☆ American “Frackers”: Bankers, Brokers, And Investors Can Feel “Seismic” Tremors In The Oil Bubble

News Analysis: The much vaunted “American Oil Fracking Technology” which the Mass Media loves to extol, is now being confronted with World Oil Over-Supply Realities. For American Frackers: Bankers, Brokers, and Investors can feel “seismic” tremors in the Oil Bubble.

Middle East Oil Producers (MEOPs), to their credit, did not cut oil production (as the “Masters of the Universe” for Oil, had forecasted). Instead, they are letting the “Law of Supply and Demand” burn out the vestiges of ‘Oil Frackers and Fracking’ around the globe. Since the “Lifted” costs from traditional oil production methodologies are considerably less, these ‘MEOPs’ can merely continue doing what they have done for decades; This, while the “American Technology Frackers” ‘Bite the Dust’ one by one in seriatim fashion.

Some International Businessmen are in amazement that Bankers, Brokers, and Small Investors were so naively sure about the anticipated behavior of ‘MEOPs’, that they had placed over an estimated $200 Billion Dollars with the ‘Frackers’; now they will feel the Oil Bubble Tremors (before it bursts). So much for the cost of arrogance.

We, at JSPP, had predicted the Reality of Oil Bubble Bursting long ago (even before the Mass Media jumped on the Pro-Fracking Bandwagon). Why? Because the “Law of Supply and Demand” in Commerce, is Inviolate!

Traditional Oil Suppliers typically have lower ‘Lifted Costs’ than ‘Frackers’; this, along with a ready supply of oil that they can send to market at a reduced price. The ‘MEOPs’ logic (with their ‘Deep Financial Pockets’): “These lower prices may be somewhat uncomfortable for our economies, but it is NOT FATAL to our operations”; as is the case for many ‘Frackers’. As the ‘MEOPs’ provide more and more oil, there will be logarithmic damage to the ‘Frackers’.

As the estimated $200 Billion Dollars in loans to ‘Frackers’ becomes due, and is not paid, the tremors felt in the American Oil Business will migrate throughout the economy. Since the price of Oil could go as low as $22 to $28 Dollars a barrel, one thing is for certain, many people filling up their cars with gasoline, at American Gas Stations, will have smiles on their faces.

As for the Bankers, Brokers, and Investors, who ‘bit’, was not it reported that ‘Fracking Can Cause Seisms’?


Reference: http://rt.com/business/220619-shale-debt-us-companies/

☆ Investors Who Want Mineral Riches Start Off In Salekhard, Siberia

News Analysis: Russian President, Vladimir Putin, is steadfast in his desire to develop the Russian Far East (Siberia). The historical government center of it has been in Salekhard. The wide area around the City has Diamonds, Natural Gas, Oil, and Various other Minerals in abundance.

Investors who want Mineral Riches start off In Salekhard, Siberia, then proceed around the neighboring 5,057,938 square miles (13,100,000 square kilometers) of this Far East “Horn of Plenty”.

Salekhard is 2,055+ Km (1,277+ Sm) North North-East from Moscow. The City is equidistant to both Paris and Beijing; great for Customers.

Entrepreneurs as well as Investors should seriously consider Funding Projects in this “Greatest Development Program In The World” to-be. The staggering Natural Resources of Siberia guarantee Intrepid International Businessmen and Women Financial Returns not available anywhere else.

Since both President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev are strongly supporting this direction for the Country, Great Success is Overwhelmingly Probable.


Reference: http://tinyurl.com/qeccvl8

☆ Mozambique Minerals May Make Investors More Money

News Analysis: Mozambique, sitting in the Southeast Corner of Africa, has Abundant Mineral Resources such as: Aluminum (Bauxite); Coal; Gemstones (Aquamarine, Morganite, and Tourmaline); Gold; Iron Ore; Niobium; Tantalite; and, Titanite. Smart Investors are beginning to discover the Methodology of entering this Market and Profiting. Find out what should be done to earn Substantial Wealth in Mozambique.

Reference: http://www.namibian.com.na/indexx.php?id=7404&page_type=story_detail

The Government of Mozambique, in Maputo,  wants to have its citizens benefit from the country’s Great Mineral Wealth; as they should. But rather than Nationalize all mining Businesses as some other countries have done, it is  Wiser.  It understands that Investors need to make a profit in conjunction with the level of risk they will be undertaking. The Inflow of Capital is essential for the country’s growth.

The old adage: “Money is Worth only 40%”, as applied in the Motion Picture Industry, largely applies to entering a country to extract its Natural Resources. Smart businessmen will know that Infrastructure Development benefits the population while it can benefit the business at hand. They have an understanding that the Health of their workers must be good; they provide Medical Personnel to handle this issue. Wise businessmen KNOW that ‘Good Interpersonal Relations With The Community Means Long Term Growth And Profitability” for businesses.

In having Harmonious Relations with all, Strikes will not occur, Productivity will be high, the Labor Pool will be great and,  the Project will bring Wealth to Investors.

All Humans have an “Unwritten Sign” ‘hanging from a chain around their necks’.  It says: “Make Me Feel Important”. Those who implement this ‘Fact’ in dealing with All Others are called: “Winners”.


Russian Far East (RFE) Development Is A National Priority

News Analysis: Russian Far East (RFE) Development Is A National Priority Stated President Vladimir Putin. To help facilitate investments in the area, many Tax and other Incentives will be offered.  The ‘RFE’ is a 5.75+ Million Square Miles “Horn of Plenty” in terms of Mineral and Timber Assets.

Manufacturers may want to think about setting up Production Facilities in the ‘RFE’ since they would be close to the sources of their Raw Materials as well as a very large customer base in Asia.

Additionally, a large Educated and Intelligent Labor Pool is available for Manufacturing (as it is for  Research and Development activities). Multi-Lingual Russians make communications easy for Foreign Investors.

Intelligent Investors should seriously consider undertaking “financial activities” in the ‘RFE’ since the Russian Government is ‘Extending its Hand’ to Entrepreneurs with Vision.  A Resolute Leader, as is Mr. Putin, will assure success to those do.

The ‘RFE’ will be a Winning Situation for Investors, Manufacturers, and Russians. Reality.

Reference: http://en.ria.ru/russia/20131212/185496942/Development-of-Far-East-Siberia-National-Priority–Putin.html

Caspian Sea Ship Transportation Flourishes

News Analysis: Caspian Sea Ship Transportation Flourishes in this Inland Body of water; the World’s Largest. Its size of 370,000+ km2 (143,000+ mi2) makes it ideal for Freight Transportation by Ship. Its dimensions are impressive: A length of 1,030+ km (640 mi) with a width of 435+km ( 270 mi). As such, with a dearth of suitable ‘High Speed’ Roadways going around the Sea, the shortest route is Point-to-Point across it. Last year, 10 million tons of Freight traversed the Sea.

Due to the increase in Petroleum Exploration in the area, the Caspian Sea should have ever-increasing traffic. This additional commerce bodes well for Ship Construction and Shipping Line Profits in coming years.

Entrepreneurs may want to explore the possibility of investing in the Caspian Sea Region for Freight and/or “Fast Passenger” Transportation. Due to the fact that the Nations abutting the Caspian Sea want it developed, Investors should be welcomed.

Reference: http://www.azernews.az/business/62303.html

Fiji International Airport Modernizes for Country’s Economic Growth

News Analysis:  Fiji International Airport modernizes for the country’s economic growth. Its Government Leaders understand “Continental Connections Create Currencies Collection”.

Through investment in such Infrastructure as this Nadi Project, many people will gain financial success. Fiji’s Important Location will help it gain more International Commerce.

Foreign Investors can gain an edge on ‘Late-Comers’ by exploring NOW, ‘Peripheral Business’ to the Nadi Airport. Projects such as Luxury Hotel Construction, Island Sightseeing Flights, or even Aircraft Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul Facilities would be worthwhile in Fiji. As new visitors materialize in Fiji, additional monies can be earned through wise investments there.

Reference: http://www.fijisun.com.fj/2013/11/16/what-the-nadi-airport-modernisation-will-mean/

Global Warming Impacts Russia

News Analysis: Global Warming impacts Russia in various ways. Consider the Positive: The Russians adaptation to this change may provide them with Financial Opportunities Galore in this “Land of Plenty”. To wit: Shrinking Ice Levels in the Arctic Ocean allow for a greater number of Vessels and Faster Ship Travel from Europe to Asia and vice versa; Warmer waters should bring additional species of fish into the area for harvesting; Surface Mining, for smaller operations in particular, may be enhanced by the lack of ice in many areas; New methods in Agronomy might allow for Short Season Farming where Perma-frost is abating; Investors might also consider investing in “River Craft” Boat Yards. Siberian Transportation by this method will become more advantageous; due to both lack of ice in certain areas as well as higher water levels thereon.

Investors, who might consider Siberian Opportunities must take a point of view that: “The Drinking Glass is ‘Half-Full’; rather than ‘Half-Empty'”. That Concept, in conjunction with “Thinking Outside The Box”, Due Diligence, Adequate Capitalization, and Tenacity will lead them to Financial Success in Russia. The World Belongs to the Aggressive.

Reference: http://barentsobserver.com/en/nature/2013/11/russia-most-affected-global-warming-12-11

Seafloor Mining in Papua New Guinea Area is a Metals “Horn of Plenty”

News Analysis:  Seafloor Mining in Papua New Guinea Area is  rich in Copper, Gold, Silver, and Zinc Deposits. Since existing Robotic Mining Equipment is available, extraction of Seabed Deposits should be easily attainable. Once extracted, and sent to a recovery ship, the metals can then be sent to China for Smelting.

The extraction of Metallic Nodules in the oceans of the world is quite pervasive. Even so, locating rich deposits in shallower waters is economically most favored by Investors.

Reference: http://www.onepng.com/2013/10/seafloor-mining-robots-and-equipment.html

The Seeds of Failure are Hidden by the Dirt Covering Them

The recent failing in Brazil of a major corporation, in which Bankruptcy Protection has been requested, is an ever-present reminder of the Foibles of Man.


It seems that those who rise to the top of business hierarchies in many countries are gifted with huge egos. Properly balanced, this my be good. All too often though the reverse is true: They believe their own publicity. If they are surrounded, as they usually are, by Sycophants, they will be in deep trouble. The advisors who they entrust, learn quickly to tell them what the Nabobs want to hear [rather than what they should hear]. In listening to them, years of effort and monies, are wasted when the corporation fails.

One hearing about these “Masters of the Universe” [MUs], before their failings become public knowledge, seldom critically examines the gestation of the founding business. They keep ABSOLUTELY SECRET their founding financial sources.


A corporation is founded upon an initial idea and then is morphed into a business model.  All too often it seems the ‘Founder[s]’ of the corporation did not ab ibnitio create the idea. Instead, they quietly ‘borrowed’ the mental construction from another party. Since they were developing the idea into a business model, absolute secrecy from the actual creator is maintained vigorously. Or, through dissimulation, they let the other party in on the idea’s evolution [but represent it as having been their same idea long ago]. Lawsuits by claimants against “Founders” can ruin the business.


A misrepresentation game often played by MUs is to misrepresent the source[s] of initial funding ‘seed money’. Currently in the Information Technology [IT] Arena, one can readily infer that many “Start Up Companies” have been secretly funded by intelligence agencies or other governmental bodies. If the founder’s IT Capital requirements are too large, who better go to than “Big Brother”. “He” has the capital and will keep the secrecy of the funding since it is in his espionage interest. If information about this is released to the public, decline or failure in business is probable.


Due to the expansive reach of Organized Crime [OC], the need to “Launder” their money is an on-going problem of gigantic proportions. More established  Criminal Cartels have a plethora of Attorneys, Accountants, Economists, and others to advise them on where to invest their ill-gotten gains. Often, an area such as “Silicon Valley” in California is  ripe for exploitation by OC interests. A naïve creator of ‘Software’ or even ‘Hardware’ used in IT can be mesmerized by the quick offer of  Capital for his invention. Since he or she is not appraised of the true source of the funds [and never asks] an investment occurs by OC in the venture. As a Cancer works inside a body, the business gets “milked” of its subsequent assets [from follow-on investors], and fails.


If one looks at the ownership interest by the Founder in any public corporation and sees that it has been diluted from “100% Ownership” to a mere pittance of that amount, then caution is advised. The founder may have taken the early road to riches and quickly sold off his or her ownership to others. Perhaps the influence of “ECC 10:19” overwhelmed his judgement. In any event, he can be easily ousted by the other shareholders. His early contributions are of no concern to those who want his corporation for themselves. This is a world-wide occurrence one can read about in the financial pages.

The Bottom-Line of this brief discussion about “Seeds Sown”  is : “Trust, But Verify”.

Mining Investors Put Up-Front Monies for Back-End Rewards

News Analysis:  Since mineral deposits can be accurately assessed, as to both quality and amount, experienced miners can make suitable economic recoveries. To do so, proper capitalization is required. Investors, who understand and accept “Down Stream” payments, can make the monies available upfront for mining projects. The actual ore recovered, being the equity needed for the money, can often exceed projections. Thereby, the total dollars recovered by the willing investors, more than satisfies the risk taken.

Reference: http://tinyurl.com/n5lpg9y