Will The Globalists Go From ‘CV19’ Vaccination Certificates To Eventually Demand “Henderson Island, ‘Plasticitis’-Free, Health Registrations” For International Travellers?

It is evidentiary: Some people seek every opportunity to separate themselves from the hoi polloi; this by delineating themselves as ‘Superior’ to most others in the world. In International Business, we have seen it time and again: Puppet Masters’ Masters [PMM’s] have countries’ leaders announce proposed “Methodologies of Mass Control” of the ‘Sheep’ in their jurisdictions. ANY ‘Ruse’ that works is excellent for the PMM’s.

Presently, many leaders in the European Union are mandating CV19 Vaccine Certificates for country-to-country travel. Taken a little further, this paperwork may be a useful device for in-country travel; perhaps in-city travel too [pub to pub?]. Why not also, have a “Sexual Herpes Free” Certificate for the populations? The virus is certainly transmissible. What about ‘Common Colds Certificate’ [which might lead communicably, in some with preexisting health conditions, to Pneumonia (it could be fatal)]. One can entertain the prospect of Globalists seeking even a “Henderson Island, Plasticitis-Free, Health Registration” for international travelers? This ridiculousness we would adamantly oppose, as we presently do the CV19 Vaccination Certificates proposed by some alleged Nations’ ‘leaders’. ‘Sheep’ must learn: “Control, Control, Control” is the mandate of the PMM’s.

International Business, and its attendant financial rewards to populations, mandates: Openness for travel; Capabilities to freely communicate face-to-face; Freedom from ill-advised commerce restraints; and perhaps most of all “Leaders who can lead”; not merely seeking shallow answers to perhaps enigmatic maladies. International Businessmen will AVOID investing money and time in countries where sophomoric thought and dictates are imposed on citizens and visitors.

We ask “Who really benefits by such ‘Passport Paperwork’: the Audience, the Puppet Masters, or the PMM’s? We suspect the latter. The Globalists seek control; we as Internationalists seek Freedom for Open Commerce.

Reality: Many times, Inaction, properly timed, and followed by careful examination, brings about much better results, than immediate misguided Action, quickly applauded by those at best, who are befuddled.

Reference: https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2021/02/27/220000-brits-sign-petition-against-vaccine-passports-forcing-debate-in-parliament/