When: “What Is Yours, Is Ours” In Mining Occurs, Tribes Become Irate At The Interlopers From Other Continents

Our varied interests in Geology in general, and ‘Mining’ more specifically, over the decades, have allowed us to see the worst side of many Corporations [‘Earth Extraction Entities’ (EEE’s)]. All too often, they have sown the ‘Seeds of Discontent’ in the areas of land they mine or desire to mine. This has repeatedly been done around the world.

In Australia, we had previously written of the destruction of aboriginal artifacts through explosions in mining areas: approved in advance by elements of an Australian state government and EEE’s management. The damage done cannot be corrected. To the aborigines, what has gone, will only remain in their collective memories of their noble past.

In Africa, ‘Artisanal Miners’, who merely want to have a mere scintilla of a morsel of the diamonds, emeralds, gold, or silver they find with their hand and shovel diggings; in ocean shores, in riverbeds, or in jungles, to be sold to support their families. Large mining companies from continents afar, typically get law enforcement authorities to toss them off properties, using undo force. The management of many EEE’s do not care for the locals economic plight. They merely want the extracted mineralization at the lowest possible price [rather than ‘fair market value’]. Presently, more of the African governments are reviewing earlier mining agreements prior administrations contracted. They are finding rampant bribery to former government officials by mining companies. Furthermore, the monies attained were sent to bank accounts in Panama and elsewhere. This was the situation in Angola, for example. The citizens of the countries victimized were promised Gold, but given spoons plated with Chalcopyrite. The governments are demanding ‘Fair Market Value’ of the ores mined, not ‘Peanuts’ typically negotiated.

In northern India, artisanal riverbed rock miners have had a hard time to extract from various areas. They have decried the fact of being denied access to streams to engage in mining. Fortunately, it appears that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi, has heard of their issues and is getting ‘officialdom’ in the territory to examine the facts involved. One would expect no less of this gentleman.

Papua New Guinea, has vast mineral reserves, of which Gold is a priority of EEE’s. A problem in the country, of which there are a number, is the damage done to the rivers and streams due to contamination to the watershed. In fact, this is a expansive issue with Gold mining everywhere on Earth. ‘Heap Leaching’ is employed with Potassium Cyanide or Sodium Cyanide being sprayed over the extracted ore to release the Gold from the rock. Percolation into the soil is possible where voids are present in the ‘material liners’ on which the ore is dumped. Where percolation occurs, contamination can become widespread in the immediate vicinity. Also, if a crack develops in piping taking the ‘Pregnant Liquor’ to the ‘Carbon Trees’ for convergence of Gold Particles with wire ‘wool’ contained therein, contamination of the soil underneath is probable; fauna and flora are thereby jeopardized. ‘PNG’ citizens demand accountability of the EEE’s.

In Bolivia, the indigenous groups’ lands, of which the EEE’s have been or want to mine, are upset as to the terms of contracts that have been signed. They demand dissolution of the agreements and want new, ‘balanced and fair’ terms entered into. Again, it will take Bolivian Leaders with the integrity of a Indian Prime Minister Modi, to review the complaints. They need to get their bureaucrats to renegotiate equitable terms for the citizens of Bolivia in general, and the affected tribes specifically; rapprochement should occur. Since the “Seeds of Discord’ have been sown long ago, we think the possibility of hostilities are too important to not act decisively. Physical belligerence may soon happen, with all participants losing, as a result. We anticipate the Bolivian government will understand the grievances of the tribes and deal fairly with them as well as with EEE’s, so all parties ‘win’.

It has been demonstrated, companies mining in Russia, have gone to great lengths so landowners, neighbors, as well as the environment where mining is presently occurring, are satisfied. The wise Russians learned for experiences of years ago, as to the benefits of responsible mining. In fact, EEE’s in other countries of the world, should look at Russia’s mining ‘Horn of Plenty’: Siberia [for mining extraction and processing investment opportunities]. The resource riches of Siberia, other world leaders can only dream about.

Long-term rewards in Mining, are available to only be attained by the Wise.

Reality: Mining is a industry where ‘Good Business Opportunities on Solid Ground Are Discovered, May Be Located On Quick Sand: A Mirage Is, As A Mirage Does’.

Reference: https://www-lostiempos-com.translate.goog/actualidad/economia/20211016/indigenas-del-norte-paz-anuncian-movilizaciones-exigir-reformas-ley?_x_tr_sl=es&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en-US&_x_tr_pto=nui

Avarice + Hegemony + Narcissism Of Amoral Leaders = The Costs Of Wars

As businessmen in International Commerce, active and passive, we have gotten used to the aforementioned elements of some American leaders, in particular, and a few of other Nations’ leaders in general. This, as to their consistent ‘Puppet Masters’ Masters [PMMS] ordering ‘leaders’ behaviors’ in encroaching on the sovereignty of other nations. The costs in doing so can be prodigious. One excellent encapsulation of such hegemonic antics is in the fine analysis of Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.

The Brown University Report: “Costs of the 20-year war on terror: $8 trillion and 900,000 deaths” succinctly quantifies these activities as to current costs and projected costs for remediation of SOME injured combatants. The enormity of scale is further enhanced by understanding that [recently] a ‘mere’ THREE AMORAL AMERICAN PRESIDENTS were high advocates of foreign escapades; with a fourth President resolute about stopping ‘Endless Wars’ (for which the American Establishment {Puppet Masters’ Masters/PMMs} focused on terminating his re-election).

A example adding to the injurious attitude of peoples of other countries, against such presidents’ hegemonic behaviors, was the assassination of the main perpetrator of the New York and Washington, D.C. “Sneak” attacks; this, rather than taking him to the United States for Criminal Prosecution as U.S. legalities require. Some people say: “A summary execution; In Court, perhaps he might have ‘talked about PMMs'”. In our many travels, we have heard time and again, about: “The machine-gunning of the man in his pajamas, after he was awakened by the Americans.” The ‘Constitutional Scholar’ U.S. President apparently was of the legal opinion as to the killing: ‘de minimis non curat lex’?

Hostile sentiments far and wide are gained by deviant behavior, if committed by: ‘The Most Powerful Nation in the World’. In fact, it was ONLY by the analysis of a Businessman/President [rather than the run-of-the-mill Politician/Presidents the U.S. has ‘cherished to its present financial deep hole’] who said “Endless Wars must stop”. He recognized the ‘Lose/Lose/Lose’ nature of military forays and regional wars.

The PMMs who dictate to many world leaders the behaviors they want of their immediate underlings, do not concern them as to financial costs of Nations nor lives imperiled of others. Instead, they amorally plan for their financial gains around the world via: Designed economic collapses of nations, Pandemics, or Wars; whatever works is sufficient, as long as it is of proper scale.

The last several weeks in Afghanistan, as we had analyzed long ago, was inevitable, in that the PMMs decided to ‘pull the plug’ on the country [for opportunities elsewhere]. Now, the entire world must be cautious as to the proliferation of American arms and equipment being sold globally to hostile interests. The huge entrepot of materials in Afghanistan, we think assure, dissemination for decades. The Afghanistanis are a nation of Tribal Businessmen: “Commerce is, as Commerce does”.

To all of those people who have lost family members and/or friends, we can only say: The pains they experienced, due to the absolute ignorance of a few arrogant political leaders, they no longer have to suffer. Even those political leaders, no matter how hard they collude or try, cannot further harm them, nor touch the Goodness of the Man Above with whom your loved ones are with presently.

We think, perhaps if the United Nations was resolute about evaluating wars and thereafter, would conduct tribunals to see if the designation of ‘War Criminals’ was apropos for some of the leaders of the hegemonic nation[s]. Perhaps if found guilty and severely punished, these same politicians would think twice about listening to the PMMs [who were never elected by anyone, anywhere].

Reality: Strong acid in a safety container, will eventually destroy the safety container.

Reference: https://home.brown.edu/news/2021-09-01/costsofwar

As Geologists and Oceanographers Precisely Predict Above Sea And Undersea Mountain Collapses, Causing Tsunamis Afar, So Too It Is For “Societal” Tsunamis

We, who have watched the machinations of Business and Government leaders over the many years, are amazed at the public’s consternation of some of their actions. Citizens, Employees, and Investors fail to realize that these Puppet Masters are themselves controlled by their own Masters: the Puppet Masters’ Masters [PMMs], as we have often written.

If one concentrates on the “Activities in valleys”, as are the cases for many Intelligence Agencies, Investors, Militaries , and the like, they will never comprehend the desires and implementations commanded by those on the “Hills Above”, near, or on continents far away.”: PMMs.

It is interesting to note of Afghanistan, that the American Selected President [with assistance of a complicit Main Stream Media, Internet ‘Socializing Sites’, and 489+/- former Admirals, Generals and Intelligence Chiefs], a man of 36+ years in the U.S. Senate, so amazed his underlings as to his decision to abandon both peoples and armaments. The fact that his military was fighting a absolutely dedicated foe of Pashtuns [with a lengthy and significant culture] and their associates, should have caused pause, by he and his predecessors in the U.S. White House. Instead, at the behest of the Intelligence Agencies and Militaries, of his and other Nations, they collectively thought numerically and equipment-wise, they would win. After TWENTY YEARS of killing and maiming American and other forces, they still did not ‘Get It’: A WILLFUL, PIOUS ENEMY does not surrender, being a intractable foe.

The fact that this Commander-In-Chief decided to ‘throw in the White Towel’ is not surprising at all because he followed the dictate of his Masters. They, amoral as to ‘social engagements’, decided, obviously, they had much more to gain by stopping the war IMMEDIATELY [and with NO removal of armaments (Very Important)]. He will obviously deny any such relationship to PMMs exist for him. How could he admit such? What do you think kept him in office for 36+ years?  His superior performance in the U.S. Senate? His legendary hegemonic behavior, of which we had written, was well-noted by other Nations’ leaders. His continually calling erroneously, international actions, was even noted publicly by a former U.S. Intelligence Chief.

At the present, there are many of you in business that NEED TO KNOW, what will be happening in both the immediate future, by this debacle, as well as beyond the horizon future actions of the PMMs. Since we, over the decades, have both interfaced with some, and have identified and analyzed other PMMs around the world, we can help. Standing on the top of Mount Olympus, gives one a great view of the hills and valleys below. As the PMMs, on the hills, near and far, decide what is best in their interests, the health and wealth of the citizenry not being of their concern, they plot their next moves.

It is our collective opinions that: Very soon, conditions of many people, many places, many Nations around the globe, will face ‘Tsunami Effects’ dispersing from Afghanistan; yet, there are business opportunities that will also arise. The important thing is to anticipate the PMMs desires and the tactics they will employ to make their gains around the world.

To those of you wise enough to comprehend some of what lies ahead or want to understand the totality of possibilities of the  ‘Afghanistan Tsunami’, we say contact us for a meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada for our carefully assessed analyses.

We think the tremors will be felt globally for quite a while. It behooves the Wise to consult us. We have, confidentially, over the long while advised others, we can advise you. After all, the ‘miserable results’ the many Intelligence Agencies have historically provided their governments, via billions of dollars spent, does not mean you, as a individual or business, cannot be successful; this, by listening and hearing from those who are beholden to no one.

Reality: Men with Money, to satisfy their egos, love to display it to others; Men with REAL Power are phantasmal, for omnipotence, and omnispresence have their own rewards.

If People Do Not Want To Go Around The Mountain, They Can Call On The Chinese, Or Other Experts, To Go Through It

It is always of great interest to see Infrastructure Experts drill tunnels, build expansive bridges, hydro-electric plants, and such. A group of “Masters” of such events are the Chinese, for example [as they have shown again in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) tunnel project].

The Hajar Mountains has been a obstacle to travel in the UAE for centuries. The Chinese were contracted to design, construct, and implement a 1.7 kilometer (1.05 statute mile) train tunnel, of 14 meters (46 feet) in diameter through the mountain. The China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation, in conjunction with Etihad Rail commenced construction in 2020 and should complete the entire project later this year.

There are many such Infrastructure projects, around the world, of even greater size than the aforementioned, completed by other Engineering Companies. We, in International Business, applaud them all. The skill sets required of each: To comprehend the complexities of the projects; Design and Perform to those needs; and do so, within budgets is laudable. The fact that so many nations are proceeding with such projects, as to Infrastructure needs of their citizens, is very good.

We have noticed, as a contrary, the politicians in Washington, D.C., in conjunction with their military advisors, have been so consumed in entering military forays, around the world, since World War II, that Infrastructure of the U.S. has been a consistent ‘also-ran’. Today, the Nation’s, $29+Trillion of ‘Direct Debt’ limits PRUDENT expenditures to support Infrastructure construction needs.

The unfortunate level of America’s debt will only get worse with ‘Trillion of Dollars’ thrown into the deep ‘money pit’ which exists. Fanciful Infrastructure projects emanating, will be certain, we think, to benefit families, friends, and other associates of the current politicians [who are proposing such construction activities]. Since they have all been ‘asleep at the wheel’, for so many decades as to the subject of Infrastructure, we are skeptical of their motives. Many of them are about ready to retire; perhaps they want additional funds beyond what they have already gained over the years? Career politicians, most are. They were of moderate means commencing “Service to their Country”, and many will leave as multi-millionaires. Voila!

We recommend, to the younger generation that it consider Civil Engineering careers as excellent ways to help oneself, as one ACTUALLY helps one’s country. Ethnocentric considerations can provide the impetus to succeed, while studying, Chemistry, Engineering, Geology, Physics, and other science subjects. Ancient cultures prove this is the case: Look at the Great Wall of China, a miraculous engineering feat, by those who understood the aforementioned science subjects.

Reality: While Tunnels help people to get from Point ‘A’ to Point ‘B’ quickly, Strong Walls make for Good Neighbors; Both require Civil Engineering.

Reference: https://www.thenationalnews.com/uae/2021/08/06/mighty-mole-bores-through-hajar-mountains-to-make-way-for-etihad-rail/

“Trust, But Verify”(TBV) Applies to National, As Well As Private Business ‘Deals’. In Mining, Experienced ‘Professionals’ Can Find The “Realities” That Exist [Good Or Bad].

In the Kingdom of Lesotho in southern Africa, its fabulous diamond mines in the Maluti Mountains, have delivered some very large stones. In fact, at 10+ carats, in size, Lesotho is quite unique in producing larger numbers of diamonds. Today, the government in Maseru, has questions being asked as to the correctness of diamond appraisals by the mining interests operations in the Kingdom. The government realizes it needs a impartial independent appraiser to verify the quality and presumably the carat counts of diamonds mined. Since it behooves all concerned to “TBV” account data submitted to it by the mining companies; so to does it benefit the mine managements. A independent auditor will demonstrate to both the government as well as the population that proper funds are being received for minerals exported.

Another example of TBV is occurring in Peru as the government wants to make certain any mine expansions and production of Gold that is exported, is in full accord with the contracts signed years ago. The American principal mining company management apparently is helping facilitate the Peruvian government’s requests. Wisely so.

A somewhat unseemly situation in Tajikistan is unfolding as to a large gold mining operation there. In Dushanbe, there is concern that approximately 10.0+ billion dollars of gold have been acheived by a North American mining company, with Tajikistan only receiving 1.0+ billion dollars. Now, TBV is being demanded by the attentive President of the Country, Emomali Rahmon. Since Tajikistan has very large deposits of Gold, proper appraisal and auditing is essential for future mining activities. Fortunately, for Tajikistan, as a ‘business behavior contrary’, Chinese entry into other mining activities in the country should benefit it. China’s historical “Long View” of endeavors, diminishes the avarice shown by businessmen in other countries. Han Cultural logic: “The steady rain is better than one downpour”, is very true.

In Argentina, Lithium mining is in ‘full swing’. We hope the mining companies will continue to honor commitments to water preservation and recycling so indigenous peoples in the locales, and fauna, will not suffer. Buenos Aires has the TBV commitment we assume, to keep contractual terms in full force.

The State of Nevada, in America, has a very large Lithium deposit near the Oregon border. At present, the Canadian owned mining company is being evaluated by a U.S. Federal judge as to its assurances that its mining activities desired, will be in full compliance with all laws. This TBV activity benefits all parties, the general public, and the fauna residents in the immediate area.

Reality: As robots, properly programmed, do not err, humans do, (accidentally or ‘on-purpose’); vigilance is, as vigilance does.

Reference: https://lestimes.com/government-to-hire-an-independent-diamond-appraisal/

“Fake News”: The Choice Of Puppet Masters’ Masters [PMM’s]For Influencing Sheep About: Business, Health, Politics, Or Weather> Financial Gain Is Their Aim.

As Main Stream Media {MSM}, the agents of the PMM’s, go about their tasks of influencing Sheep to have favorable [or un-favorable] views and commensurate actions by the quadra-peds, we see repetitive tactics used consistently.

“Global Warming” became the ‘sine qua non’ rallying cry to the Sheep. Apparently, they were not listening, so “voila!”, a transformation to the current ‘Climate Change‘ became fashionable. MSM ‘Germalists’ started panic pronouncements about: “All of the world’s ice deposits are melting and everyone in most locales risk being flooded out [Anthropogenesis was, and is, at work”, all were told]. Any claims that Gaia was merely in a natural ‘ebb and flow’ of energy levels, historically recurring, was derided as heretical. To suggest ‘Cosmic’ contributions through solar storms, et al, was, and is, even more blasphemous.

We, in International Business, are amused by many examples of the ‘tu quoque’ ideations. One glaring example is the Financial Community extolling the virtues of fighting global warming, and blaming others, while at the same time establishing data mining operations for crypto-currencies [which use enormous amounts of electricity!]. Are these ‘mining operations’ the best use of electricity when and where ‘brown-outs’ and ‘black-outs’ are feasible? In areas where such hot conditions might not be of concern, why not sell the surplus of electricity to other nations? Touted wind-farms and solar parks could benefit societies greater than ‘financial creations’ even less ‘sturdy’ than “Derivatives” brokers love.

The “Northern Transportation Corridor” [NTC], which has opened up, is a very viable and needed addition for transportation of commodities and goods across the Arctic, from Asia to Europe, and back, we think. The recent unfortunate blockage of the Suez Canal due to inclement weather events, is a valid reason to have more routes around the planet. The fact that Russian experience in such cold environments is spectacular, should lead businessmen to seek shorter transit times so they can have greater profits. The facilities, and ships of Russia will assure safe sailing; “No ‘Pirates’ dare take on the Bear”. Russian Leadership, under steadfast President Putin, makes this entire geography accessible for commercial endeavors also. Investors should consider Arctic and Siberian economic opportunities in this ‘Land of Plenty’, are our opinions. Yet, MSM acolytes apparently have apparently been instructed by PMM’s orders to denigrate Russia for protecting its ‘turf’ with its military might. Since this NTC is extremely valuable, why would the sovereign nation possessing it, not protect it? The Non-Governmental Organizations have been busy in this regard, we have noticed. Again, this is another example for MSM “Germalists” trying to make “Bears” morphed into “Wolves”; genetically, this is not possible. Instead, to people who think, might not they opine that the real “Wolves” are the PMM’s? PMM’s” look out for PMM’s, eleemosynary objectives are not their fortes.

Another interesting “Fake News” outpouring, we think, has been: “A nation’s Insidious, Unscrupulous, Usurious lending of monies and technologies to other nations for commercial infrastructure growth therein” MSM Germalists claim. Our opinions are: It is a insult to recipient nations to think their Accountants, Engineers, Estimators, and Fabricators cannot assess, freely and openly, over a period of months or years, if they want to proceed with the lender. It is also asinine to the lender to have its motives besmirched. Who is coercing these countries to engage? None whom we are aware. They certainly can seek competitive bids from other lenders if they choose. One cannot fault a ancient culture for wanting to benefits its people even more, as it helps other peoples elsewhere.

We have written, a number of times about Coronavirus CV19 and the Germalists writing about the ‘Pandemic’ [before it was even one]. Who put the idea in their heads: “To stir up the herd”? Today, ‘Cocksure’ about a “Meat Market malaise” commencing the CV19 situation, months ago, now has morphed into a nation’s Biologic Lab being the insipient locus. Yet, we who analyze world-actions, are not so sure of this reputed source, as we had written. Even if research was on-going at a particular laboratory, it certainly does not preclude others, in lands around the world, from doing similar research. If funded by the wealthy, or super-wealthy, others with different political and/or social agendas could acheive their goals; economic being one of them. The fact that since the pandemic onset, many billionaires have made more billions. Perhaps some were in on the scheme? Forensic studies may reveal much more to this tragedy than mere “Virions running amok, due to Mother Nature”.

People do not trust the Media, it is the acolyte of the PMMs, nothing more. While the lackey “Germalists” get pennies, they help the PMMs make billions of dollars. “Want a ‘Pandemic’?” “No problem.”

Realty: Long term or short term, “It is the money, Sonny; all ways and always, the money”.

Reference: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/washington-secrets/true-58-agree-media-is-enemy-of-the-people-83-hit-fake-news

Manufacturing Reality: Mining For Production Metals Means Masses Must Minimize Hampering Restrictions Of “Quarrying”, If They Want Progress

Over the many decades we have watched ‘Political Fashionability’ overcome ‘Manufacturing Realities’ by those who do NOT UNDERSTAND what it takes to produce ‘Things’. This ignorance, which has placated some of the masses, by curtailing fabrication activities due to: Noise, Smell, Vibration, and will soon be adding “Electronic Radiation of Information Technology Equipment” to this roster. This will encompass ‘Cloud Storage Sites’ we think.

The past few years have ushered in a demand for ores that will make Electronics greater in scope than ever before. Additionally, the pursuit of Electric Vehicles will demand ore mining of Aluminum, Cobalt, Copper, Lithium, Manganese, and other metals in prodigious quantities. To mine these ores, miners need restriction mitigations in many cases. The basic fact of life is: “Mining is cutting in Gaia, and relieving here of mineralizations so they can be processed into items which help Mankind.” As such, Dust, Noise, Odors, Vibrations cannot be totally eliminated in the process. In many cases, reducing those actualities, mean projects are too expensive or otherwise impractical for miners’ profitablities. There is no ‘free lunch’ in any human activity. In Mining, which is the ‘Process Precedent’ to most fabrications, throughout the entire world, one must accommodate the reality; otherwise, there will not be production [like it or not]. This is the way it has been since Man left his cave thousands of years ago. If one wants a clean, clear, absolutely pristine environment, we, in International Business, suggest they go move into a large cavern with running water.

Most mining operations require ‘Outside Capital’ to commence, develop, and prosper. For a investor to risk his money in a project: Proof of valuable mineralization in property must exist or be anticipated; Physical access must be feasible; equipment and personnel must be attainable; and GOVERNMENTAL PERMITS must be attained [this is where the ‘Quicksand’ lies].

Quite often ‘Political Fashionablities’ pounce on and destroy the economic feasibility of mining projects. Since “‘Environmental’ Concerns” are almost always nebulously stated, without verifiable proof, jeopardy to projects are probable. What everyone should realize: “Miners live on Earth also. Miners are INTIMATELY involved in the physical processes involved. As such, they do not desire to hurt themselves physically, nor anyone else. Let them perform their tasks optimally, so ultimately men and women of this Earth can enjoy that which has been invented or that which may be invented.”

“Mining” is a very expensive activity. Only the “‘Financially Serious’ need to apply” to this ‘Many Billions of Dollars’ mileau. We suggest those who are not directly involved in projects, withhold their comments and diatribe until worthwhile projects are completed responsibly [and certainly with remediations]. Take the ‘Long View’ as the Chinese have done for millennia; it works. Do NOT misjudge ‘Chalcopyrite’ as being ‘Aurum’.

Reality: Without Mental and Physical Exertion, nothing is possible; who wants ‘Nothing’?

Reference: https://www.reuters.com/business/energy/low-carbon-world-needs-17-trillion-mining-investment-2021-05-10/

“The Pot Calling The Kettle ‘Black'”: America Should Look At Its Own Indian History

Presently, American Main Stream Media [MSM], is excoriating other countries for the treatment of legal citizens and occupants therein. The fact that Washington, D.C. politicians ‘pour gasoline on the embers’ make we, in International Business, wonder: “Are these mere commercial tactics to gain some economic advantages, rather than ‘pursuing moral ‘high grounds’? Are they ‘conditions precedent’ for possible military excursions [Blow the bugle and rile the troops]?” All too often, especially where hegemonic interests lie, with some politicians, their pontifications against other nations are mere shams, to the knowing. Time and again, over the decades we have seen “Pots calling kettles ‘Black’ [PCKB]”. After a while, the tactic becomes tedious.

One example of PCKB, of near-time duration was America’s absolutely ‘contrived’ rationale against the sovereign peoples of Iraq by the U.S. President and his lackeys. “Weapons Of Mass Destruction” were in Iraq and would be used against the U.S., was the fallacy given to the public by MSM and the administration in Washington. Unfortunately, this grievous LIE, caused the deaths of as many as 1,200,000 Iraqis, 4,200+ American Soldiers, and thousands of injured. Could this horrible tragedy be deemed: “Genocide by America against Iraqis”? Where is the world clamor about such behavior, based on a lie?

Before ‘America’ was a mere grammatical construct, the Indians living in the area of what is now the ‘United States’, resided in their territory of 2,379,964,800 acres [963,137,583 hectares]. Upon the arrival of Europeans, the areas taken by force, guile, and or negotiation reduced in size to a tribal 130,000,000 acres [52,609,133 hectares]. In 1758, the first Indian Reservation was established in New Jersey. In 1933, a further reduction brought the area down to 49,000,000 acres [19,829,596 hectares]. Congress, finally seeing, ‘thievery’ which had been occurring against the Indians, started a re-acquisition program. Today, approximately 56,200,000 acres [[22,743,333 hectares] “belong” to the Indians.

“Soil Gainers”:The European ancestried U.S. ‘land-baron’ inheritors of today, might even be accused of being unprincipled ‘Land Sharks’ descendants, nothing more. Of those billionaires who are currently amassing great land holdings, we laugh. The old Miner’s adage applies: “The more land you own, the more it owns you. Even if you are eventually ‘planted’ therein, your precious ownership and ‘Deed of Purchase’, will merely be Sand in the Wind.”

A further, ‘blackening of the pot’ has been the estimated $156,000,000,000.00 in lost income and other monies by mismanagement of the U.S. Government over Indian financial accounts. While the Indians finally settled for a mere $4,500,000,000.00, for their unseemly losses over the many decades, even the initial trial Judge, the Honorable Royce Lambeth, could not tolerate the misdeeds and obfuscations by the U.S. Government. One should read his statements during the trial.

We sincerely hope the land buy-backs occurring, by the U.S. Government, and perhaps purchases accelerating in the near future, benefit these Indian victims and descendants of Indian victims of earlier Europeans avarice, belligerence, and lethality. The complicity of earlier U.S. Administrations to see and disregard the felonious theft is appalling. Now, we ask: “Who are those in the District of Columbia to denigrate other Nations, of their treatment of occupants in their territories, when America’s behavioral history, has, at times, been the lowest of the low?” Does their avarice overcome any shame? They criticize other great Nations? Even today, some Americans treatment of minorities is appalling.

If the International Court of Justice, with its 15 Justices, and other International legal bodies, had both the Jurisdiction along with the Will, we think, there are many American leaders and lesser politicians who would be looking out for their representations on INTERPOL WARRANTS. They all might be conjoined with some other cabal nations who decry others, and yet participate with ‘Uncle Sam’.

America, just 240+ years old, can learn from ancient civilizations. In age, there is Wisdom.

Reality: The ‘Devil’ and his Acolytes do not always wear capes. Many times, they are fashionable in fine tailored suits.

Reference: https://www.gillettenewsrecord.com/news/region/article_01b49d6e-2e8a-54ba-808c-bdafce2e7f8d.html

Mining Managements: Will They Ever Have Operational Paradigms Of : “Capitalism With A Conscience”?

Over many decades, on all of the continents, we have see time and again, in many mining operations, a repeating scenario; this being: “Promise the land owners everything; reduce it, with ‘operational costs’ (prior to payments); deliver very little to them; leave the owners with nothing for cleaning up the ‘malignant’ messes left behind.” There are very minor iterations to this general theme, be it for ‘below ground’ or ‘open pit’ operations regardless of the minerals involved. These “Capitalists” do NOT share the wealth (thus avoiding ‘Capitalism With A Conscience’).

A continued theme to these Mining Scenarios, regardless of continent or country, is that typically the Indigenous Peoples who own the lands, as cases may be, are NOT given respect as to their inputs on the projects. Instead, governmental bureaucrats speak ‘on their behalf’! We, in International Business, understand how that really works [to the chagrin of the landowners].

In Papua New Guinea, we hope the government will be able to realize gains for its citizens, as it re-negotiates the contractual elements. For past damages to the ecology of the area, how does one properly assess it? For future damage, how does one assure substantial site remediation funds are available? What about health benefits long term for employees who suffer any contamination?

We think that this offered framework by the Canadians and Chinese, is a ‘giant step’ forward towards all participants ‘winning in this card game’; Certainly 51% ownership to the Papua New Guinea Government helps. Since the Chinese are “Masters of the Long View” of business transactions [their not being mere ‘day-traders’], we think stability to this new contract will be evidenced by them. By and large, we applaud “C.E.O.” Mr. Mark Bristow, for his ‘Paradigm Shift’ as to what Contracts can become: “Winning Hands For All Players In The Biggest Gambles Of All: Mining”. As for ‘Gold (Aurum) itself, we say: “Go long as to the ‘play’, you will smile each day.”

Reality: A ‘Good Deal’ for all ‘anxious’ parties requires: a New Deck of Cards; a ‘Clean Shuffle’; Card distribution by One with Integrity; and, Satisfaction in each party’s play.

Reference: https://financialpost.com/commodities/mining/barrick-gold-lost-its-social-licence-in-papua-new-guinea-this-is-the-price-its-paying-to-earn-it-back

Dubrovnik, Croatia To Sofia, Bulgaria: 400 Miles Apart Geographically, Yet Vastly Different In Crime Rates [As To The Other Nations Also]

It is interesting to comprehend how people can be so close to each other, yet so varied as to some of their behaviors. The excellent “Eurostat’s: ‘Crime, Violence, Or Vandalism In The Local Area” Report illustrates this reality. The reported crime in Croatia is listed at ‘2.7% of total population in 2019’ and in Bulgaria [Europe’s highest rated reporting percentage] is ‘20.2%’ which is almost ‘ten times’ as great [generally speaking].

We, in International Business, have engaged citizens of the aforementioned countries, as well as all members of the European Union [E.U.]. The ‘World View’ we have developed, over many years, is no different for our European friends. That is to say: “It is not the people of a country that may be problematic in business, it may be just the behaviors of a few that we question. Even then, those same people may be totally acceptable to engage ‘on a different day’?”

The wide disparity in reported crime levels: for example of Greece [16.9%] to neighboring Italy [9.4%] is easier to comprehend than some of the other nations’ rates. Italy has manufacturing in Aircraft, Automobiles, Ships [all of international renown]; Greece has none. The able Greeks, having had leaders of non-remarkable abilities, since World War II, and are now mired in National Economic debt of an estimated $400,000,000,000.00+/-. We think, this has been due to: Extremely poor choices in spending [especially in Military Hardware procurement]; Lack of direction to gain manufacturing prowess for greater employment of its citizenry; A public ethos of ‘Tax Evasion Is Our Salvation’ [at all levels of society].

Greece has: “location, location, location”, second-to-none of its European neighbors, [as the wise Chinese realize and are availing themselves for commerce]; exploitable mineral resources; great weather, Superb ‘Kalamata’ Olives; a very intelligent citizenry. These all bode well for it. Perhaps, the present Greeks Leaders, will show “business acumen” ‘by the bootstraps’, and thus, make Greece a ‘Commercial Manufacturing Entity’, as Italy has been, since the exact same time-frame. And most importantly of all: WITHOUT EXCUSES BY GREEK LEADERS, AS TO WHY THIS IS NOT BEING DONE FOR THEIR CITIZENS! Greek Leadership needs, ‘unowned’ impartial advisors for significant results.

We hope that the tie-up for electrical power transmission from Israel to Europe, through Greece, may have a benefit to the Greeks. The Israelis understand International Commerce and are well-respected for market products, as such. Maybe, Greeks can learn from the Israelis what to do, in that regard? Also, Greece’s tie-up with a strong leader, as is Abdel Fatah el-Sisi, of Egypt, to Gas and Oil projects, will gain it additional revenue.

Coronavirus [CV19] should have demonstrated to the Greeks, that their 20%+/- of national income being derived from tourism, is a ‘weak brother’ to have to rely on. Small virions can destroy the ‘Hospitality Industry’ forthwith.

We think the leaderships of Hungary [5.3%] and Poland [4.4%] evidence what can be done to minimize miscreant actors behavior and keep crime rates low. In both countries, strong leadership, decried by some weak leaders elsewhere, provides a ethos for their citizens of “RESPECT”. Both Leaders, are what we would deem to be “Internationalists”, not ‘Globalists’; this attitude we praise. These Gentlemen want the very best for their citizens [an admirable trait]. The European Union Leaders should think about Belgium [13.3%], (where the E.U. is headquartered) when they decide to deride Hungary’s and Poland’s leadership.

Reality: “Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions” come about in nations with ‘Strong Leadership’ guiding a ‘Principled Public’.

Reference: https://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/web/products-eurostat-news/-/ddn-20210310-1?redirect=%2Feurostat%2F