☆ Afghanistan: The “Treasure Trove” Foreign Bankers Want To Own

News Analysis: Elections being held throughout Afghanistan will create new Leadership in this spectacularly Natural Resource Rich Country. In fact, many International Businessmen declare it as ” Afghanistan: The “Treasure Trove” Foreign Bankers Want To Own”.

Perhaps the Super Power with the greatest desire for control of the country has been America, many people think. The current White House Regime however has not gotten along with the Leader(s) of Afghanistan. Since the current President of the United States inherited America’s Military Control interest in Afghanistan from his predecessor, relationships between the two Countries have been much more disparate. The U.S. President was an ‘International Relations Amateur With Naïve Advisers’ dealing with a “Plutocrat” who knew what Wealth he and the Afghan People have under their very feet” Global Businessmen say.

The Current approximately 516,000 Acres of Poppies growing in Afghanistan today, and protected by the U.S. Military (via the Current U.S. President’s wishes) , are a FORTY-FOLD increase in Crop Growth since 2001 International Drug Agencies declare.  Many people wonder why He does not order the Poppy Fields eradicated; a good question, for derivative Heroin is a Menace to Humanity. He instead lets crops of Poppies flourish “under his watch”. A much more interesting question is why the U.S. Mass Media mention Next to Nothing about this Heroin Production situation tolerated BY THEIR PRESIDENT. One can only guess as to how many “Journalists” and Others are being Purchased For Their Silence (and Cooperation).

As financially rewarding as this whole Poppy/Heroin Miasm is, it is “Small Potatoes” compared to the Natural Resource Wealth of Afghanistan. To enumerate some of the assets of this Country: Barite, Chromium, Copper, Gemstones (Aquamarine, Emerald, Garnet, Kunzite, Lapis Lazuli, Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz, and Tourmaline) Gold, Iron Ore, Lead, Lithium, Marble, Natural Gas, Petroleum, and Zinc.  The Assets enumerated are in large quantities in the main.

Since we know that the only Real Winners in War are the Bankers, in Afghanistan, their Avarice will drive they and their Lackeys to do ANYTHING they can to control this Country’s Natural Resource Wealth; repeat ANYTHING.

Hopefully, the new Regime that takes over Afghanistan following the immediate elections will be of the persuasion that “Afghanistan’s Natural Resources Are For The Benefit Of The Afghan People” NOT for Foreign Bankers and their Associates.


Reference: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/04/05/how-obama-lost-afghanistan.html

★ Peru To Spend $8.1 Billion On Energy This Year

News Analysis: Peru, is a nation of 30+ Million people living in an area of 1.28+ Million Km2 (494,000+ Mi2). It  will be spending $8.1 Billion Dollars for Energy to help Manufacturing, Mining, Mineral Processing, Petrochemical Industries as well as its General Development. As it stretches from the Pacific Ocean to the Amazon Basin edge, Energy is very important for the country’s growth.

Its wise Government Officials, lead by President Ollanta Humala Tasso, understand that  Investments in Energy today bring continuous growth tomorrow in this Nation of Abundant Resources.

Peru is noted for its wide variety of Metals such as: Copper, Gold, Lead, Iron Ore, Molybdenum, Silver, Tin, and Zinc. Its other non-Agricultural/non-Fabricated Exports  are Natural Gas and Crude Petroleum. Fabricated Exports are:Alloys, Chemicals, Fabricated Metal Products, 

Machinery and Textiles. Fish, Fruits and Vegetables are also its Exports.

Exports for Peru totaled $47+ Billion Dollars in 2012. It had a 5% Industrial Growth Rate and a Gross Domestic Product of $370+ Billion Dollars in 2014 (Est.). Peru, which has 39th Largest Economy in the World is also rated as “Upper Middle Income” by the World Bank. It has one of the fastest growing economies in the World.

Any Investor who is looking for a place to “Park Capital” may want to consider Peru.  Its Trading Partners are: Canada, Chile, China, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Spain, and the United States; it Exports to the “Big Boys”. One will find Peruvians to be both Industrious and Intelligent in Business Relationships. They make good Business Associates.

As Prosperous and Active as Peru is, many people wonder why the Mass Media largely ignore it in the ‘Financial News’; We Do Not.


Reference: http://laht.com/article.asp?ArticleId=1445899&CategoryId=10718

Credit Rating Agencies will Receive Country Data from Vietnam

News Analysis: Prime Minister Dung is obviously confident that his country’s economic development, under his leadership, can pass scrutiny by the Agencies. The noteworthy financial growth of Vietnam is “Beacon of Light” to other South East Asia Mainland Countries.

Vietnam’s history has been one of overcoming foreign attacks by countries [with certain individuals therein] wanting its Vast Natural Resources. For example, even prior to American, Joseph P. Kennedy Sr.’s attempt to gain control of the country prior to World War II [and his subsequent attempts thereafter], like others before him, had similar objectives. The steadfastness of the Vietnamese people thwarted all of these ill-conceived machinations. The “Falling Dominoes To Communism” model, propagandized to U.S. Citizens for a rationale to go to war, led them to a conflict in which they were defeated. They, like their predecessors, underestimated the resilience of the Vietnamese people.

Joseph P. Kennedy’s intended ‘Vietnam Fiefdom’ never materialized [as it did not for Cuba].

Today, the Vietnamese, with Foreign Direct Investments to be made, will be able to enjoy the riches of their country.

Reference: http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/business/2013-11/01/c_132850909.htm