★ Norway’s January Trade Surplus Soars To 5.8 Billion Euros (7.65 Billion Dollars)

News Analysis: Norway’s 4.7+ Million Residents had their Country experience a January Trade Surplus of 5.8 Billion Euros which is an increase of 41.8% over January, 2013!

Norway’s Territory of 323,802 Km2 (125,020 Mi2) is rich with Gas, Oil, Mineral, and Timber. As such, it has provided for the following:

In January, Norway exported 43.4 Million Barrels of Oil; a 30% increase from the previous January. 

Its Fishing Resources are almost unmatched by other countries. In January it exported 695+Million Euros (916 Million Dollars) worth. Fresh Salmon Exports grew to almost 360 Million Euros (474.5 Million Dollars).

Norwegian ship-yards are selling both Conventional Ships and Oil Rigs World-wide. They had an increase of almost 300% in Vessel Exports!

Manufactured Goods and Minerals increased in export amount by 10% to 4 Billion Euros (5.2+ Billion Dollars).

Entrepreneurs and Investors should consider Funding Projects in Norway. Its 27% Corporate Tax Rate is not excessive (compared to some other Countries). It has a Maximum Personal Tax Rate of 46.8%.

An important aspect to remember that in a sluggish World Economy (that is defying the Feeble Economic Corrective Actions of the World’s Political Leaders), Norway is very busy exporting its Manufactured Goods and Mineral Resources; it has an “Economic Energy” not matched by many Countries. 

Norway’s Greatest Asset is its Hard Working and Intelligent People.


Reference: http://barentsobserver.com/en/business/2014/02/norway-trade-surplus-hit-record-19-02