☆ Cuba Takes First Steps Towards A Beneficial Economic Journey

News Analysis: Raul and Fidel Castro have promoted liberalizing Foreign Investment Laws so that Cuba Takes First Steps Towards A Beneficial Economic Journey. Economic Realities of the Times necessitate that Cuba increases Trade. Foreign Investment precedes Great Commerce; especially if adequate Capitalization is in short supply by the Sellers.

Hopefully, those American Politicians (who have for Decades acted as the Minions of Criminal Cartels in the United States, which the Castro Brothers evicted), will see the futility of retaining the Cuba Embargo. The Ancient Diplomatic Relic Cover (for Cuba’s Punishment for Illicit Activities being Stopped and the chasing of  Miscreants, who fled 90 Miles North from Cuba), has not benefited the American People.  Many American Citizens think the linkage of Politicians, who still support the Embargo, is due to their Puppet Masters, Organized Crime, continuing to make them Dance by Pulling their Strings. They do the same thing for Cubans living in Southern Florida (decry Castro); a group Organized Crime did NOTHING for when it was ensconced for years in Havana with its partner Sgt. Fulgencio Batista.

Many Foreign entities will increasingly invest in Cuba; especially with “Modern Investment Laws”. The Cuban Government is to be commended for “Seeing the Handwriting on the Wall” and adapting accordingly; albeit at a slower pace than many would prefer. One can understand those Scars which the hostile past created by Foreign Governments against the Castro Family, in particular, have created.

One way to protect one’s Country Assets are with Trusted Foreign Friends who have the POWER to intimidate Greedy Myopic Fools of other locales; those with Nefarious Agendas will soon run away like the Cockroaches they are.


Reference: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-26807489