countries are increasingly observing that He has the ‘Will to Succeed’ that few others possess anywhere in the World; they respect that Asset. The task of Developing out the Russian Far East (Siberia – 5,057,938 Mi.2) is a gargantuan task that other men would be afraid to tackle; Not Mr. Putin. Another commonly known objective, of this man, is to develop out High Technology (including Large Commercial Aircraft Production).

Many people say, the West, particularly America, feels intimidated by His Desire since its Number One Export Item is Large Commercial Aircraft (Produced by One Aircraft Manufacturer); ‘The Fix Is In’ in Washington, D.C. they say.  The Politicians allowed the Aircraft Company to Monopolize Large Commercial Aircraft Production in America.  A few years ago there were three different Manufacturers of Large Commercial Craft; so much for the ideal of “Competition” in America (Politicians love to discuss to the naïve).

The Natural Resources of Siberia are apparently keeping many Conniving Foreign Bankers and Financiers awake at night; if they can steal the Resources, so much the better they think. Mr. Putin has to be ever alert of this treacherous lot of Thieves wearing Business Suits.

The Russian President is attempting to Steer a Big Ship through deep Seas to his Charted Destination: An Economically Better, More Respected, and Safer Russia.

Foreign Schemers hope his Ship enters a Fog Bank. However, his Seasoned Crew, having an Experienced Captain, will reach his Destination Safely many people say.

At their local Pubs, the Schemers can thereafter, “Cry in their Beers”; a Pathetic Lot.


Reference: http://www.bne.eu/content/who-vladimir-putin-0

Oil Shale Deposit, Bazhenov Formation (World’s Largest), Interests France’s “Total”

News Analysis: The World Famous Oil Shale Deposit, Bazhenov Formation (World’s Largest), interests France’s “Total” as well as many other Oil Companies. This Russian Oil Shale Deposit in the Urals is estimated by the U.S. Energy Department to contain Shale Oil in-place of 1.2+ TRILLION Barrels Of Oil. It is also estimated to have recoverable deposits of 74+ BILLION Barrels of Shale Oil.

As for Shale Gas in-place 1.9 QUADRILLION CUBIC FEET is estimated. 285 Trillion Cubic Feet of recoverable Shale Gas may occur.

The Bazhenov Formation exists on 2.3 Million Km2 (888,035 Mi2); an area the size of Texas and the entire Gulf of Mexico!

Estimates by other Countries’ Governmental and Corporate Scientists put the Recoverable amounts considerably higher than U.S. Estimates. That the Oil Shale Deposit, Bazhenov Formation (World’s Largest), interests France’s “Total” should come at no surprise. French Scientists going back to years even before Madame Curie have had great intellect allowing them to comprehend issues others did not even know existed; such is the genius of the French.

As we have stated over the many years: “Petrochemicals are merely part of  Natural Processes all over the Earth”. Special Interest Groups want the Public to think otherwise (so they can ‘Make a Buck).


Reference: http://rt.com/business/total-lukoil-russia-shale-829/

Alaskan Citizens Commence Secession Drive To Cede State of Alaska To Russia

News Analysis: Alaskan Citizens Commence Secession Drive To Cede State of Alaska To Russia perhaps evidencing an angst felt about Current U.S. Government Leaders. It seems to be the case that Independent Alaskans think that Washington, D.C. is littered with incapable Politicians throughout. These “D.C. Masters of the Universe” who attended Law Schools: Surreptitiously cause unrest in other countries; Create new stifling regulations for Americans (such as the current ‘Lie’ Health Care); Raise the National Debt up to $18 Trillion Dollars (with no means to pay it off); and, Exude personal Self-Interest in their deliberations.

If, as some claim, Alaskans are deluding themselves by thinking Secession could actually occur, at least it evidences that  the ‘Citizens of the North’ are aware of the Effete Governance in Washington, D.C.; perhaps even more so than those “Sheep” existing in the Lower 48.  


Reference: http://tinyurl.com/mj36vxb

☆ Creditor Russia Pulls $100+ Billion Out? Will Other Nations Follow Its Lead?

News Analysis: Russia Pulls $100+ Billion Out? Will Other Nations Follow Its Lead?; those are the questions many Economists ask about the American Economy. If China decides to pull is $1.26 Trillion Dollars out what would the Debtor Nation’s Leaders do: “Go To Las Vegas”?

Inexperienced Ill-Advised Leaders of Nations have to realize International Cabals, of which they design and orchestrate, can have Logarithmic Economic Consequences. Assuredly, if the Subject (s) of their Schemes are tied to other Creditor Countries, negative results are highly probable in any event.  

Many people think Debtor Nations are comparable to “Three-Legged Stools”. It does not take much energy to kick out a leg of such a stool thereby causing a Catastrophe. When a Nation, through ‘Intellectual Legerdemain’ suffers ‘Judgmental Arthritis’, it kicks out the legs of the stool on which it sits; gravity prevails thereafter. Cascading negative effects will assuredly occur to the owing Country.

A Debtor Nation, in a slow Fiscal Cycle, cannot afford to have Billions of Creditor Dollars removed from its Economy; unless its Leader’s (and/or their Handlers) desire, for what ever nefarious reasons, the effects of the “Three-Legged Stool” Debacle to happen to the owing Country.


Reference: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-03-14/fed-custody-holdings-record-decline-fuels-russia-speculation.html

☆ Cross Atlantic Trade By The Numbers And Without The Polemics

News Analysis: Experienced International Businessmen have learned to ‘”Forget The Polemics, Just Give Us The Trade Numbers” so WE can determine Our Courses of Action’. Politicians and the Mass Media Minions typically do NOT want their Public’s to Analyze the Trade Numbers. If they do, they might disagree with the Benefits of the Rhetoric.

We give you Cross Atlantic Trade By The Numbers And Without The Polemics (for your consideration):

Net trade was $38.1 Billion Dollars between Russia and America in 2013. $11.26 Billion Dollars of Goods went to Russia while $26.96 Billion Dollars of commodities was purchased from Russia ($19+ Billion Dollars of Oil and  $1 Billion of Fertilizers, Etc.). In 2013, America sold $11.2 Billion Dollars of Aircraft and Automobiles to Russia.

Russia currently is a CREDITOR of America to the amount of $139 Billion Dollars (per U.S. Treasury Data).

In Europe, 123 Billion Euros ($162+ Billion Dollars) was the Trade with Russia (equally divided). Approximately 47 Billion Euros ($62 Billion Dollars) was for Europe’s Energy Needs.

The European Union received 7% of its Imports and 28% of its Exports with Russia in the year 2013.

One should readily understand that the Hundreds of Billions of Dollars “In Play” with America/Europe/Russia Financial Relations might make for the Politician’s Handlers to DEMAND that their Political Minions “Reduce the Rhetoric” and let Commerce Prevail. Certainly in Chicago, Illinois, the Airframe can be expected to call its Former Resident ‘Down the Street’ and ‘Pull on his Chain” so its Commercial Aircraft Sales to Russia do not Evaporate.

However, Remember that “In Any War, Bankers Win” (as well as Defense Contractors).


Reference: http://rt.com/business/us-eu-russia-sanctions-590/