☆ America Is To Import No Oil By 2037; Just Deplete Its Reserves: Illogical Logic?

News Analysis: America Is To Import No Oil By 2037; Just Deplete Its Reserves: Illogical Logic? In Investments, using “Other People’s Money” and Retaining your Own, is considered Very Wise. In America, regarding Oil Production, the reverse practice of using its Own oil, and saving Other’s, is practiced; “Great Logic” one may ask?

If one observes the practices of other Nations who have oil, they might see some attempting to Diversify Out of Oil Sales for Country Revenue Gains (and Oil Reserves Retention). In America, where “Anything For A Buck” (AFAB) Mentality permeates some of its Leaders, Shale Oil is sought to be Exported rather than Retained for Future Use. “If Oil is Valuable to a Country now, it will be more Valuable and Pricier in the future when it is in Short Supply”,  Businessmen might think.

Perhaps haughty Washington, D.C. Leaders think that Hegemonic America can merely “Take” whatever Oil it needs, in the future, from other lesser-defended Countries. They may be forgetting about the Debacle (to Gain Iraq Oil, the Mass Media declared) they created for the Iraqi People by a Miserably Planned and  executed attack on the Country. To eliminate the Iraqi Leader and his two Sons (THREE PEOPLE), they Physically Destroyed Iraq (at the cost of thousands of killed and injured Americans and Iraqis). America, in this case, ended up with next to no Oil attained, but other Nations are buying Oil from Iraq now.

Other Nations understand the benefit of utilizing the “Energy Principle” of ‘Other People’s Oil’ (OPO) while they keep their for future use. ‘OPO’ for Countries, realistically makes sense and will ‘make cents’ in coming years.


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