★ Greece: When Following Other Nations’ Leaders Down A Steep Rocky Hillside, Make Sure They Do Not Suffer From Cataracts [Or Hidden Agendas]

News Analysis: The current on-going lethargy in World Economic Markets, which suffered a Real Estate Implosion in 2008 and now is undergoing a predicted Oil Price Implosion, is worsening; This from the current “Trade War” between American and European Union (EU) Members vis-à-vis Russia.

Beyond the current sufferings of ‘EU’ Member Greece (due principally to its former Government Blatant Mis-management and Political and Military Corruption at its highest levels) its Citizens now suffer from the aforementioned “Trade War”. As a Proviso for Greece: When following other Nations’ Leaders down a steep rocky hillside, make sure they do not suffer from cataracts (or Hidden Agendas). 

Hellas currently losing over $46+ Million Dollars in lost Produce Sales to Russia surely hurts even more in its not-even-tepid economy. As Greece has followed along with other Nations’ Leaders dictates, its citizens are suffering immeasurably. Which of these other leaders care? Surely not the leaders across the Atlantic Ocean;  Nor any of those to its West. 

Rather than the Politicians in Athens blindly following along and thereby punishing their voters, Real Leadership is needed at this immediate moment in time. Others to the West may have Hidden Agendas.

That which will ease Hellas Citizens’ financial suffering and  allow for partial debt forgiveness by creditors is a plan which should immediately be negotiated and employed. The idea that its $300+/- Billion Dollars in debt can be repaid is a mere Hologram of Financial Fantasy ideated by ‘Sharks’. Other Nations have had large debt forgiveness actions realized. Why not now with Greece?

While the current debt situation is being dealt with, Greeks need to show “Sophia” and, if necessary, tell the Americans and other ‘EU’ Leaders: “‘Oxi”!; “Then exo xpimata”.

Others should be aware: as for the Country’s dealings with Russia: Greeks, did,  do, and will consider Russians as Brothers.

Different countries are also feeling the Economic Pain created by this foolishly designed Trade War, while various other Nations are benefitting handsomely. Hopefully, logic will prevail in this Financial Debacle; Hopefully the ‘EU’ relents.

The only one’s that have not Personally felt any financial pain are the American and ‘EU’ leaders who planned this Cabal. 

Interesting: Even the Country, over which this scheme was allegedly based, is far worse off today than it was before the plotters commenced their machinations three years+ years ago.


Reference: http://sputniknews.com/business/20150112/1016812560.html

☆ Greece: Does Washington, D.C. Care About Super-Power Financial Harm To A Weakened Friend’s Economy?

News Analysis: “Greece: Does Washington, D.C. Care About Super-Power Financial Harm To A Weakened Friend’s Economy?” so ask many Hellenic Citizens when they evaluate Economic Sanctions Against Russia.

In America, Greek-Americans, who are overwhelmingly members of the Democratic Party, often exhibit Myopia when it comes to the current Political Regime’s actions Internationally. For example, the VERY POOR relationship that now exists by America with Egypt or Libya, Greece’s friends across the Sea, does not aid Greece economically.  

The ENTIRE LEVANT appears to have at best “Tepid” relations with America; although they are still ‘Warm’ to Greece. This Administration’s inability to help solve the Cyprus Division shows it is effete; ‘a “Super-Power”?’ some people ask.

It would seem that the Economic Interests of the European Union (EU) would be best served by Extensive Communication and Cooperation with Russia. The well-known Cabal, which toppled the Ukrainian Government, was so naively operated by America and the ‘EU’ to be laughable; Telephone recordings of the Plot by U.S. Officials were aired to the World? Amateurs at Best!

Greek-Americans should use their ‘εγκεφάλους’ and realize “The Blind following the Blind accomplishes little”. If they care for ‘Hellas’ they should decry that which harms it; Russia Sanctioned does hurt Greece.

The current Washington’s Regime blunders in the Mediterranean Area as well as the Middle East, with our Arab Friends, shows very poor Leadership in America. “Ostrich Behavior” by Greek-Americans in tolerating such Administration Gaffes is remarkable for a Nationality supposedly known for its past Genius.

Telling Politicians in Washington, D.C. about Economic Sanctions against Russia should contain one word: “όχι”; This they may understand since it has fewer letters than “Μάλιστα”.


Reference: http://tinyurl.com/kylttox

European Union Members Fight Bribes And Corruption Costing Them 120 Billion Euros Yearly

News Analysis: At a cost of 120 Billion Euros ($158 Billion Dollars) Yearly, The European Union (EU), is trying to come to grips with this ‘Grand Vol’. Bribes paid and General Corruption at all levels of Government and Private Business, many people think, is of even Greater Cost than that which has been estimated.

Economic Recovery in Europe cannot advance as it should with this Unaudited Flow of Funds perhaps leaving Europe and going to “Safer Environs” for the Miscreants. If one adds in Repatriated Funds being sent out of Europe to other Continents an anticipated recovery may take longer to achieve.

Even more costly is the fact, that much like in America (the Wealthiest and perhaps Most Corrupt Nation in terms of Amount of Money involved in Individual “Deals”) are the Ideas, Inventions, and Technologies that will never see the ‘Light of Day’ without Payoffs; it is Systemic throughout High Technology Industries (especially Aircraft Manufacturing). Management will never utilize a Product unless they “Own a Piece of It”! Who in America ever goes to Prison for Bribery in getting Federal or State Contracts?

One cannot put a Price Tag on the cost to Europe or in America; “Pay if you want to Play”.

Legitimate Governments, Corporations, and Citizens need to adopt the Mantra: “Take the Thievery Away, We will Not Pay”.


 Reference: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-26014387