Visitors Pay Good Money To Get The “Cold Treatment” In Iqaliut, Nunavut Territory, Canada

News Analysis: City Fathers of Iqaliut  have taken Pro-Active steps towards the World Aerospace Community to display their City (of 6,700+/- population) as being well situated for Cold Weather Testing of Aircraft. The immediate relatively flat terrain along the 2.7 km (1.67 mi) runway, an American Air Force Creation of 1942,  adds to the values Airframes consider … Read more

Birds’ V-Formation Is Partially A Matter Of Self-Orchestrated Timing

News Analysis: Avian Scientists studying the V-Formation Flight Characteristics of Birds have determined that each Bird in formation utilizes the Energy Contribution (EC) of the Bird immediately in front of them. The added wind current of the preceding Bird is used to lessen the Energy Requirements of the subsequent Bird.  The Birds learn where their individual … Read more

★ European Countries Debt Load Is Estimated At 134% Of Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

News Analysis: Increasing again in an overall “Soft Macro-Economy” are the Debt Loads of the various European Countries. Since the various Central Banking Organizations have varied “Threshold Limit Points” numerically, they are in disagreement of the increasing danger of a Recession. Members of the European Community have decreasing Exports and increasing elderly. Outflow of Funds … Read more

☆ Bribery By Corporations Display, Not A Lack Of Product Quality, But A Dearth Of Managerial Integrity

News Analysis: Government Bribery is condemned by the Leaders of  India. To illustrate its resolve in fighting “Government Economic Treason” to the Country, it has rescinded its Purchase Agreement with its tainted foreign Helicopter Manufacturer; which had factually paid bribes to some Indians.  The Ironic aspect of this Legal Broach is that the Excellent Helicopters manufactured by this Airframe … Read more

★ Bolivia’s Communications Satellite Attains Stationary Position Over Country.

News Analysis: Bolivian President Juan Evo Morales Ayma must be very proud to have witnessed the Communications Satellite Advance for his country of 10.4 Million people. The satellite can easily cover Bolivia’s Territory of  1,098,581 km2 (424,163 mi2). The Satellite was built by a Chinese Aerospace Company and launched in China. It has an effective life expectancy of … Read more

American And Indian Mars Missions Will Be Meeting Comet C/2013A1

News Analysis: Both America and India launched their Crafts in November for flights to Mars. Both vehicles should be operational at that Planet before Comet C/2013A1 flies by. Since it is estimated to approach Mars from a mere 89 to 173 thousand kilometers (55 to 107 thousand miles), the gas and dust cloud around the comet will … Read more

★ India Awakens To Benefits Of Manufacturing And Industrial Exports

News Analysis: This year of 2013, India expects to Export approximately $325 Billion Dollars of Goods. It has a Trade Deficit of $100 Billion Dollars presently. Due to this imbalance, India has established  a “National Manufacturing Policy” which itself establishes ‘National Manufacturing and Investment Zones’. The Indian Government realizes that it needs to Accelerate Development … Read more

☆ Airbus A380’s Are Added To Emirates Fleet

News Analysis: The Fuel Efficient, as rated Per Passenger, A380 Aircraft have been delivered to Emirates Airlines. Wise Airlines that fly Intercontinental  Point-to-Point Routes using the A380 are impressed with its ‘frugality’. The fact that an airline can use One Aircraft, due to its passenger capacity, rather than Two, saves it money. In many ways Aircraft costs, Fuel, … Read more

☆ United Arab Emirates Reluctance Over British Typhoon Aircraft Grows

News Analysis: Arab Aircraft Purchasers, just like others “Big-Ticket” Buyers in the World, want Good Fundamentals to be offered to COMPEL THEM to choose a particular Weapon System. These Basics are not limited to, but include: Performance, Reliability, Cost To Purchase, Cost To Maintain, Deliver-ability, and, Manufacturer/Purchaser Affinity.  All too often, the Naïve Western Business … Read more

★ The Ignorant Financial Cost Of Intelligence

Premium News Analysis: Brazil’s President, Dilma Rousseff, decided to grant the Purchase of Fighter Aircraft for  Sweden’s Saab Gripen Jet rather than Boeing’s F/A-18 Super Hornet. The reason behind her decision is allegedly due to disclosure of Inept Intelligence Gathering; this by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) operating in Brazil. She personally was spied on. … Read more