Successful Canadian Diamond “Wildcat” Miner Receives Government Cooperation

News Analysis: Quebec Government leaders are being wise in cooperating in infrastructure development towards this large Diamond Mine Project. Since the bulk of the diamonds test as ‘Gemstone’ Quality, tax remunerations to Quebec can be expected to be significant. The fact that at least five “Pipes” have been discovered is impressive. The quality of the stones, … Read more

Mining Investors Put Up-Front Monies for Back-End Rewards

News Analysis:  Since mineral deposits can be accurately assessed, as to both quality and amount, experienced miners can make suitable economic recoveries. To do so, proper capitalization is required. Investors, who understand and accept “Down Stream” payments, can make the monies available upfront for mining projects. The actual ore recovered, being the equity needed for … Read more

Iraq Gains Large Scale Benefits in Its Commercial Partnership with China

News Analysis: Having the fifth-largest oil reserves in the world and wanting to increase its production to three million barrels of oil a day puts Iraq in a very nice position in the oil industry. Since fuel hungry nations need oil, Iraq, with its great reserves, can choose to do business with whom it wants. In this … Read more

World Bank Increases Ranking of Philippines for Ease of Doing Business

News Analysis:  Minimizing unproductive regulations regarding  establishing a business in the Philippines, as well other impediments to commerce, will help them continue in a favorable direction. Investors need to hear about the government’s intention to promote business growth.  The resourceful and hard-working people of the country are its greatest asset.  Natural resources of the islands are another good … Read more

International Monetary Fund Predicts Good Growth for Sub-Saharan Africa

News Analysis: The region should have increased investments from other countries due to the abundance of needed natural resources it contains. South Africa, in particular, always a leader on the continent, although more expensive than neighboring countries, will prosper. Mineral wealth, a capable work force, along with people imbued with national pride, will push South  Africa … Read more

188 Countries in United Nations Voted that United States Cease Its Cuba Embargo

News Analysis:  A fifty-three year embargo evidences an archaic view of good international relations of a Super Power to its neighbor.  Cuba, purportedly sitting on top of an enormous gas/oil deposit [of which certain Americans knew about before Fidel Castro’s  rise to power] could decide to open up its territory to oil exploration. If so, … Read more

Brazilian 12,000,000,000+/- Barrel Atlantic Ocean Oil Field Auctioned

News Analysis:  A dichotomy may exist between “Rates of Return” vs. “Total Return” on invested capital. For example, a smaller field might give the producer a bigger share of the recurring cash flow, yet be of much shorter duration due to amount of petroleum recoverable.A large field, like the aforementioned, would give a greater total … Read more

Lebanese Discussing Oil Development Contract Authority

News Analysis:  Since the estimated quantity of Eastern Mediterranean oil within the boundaries of Lebanese Waters is so sizable, due diligence is being displayed in the decision-making process of Contract Awarding. The possible economic benefit to the entire country should be vast. Decisions need to be carefully made for best ‘down-stream’ rewards for the People of Lebanon. … Read more

An Economic Oasis in the Expanse

News Analysis: A very positive aspect of Mining in general is the creation of employment in more desolate areas of the world. The “Economic Multiplier” spun from employee wages and spent locally, further enhances the economic benefit to a geographic area. If one considers both the gain to the mining organization [which took the investment risk] as … Read more

Greenland To Mine Uranium

News Analysis: As a by-product of mining Rare Earths [Dysprosium, Europium, Lanthanum, Neodymium, and Terbium, for example] Uranium ore is also extracted in the process. The Government of Greenland will now allow for the sales of Uranium to occur.  The financial reward to the country is invaluable in the present world economy. Perhaps those who were in … Read more