Peru and Chile: Two Countries In A Mutual Dispute Become Two Winners To Salute

News Analysis: Peru and Chile have received a Ruling from the International Court of Justice, in the Hague,  regarding Maritime Boundary between the two Countries. Of the 38,000 km2 (14,672 mi2) in question, 22,000 km2 (8,494 mi2) went to Peru and 16.000 km2 (6,177 mi2), which was closer to shore, benefited Chile.

The best aspect of this arrangement is that it will allow two friendly abutting Nations to enjoy the Maritime Wealth of these stipulated portions, without question.

Both Chile and Peru have Wise Leaders who realize that Cooperation Outperforms Conflict Every Time.

Investors should consider putting some monies into these Two Countries for attainment of Long Term Financial Diversification. Both Countries offer many Business Opportunities to those with Foresight.