★ Chinese Buying Real Estate In American Cities

Premium News Analysis: American Real estate purchases by Chinese are increasing at a high rate. Cities such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York City, and Orlando are feeling the Positive Effects. The on-going process should continue into the future many predict.

How does one maximize Return on Investment in such a Market?

The sophistication of many Chinese Real Estate Buyers is quite advanced. One has to understand their ‘Reference Points’  used in judging Suitability of a Building, Home, or Project. Beyond that, their view of the property’s financial Return on Investment (ROI) is extremely important.

Several considerations they use are:

What is the nature of the property: Residence, Commercial,  or Industrial?

What State is the property located?: Coastal States are generally preferred.

What City?: Las Vegas or Searchlight, Nevada?

What Is the Age and Condition of the property?: Deferred maintenance issues are generally not pleasing to the Chinese since they cannot readily verify the quality of  repairs nor the timetable in which  they might occur beforehand. Since they will be returning to China, visibility in this regard in curtailed. Even if they have a family member oversee the repairs by others, some uncertainty may be present in the Purchaser.

What is the “Feng Shui” of the property?: Are ‘Correct’ Energy  Forces present in the structure which will enhance ‘Xi’ Flow or are there impediments to it? Part of this determination is the Direction the land and the structure face. Are there hills or mountains nearby that may obstruct ‘Xi’ flow? Is there an underground river present (such as one along portions of Las Vegas Boulevard (The Strip)? Energy flows with water; leaving a property can be very negative for ‘Xi’.

What earthquakes are probable of occurring in the immediate future in the State?

Are there ‘Seismic Faults’ close to the property?

What about a “Flood Plain” for the property? In coastal cities, both strong storms such as the Weather Debacle which occurred in New York City recently or Tsunami generated floods can devastate a property. In New York City many of the high-rise residences lacked electrical power (Basement Back-Up Units flooded) to operate elevators and to their units. Residents had to ‘hike’ up to their abodes. Also, the flooding caused numerous “Rat Encroachments” into tenants’ units. The animals were trying to escape the flooding. The Chinese are well aware of these possibilities.

Investors should anticipate what some one’s  concerns are regarding  a property. If a good Property Management Team is available for a Building(s), so much the better. For a Single Family Residence being bought on “Spec”, a Reliable Maintenance Person(s) should be accessible if there are Plumbing or other problems for tenants. This assistance may help facilitate a Chinese Buyer’s decision to “Do The Deal”.

“Spread Sheets” depicting Cash Flow and “ROI” will be suspect by many Chinese. They will perform their own Financial Analysis of a property or project (and probably be more accurate also).

If an Investor engages in Due Diligence in securing a property to “Flip” to a buyer or has a property already, its lack of any maintenance will be a “Plus” in helping its sale.

Pricing  using “Comparables” while of some value, might not be of significance to a Chinese Buyer since the elements contained therein typically do not have any “Feng Shui” Analysis in them. Since it is of vast importance to the Chinese, a Wise Investor, considers the adage: “An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound Of Cure”. He or she anticipates a Buyer’s thoughts and performs “Due Diligence” ahead of the game to “Bag The Buyer”.

Chinese Buyers are VERY SMART and VERY WISE when it comes to Investments.


Reference: http://tinyurl.com/l87kklj

★ Computer Climate Warming Models: Garbage In; Garbage Out (GIGO)?

Premium News Analysis: Computer Climate Warming Models: Garbage In; Garbage Out ‘GIGO’ is debated by many familiar with Software Information ‘Frailties’. A Computer digests and expounds conclusions from inputs received based on its Programs which  contain Processing  Algorithms. As such, problems immediately arise as to data input by  Computer users.

When NO ONE agrees on a Starting Point to be used as a ‘Baseline Number’, how can  “Downstream” data regurgitated by a Computer be held to be Inviolate? For example, does one start a Baseline date for Weather Change at 2000 BC,1000 AD, 1560 AD, 1970 AD, or when? How are naturally occurring Methane releases by plants in to the atmosphere to be valued? What about Methane released by cows? The Variables which contribute to weather change are Innumerable. To aver that inputs for a Computer Model have been correctly deduced for ALL of the possible interacting numerical variables of World Weather CORRECTLY is Laughable. Only Politicians, many of whom do not know any better, can sign up to such brash Ignorance.

Science is based on the “Principle of Refutation”. While different Arguments may lead to the Same or different Conclusion or the Similar Arguments lead to the Same Conclusion, the Validity of the Conclusion may still be Suspect. The Conclusion derived from the Facts are where men Error. The aforementioned Arguments may be based on a Misinterpretation of the Facts. Science continually: Tests the Facts; the Assumptions that were used to establish an Argument as to what the Facts really mean;  and, the Veracity of the Conclusion itself. If the Epistemology is wrong, Science will refute the Conclusion and start over again. That is the beauty of the Scientific Method. Brilliant Scientists do not take themselves too seriously; they are Always Learning, so they remain Humble.

Many people are suspect about “Climate Change” or “Global Warming”  as being anything other than Natural, nothing more.  The Debate will continue since Man does not yet have enough evidence to conclude: if it is ONLY a Natural Process; a Man-Made Process; or Both.

In the Long Term, the Scientific Method will deliver the Truth to Mankind about this Important Subject.

Nothing is Constant In Nature.  Reality.

Reference: http://english.pravda.ru/science/earth/03-12-2013/126293-global_warming_fraud_science-0/

★ China’s Yuan Does NOT Make People Yawn

Premium News Analysis:  China’s Yuan Does NOT Make People Yawn since it Excites Them by providing an Additional Trading Choice, for One Reason.  The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) has its Second Most Utilized Currency as the Yuan. Since the Yuan has beaten out the Euro for its current position, it bodes very well for an even Greater Market Share.

People want to deal with “Winners”.

A Second Reason for the Yuan’s Growing Popularity is that the Issuing Country does not have $17 Trillion+ in Debt as does the Leading Currency Country. The Dollar, some would suggest, can only be de-based by Continued printing of Prodigious Amounts of Currency; with “Little to back it up” Now or in the Future. It’s Manufacturing Base has declined over recent years due, in part, to effects of Treaties signed. Manufacturing/Technology has moved overseas . It now has “Less demand for Goods To Sell in the World. Fewer sales produce less Federal Taxable Revenue for balancing the budget. Why join that “Card Game”?

Rationale behind a Third Argument for the Yuan is that it Trades readily in the Purchase and/or Sale of Goods and/or Services  to/from  the Business Behemoth, China. Dealing in the Yuan as the Mutually Agreed upon Currency in a transaction can mean even larger purchases and sales as a result. Blocks of Yuan Currency in Central Banks (which more Countries are depositing), in the Trading Countries of businesses,  help facilitate this process.

A Psychological Reason, fourth, for the Yuan’s growth may be the Increased Popularity of China’s “Dollar Diplomacy”. The “Bayonet Diplomacy” used by some World Powers is Abhorred by People of the World. Why Trade using a “Bully’s” Currency or the businesses in that Country; Especially when it Spies on ALL Electronic (Currency) Transactions in the World? Perhaps, Countries want to give the “Bully” something, not of its own, to look at: The Yuan. Reality.

Reference: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-12-03/yuan-passes-euro-to-be-second-most-used-trade-finance-currency.html

★ Carbon/Carbon Composite (CCC) Cremations Could Create Customer Chaos

Premium News Analysis: Carbon/Carbon Composite (CCC) Cremations Could Create Customer Chaos by its Inherent Fire Capacity. Carbon is Flammable as are the Petrochemical Adhesives used to bind the Carbon/Carbon (CC) Textiles together. Automobiles, such as the Incinerated Porsche Carrera GT widely discussed in the Los Angeles County, California is one example. The tragedy of the  Actor’s alleged “Cremation” from a fire last week in a One-Car Accident, is that the Porsche’s Body and Under Carriage was built from ‘CCC’ like some New Aircraft.

The Fuel of the Aircraft Fuselages, ‘CCC’, being added to the abundant Air surrounding the Airliner only needs the Third Element for a Conflagration: Heat. The Engines or the Auxiliary Power Unit are more than capable of providing that Element. In fact, Mere Electrical Wiring has actually Caused Fuselage  Fire on ‘CCC’ Airplanes! Once a fire commences, the Adhesive weakens and the ‘CC’ Fabric commences to De-laminate (thereby weakening the aircraft). 

Passengers riding in a Commercial Aircraft built of Carbon/Carbon Composites today is Analogous to passengers riding in a Hay Wagon of Yesteryear, some people would say. The main benefit to those in the Hay Wagon is they would merely Jump Off  of it if there was a fire; Airline Passengers typically do not have that luxury (especially while in flight).

If an Aircraft  fire develops and the Landing Gear becomes dis-functional a “Belly Landing” will evidence a Shattering of the Fuselage, like a cracked Egg Shell. How many passengers might be expected to be tossed out of the Aircraft thereafter?

Airframes have sold the Airlines and the Public the “Lighter Weight” Benefits of Composite Aircraft. They Absolutely Ignore the Inherent Frailties of  this Flammable Material. If possible, they want the Mass Media to not discuss (nor show photographs of) the Electrical Wiring Fires Damages that have occurred in their Airplanes to date.

Metal Aircraft (or Automobile Construction) does NOT provide “Fuel For Fires”; but in Terms of Product Marketing, ‘Metal’ is not “Sexy”. Reality.

Reference: http://tinyurl.com/n69zejr

★ Too Much Aerospace Technology May Create Aircraft Scatology

Premium News Analysis:  Too Much Aerospace Technology May Create Aircraft Scatology more people are thinking. Soon Airline Boards will have to admit that their Engineering Departments did not properly advise their Managements as to foreseeable flaws in New Airframe Design and Manufacture. The Boards themselves used very poor judgement in leaping on the Airframes’ ‘New Sell”: “Lighter Weight Cannot Wait” ‘LWCW’. Thus, ‘LWCW’ became the ‘Holy Grail’ in Aircraft Design.

Some Airframes took a ‘Greater Plunge” into ‘LWCW’ than others. Those who went “All In” are now suffering Aircraft Event by Aircraft Event. How did they go “All In” regarding Aircraft Weight ? Electronic Systems  replaced Hydraulic and/or Pneumatic Technologies in order to save weight; Carbon/Carbon Composites replaced Metals in Structure and Fuselage Exteriors; Four Engines were replaced by Two; Engines Components were designed to be lighter ‘not necessarily stronger’; Passenger seats were made Narrower and Thinner; Even, Blankets given out to Cold Passengers are not readily available; and so it goes. Does the Technology aforementioned make an aircraft better or does it make it more  ‘Scatologic’? Only time will tell.

Aircraft Fuel Consumption became the Cause Celebre of the Airline Boards. Airlines were told “Oil is going to $200.00 a Barrel”; it did not. The Changes made helped produce the present Conundrum of the Airframes: Aircraft Reliability is now being questioned; Justly so. Recurring Down-times support the Public’s Growing Concern.

The ‘LWCW’ had the intended effect desire by Retiring Airframe Executives: It elevated the prices of their Companies’ Stocks; the ‘LWCW’ was marketed to airlines. When the airlines ‘Took The Bait”, Airframe Executives  Self-Concern was Financially Rewarded. Some people say, this ideology moved the Aircraft world into its present condition. While others support the ‘LWCW’ principle by arguing that Military Aircraft have had similar technologies, they forget something important in Engineering. To wit, “Increases of Unit Scale May Bring Decreases in Unit Efficiency”. That which works for a physical smaller Fighter Plane exhibits different: Acceptable Research, Development, and  Production Costs, Expend-ability, Operational Parameters, Longevity, and other norms from large Commercial Aircraft. Governments pay for Military Aircraft while ‘Individuals’ pay for Commercial Air Planes.

An Apple is not an Orange; But Both are Fruit.

Reference: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-25068222

The Seeds of Failure are Hidden by the Dirt Covering Them

The recent failing in Brazil of a major corporation, in which Bankruptcy Protection has been requested, is an ever-present reminder of the Foibles of Man.


It seems that those who rise to the top of business hierarchies in many countries are gifted with huge egos. Properly balanced, this my be good. All too often though the reverse is true: They believe their own publicity. If they are surrounded, as they usually are, by Sycophants, they will be in deep trouble. The advisors who they entrust, learn quickly to tell them what the Nabobs want to hear [rather than what they should hear]. In listening to them, years of effort and monies, are wasted when the corporation fails.

One hearing about these “Masters of the Universe” [MUs], before their failings become public knowledge, seldom critically examines the gestation of the founding business. They keep ABSOLUTELY SECRET their founding financial sources.


A corporation is founded upon an initial idea and then is morphed into a business model.  All too often it seems the ‘Founder[s]’ of the corporation did not ab ibnitio create the idea. Instead, they quietly ‘borrowed’ the mental construction from another party. Since they were developing the idea into a business model, absolute secrecy from the actual creator is maintained vigorously. Or, through dissimulation, they let the other party in on the idea’s evolution [but represent it as having been their same idea long ago]. Lawsuits by claimants against “Founders” can ruin the business.


A misrepresentation game often played by MUs is to misrepresent the source[s] of initial funding ‘seed money’. Currently in the Information Technology [IT] Arena, one can readily infer that many “Start Up Companies” have been secretly funded by intelligence agencies or other governmental bodies. If the founder’s IT Capital requirements are too large, who better go to than “Big Brother”. “He” has the capital and will keep the secrecy of the funding since it is in his espionage interest. If information about this is released to the public, decline or failure in business is probable.


Due to the expansive reach of Organized Crime [OC], the need to “Launder” their money is an on-going problem of gigantic proportions. More established  Criminal Cartels have a plethora of Attorneys, Accountants, Economists, and others to advise them on where to invest their ill-gotten gains. Often, an area such as “Silicon Valley” in California is  ripe for exploitation by OC interests. A naïve creator of ‘Software’ or even ‘Hardware’ used in IT can be mesmerized by the quick offer of  Capital for his invention. Since he or she is not appraised of the true source of the funds [and never asks] an investment occurs by OC in the venture. As a Cancer works inside a body, the business gets “milked” of its subsequent assets [from follow-on investors], and fails.


If one looks at the ownership interest by the Founder in any public corporation and sees that it has been diluted from “100% Ownership” to a mere pittance of that amount, then caution is advised. The founder may have taken the early road to riches and quickly sold off his or her ownership to others. Perhaps the influence of “ECC 10:19” overwhelmed his judgement. In any event, he can be easily ousted by the other shareholders. His early contributions are of no concern to those who want his corporation for themselves. This is a world-wide occurrence one can read about in the financial pages.

The Bottom-Line of this brief discussion about “Seeds Sown”  is : “Trust, But Verify”.

The Three O’s Of Control Of Others

The attempt to be aware of the communications of 7,141,000,000 people on Earth is a reality perpetrated by those with Hegemonic aspirations: “What is yours will eventually be ours” is their mantra. Technological advances have taken things from merely ‘The Walls have Ears’ [via simple electronic bugs located near communicators] to eavesdropping satellites and the like. The purpose for the billions of dollars being spent yearly is: ‘World Control by the Few’. Those who seek it will vehemently deny that this is their intention. “Democracy for All”  will be their public persona as they connive to control countries.

The strides made in communication interception is built around the “Three O’s Of Control of Others”: Omnipresence + Omniscience = Omnipotence.


First of all, to be Omnipotent a country must have its minions everywhere [Omnipresence]. Formerly this had been accomplished with people on the ground in various countries. Today, satellites can cover many countries simultaneously with electronics from above.


The next step, Omniscience, takes place by monitoring ALL of a intended target country’s communications and analyzing the data derived therefrom. Once the data has been synthesized, it can be disseminated to corporate clients seeking to know what the competition is doing or to “entrepreneurs” who want an edge on other investors in commodity markets, etc.

If anyone challenges the aggressor country about data being collected, it is the strategy to deny the data passage to private entities and say it is merely “looking for terrorists” or some other lame rationale. In reality, the employed data puts the wealth of the ‘attacked’ country at risk by either purchasing the assets in the marketplace or attempting to devalue the assets through market manipulation [such as the price of oil or natural gas]. As another example of control through Omniscience, consider the recent London Interbank Official Rate scandal. Insiders controlled banking rates and thereby made millions of dollars. 

In knowing what ‘everyone’ is doing and thinking in other countries, it is an easy step to get to Omniscience. This is based on contemplating other countries’ reactions to the aggressor country’s actions and having the POWER TO CONTROL THEM. Knowledge of all of their opinions and communicated potential future actions almost guarantees success to the hegemonic country.


The Omnipotent power to demand certain performances of other countries can then be accomplished by either the use of “The Carrot Or The Stick”. The ‘attacked’ countries cannot do much since their economies might be ruined, at a minimum, by the aggressor. Since the power bearer knows when government and public sentiments are best for such intrusions, it can establish the timetable for asset collection. Mineral wealth of nations is particularly important since they are ‘long lead time’ items for absorption into world markets. For example, a “Horn of Plenty” like  bountiful Siberia, Russia would be a most attractive target for mineral or timber acquisition by a aggressor country. So too would be Brazil, or Ecuador, or Venezuela, or Australia, etc.  It is important that other nations be aware of their great dormant mineral wealth [such as Afghanistan] as well as overtures by others to acquire the same through the aforementioned tactics.

Trojan Horse

One should remember that the hegemonic country, as the aggressor, will act hospitable but have ‘sinister’ intentions. Much like in ancient times, King Priamos of Troy was given a Trojan Horse allegedly as gift/testament to his knowledge of the equine world [he bred horses it has been suggested]. Inside the horse were enemy soldiers waiting to get inside his castle. The King’s great ego allowed him to succumb to his enemy’s guile and ordered the horse to be taken inside the castle walls. At night, the soldiers exited the horse, opened the gates and enemy troops entered and killed the lot. The “Trojan Horse” Technique  should remind all countries and people therein that a gift, smile, or other kindness might not be evident of the donor’s true conquering intentions: REALITY.

The Epistemology of Evolving Mega-Business Relationships Amongst Countries

Today, there are economic forces at work which are forcing governments  to re-think their past business relationships amongst other countries so that they prosper in tomorrow’s markets.

For example. the potential for economic gain due to newly discovered economic quantities of natural gas and oil, located from Cyprus to the Levant, brings Israel closer to its Mediterranean neighbor Cyprus. With the potential to drill for and recover oil and gas and have it processed on a to-be-built refinery of Cyprus, adds value to the asset side of the ledger of both countries. This economic relationship did not exist in the year 2,000.

The expansion of the relationship between Russia and China in oil and gas recovery in Siberia also allows both countries to prosper. The added-value to Russia, by recovering earthbound assets and turning them in to products for sale, is gigantic. Here, the good will historically embraced by both Giants is further enhanced with economic cooperation.

Another example of a future enhancement to manufacturing production will be the meteorite enhanced super-strong diamonds of Siberia. Machine tool makers in Germany and Sweden will surely want to add value to their aerospace grade cutting tools by acquiring these diamonds to add to their fabrications. The tools will then easily slice through Titanium and other alloys use in aircraft production. As this relationship further develops, Germany, Sweden, and Russia benefit.

In Canada, oil shale is being produced which, when proper transportation can be secured, will aid China and Canada in their mutual growth.

Advanced in horticulture, by European laboratories, will allow Chilean roses to be shipped to America in even fresher form than they are presently. This assists American/Chilean relationships as well as European governments.

Mining of rare earths in Mountain Pass, California, due to increased investment by entrepreneurs, will help electronics manufacturers in Brazil and Malaysia to be more profitable. This helps the governments of the three countries to have good dialogue. Commercial prosperity can triumph over political guffaws.

The governments which allow for their citizens to engage in international commerce today,  will benefit superbly in tomorrow’s reality of increased profitability through a higher Gross Product.