Mother Nature’s “Lightning”: A Clear And Present Danger

A Texas rancher, unfortunately, found some of his livestock, which has been standing near a fence, dead from a lightning strike. Each year, world-wide it is estimated that domestic, as well as feral animals, are killed in the hundreds of thousands by lightning strikes. The cost to the owners of the herds is prodigious. The reality of the matter is not much has been done to protect livestock in such weather. If one ‘thinks outside the box’ there is no reason insulated transportable small ‘barns’ could not be designed and inexpensively manufactured for herd shelters.

In the areas, such as Arkhangai Province near Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, herders lose thousands of their animals yearly due to horrendous lightning storms, snow and wind. In -30C [-22F] temperatures; this loss can be reduced significantly with the aforementioned portable insulated ‘small barns’. Losses from electrical storms, in particular, could be prevented. As for humans, we are better off.

The capacity to kill, from lightning’s electrical energy, is well-known by all. In fact, it kills on average, approximately 6 people per million, per year, world wide. If one presumes there exists approximately 7.8 billion people on Earth, one sees that 46,850+/- people perish yearly from strikes. In agricultural areas around the world, for humans, the death toll is higher, due to lack of effective shelters, than of residents in cities. In urban areas one is safer due to effective housing. Since lightning injuries exceed deaths, by ten times, human suffering is quite vast. Numerically, lightning strikes to humans,and animals, as well damage such as forest fire started from the strikes, are as destructive as many ‘Influenza Pandemics’. As to ‘Flora’ damage, there is no contest.

Having engaged in hard rock mining, many of us are quite familiar with lightning storms causing ignition of blasting caps for dynamite charges. [We are also aware of firearms shots detonating sticks of dynamite; This we have witnessed]. For miners, several thousand feet underground, lightning can kill; as historical evidence in Africa has shown. It behooves executives of mining companies to secure the best of insulation for their miners in remote locales, world-wide.

It is imperative for effectively-insulated building designs to be employed, as the, in-fashion phrase, ‘Climate Change’ [no longer, “Global Warming”] evidences climatic deviance in weather patterns. This evolution in climate may produce more electrical storms in greater varied locations, and of stronger electrical intensities. At present, it appears that Japan is the leader in building fabrications with the fewest lightning strike victims in the world; a fact of which the country’s leaders should be proud.

Reality: For all living creatures and humanity, respect for ‘Mother Nature’ with her powers is essential. Those unaware, or in denial, can pay the price for this lack of acknowledgement.


☆ Three Dimensional Mapping Of Antarctic Sea Ice Thickness Suggests “Global Warming” May Need To Be Changed To Mere “Climate Change”

News Analysis: A recent series of “Ice Field” Investigations (rather than the typical Climate Scientists’ Laboratory Computer Modeling) evidenced Antarctic Ice varying from 1.4 meters (4.5 feet) to 5.5 meters (18 feet). An ‘astounding’ maximum thickness recorded of 17 meters (55.7 Feet) was registered! It seems logical that Three Dimensional Mapping of Antarctic Sea Ice Thickness suggests “Global Warming” may need to be changed to mere “Climate Change”.

If one calculates the enormous area of Antarctica and conjoins it with the evidenced thicknesses aforementioned, a conclusion that perhaps “World Thermal Chaos Due To Man’s Industries” is disingenuous at best.

The interesting element is that with all of the Technologies and Monies available, and being ‘thrown’ at “Global Warming”, it appear that the Politicians and Scientific Community, have been ‘asleep at the wheel’ in not “Quantifying Antarctic Ice Amounts” THROUGH ACTUAL IN-SEA MEASUREMENTS. Obviously, Nuclear Underwater Navies have a good amount of data regarding this subject. Has the Scientific Community approached the Militaries with Formal Requests for such data? Perhaps not. Some people even suggest that such data retained by governments might defuse the “Herds Wild Rush” towards “Global Warming”; a ‘Environmental Pandemic’ which they support whole heartily.

Furthermore, the basic technology of Sonar Scanning the ice above the “Robots” is not super-exotic; certainly not “Black Program” rated. Yet, the Antarctic Ice Measurements have just recently occurred; what a pity!

It is amazing to realize how quickly ‘Program Software Assumptions’ by “Computer SCIENTISTS” (in warm laboratories) can be technically refuted with the use of a two-meter three-dimensional measuring robot in its “Real World” (Undersea in the Antarctic).

It will be interesting to hear what Politicians say about the vast area of Antarctic Ice and its MEASURED thickness as it relates to their Mass Media Endorsed “Global Warming” Scenario.

Such information released to the Public might ruin the Politicians’ whole day.



Does A Current Record Of The Large Amount Of Antarctic Ice Bode Well For “Global Warming”?

News Analysis: The current quantitatively measured amount of ice in Antarctica has set a record for the vast area of coverage: 20.14 Million Square Kilometers (7.78 Million Square Miles); this is a record breaker going back to 1979. Does a current existence of the large amount of Antarctic Ice bode well for “Global Warming”? Perhaps not, many scientists say. In fact, Computer Modeling, an ‘Inexact Science’ at best, displays its inherent GROSS inefficiency as it relates to these current measurements of ice.

If one ponders the enormity of over 20 Million Square Kilometers of Ice, it may lead the person to reflect on the “Global Warming” Syllogism. At least one part of it appears quite disingenuous in view of ice’s scalar proportions.

The fact that Scientists have no ‘High Probability’ answer to the on-going chill to the south of the planet might make some of those with a vested interest in finding the truth to “dump’  “Global Warming” (with its connotative value). They can replace it with “Climate Change” a more denotative and accurate representation of measurable activities, of natural processes,  here on ‘Gaia’.



☆ Has Mother Nature “Stepped On The Brakes”, For 18 Years, As To Global Warming?

News Analysis: The Latest Accumulated Scientific Actual Measurements indicate that in October, the Earth will have met its eighteenth year without Instrumented Evidence of Global Warming!

It appears that the “Experts'” many Computer Models, that predicted ‘Catastrophic Temperature Rises’, evidence the well-known Principle of ‘Garbage In, Garbage Out’ [“GIGO”]. The models missed the mark by a ‘long shot’. However, they did induce many Politicians to demand funding for control of ‘Global Warming’ [to the benefit of Business Allies, Charlatans, and the Mass Media (of Journalism Majors)].

Through the many centuries of Man’s Explorations of this Glorious Planet, the “Money Seekers” are nearby, like Hyenas near Carrion. In this case, a former World Political Leader optimized his employment by engaging in the Clarion Call to ‘Save the Planet From Global Warming’. From this effort, many people made much money [as he may have].

Rather than EVERYONE waiting for ACTUAL SCIENTIFIC MEASUREMENTS to be taken and scrutinized, Computer Modeling was used to stir up the thundering herd of Wildebeests.

The Mass Media, wanting for a subject to write about, jumped in with ‘both feet’ and created their ‘Holographic Reality’ of “Global Warming leading to the destruction of Mankind”. Even those in the Mass Media may have earned salary increases from gained readership of this ‘Pending Catastrophe’ [which never occurred]. That ‘Climate Change’ could be a mere ‘Natural Process’ was of NO interest to them. Today, both the North and South Poles have gained increased ice expanses and depths. The “El Nino” Phenomena is largely effete.

Solar flares are much more of a potential problem than “Man’s Greenhouse Gases” ruining the atmosphere. In fact, Natural Processes on Earth contribute more to “Greenhouse Gases” than that created by industry.

Next, the Charlatans can “Computer Model” systems for control of Solar Flares and sell them to a very gullible public [inspired by news releases by the Mass Media]?

The Principle of A.F.A.B. [Anything For A Buck] is alive and well in Corporations, Governments, and certainly Universities [with their Professors seeking grants from the naïve].

The “Aroma of Money Making” is as alluring to some Professors and Scientists as the nasal enjoyment derived from walking into a Bakery making its delights.



☆ Global Warming?: America’s Lake Michigan Is Covered With A Record Amount Of Ice

News Analysis: A Record 90% of Lake Michigan is covered in Ice. In Mid-February, ALL the Great Lakes were covered in Ice. One might ask: “If Politicians keep bantering about Global Warming, as they certainly do, does it not take substantially colder temperatures to Cause 90% Ice Coverage (a Record); this  over ALL of the Great Lakes?”

Perhaps an “Oxymoron” would be the best delineation for ‘Global Warming’s Record Icing’.

Many Scientists think the Natural “Ebb and Flow” of the Earth’s Temperatures, which have proven to Historically have happened (evidenced through Biologic and Geologic Examinations) should merely be referred to as “Climate Change”. 

The Connotative Suggestion in “Global Warming” is both Conclusive And Directional. The Denotative Value of “Climate Change” is Objectively Descriptive.

As important as the Earth’s Temperature is, Emotionalized Pronouncements by Politicians and their Mass Media Minions does NO Good Service to this Subject. “Phony Causality” Benefits NO Thinking Individual. 



☆ Scents From Pine Forests Create Micro-Climates

News Analysis: Perhaps since it has been demonstrated that Scents From Pine Forests Create Micro-Climates, Concerned Billionaires of the World will financially back Environmentalists in planting Pine Forests everywhere possible. This because the Scent Chemicals of Pine Forests rise above the trees and bind with other Molecules and become a “Solar Energy Shield” reflecting the Sun’s Rays outward into the skies; thereby cooling the areas.

For many decades we have stressed the need for the world to Re-Forest itself as an effective way to influence Climate Change. Unfortunately, this Methodology is not “Sexy” nor “Thought To Be” High Technology (HT). This Mind Set being as viewed by many Journalism Majors who now write for the Mass Media. However, Recent Research can dispel the notion that Re-Forestation is not ‘HT’.  Micro-Climates being created by ‘Mother Nature’ are as Sophisticated and Evolved in the “Flora World” as any in the “Fauna World”.

Man in his Arrogance needs to Think Objectively, if he can, about the “Other Half of the Planet” of which he is not a Member: Flora,  for it is also Scientifically Stimulating as to its Evolved ‘Technical Abilities’.



Austrian Avalanche Advisories From Record Snowfalls Do A ‘Marketing Disservice’ To “Global Warming” Advocacy

News Analysis: It appears to many Weather Observers that “Cold” Moist Air (creating Record Snowfall in Austria to the point of Avalanche Advisories being issued) is inconsistent with “Global Warming”. Perhaps the Politicians who decry Manufacturing Emissions (as he sole cause of “Greenhouse Gases”) will take upon themselves to explain ‘Record Snowfalls Occurring’. Might even “Global Warming Advocates” reconcile: “Snowing Prodigiously, Yet Warming Globally”?

It may be the case that “Climate Change” occurs over Extended Periods of Time as a “Natural Ebb and Flow of World Temperatures”.


Cold Siberian Winters Demonstrate Gross Failure Of Cosmetic Insulations in Structures

News Analysis: Insulations invented using ‘Entrapped Air” as the Insulator, used in 1930’s Style Products Grossly Fail in extremes of Cold or Heat. Outside temperatures of -48C (-54.4F) with an Inside Residence Temperature of 10C (50F) is not safe for human habitation (especially for Children, the Elderly, or People ill). If one presumes that the walls, roof, and floor of the structures provided the overwhelming bulk of protection against the cold, what are the existing insulations doing to protect the inhabitants? The interior temperature written about is only 10C (50F)!

Residences, Commercial and Industrial Buildings in “Cryo-temperatures” any where in the World need the “Cocoon of Protection™” afforded by “Mega-Temp™” Insulation.

A country’s Natural Gas Usage for heating structures would be needed Less in buildings Shielded with “Mega-Temp Insulation™”. Natural Gas not used for such purposes could be exported to other countries.

Countries can expect ‘Climate Change’ to bring about both Colder Winters and Hotter Summers. for Decades, many Climate Scientists agree. “Mega-Temp™” Insulation, the ‘Active Molecular Insulation™” is the latest Technology Invented for Extremes in Temperature endured by Citizens of the World; ‘Tomorrow’s Insulation, Available Today’.



★ California, World’s Sixth Largest Economy, Has Its Drought Emergency Worsening

News Analysis: California’s Drought, the worst in its 153 year History, brings about a dilemma for Farmers. They use  34 Million Acre Feet of Water out of an available total of 43 Million Acre Feet

(An ‘Acre Foot’ is 325,853 U.S. Gallons); Water that is diverted from groundwater, lakes, and rivers. The outlook for measurable rain throughout the State looks very grim for at least the next 90 days per U.S. Government Weather Officials.

The Plethora of Fruits and Vegetables produced in the State is legendary. The three elements of: Abundant Water, Rich Soil, and, many days of Sunshine were California’s ‘Natural Inheritance’. Now, the ‘Game’ has Changed.

Water Conservation, Politicians love to discuss, is only a ‘Bandage’ Repair to a problem. However, this approach can be enhanced by: Ceasing additional acreage for farming throughout the State; Altering the crop mix from high water consumption Fruits and Vegetables to low usage crops; Botanically modifying both Fruit Trees and Grape Vines to use less water; Removal of  Palm Trees; for they consume up to 1,000 liters (264 gallons) of water a day and do not provide shade. 

An additional observation regarding Water Conservation is the America’s Largess in recently increasing allocations of Colorado River Water to Mexico; this was obviously fashionable but short-sighted. One might think the approximately $25+/- Billion Dollars YEARLY  being repatriated to Mexico from America would allow Mexico to build many Desalinization Plants in their beautiful country with TWO Oceans.

The greater need for California is for an Increase in Fresh Water Supply. This can be accomplished by building Desalinization Plants up and down the coast of the Pacific Ocean. If the fresh water is pumped into local aquifers near each facility, then  neighboring regions could draw off the HISTORICAL ALLOCATION of their neighbor (which would be using the ‘New Desalinated Water’). Like ‘Falling Dominoes’ this step-by-step approach would eventually reach the San Joaquin Valley where most farms of the Northern Half of the State are located.

To those who loathe the idea of Desalinization Plants along the California Coast, one can only say: “Necessity Overpowers Fashion-ability”. 

To Investors, one can envision the “Lowered Supply/Steady Demand” Implications of the Drought on Agricultural and Animal Products of all kinds. Prices will increase and Wise Persons with Forethought will explore areas of the world presently growing crops America can use. Additionally, Livestock being raised overseas could be shipped to the United States. 

For the longer term, Entrepreneurs may seek land, in Non-Drought Regions where they could plant crops or Contract with existing Farmers in other geographic areas to supply Produce for America.

Climate Change is an on-going Natural  Process which provides many Opportunities for those Individuals who both can ‘Connect the Dots’ and realize: “The Glass Is Always Half-Full”.



Drivers Should Never “Be In A Fog” When Driving Automobiles In A Fog

News Analysis: Coastal areas, throughout the World, like Abu Dhabi,  may be subject to increasing levels of fog due to Climate Change, many Weather Experts theorize. If so, it behooves ALL DRIVERS of automobiles to use extra caution and to wisely drive at speeds  less than their restricted visibility allows. The unfortunate fact is that globally, “Fog Accidents” usually consist of many vehicles being involved (not just Two).  

Beyond the requirement of driving slower in the Fog, is also the need for Extreme Attentiveness. All of one’s senses have to be focused on the immediate surroundings of the vehicle.  Automobile side windows should be opened a little so Exterior Sounds of approaching vehicles or motorcycles can be heard. Audio should be turned off (for the same reason). Interior dashboard lights should be dimmed for better outside visibility as well.  Most of all, the Driver and any passengers should remain alert so they are not “In A Fog” when driving in the Fog.

A Tortoise can Safely reach its Destination in the Fog; a Hare might Not.