Confidence Games: If Two And Two Add Up To Five, Investors Are In Trouble

News Analysis: An Istanbul, Turkey, Currency Trader, of apparent British origins, is suspected of bilking his clients for more than 130 Million Pounds ($200 Million Dollars). Using various charades, he communicated to his unfortunate investors that he was not able to pay them back  their monies. Now, this apparent  British “Bernie Madoff” style Trader made off with investors’ funds. They should have realized, in  Confidence Games: If two and two add up to five, Investors are in trouble.

We think that in 2015, many more Financial Deviances will be sprouting up like weeds on Wall Street. Accountants, Arbitrageurs, Bankers, Brokers, Fund Operators, (AABBFOs) etc. will be ‘hard-pressed’ in the forthcoming economy, which we foresee. Flimsy investment advice by self-interested “Professionals” will not be able to cope with then-present economic realities. Investors will lose billions of Euros in such investments; this, both due to fraud but also ineptness of judgement.

As always, we suggest: “Trust, But Verify”.

If you want Business and/or Investment Advice, seek out those Seasoned Professionals who put their Clients First, and they, Second. Beware of those “AABBFO” ‘Professionals’ who have the mentalities of Trollops. They will not give you a ‘Treat’ but a ‘Trick’.



☆ A Business Or Political Leader Who Does Not Lead, Is Not A Leader, But Litter.

News Analysis: In today’s very fast moving world, it behooves everyone concerned to review their leaders, business or otherwise. A Business Or Political Leader who does not lead, is not a Leader, but Litter for his or her subordinates. The: Prestige of the position; the Income derived therefrom; the Expense of maintaining the effete individual, all make it necessary for those who “Pay the Tab” to demand effective Leadership.

All too often today, Journalism Majors,  have little critical experience analyzing Business or Political Leaders of which they write. Yet, they often times pen glowing passages about Political Pals or young Nabobs they adulate. Where is the Critical Analysis? Where is the “Trust But Verify”?  What parameters do they use to judge?

Today, as in the past, a Leader is one who has: Ability to make decisions forthwith, High “Emotional Pain” Tolerance; Prescience of Mind; Tenacity, and a Truth Vindication Perception. He or she KNOWS that LONG TERM the Fateful Decisions made must benefit all of his or her subordinates.

History will correctly judge ALL Leaders both Business and Political.

Narcissists will end up with foggy mirrors.



High Integrity is Required of Bankers; Guile is Not

News Analysis:  High Integrity Is Required Of Bankers; Guile is not, nor is Financial Self-Interest. Unfortunately, in many countries Bankers appear to forget that the Monies they Place with Others belong to Bank Depositors, NOT Themselves. As they seek out “Higher Financial Returns” they often by-pass Legalities in their Countries’ Banking Laws; the Personal Economic Gain becomes an Opiate for them.

As with ALL Financial Transactions the Public needs to learn the Wisdom of the simple Axiom: “Trust, But Verify”.  A Banker is NOT Someone who is Innately Born with Honesty, High  Integrity, and Wisdom. But ALL Bankers are in Money Environments to which their Weaker Brethren may succumb to Financial Temptations (at an Expense to Bank Depositors); even in Austria. Reality.