☆ American “Frackers”: Bankers, Brokers, And Investors Can Feel “Seismic” Tremors In The Oil Bubble

News Analysis: The much vaunted “American Oil Fracking Technology” which the Mass Media loves to extol, is now being confronted with World Oil Over-Supply Realities. For American Frackers: Bankers, Brokers, and Investors can feel “seismic” tremors in the Oil Bubble.

Middle East Oil Producers (MEOPs), to their credit, did not cut oil production (as the “Masters of the Universe” for Oil, had forecasted). Instead, they are letting the “Law of Supply and Demand” burn out the vestiges of ‘Oil Frackers and Fracking’ around the globe. Since the “Lifted” costs from traditional oil production methodologies are considerably less, these ‘MEOPs’ can merely continue doing what they have done for decades; This, while the “American Technology Frackers” ‘Bite the Dust’ one by one in seriatim fashion.

Some International Businessmen are in amazement that Bankers, Brokers, and Small Investors were so naively sure about the anticipated behavior of ‘MEOPs’, that they had placed over an estimated $200 Billion Dollars with the ‘Frackers’; now they will feel the Oil Bubble Tremors (before it bursts). So much for the cost of arrogance.

We, at JSPP, had predicted the Reality of Oil Bubble Bursting long ago (even before the Mass Media jumped on the Pro-Fracking Bandwagon). Why? Because the “Law of Supply and Demand” in Commerce, is Inviolate!

Traditional Oil Suppliers typically have lower ‘Lifted Costs’ than ‘Frackers’; this, along with a ready supply of oil that they can send to market at a reduced price. The ‘MEOPs’ logic (with their ‘Deep Financial Pockets’): “These lower prices may be somewhat uncomfortable for our economies, but it is NOT FATAL to our operations”; as is the case for many ‘Frackers’. As the ‘MEOPs’ provide more and more oil, there will be logarithmic damage to the ‘Frackers’.

As the estimated $200 Billion Dollars in loans to ‘Frackers’ becomes due, and is not paid, the tremors felt in the American Oil Business will migrate throughout the economy. Since the price of Oil could go as low as $22 to $28 Dollars a barrel, one thing is for certain, many people filling up their cars with gasoline, at American Gas Stations, will have smiles on their faces.

As for the Bankers, Brokers, and Investors, who ‘bit’, was not it reported that ‘Fracking Can Cause Seisms’?


Reference: http://rt.com/business/220619-shale-debt-us-companies/