Leadership 101: In Business, As In Economics And Politics, Make Sure Your Ladder Is Higher Than The Hole You Are Digging

In America, we see the situation being: A President who was ‘Selected’, not ‘Elected’, must now try to deal with other World Leaders, who lead and will challenge him in all arenas: Economic, Geo-Political, Military, and Social. The problem for this gentleman’s acolytes, who got him ‘installed’ in office: They have energized other countries, who KNOW the career politician, to challenge America in all of its ‘Chess Moves’. Since these other countries are far less indebted financially than the U.S. [with its current indebtedness to others being $27,752,835,868,445.00+], it is essentially ‘handcuffed’ due to catastrophically poor decisions by prior U.S. Presidents. The acolytes of which we speak: primarily ‘Silicon Valley’ nabobs who thought they could act as Satrips in their fiefdoms. Instead, this professional politician who was selected by them, and whom they provided communication, financial, and “other” support, is perhaps awakening [or are his minions recruited directly from a previous President’s entourage]. This epiphany is that the ‘White House’ is hampered by: A ‘Mount Everest’ of debt; ‘Socialists’ demands for federal largesse; Awareness by other nations’ Leaders of mental acuity restraints ‘perhaps’ due to the U.S. leader’s age; Pentagon hegemonic aspirations as credible as holograms; Technology leadership squandered over past decades; and rampant illegal drug usage in the Pandemic.

Since we, in International Business, both hear and see of others, in many countries, views that ‘Monopolistic Command’ of the world is NOT the reality for America [a hegemonic nation standing on financial quicksand]. Instead, many other nations have ‘stepped up to the plate’ and are hitting ‘Home Runs’. For example, in space, China’s recent landing of its Mar’s exploratory vehicle, as well as its darkside of the Moon explorer are worthy of praise. India’s Mars atmospheric explorer is worthy of note.

In the military technology field, the Russians have apparently ideated, engineered, and are now producing hostile military aircraft detection systems that make ‘stealth’ aircraft, non-stealthy. The billions of dollars spent by the Americans are of short term benefit now as to this aspect of ‘stealth’. Additionally, Russian submarines are noted to be “Black Holes” as to their lack of detection by the U.S. and other nations.

In the areas of medicine, we know now that the U.S. Center For Disease Control and other associated government entities: Did not see Coronavirus over the horizon; Did NOT know when it arrived; their ”Experts” did not understand its aspects; the decisions by political leaders, for control were so inept that pandemic deaths were the result of poor analysis of CV19 capabilities; Shut-down of America cost billions of dollars; Steadfast rejection of anthropogenesis of CV19 appears to be diminishing by some Medical Professionals. It took Turkish citizens, presently residing in Germany to lead the way in creating a vaccine to help control or eliminate CV19. This was being done while the Russians were quickly creating their own vaccines. “Genius, is where one finds it.”

We think the Internet, which allows for immediacy in world communications for the masses, will ‘level the playing field’ and allow other nations to be creative and to disseminate their ideas and products quickly. This dispersal of creations can only help people to prosper everywhere. At the same time, it means ‘Singularity for World Control’ is a hologram that can quickly have its ‘Green Energy’ power source turned off by others. A historically hegemonic country, such a America, can no longer readily claim, and have the public believe ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ scenarios strewn out by a corrupt Mass Media, controlled by one political party.

As the American Mass Media, acted as a mere political party disinformation wing, in getting a man installed in the White House, its ‘ladder’ is shorter than the hole it has dug for itself. U.S. Citizens are becoming increasingly aware, as our foreign friends have already known: “Germalists” who work in subterfuge will learn “There are NO long term secrets.” The lies one put in print or over the airwaves, will be understood to be lies, nothing more. In engaging in such tripe, the “Germalists” are to be respected less than a Trollop with Venereal Disease, yet still selling services.

Political leaders shut down many businesses across America and elsewhere. After many months of indecisive thinking they came up with CV19 ‘solutions: “Stay two meters away from the people near you; wear a face mask so you do not ‘spew virions of CV19; have plexiglass dividers separating customers from workers in casinos, markets, et al; wash your hands thoroughly; this even after vaccines are created and injected in people”. WOW! This at costs to nations of multi-billions of dollars? We hope such leaders have access to high ladders for the deep holes they dug; especially when the true financial costs of the ‘shut downs’ are realized by the public.

Reality: “Integrity” is something One of Principles lives, not something that he or she drinks.

At Times, “Green” Energy Becomes Effete, Inert, And “Snow White”

For decades, as a manufacturer of “Mega-Temp™ Aircraft Insulation“, we have seen the obvious frailties of 1930’s designed and manufactured insulation systems offered around the world. The fact that those aged products DO NOT INSULATE in extremes of climate variations of icy weather, or very hot weather seems to be disregarded. This, by “Building Departments” at Local, Provincial [State], and/or Federal Government levels around the globe. The yearly costs to all levels of governments are profound. Energy requirements to cool or heat airports, commercial or government buildings, homes, schools, shopping centers, warehouse, et al is money being spent needlessly. If the aforementioned structures are PROPERLY insulated, id est: Attics, Ceilings, Ducting, Elevator Shafts, Floors, Piping, Stairwells, and Walls, then “Cocoons of Protection” are in place; ergo, minimal energy is required to achieve enjoyable temperatures therein [thus, saving money]. This is “Basic Thermal Control” [and Good Economics], not “Rocket Science”.

Presently, in America’s State of Texas, FROZEN WINDMILL FARMS, due to Icy Weather, have essentially ‘castrated’ power production of their widely-extolled “Green Energy” mileau. As this would NOT HAPPEN with Coal, Hydro-Electric, or Oil Generated Systems, many people are suffering while a Covid 19 pandemic ensues. Perhaps some, living elsewhere, will merely dismiss the discomfort of Texans as being ‘transitory’ [ a ‘minor inconvenience’]; their expecting the weather to improve in a few days for the Texans?

As we have seen, as International Businessmen, there are a few ‘Real Leaders’ who find transitional, unreliable, energy solutions UNACCEPTABLE for their populations [Aircraft and Ship Crews and Passengers, Workers, and Citizens]. A available cost-effective ‘Acoustic and Thermal Technology’, as “Mega-Temp Insulation” may be quickly installed on a permanent basis. This should activate “Leaders with Integrity” to reduce energy consumption needs in their jurisdictions as well as for the comfort and safety of others.

There are no present substitutes for RELIABLE ENERGY PRODUCTION. We think that to blame the current “Climate Change” [formerly marketed as ‘Global Warming’ (until that term became less fashionable)] massively on anthropogenic causes is foolhardy. The planet Earth is not a ‘Singularity In A Impenetrable Bubble’. It is a scintilla of matter in a great universe of “Rotational Energy”. The weather is dynamic, change in it [great cold and great heat] will keep occurring long after man is gone. Radiative loads from many cosmic sources had, have, and will affect weather on ‘Gaia’. “Isolated Physical Masses”, unaffected by anything in the Cosmos, are mere holograms to be entertained by Sheep.

Reality: If one wants to create a product that works, even a ‘Windmill’, he or she had better understand all causations that may affect the design and its performance; this, to overcome those negativities, prior to mass production.

Reference: https://nationalfile.com/global-warming-frigid-weather-cripples-green-wind-farms-in-texas-causing-statewide-power-outages/

Tuesday, 3 November, 2020, American Election: As International Businessmen, We Present Our Analyses, For Those Prudent: Where The Future Winners Will Be, And Advise Where, And When, Others Should Discard ‘Losing Cards In Their Hands’.

The coming, election in America, will offer some Industries,  Investors, and even Countries, Improved Benefits and Profits, thereafter.  Current Investors and some other Countries may find: “The Future May Not Bode Well”; As to those Industries and locations where monies are presently committed, adjustments will be needed.

For our Subscribers, gain from our analyses of businesses, countries, and industries that will be moving ahead in 2021; this due to results of the coming election. We foresee the ‘shackles’ of many decades of ‘Special Interest Groups’ conniving [lead by the Puppet Masters’ Masters] being removed. That constant economic burden to America, being made effete, will provide opportunities for growth, seldom seen. As to other industries, that have historically prospered due to the ‘graft’, one may want to ‘Short their stocks’.

Reality: Beyond the horizon, many changes await, for America. A word to the Wise is sufficient.

The Virus Of “Arrogance” Can Be As Deadly As The ‘Natural Diseases’ Created By Mother Nature

As we look at the various decisions made by various Business, Intelligence, Government, and Political leaders, we cannot but recognize the dire consequences which have occurred; this by their arrogance of the inviolability of their ideations. There are a number of examples available; these which caused loss of life to innocent people.

One Business, a Airframe manufacture, its arrogant executives ‘bought off’ on the idea: Pilots of various airlines could and would learn how to fly a ‘re-vamped’ model of a aircraft; this, not by using expensive “Flight Simulators” but by using “Apple I-Phones” with a pertinent ‘App’! While we both applaud, and we all use the excellent “Apple” products, we think it was absolutely ludicrous to go ‘down this runway’ for Pilot Education and Training. The consequences of the “Let us gain even more profit by NOT purchasing Flight Simulators, but use ‘Apple I-Pads'” were the deaths of innocent crew members and passengers on two aircraft. We find it most interesting that, to date, NO government pronouncements of “Criminal Culpability” and prosecution on these inept ‘Executives’ have been made as to these travesties. Instead, the head of the company merely stated his angst over these deaths.

A far greater cause of both massive deaths, as well as a Nation’s destruction physically, was the opinion by the head of a Intelligence Agency; this, that Iraq’s President Saddam Hussein, possessed “Weapons of Mass Destruction”. The Director of the Agency reportedly stated: “It was a ‘Slam Dunk’ that Saddam had such weaponry”! As a result, Governments‘ leaders arrogantly decided to devastate not just Saddam Hussein, and his sons Ouday and Qusay, but also the country of Iraq! The fact that Saddam’s Mistress, who was a intelligence source to the Intelligence Agency at the time, had allegedly told it: ‘Saddam was fearful of the unreliability of such weapons and distrusted them’! We also, understand that for certain individuals, who were and are currently part of the “Governatorship Cabal”: ‘Strong-man’ Saddam was a impeding force, that was to be removed; along with other area strongmen. However, we are of the opinion that hegemonic desires to destroy a country, its people, and culture, to: “Get Rid Of Three People”, is a Crime Against Humanity.

Political leaders have negligently caused the deaths of people as to the current CV 19 pandemic. We think they have done this with their arrogance of thinking how they ‘know’ how to eliminate the virus from infection of their citizens. Many acted through shut-downs of businesses and restrictions on mobility in cities. The economically ruined business owners and investors have allegedly had heart attacks, strokes, et al, resulting in their eventual deaths, and some have committed suicide. Citizens, such as many in New York City, have ‘self-destructed’ due to confinements mandated by Government authorities. Unfortunately, the citizens did NOT gain “CV19” immunity through their isolation.

The ‘Human Frailty’ of arrogance needs to be curtailed. Leaders need to know their positions in their careers, do not bestow on them omnipotence and omniscience; in fact, unless they are Founders of their organizations, they are immediately replaceable. Most have merely risen to the top by acceding to the wishes of their superiors. They are NOT innovators; they are merely ‘cogs in a wheel’. We, as International Businessmen, see them time and again.

Reality: Those who can look into a mirror and see a ‘Halo of Wisdom’ above their heads, should inspect above the mirror for defective lighting.

Reference: https://www.bbc.com/worklife/article/20200923-why-arrogance-is-dangerously-contagious

Visitors Pay Good Money To Get The “Cold Treatment” In Iqaliut, Nunavut Territory, Canada

News Analysis: City Fathers of Iqaliut  have taken Pro-Active steps towards the World Aerospace Community to display their City (of 6,700+/- population) as being well situated for Cold Weather Testing of Aircraft. The immediate relatively flat terrain along the 2.7 km (1.67 mi) runway, an American Air Force Creation of 1942,  adds to the values Airframes consider for such testing. Additionally, ‘Creature Comforts” are well-developed in the City.

To Iqaliut’s credit it got its finances situated so it could present its assets around the globe.

These Creative Canadians are an Asset to their Wonderful Country.

The World Belongs To The Aggressive.


Reference: http://arcticjournal.com/business/now-taking-arctic-aerospace-indusry

Birds’ V-Formation Is Partially A Matter Of Self-Orchestrated Timing

News Analysis: Avian Scientists studying the V-Formation Flight Characteristics of Birds have determined that each Bird in formation utilizes the Energy Contribution (EC) of the Bird immediately in front of them. The added wind current of the preceding Bird is used to lessen the Energy Requirements of the subsequent Bird.  The Birds learn where their individual flight position is optimal to attain the preceding bird’s ‘EC’. The “Loser” in the ‘EC’ exchange is the Lead Bird many observers might say.

Since some Scientists maintain that the “Head of the Flock” (Older and Wiser) is not necessarily the Lead Bird of a V-Formation, perhaps “Rank Has Its Privileges” in the Avian World also.


Reference: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-25736049

★ European Countries Debt Load Is Estimated At 134% Of Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

News Analysis: Increasing again in an overall “Soft Macro-Economy” are the Debt Loads of the various European Countries. Since the various Central Banking Organizations have varied “Threshold Limit Points” numerically, they are in disagreement of the increasing danger of a Recession.

Members of the European Community have decreasing Exports and increasing elderly. Outflow of Funds is growing faster than inflow of revenue as a result. Finland in particular faces that reality now.

Germany appears to be the only Manufacturing Country in Europe with presently Significant “Larger Dollar” Exports” (identifiable to the country) such as Automobiles, for example.

Italy with its Ferrari/Maserati and  Lamborghini Automobiles participate on a much smaller Export Level numerically.

To assist in providing an Economic Turnabout will have to be the Consortium of  what formerly was called ‘European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company N.V.’ (EADS) but is NOW “The Airbus Group”. It consists of: Airbus, Airbus Defense & Space, and Airbus Helicopters (all ‘Big-Ticket’ Items). It exports to the entire World  can help all of the countries in Europe participating in various aspects of its manufacture, improve their ‘GDP’.

If European Aerospace and Automobile Manufacturers continue to focus their Marketing and Sales efforts in the Middle East and Asia they will succeed. “Going Where The Money Is” should be their Credo. Automobile Manufacture and Export Sales will help their ‘GDP’

European Continent Cellular Telephone And Computer Manufacturers presently have a Superb Opportunity to Fabricate “Bug-Less” Equipment which can be sold around the world. If both Internal Componentry, Software, and the like are NOT CONTAMINATED with “Invasive Electronics” the world populations will flock to purchase said devices. People and Corporations Want Their Privacy To Remain Private. Such sales will help spur on each country’s ‘GDP’.

It is very interesting to note that while there appears to be a slight regression towards Increases In Country’s Debt Loads, many Stock Exchanges are gleeful at the prices of securities on their Exchanges. One must ask: If Country Debt Loads are high with NO foreseeable major improvements expected in 2014, is Financial Manipulation being played to entice investors into a another mere “Bubble”? Are the “Bubble Masters” at work in a ‘Financial Cabal’? If so, when will the “Bubble Masters” decide to exit the “Mirage” (taking their profits with them)?

As Governments show concern about their Country’s  Debt Loads, should not Investors also exercise similar caution in this “Contrived Market” with  Poor ‘Fundamentals’?

There are Financial Opportunities in Markets. However, to look for them wearing “Rose Colored Glasses” is a Fool’s Endeavor.


Reference: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-01-03/bank-of-finland-warns-debt-level-poised-to-double-nordic-credit.html

☆ Bribery By Corporations Display, Not A Lack Of Product Quality, But A Dearth Of Managerial Integrity

News Analysis: Government Bribery is condemned by the Leaders of  India. To illustrate its resolve in fighting “Government Economic Treason” to the Country, it has rescinded its Purchase Agreement with its tainted foreign Helicopter Manufacturer; which had factually paid bribes to some Indians. 

The Ironic aspect of this Legal Broach is that the Excellent Helicopters manufactured by this Airframe need no additional enticements for selling. To those persons who understand Aircraft Construction and Flight Characteristics, they sell themselves.

Now, other Purchasers of Helicopters from this Manufacturer possibly may have their Integrities questioned by the Public. This aspect is  regarding Bribes these Purchasers may have received to induce them to purchase  their Helicopters? “An Unfortunate Public Speculation” Corporate Public Relations Departments may declare of this ‘down-stream fallout in the Real World.

One should realize though that this Manufacturer got caught; other Airframes, doing business around the world, have merely NOT YET been. Payoffs are Pandemic in the Aircraft Industry; World Wide for both Commercial and Military Aircraft.

The Government of India (especially Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Defense Minister A.K. Antony) is to be commended  for its Anti-Corruption Decision. Hopefully, other Governments of the World will also follow this approach. They need to realize: “Government Bribery is Economic Treason to their Countries” (it is Nothing Less); then they may take Proper Punitive Action against the “Bribers” as well as the “Bribees”.

Pervasive Pandered Perquisites are so inculcated in “Big Ticket” Sales to be considered “Standard Operating Procedure”. For example, in much of the World Aerospace Industry, this is the case. Not only for “Bribes to Induce Purchases” as aforementioned, but also “Bribes to some Prime Manufacturers’ Managerial Personnel” so the Smaller Corporation can engage in Business with the Prime Manufacturer. “If You do not Pay, You do not Play” is their ‘Swan Song’. This is especially wide-spread.  Naturally, the ‘Prime’s’ Specious Denials are to be anticipated.

As Governments, actively  pursue corruption, the Aerospace Industry in particular, in all of its aspects, will slowly be cleansed. Then, and only then, will Governments get the Best Products for the Best Prices. Prime Manufacturers may then ‘awaken’ and  will  only solicit business from Suppliers who are proven to be “Beyond Reproach”.

Presently their are many “Rotten Apples” in the ‘Composite Barrel’.


Reference: http://www.siasat.com/english/news/india-scraps-770-mn-agustawestland-chopper-deal

★ Bolivia’s Communications Satellite Attains Stationary Position Over Country.

News Analysis: Bolivian President Juan Evo Morales Ayma must be very proud to have witnessed the Communications Satellite Advance for his country of 10.4 Million people. The satellite can easily cover Bolivia’s Territory of  1,098,581 km2 (424,163 mi2).

The Satellite was built by a Chinese Aerospace Company and launched in China. It has an effective life expectancy of 15 years.

A little history preceding this Bolivian Satellite Activity for readers may be useful:

President Morales joined the Leaders of South American Nations in decrying the U.S. National Security Agency’s (NSA) ‘Wholesale’ Electronic Espionage of the Entire World’ in general. More specifically, the ‘NSA’ espionage on the ‘Personal Communications’ of South American Leaders was abhorred. It was allegedly thought by Bolivia’s President to be an Abomination to Good International Relations.

These South American Leaders and the World’s Population asks: Who gave the United States the Legal Right to Spy on the entire Planet; God? If the Gentleman who revealed this travesty to Privacy had not, the ‘NSA’ machinations would never see ‘the light of day’. The fact is  that 400,000+ Americans working on such programs have been “De-sensitized” to what is Legal and/or Moral on a WORLD SCALE. Much as the atrocities in World War II were committed by De-sensitized Individuals also, these Americans, some would say, were of similar ilk to those of the past.   

Having the Capability to Spy on the World’s Population does not mean one has to do so (just as having Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles handy means one should launch them – “Just Because We Can”). “The Mass Mental Pathology displayed by the Uncaring ‘Intelligence’ Minions of Washington, D.C. is very obvious”, Health Professionals may think.

Newspaper reports suggest that many Nations are urging their Citizens to acquire Non-American Made Computers, Telecommunications Equipment, and Componentry. This, as a result of the Ignorant Decisions made in Washington, D.C. One can opine the Bolivia Satellite Program is, in part due to such American Government behavior being rejected by the Country. Other Nations will probably follow Bolivia’s Lead and acquire satellites from Non-American Sources. Brazil just purchased $4 BILLION DOLLARS of Swedish Vigen Fighter Aircraft, rather than American F-18’s, due to this ‘NSA’ Transgression, news reports say.

“Reverse Dollar Diplomacy”(Ceasing the Purchase of American Goods and Services), when in the amounts of Billions of Dollars of Sales lost, might gain the attention of those in the U.S. Capitol. There apparently those in Washington, D.C., who do not yet Understand nor Care of the fact that: “The Entire Population of the World wants its Privacy to be held Private”. One might think: ‘Perhaps if the Gross Domestic Product Statistics of the U.S.  clearly evidence Negative Economic Effects of World Population Disgust with ‘NSA’ Practices, some things may change towards actual Privacy’.

To believe ANY American Politicians that the World’s Privacy Obliteration by the ‘NSA’ has Stopped or will be Stopped is UNWISE. The ‘NSA’ and its cohorts have too much Financial and Careers interest to Cease and Desist.

Investors should consider “Shorting” the stocks of American IT Companies involved with the NSA. Accrued business losses, forecasted to occur, will send their stocks on a downward spiral. Going ‘Long” on Non-American IT Companies is a wise play. There will be much Nation-to-Nation commerce that DOES NOT say “Made in the U.S.A.”. 


Reference: http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/sci/2013-12/27/c_133002303.htm

American And Indian Mars Missions Will Be Meeting Comet C/2013A1

News Analysis: Both America and India launched their Crafts in November for flights to Mars. Both vehicles should be operational at that Planet before Comet C/2013A1 flies by. Since it is estimated to approach Mars from a mere 89 to 173 thousand kilometers (55 to 107 thousand miles), the gas and dust cloud around the comet will envelop the Planet and its atmosphere. In fact, the dust would be hundreds of thousands of times larger than the comet’s diameter. During its two hour approach dust levels will intensify up to 10,000 times!

The performances of both spacecraft will definitely be challenged by Comet C/2013A1. One would expect that both craft will find the Comet to be a “Mere Inconvenience” that they dealt with and triumphed. If anything, their appearances may  end up being rather “Dusty” from the Event, but Fully Operational nonetheless.

Reference: http://english.pravda.ru/science/tech/19-12-2013/126429-space_mars-0/