World Electronic Communications, Ranked By Nation, Demonstrates: Where Lies The Gain, And Where Is The Pain

Over the many years we, as a large group of International Businessmen, have been amused and at times perplexed by attitudes of Businessmen, Political Leaders and the Public; this as to the “Electronic Communications Internet”. Because, where our interests are engaged in daily is so widespread, covering 147,000,000 square kilometers (57,000,000 square miles) from behemoth Russia at 17 million+ square kilometers (6,600,000+ square miles) to the Chile’s Hornos Island at 25.1 square kilometers (9.7 square miles), we need to communicate speedily.

A recently published work covering 110 Countries is : “2021 Digital Quality of Life Index” by ‘SURFSHARK’, is outstanding, we think, as to: Clarity of presentation; Insight of Review; Number of Nations examined; and Scope of Elements. The ‘SURFSHARK’ Company is to be commended for its Essential Work.

Although we either engage in, or closely follow the business activities, potentialities, and political realities of more than 110 countries, that are listed, we can utilize the report’s information with enthusiasm. Information is the key to success; let it come from any source, let it be assessed in tests. Sometimes, thinking ‘Outside the box’ gives one clarity in determining the validity of the data proffered. Only the ‘Man Upstairs’ knows the Truth, we Humans must ‘dig’ to determine what the ‘Truth’ is.

We congratulate: Denmark; South Korea; Finland; Israel; U.S.; Singapore; France; Switzerland; Germany; and United Kingdom for jobs well done in Internet Communications.

It is our hope that Business and Political leaders in all of the other countries activate resources to upgrade their Internet Systems for the benefit of their customers and/or citizens. Simply put: “Increases in communication can provide increases in commerce; Increases in commerce can provide increases in tax collections, so countries can operate.”

As one example of which we write: ‘Electronic Remittances’ to Nations by their employed citizens living elsewhere, was approximately $15 billion in 2020 and in five years going forward should reach $35 billion. The 200 million foreign workers certainly need to know their monies are ending up with their desired recipients. Improving the quality of the Internet in the 110 countries listed in the aforementioned report, can facilitate monetary communications and proper transfers. Monetary flow of remittances can help countries’ Treasuries grow with tax in-flows.

Electronic Infrastructure improvement benefits Businessmen, Citizens, and Governments, in many ways. Knowing what happened, what is happening, and what may happen, can provide the knowledge holder with the keys to success. Knowing the aforementioned quickly, is the ‘Frosting on the Cake’.

Reality: A ‘speedy’ reliable Internet is to the ‘Smoke Signals’ of long ago, as the versatile Hummingbird is to the Pigeon; while each performs, one does it with verve.