Chinese Corporation Buys World’s Largest Copper Mine In Peru

News Analysis: Averaging an estimated 90,000 Tons of Copper Concentrate a year, a mine located at south Peru’s Apurimac region, the Las Bambas Project, will help support China’s Cuprous (Cu) needs.

This $5.5 Billion Dollar Acquisition needs pertinent approvals by all relevant parties.

A ‘Cu’ Mine sale of this size will benefit the acquirer for many years. One might expect the value of this property to increase mightily in future years.



Possible Chilean Exit From Bolivian Pact Displays Frustration Not Wisdom

News Analysis: The Out-Going Government of Chile is upset with the International Court of Justice (ICJ) Ruling on its border with Peru. It now faces another ‘ICJ’ Ruling on its border with Bolivia.

Leaders of Countries need to understand that Cooperation outperforms Confrontation (which can germinate into Conflict). With Conflict it is said: “Only Bankers Win”.

If Chile desires more Foreign Investment Funds to flow into the Country, Commercial Wisdom suggests” “Harmony With Neighbors Is Mandatory”. NO INVESTORS are going to risk their Monies to an Unstable Economic Environment. Neither will they, if possible Confrontation with Neighbors ‘is just around the corner’.



Peru and Chile: Two Countries In A Mutual Dispute Become Two Winners To Salute

News Analysis: Peru and Chile have received a Ruling from the International Court of Justice, in the Hague,  regarding Maritime Boundary between the two Countries. Of the 38,000 km2 (14,672 mi2) in question, 22,000 km2 (8,494 mi2) went to Peru and 16.000 km2 (6,177 mi2), which was closer to shore, benefited Chile.

The best aspect of this arrangement is that it will allow two friendly abutting Nations to enjoy the Maritime Wealth of these stipulated portions, without question.

Both Chile and Peru have Wise Leaders who realize that Cooperation Outperforms Conflict Every Time.

Investors should consider putting some monies into these Two Countries for attainment of Long Term Financial Diversification. Both Countries offer many Business Opportunities to those with Foresight.



★ Peru To Spend $8.1 Billion On Energy This Year

News Analysis: Peru, is a nation of 30+ Million people living in an area of 1.28+ Million Km2 (494,000+ Mi2). It  will be spending $8.1 Billion Dollars for Energy to help Manufacturing, Mining, Mineral Processing, Petrochemical Industries as well as its General Development. As it stretches from the Pacific Ocean to the Amazon Basin edge, Energy is very important for the country’s growth.

Its wise Government Officials, lead by President Ollanta Humala Tasso, understand that  Investments in Energy today bring continuous growth tomorrow in this Nation of Abundant Resources.

Peru is noted for its wide variety of Metals such as: Copper, Gold, Lead, Iron Ore, Molybdenum, Silver, Tin, and Zinc. Its other non-Agricultural/non-Fabricated Exports  are Natural Gas and Crude Petroleum. Fabricated Exports are:Alloys, Chemicals, Fabricated Metal Products, 

Machinery and Textiles. Fish, Fruits and Vegetables are also its Exports.

Exports for Peru totaled $47+ Billion Dollars in 2012. It had a 5% Industrial Growth Rate and a Gross Domestic Product of $370+ Billion Dollars in 2014 (Est.). Peru, which has 39th Largest Economy in the World is also rated as “Upper Middle Income” by the World Bank. It has one of the fastest growing economies in the World.

Any Investor who is looking for a place to “Park Capital” may want to consider Peru.  Its Trading Partners are: Canada, Chile, China, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Spain, and the United States; it Exports to the “Big Boys”. One will find Peruvians to be both Industrious and Intelligent in Business Relationships. They make good Business Associates.

As Prosperous and Active as Peru is, many people wonder why the Mass Media largely ignore it in the ‘Financial News’; We Do Not.



Peruvian “Pisco” Prominence Predominates: European Union Declares

News Analysis: Peruvian “Pisco” has been designated as the originator of the Grape Alcohol. Chile had contested Peru’s claim to creation, but lost. The increasing popularity of this drink with its “Bird” name is increasing.

Pisco is made by distilling Grape Juice in Copper Pot Stills. It is then aged in barrels and later bottled. Customer internationally range from France, America, Argentine, Russia, Colombia, United, Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Poland, and others.

The ‘interesting’ Drink is helping Peru and Chile [another Pisco Producer] earn additional foreign revenues.  As the popularity of Pisco increases around the Globe [especially in China], both countries will earn handsomely. Entrepreneurs should consider investing in companies in the two producing countries which create Pisco.