A Strong Leader Is, As A Strong Leader Does

Russia concluded its voting as to Constitutional changes to modernize the country. The vote was overwhelmingly in favor of the alterations. In fact, 77.92% of voters agreed to make the changes. This is very impressive in that it displays ‘Democracy’ in action.

While we applaud the voters for exercising their franchises, we also have to extend our congratulation to President Putin. He achieved victory by gaining additional trust of his fellowmen and women.

For us, as International Businessmen, who have both met and dealt with leaders [both business and political] of many countries, we have only met a handful. at most who were ‘Strong Leaders’; such is Mr. Putin. We would like to cite his comments after his victory: ‘“We still have a lot of unresolved problems, this is true, people often face injustice, callousness, indifference. Many still live hard lives, while we, the country’s leadership, often think that we are doing our best,…. “But no, life shows a different picture, life shows that we often underperform, while we must act quicker, more exactly, in a more organized manner and more efficiently,”….’

Strong Leaders understand operational weaknesses and correct them. Now that President Putin, has added to his collective ‘Good Will’ by the citizens of Russia, future progress is highly likely.

Reality: A Strong Leader knows: “Leaders can fool their citizens; leaders can fool each other; however, leaders cannot fool the ‘Power’ from above.”

Reference: https://tass.com/politics/1174041

Russians Use “Tunnel-Through” Technique To Tackle Coronavirus [CV-19]

Russian Technologists have, very wisely, decided to help protect President Vladimir Putin from Corona Virus [CV-19] with a fabricated ‘machine’. To their credit, they ideated, designed, and then built , a number of “Mist Microbicide Tunnels”.

As we are manufacturers of technologies ourselves, we commend the designers. Praise should be given to those responsible for the mere simplicity of a ‘Pass Through’ design that expeditiously protects those walking in and out of the machine; Excellent!

The fact that Russian President Putin, as ‘Alpha One”, is protected by this technology, should make other world leaders consider purchasing these devices, forthwith. As the adage, “A ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” is applicable to the CV-19 pandemic. The necessity of protecting Mr. Putin, a World Leader, is imperative, as he serves Russia with all of his ability. ANYTHING that can impede his services must be dealt with immediately. There are too few, great World Leaders, today.

To Nations: Each leader must be duly protected so they can properly serve their citizens. Countries should immediately order these machines; they help minimize the damage which can be caused by CV-19 to their government’s personnel.

Reality: ‘Outstanding’ Nations Leaders are rarities; Other Nations Leaders are merely ‘leaders’.

Reference: https://www.rt.com/russia/492111-putin-residence-disinfection-tunnel/

★ President Vladimir Putin: Big Capability Brings Big Construction Of A Big Country

News Analysis: President Vladimir Putin: Big Capability Brings Big Construction Of A Big Country by his working to bring together the various Elements required to have a successfully operated Nation. The Assets Needed are: A Directionally Motivated Citizenry; Good Capital Assets; Plentiful Natural Resources; Politicians’ Integrity; and, “Stereoscopic Mental Vision” by Managers.

Mr. Putin, many International Businessmen state, is attempting to Re-Develop Russia to its former Greatness of Years Past (and do it during his lifetime).  National Leaders of other countries are increasingly observing that He has the ‘Will to Succeed’ that few others possess anywhere in the World; they respect that Asset. The task of Developing out the Russian Far East (Siberia – 5,057,938 Mi.2) is a gargantuan task that other men would be afraid to tackle; Not Mr. Putin. Another commonly known objective, of this man, is to develop out High Technology (including Large Commercial Aircraft Production).

Many people say, the West, particularly America, feels intimidated by His Desire since its Number One Export Item is Large Commercial Aircraft (Produced by One Aircraft Manufacturer); ‘The Fix Is In’ in Washington, D.C. they say.  The Politicians allowed the Aircraft Company to Monopolize Large Commercial Aircraft Production in America.  A few years ago there were three different Manufacturers of Large Commercial Craft; so much for the ideal of “Competition” in America (Politicians love to discuss to the naïve).

The Natural Resources of Siberia are apparently keeping many Conniving Foreign Bankers and Financiers awake at night; if they can steal the Resources, so much the better they think. Mr. Putin has to be ever alert of this treacherous lot of Thieves wearing Business Suits.

The Russian President is attempting to Steer a Big Ship through deep Seas to his Charted Destination: An Economically Better, More Respected, and Safer Russia.

Foreign Schemers hope his Ship enters a Fog Bank. However, his Seasoned Crew, having an Experienced Captain, will reach his Destination Safely many people say.

At their local Pubs, the Schemers can thereafter, “Cry in their Beers”; a Pathetic Lot.


Reference: http://www.bne.eu/content/who-vladimir-putin-0

☆ Investors Who Want Mineral Riches Start Off In Salekhard, Siberia

News Analysis: Russian President, Vladimir Putin, is steadfast in his desire to develop the Russian Far East (Siberia). The historical government center of it has been in Salekhard. The wide area around the City has Diamonds, Natural Gas, Oil, and Various other Minerals in abundance.

Investors who want Mineral Riches start off In Salekhard, Siberia, then proceed around the neighboring 5,057,938 square miles (13,100,000 square kilometers) of this Far East “Horn of Plenty”.

Salekhard is 2,055+ Km (1,277+ Sm) North North-East from Moscow. The City is equidistant to both Paris and Beijing; great for Customers.

Entrepreneurs as well as Investors should seriously consider Funding Projects in this “Greatest Development Program In The World” to-be. The staggering Natural Resources of Siberia guarantee Intrepid International Businessmen and Women Financial Returns not available anywhere else.

Since both President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev are strongly supporting this direction for the Country, Great Success is Overwhelmingly Probable.


Reference: http://tinyurl.com/qeccvl8

Corruption is Where One Finds It, Just Look

News Analysis: Corruption Is Where One Finds It, Just Look (as Transparency International has for 2013). Since in almost all countries the “AFAB” Acronym (Anything For A Buck) is the Operational Guide for some of their residents, Corruption is rampant. The Mores and Folkways of the Country’s Culture are of little importance compared to the Precepts of “AFAB”. “Beg, Borrow, Cheat, and Steal” become their Operational Guide.

Businessmen in Cabals with Bankers illicitly Connive (Bernie Madoff Convolution); Bankers do the same  with Bankers (LIBOR Scandal); Government Workers collaborate with Defense Contractors (Fighter Aircraft Program); Federal Government Leaders do it with other Countries Heads-of-State (Iraq War).  

The important thing to realize is that Corruption takes at least Two Parties: A Donor and A Recipient. Corruption grows in relation to the Sizes of the Economies in which it exists. For example, one can be of the opinion that the Largest Transaction Currency Amounts will take place where the biggest “Deals” are available. To wit, a $1.26 Trillion+/- Deal with Banks was Signed Off by the U.S. Government within approximately 30 days of a New Regime commencing! Many people think that the paperwork for a “Deal” that Large  would obviously  HAD TO HAVE BEEN WRITTEN BEFORE THE ELECTION OCCURRED. Conveniently there were NO Requirements that the monies be lent to businesses for the hiring of workers. The banks lent the majority of the money back to the U.S. Government and collected the interest! Bankers Collaborating with Government leaders before the Election is thought by many. Corruption? A completely “Legal” transaction (those involved would say). Much of the monies lent are noncollectable (unfortunately for  U.S. Taxpayers).

A very Valuable Anti-Corruption Tool was implemented recently by Russian President Vladimir Putin. In it, Government Employees had to declare ANY Assets they held abroad and cease and desist from keeping them (if they wanted to retain their employment in the Government). This is an Excellent Idea which is needed in America and other “Big Ticket” Countries.

Keep in mind that a Corruption PERCEPTION Index is just that. Connotation is NOT the same as Denotation; they exist one way or the other regarding “Corruption”, in the eyes of the beholders.

One Man’s “Corruption” is another Man’s “Efficient Business”. Reality.

Reference: http://cpi.transparency.org/cpi2013/results/

Aurora Airlines Debuts Siberia-Wide Travel

News Analysis:  Aurora Airlines debuts Siberia-wide travel for this remote area of Russia.The Russia Far East, with Khabarovsk and Vladivostok, being its important business cities, should see an increase in Russian as well as Foreigners travelers.  The beauty of Siberia along with the graciousness of its residents should act as a ‘Catalyst for Commerce’. Additionally, Aurora Airlines decision to increase its fleet with Safe and Reliable Airbus A319 Aircraft will give passengers Customer  Confidence.

The Challenging Environment of Siberia during the Winter, may be overcome through the use of Mega-Temp™ Insulation in its aircraft, buildings, buses, trains, and such. The Siberian-Proven Mega-Temp™ Technology should  be employed wherever Severe Weather is to be expected. This Insulation has performed extremely well in Siberian Mining Trucks for many years and can do the same for the other mentioned applications.

As more people  visit various areas of Siberia via Aurora Airlines, Foreign Investment should quickly occur. Businessmen with foresight should consider the Russian Far East as a “Honeypot” of Investment Opportunities.

The desire of President Vladimir Putin, along with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, to quickly develop Siberia means Investors will have those  very capable leaders to encourage Government Personnel to move forward. Already, Dmitry Medvedev has assumed the  lead of a “Far East Development Authority”.

Vladimir Putin’s Resoluteness is legendary internationally; A better ally, in a World Leader, it has been said,  one cannot hope to find. As development grows in Siberia, an Entrepreneur can rely on his and Dmitry Medvedev’s leaderships to ‘make things work’ towards Siberia’s future prosperity.

Reference: http://tinyurl.com/ma6zqpp

Russia Produces More Oil Than Anyone Else

News Analysis:  As the world economy improves, the need for oil will increase. The gargantuan deposits of oil in Russia will help attenuate the increased need by increasing supply. Since its people are looking into the Russian Far East for supplies, years of production will be forthcoming.

The very insightful and intrepid leader of Russia, Vladimir Putin, knows what a Mineral and Timber “Horn of Plenty” Russia has in Siberia [beyond oil]. He will lead his people to deliver those resources to markets around the world for good Macro-Business. As a leader , HE DOES NOT VACILLATE, as  weak leaders do. The scope of the Siberian/Far East Project is gargantuan. Only a person of his ability and drive can “Deliver the Goods” to benefit Russia specifically and the World in general.

Reference: http://rt.com/business/russia-oil-output-record-129/